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counter-inaugural counter intel #4
|| 12/31/2004 || 7:21 am || Comments Off on counter-inaugural counter intel #4 || ||

Still a lot hospitals checking out the website… It looks like we’ve got a daily visitor from NORAD-USSPACECOM too :-)


Nationals Press Conference Redux
|| 12/30/2004 || 1:33 pm || Comments Off on Nationals Press Conference Redux || ||

I just encoded the best clip (of 13 clips) of Adam’s Nationals Press Conference hijinks that took place on November 22, 2004, which were mentioned in the City Paper story “Arrested Developments” and the Loose Lips feature last week. Watch the clip in the format of your choice: Real Video or MPEG-1


counter-inaugural counter-intel #3
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Its not really “Intel” its just fun to see who’s been visiting the Inaugural Map via the Counter Inaugural website. I am glad to see that the Washington Post has been a daily visitor and now someone at the Associated Press is checking it out. I also found it interesting that the Department of Homeland Security is using an IP through Sprint, instead of “DHS.GOV”


counter-inaugural counter intel #2
|| 12/29/2004 || 5:32 pm || Comments Off on counter-inaugural counter intel #2 || ||

It’s not really “Intel” its more or less, “lets see who checked the website out!” Add this to yesterday’s government hits, and I guess you can say that there is a lot of activity in quite a few government agencies in preparation for the Inauguration. One interesting observation is the amount of people at hospitals that have checked out the Map. People from Johns Hopkins and a Kansas City hospital also checked it out.


sixth sense
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From Yahoo News

“The strange thing is we haven’t recorded any dead animals,” H.D. Ratnayake, deputy director of the national Wildlife Department, told Reuters Wednesday.

“No elephants are dead, not even a dead hare or rabbit,” he added. “I think animals can sense disaster. They have a sixth sense. They know when things are happening.”

It should be noted that:

Researchers around the world continue to pursue the idea, however. In September 2003 a medical doctor in Japan made headlines with a study that indicated erratic behavior in dogs, such as excessive barking or biting, could be used to forecast quakes.

There have also been examples where authorities have forecast successfully a major earthquake, based in part on the observation of the strange antics of animals. For example, in 1975 Chinese officials ordered the evacuation of Haicheng, a city with one million people, just days before a 7.3-magnitude quake. Only a small portion of the population was hurt or killed. If the city had not been evacuated, it is estimated that the number of fatalities and injuries could have exceeded 150,000.

The Haicheng incident is what gave people hope that earthquakes might be predictable, says Michael, and what prompted the animal behavior studies by the USGS.

It was later discovered, though, that a rare series of small tremors, called foreshocks, occurred before the large quake hit the city.

“It was the foreshock sequence that gave (Chinese officials) the solid prediction,” Michael said.

Still, the Chinese have continued to look at animal behavior as an aid to earthquake prediction. They have had several notable successes and also a few false alarms, said Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and author of the books, Dogs that Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and The Sense of Being Stared At.

A reproducible connection between animal behavior and earthquakes could be made, he said, but “as the Chinese have discovered, not all earthquakes cause unusual animal behavior while others do. Only through research could we find out why there might be such differences.”

Sheldrake did his own study looking at animal reactions before major tremors, including the Northridge, California, quake in 1994, and the Greek and Turkish quakes in 1999.

In all cases, he said, there were reports of peculiar behavior beforehand, including dogs howling in the night mysteriously, caged birds becoming restless, and nervous cats hiding.

Geologists, however, dismiss these kinds of reports, saying it’s “the psychological focusing effect,” where people remember strange behaviors only after an earthquake or other catastrophe has taken place. If nothing had happened, they contend, people would not have remembered the strange behavior.

I gotta wonder what the animals were up to earlier that day before the earthquake & tsunami. I also wonder if some sage people noticed the animals moving to higher ground and decided to follow them, I’d like to think I would have.

Good Friday & Christmas Day?
|| 12/28/2004 || 9:28 am || Comments Off on Good Friday & Christmas Day? || ||

What do Good Friday and Christmas Day have in common?

Both days had the two largest earthquakes take place on them.
Both are christian holidays and took place 40 years apart.

When I heard the Alaskan Earthquake in 1964 took place on Good Friday I created the link. However, technically the most recent earthquake took place on the 26th, but in my local time it took place at 8pm (EST) on the 25th.

Then add this to the mix!

counter-inaugural counter intel?
|| || 9:16 am || Comments Off on counter-inaugural counter intel? || ||

By analyzing the Inaugural Map website logs and using whois.arin.net to trace the IP addresses, these are the government agencies who visited the Inaugural Map on 12/27/04:


|| 12/27/2004 || 3:18 pm || Comments Off on Rumsfailed! || ||

From World Net Daily,

“I think all of us have a sense if we imagine the kind of world we would face if the people who bombed the mess hall in Mosul, or the people who did the bombing in Spain, or the people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the plane over Pennsylvania and attacked the Pentagon, the people who cut off peoples’ heads on television to intimidate, to frighten – indeed the word ‘terrorized’ is just that. Its purpose is to terrorize, to alter behavior, to make people be something other than that which they want to be.”

(Emphasis added)

Any person who thought there was some Unanswered Questions about 911, just got a freebie!

Don’t forget Donald Rumsfailed had some narsty bedhead the entire Army PR trip!

I couldn’t pay attention to his message, so kept focus on the hair….

He also took some VERY scripted questions from soldiers. Check out this one I recorded.

Signs of the Time,
|| 12/26/2004 || 6:46 pm || Comments Off on Signs of the Time, || ||

|| || 12:58 am || Comments Off on SUMATRA-ANDAMAN ISLANDS EARTHQUAKE || ||

##Digital Scrap##

from the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program:

2004 December 26 00:58:53 UTC

Magnitude 9.0
Date-Time Sunday, December 26, 2004 at 00:58:53 (UTC)
= Coordinated Universal Time
Sunday, December 26, 2004 at 7:58:53 AM
= local time at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
Location 3.307° N 95.947° E
Depth 30 km (18.6 miles) set by location program
255 km (155 miles) SSE of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia
310 km (195 miles) W of Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia
1260 km (780 miles) SSW of BANGKOK, Thailand
1605 km (990 miles) NW of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia
Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 5.6 km (3.5 miles); depth fixed by location program
Parameters Nst=370, Nph=488, Dmin=644.5 km, Rmss=1.17 sec, Gp= 29°,
M-type=teleseismic moment magnitude (Mw), Version=U
Event ID usslav

Felt Reports: This is the fourth largest earthquake in the world since 1900 and is the largest since the 1964 Prince William Sound, Alaska earthquake. In total, more than 283,100 people were killed, 14,100 are still listed as missing, and 1,126,900 were displaced by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 10 countries in South Asia and East Africa.The earthquake itself caused severe damage and casualties in northern Sumatra, Indonesia and in the Nicobar Islands, India. It was felt (IX) at Banda Aceh, (VIII) at Meulaboh and (IV) at Medan, Sumatra; (VII) at Port Blair, Andaman Islands, India; (III-V) in parts of Bangladesh, mainland India, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The tsunami caused more casualties than any other in recorded history and was recorded nearly world-wide on tide gauges in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. At least 108,100 people were killed and 127,700 are missing and presumed killed by the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. Tsunamis killed at least 30,900 people in Sri Lanka, 10,700 in India, 5,300 in Thailand, 150 in Somalia, 90 in Myanmar, 82 in Maldives, 68 in Malaysia, 10 in Tanzania, 3 in Seychelles, 2 in Bangladesh and 1 in Kenya. Tsunamis caused damage in Madagascar and Mauritius and caused minor damage at two places on the west coast of Australia. Seiches were observed in India and the United States and water level fluctuations occurred in wells in various parts of the United States. Subsidence and landslides were observed in Sumatra. A mud volcano near Baratang, Andaman Islands became active on December 28 and gas emissions were reported in Arakan, Myanmar. (last updated 2/15/05)

The devastating megathrust earthquake of December 26th, 2004 occurred on the interface of the India and Burma plates and was caused by the release of stresses that develop as the India plate subducts beneath the overriding Burma plate. The India plate begins its descent into the mantle at the Sunda trench which lies to the west of the earthquake’s epicenter. The trench is the surface expression of the plate interface between the Australia and India plates, situated to the southwest of the trench, and the Burma and Sunda plates, situated to the northeast.

Way to go Holly!
|| 12/24/2004 || 9:32 pm || Comments Off on Way to go Holly! || ||

My friend Holly Herdon just became a member of the electroclash band “Electrocute.” She’s from Tennessee and and lived on my floor freshman year in Mitchell Hall at GWU. During her senior year she took the Electronic & Computer Music class that Steve Hilmy taught (I was in the class too, but a different year- listen to my final piece), and for the final project she and Jason Halal had to make a visual portion for their music composition and they asked me to make their video. The final product is on my website in the video section, it’s titled Friseur, which means haircutter in German. The name came from my source footage of George Bush getting his hair combed prior to announcing the Iraq war. It’s the same footage that Michael Moore used in Fahrenheit 9-11, only made one year prior (thank you Indymedia for the Portuguese footage). Anyways, I saw Electrocute play at Club 5 last year, and liked their show a lot. Their CD at WRGW wasn’t all that great (in my opinion), they put on a rockin’ show, so I’m definitely excited to see how much flava Holly adds.

Today I bought some blank media and I’m making a 2004 DVD archive. So far using iDVD I’ve archived Kerry’s speech at the DNC, Kerry on the Daily Show, and Mayor Anthony Williams giving DC’s 39 delegates for Kerry (this is my favorite clip because at the end you can hear a chant of “Free DC” in the back ground. I also like it because Williams whines about DC’s “Taxation Without Representation“). Up next I’m archiving some of Adam’s clips I’ve got saved. It’s all in the name of freeing up hard drive space for 2005. The lesson learned here is to archive on the go! It take FOREVER to encode the DV footage to MPEG2 video, but I am blessed with patience.

Speaking of blessed, I’ve been listening to this nice mix by Rob Paine & the Solomonic Sound System for the last couple days. I really like the “Let’s Unite” tune (its about 17:17 into the mix). For the last 3 months I’ve been listening to more and more reggae, dancehall, & dub, and this sonic endeavor has been a completely organic one too. I think its a slow movement out of almost totally electronic to music with more of a message. Or at least a message I can understand… This morning I took the Muslim call to prayer, the Athan, and started making my own holy dub , by layering it with the beats from the Rob Paine mix. Rastafarian meets Islam conducted my evangelical Christian. Merry Christmas. Happy day of the Sun God…

Sun Worship, Roman Official Cult in Constantine’s Day
Source: Frederick H. Cramer, Astrology in Roman Law and Politics, p. 4. Copyright 1954 by the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia. Used by permission.
A star cult, sun-worship, became (in the third century a.d.) the dominant official creed, paving the road for the ultimate triumph of Judaeo-Christian monotheism. So strong was the belief in the Invincible Sun (Sol Invictus) that for example Constantine I (d. 337), himself at first a devotee of the sun cult, found it, indeed perfectly compatible with his pro-Christian sympathies to authorize his own portrayal as Helios. And in 354 the ascendant Christian church in the reign of his pious but unsavory son, Constantius II, found it prudent to change the celebration of the birth of Jesus from the traditional date (January 6) to December 25, in order to combat the pagan Sun god’s popularity—his “birthday” being December 25.
[Editors’ note: December 25 is mentioned here, but an earlier example of the influence of this official sun worship on Christianity is Constantine’s law of a.d. 321 uniting Christians and pagans in the observance of the “venerable day of the sun” (see Nos. 1642, 1644). It is to be noted that this official solar worship, the final form of paganism in the empire (see No. 1571), was not the traditional Roman-Greek religion of Jupiter, Apollo, Venus, and the other Olympian deities. It was a product of the mingling Hellenistic-Oriental elements, exemplified in Aurelian’s establishment of Eastern Sun worship at Rome as the official religion of the empire, and in his new temple enshrining Syrian statutes statues of Bel and the sun (see Nos. 154, 1344). Thus at last Bel, the god of Babylon, came into the official imperial temple of Rome, the center of the imperial religion. It was this late Roman-Oriental worship of one supreme god, symbolized by the sun and absording lesser divinities as by the sun and absorbing lesser divinities as subordinates or manifestations of the universal deity, that competed with young Christianity. This was the Roman religion that went down in defeat but infiltrated and colored the victorious church with its own elements, some of which can be seen to this day.]

We are all blessed to be alive.

Secret Santa
|| 12/23/2004 || 7:42 pm || Comments Off on Secret Santa || ||

From the Washington City Paper,

(journalistic touchup)

climate change…. feel it
|| 12/22/2004 || 3:19 pm || Comments Off on climate change…. feel it || ||

Right now the weather outside absolutely beautiful! Its about 55 degrees and sunny. Not too shabby for the first day of winter right? Well…in my opinion, not really, contrast this temperature with Monday, 10 degrees and wind chill below zero. Climate change is an increase in variability of weather patterns and I definitely feel that today is a bit warmer than it should be. What I’d like to see in the field of meteorology is a 3 day net temperature change summary, as in go through the entire history of recorded daily temperatures and contrast the highs & lows of any given 3 day period. For example, by contrasting today’s temperature with Monday’s temperature would yield a 45 degree return. I’d like to see every date plugged into a computer and analyzed to show what the average 3 day net temperature change and to see if over time there has been a statistical increase in temperature variability. Would this prove once and for all that climate change is definitely happening? Probably not, but I’ll just go outside and feel it.

In other news, the Inaugural Map is now 100% operational and hosted off my site! I am going to be adding another layer of all names of buildings, or at least important buildings, on the map. Last night I spammed about 400 people with the URL and about 100 of which were the print media outlets in CT, RI, MA, and NY. In going through my inbox I had found that I still had a press list I had created. So far there has been no media response. Give it a few days, or weeks…

U.S. Naval Observatory Lenz
|| 12/21/2004 || 11:41 am || Comments Off on U.S. Naval Observatory Lenz || ||

I used a strike-through font on the signature to make note of the fact that the beauty of this image is from redaction of the U.S. Naval Observatory (home of Dick Cheney). This is one of my favorite renderings yet!

The Inaugural Map & January 6th
|| 12/20/2004 || 6:30 pm || Comments Off on The Inaugural Map & January 6th || ||

Over the weekend I got little domain name crazy. After downloading another aerial photograph of DC from the USGS’s National Map, I found that Dick Cheney’s residence, the Naval Observatory, has been visually redacted- pixilated so that you cannot see the ground in detail. The U.S. Capitol building is too, and I wonder what else! Censored sounds cool, but redacted just has that sonic flavor of national security all over it. So I was going to register “visuallyredacted.com,” but that is too much of a mouthful and I ended up just using redacted as my base word. I ended up with http://redacted.name and http://redacted.us. Add those to http://revisit.us and I think I’ve come up with an interesting lexical mix of URLs. However, www.redacted.name is my favorite!

But I wasn’t finished… this entire weekend I dutifully spent working on the Inaugural Map. I bought both inauguralmap.com & inauguralmap.org blew about $40 on getting hosting for it, which has been a real pain in the ass. I’m definitely going to be getting my money back on the 29th day (30 day money back guarantee!).

As for the Map itself, I’ve added quite a few more layers: Public Access points on the parades route, Metro Stops (with special mouseover info), the street lines, the street names, and the parade route. And below the map I created another flash animation to be a portal for further inquiry. I made a dividing line between Red & Blue and put all the activist links on the Blue side and all the official inaugural links on the other side. Below it all I decided to add a link to the first ever Counter Inaugural Ball. I loved the byline, “Not just Republicans have Balls!”

Sunday night I had the opportunity to brainstorm with the person behind this event. He’s the man behind “ReDefeat Bush.” I found out about a concert/rally/protest he is organizing on the 6th of January outside of the Capitol building. If you’ve seen Fahrenheit 9-11, you most likely remember the opening scene in Congress where there was not one Senator that would stand up (Note- John Kerry didn’t, even as liberal as he is supposed to be). Rumor has it that right now there is some behind the scenes work on Capitol Hill to find that Senator. I mean everyone knows that the votes cast on electronic voting machines are synthetic votes. There have been election irregularities in just about every state that had them, but unlike paper ballots there are no digital hanging chads, no way to actually verify voter intent. So on January 6th, when both houses of Congress reconvene, the entire election’s legitimacy, Bush’s media dubbed mandate, can all become awash. The constitution states that the House will have to vote to elect the president, which means Bush will be the only president elected by both the Supreme Court and the House, and never by the people he is supposed to represent. Alas, I’ll be on my first business trip that day, in Maui of all places, but I hope some Senator has the foresight to stand up.

If you haven’t yet, please call your Senator and explain to him the important significance.

The Inaugural Map
|| 12/17/2004 || 11:54 pm || Comments Off on The Inaugural Map || ||

I just made what I think to be my best flash creation yet….. The Inaugural Map

I still need to add some more content, but its completely functional!

times are a changin’
|| 12/16/2004 || 1:09 am || 3 Comments Rendered || ||

In reference to Mathew Yglesias’s post about times changing in our hood, I was surprised to see him mention the woman who was working at the 7-11 last night. Matthew & I ran into eachother at Kingpin last night because our mutual friend Joanne was in town and near the end of the night I left the bar to get a bite to eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl and on the way back to the bar I went inside the 7-11. As I was buying that pack of death sticks, I couldn’t help but think that it was odd for this pimpled, white woman to be working the graveyard shift . Now its not the first time I’ve seen a white person working there, I’ve just never seen a white woman working there at night. 95% of the time I go there its usually Ethiopian women who are running the store, but last night was a first, and honestly I’m proud of her. Makes me think though, many many moons ago, my father was a 7-11 employee (damn I wish I had that vintage uniform!) so I’ve got to respect this woman’s career path.

Lastly, I’ve got to give Matthew props for mentioning my recent GIS! I think more people saw it today than ever before, which definitely points to cool. After working the graveyard shift myself a few years ago, I know how that lifestyle goes, but unlike my father & the woman last night, my career path now is advancing the exact same thought that his post brings about….spatial, or more specific, geographical, because we are all at some place in our lives for a reason, and its really up to us to figure out why and where we are going to go next. I know where I’m going first, and that is to bed.

council member fun
|| 12/15/2004 || 3:37 pm || 2 Comments Rendered || ||

My housemate Zoe was at the DC City Council meetings for most of the day. In her most recent post she gives grades to each of the council members:

The Councilmembers As I Saw Them

1. Phil Mendelson (D-At Large): My housemate Jill likes Mendelson because she learned that he once brought some rolled up catnip into Council Chambers, claiming that they were similar to marijuana joints. I guess that’s kind of funny. But yesterday Mendelson wasn’t nearly as courageous. Sure, he voted with the anti-publicly funded baseball stadium side, on nearly all (if not all) of the amendments…but he wasn’t in the Chambers often enough considering that he had voted “present” on the preliminary approval. I guess he made up his mind to join the good side and stuck with it. Mendelson gets a B for making the right choice.

2. Adrian Fenty (D-Ward 4): Stellar work from the future Mayor of the District of Columbia. Fenty truly has a flair for making dramatic statements tinged with some facts and/or some lists. He smiled, he laughed, he was clearly enjoying the opportunity to mention the progressive issues that he cares about. No other Councilmember spent as much time detailing DC’s problems–falling apart schools, libraries, etc.–as Fenty. I know that a lot of people were really thrilled with his performance, telling me at various times that they would be happy to work on his campaign. Don’t worry, I don’t have any intention of doing that. I have a natural skepticism of people who clearly want higher political office. I give Fenty a B+ for performance.

3. Jim Graham (D-Ward 1): Graham seems to have listened to all the emails sent to him by his constituents. He was a strong, vocal opponent to the publicly funded baseball stadium, chiming in when necessary with extremely articulate and intelligent thoughts. Today, I am proud that he represents me on the Council. Jimmy G gets an A- for putting DC residents first.

4. Sharon Ambrose (D-Ward 6): According to many earlier reports, Ambrose is very sick. She certainly didn’t look well at the hearing yesterday. She’s a lot more pale and skinny than ever before. She also seems to have lost focus–her statements were rambling, her questions were absurd and she rarely addressed the fact that she has constituents with real, pressing concerns. She voted with the lame duck coalition nearly the whole time. I remember being shocked when her vote differered from theirs. Although I don’t live in Ward 6, she seems to be just as much of a lame duck as Brazil, Chavous and Allen. I’d be surprised if she runs again. Ambrose gets a D.

5. Kathy Patterson (D-Ward 3): I wrote above about Patterson’s wishy-washy voting and her reaction to our signs. Above all the Councilmembers, Patterson seemed conflicted and/or extremely caffeinated. While I was there, she drank several Starbucks coffees and a few Diet Cokes. That’s admirable. I drink a lot of caffeinated beverages also. She gets a B-/C+.

6. Harold Brazil (D-At Large): Simply put, Brazil is the worst Councilmember. I wrote above about his antics and the fact that DC residents have already shown him the door, but no one on the Council demonstrated more stupidity than Brazil yesterday. He is a corporate whore like no other Councilmember–even asking “Do we have a sense on how the baseball officials in the room think about this?” after Cropp introduced her 11th Hour Amendment. He deserves a grade lower than an F. Even an F- doesn’t do him justice.

7. Linda Cropp (Chairperson of the Council): While I appreciate her 11th Hour Amendment that shocked Mayor Williams shitless and her tolerable facilitation of the meeting (her incessant interuption of Councilmember David Catania and her “No Demonstrations Please” comments were annoying though), Cropp seemed overwhelmed by the discussion at points. She kept turning to Councilmember Jack Evans and the DC Council’s General Counsel for advice–as if she was confused on what to do. Not good. Cropp, nonetheless, deserves a C for effort.

8. Jack Evans (D-Ward 2): Oh I so miss the explosive Jack Evans. He’s so entertaining when he gets angry, turns red, and shouts expletives that have no place in Council Chambers! But, no, we didn’t get much of that yesterday. Evans was usually calm, except when waving around a book while Catania was talking and gasping loudly. Nevertheless, he is not a good representative of the people of DC–even criticizing Catania’s solid interpretation of the potential eminent domain problems this stadium proposal faces. Evans gets a D.

9. Kevin Chavous (D-Ward 7): Hello? Chavous? Where were you? Watching Channel 13 somewhere else in the Wilson Building? All I know is that you weren’t in Council Chambers unless you had to vote. Even Councilmember Elect Kwame Brown (D-At Large) was there more than you. Thankfully the people of Ward 7 have already decided they need someone better. Chavous gets an F for no effort.

10. Carol Schwartz (R-At Large): Long time readers know how much I adore Carol. But other DC residents should adore her also for paying close attention to the debate, chiming in with thoughtful and dramatic statements, and chastising the Mayor and MLB for a really raw deal. Her comments on compensatory damages were enough to show that she is a vital Councilmember. She easily gets an A.

11. Sandy Allen (D-Ward 8): Another lame duck contributing nothing to the debate. I think Allen spoke one or two times–once to say that she had nothing to say. Allen gets somewhere between an I for incomplete and an F.

12. David Catania (I-At Large): OMG! David Catania is the most awesome Councilmember. He is so smart. He is so articulate. He is so courageous. He referenced Aretha Franklin, his cat, stiletto heels and other such things while discussing at-length eminent domain. The best part was when he mouthed “he is such an asshole” about Jack Evans when Jack was bullshitting around Catania’s question. It’s a shame that Linda Cropp rarely allowed him to speak at the beginning because he had so many great things to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you David Catania for being the voice of reason. Catania gets an A+.

13. Vincent Orange (D-Ward 5): Orange’s big ol’ “5” lapel pin says nothing about him. He doesn’t represent Ward 5. He doesn’t represent anyone, except perhaps, the Mayor. Orange can’t construct thoughtful sentences and made jokes about being the Council’s legal counsel. (Hello? There is a General Counsel already. And I don’t think Orange is qualified to hold the position.) His ties to the shady well dressed white men make him as shady as Brazil, but Orange thinks he can be Mayor. Plus, he’s an uberpanderer. What does he think, introducing amendments to spend more $$ on social programs with money that will probably never exist? Are the people of DC really going to commend him for that measly effort? I hope not. I hope they give him the same grade as me–a D- for being an absolute waste of space.

Finally, I’d like to write a little about the Mayor, who sat in the front row periodically. OMG he is a joy to watch. His little scrunchy faces at Linda Cropp when she did things he didn’t like, his dramatic entrances and exits, his entourage of well dressed white men and security all made for endless entertainment. I’m not going to grade the Mayor since he didn’t actually vote on anything, but know that I don’t think highly of Mayor Anthony Williams.

After reading all this, I am very happy that Zoe was there to record her observations and post them on-line :-)
Thanx Zoe!

Now why didn’t you guys take the lemons I had left by the door?

Monday night I purchased 8 lemons for Zoe & crew to bring to the city hall. They were supposed to reference “Its a sour deal,” but alas when I got home they were still sitting in front of the door! Oh well, I’m going to make lemonade when I get home.

new GIS of my hood
|| 12/14/2004 || 11:46 pm || Comments Off on new GIS of my hood || ||

Like a true dork, I spent the evening remaking an older GIS of my neighborhood into a newer one . I used more recent imagery from the USGS and added popular destinations around where I live. I think its pretty cool to be able to give people interactive directions to your house….. and since we are having a party this weekend (below), why not send future guests a link? Makes sense to me, but then again, I just spent 4 hours remaking something only dorks will use. Time to go to Ben’s Chili Bowl (#3)

Chills Mississippi
|| || 7:42 pm || Comments Off on Chills Mississippi || ||

Today as I searched for GIS programs in High School’s around the country today, I’ve found Joseph Kerski’s name in quite a few places. Today I found that he’s on a KansasGIS listerv and Inoticed that he posted the pictures from the AAG Centennial Meeting. Aside from providing some great photos of the meeting, at the bottom, on page 14 there is a graphic on the wall that he quotes as “The exhibit included an interesting double-mirror image of Mississippi River” This graphic actually looks very similar to two of the renderings I’ve created recently:
Star of the Mississippi River Delta & Mississippi River Delta Balls

Oh yeah, posted last Saturday

There are a few more parties tonight to check out so I’ll be busy. Maybe I can get a girl’s number…lol

On the way to work this morning, I saw the hottest girl from one of the parties at the interstion of 16th & U walking down the street with her friend. When I pulled up to the intersection she looked at me and smiled and said “You were at my party Saturday night,” It pretty much made my morning. I’d definitely like to see her again.

Lastly, I am perturbed that I lost one of my renderings… The rendering that was made on my birthday at that! It was one of my favorites too, simply because the inner cube looks like an anchor, and the day it rendered I went to Anchor-Town USA, Annapolis, Maryland. My friend Taylor called me up in the middle of the day an announced she & friend Denise were going to Annapolis and wanted to know if I wanted to go along! I thought the synchronicity was my real birthday present- but alas I lost the 411 mb .tiff to a bad DVD. Damn the Laser Man! His name is Chills Laserkino, I must search out and destroy this man at all costs. He’s an anagram of me :-) I must get him.

Just turned on the TV to watch DC City Council, good stuff.

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- Winner of the Everywhere Man Award


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