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Campaign “street party”
|| 7/30/2004 || 9:40 pm || Comments Off on Campaign “street party” || ||

Adam Eidinger, Michele Tingling-Clemmons, and a bunch of DC Statehood Green Party members had a street party at the Minnesota Ave. Metro Station from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. It was fun.

When I arrived I went to the other side of the Metro station to see what that exit lead out to. It was a long maze which really brought me to the other side of the tracks. I went through a long walkway that took me over a nearby highway. The top of the walkway was caged in so there was no potential for a flag drop. There was a convenience store on the side that was jam packed with people buying lottery tickets. It was Friday afterall. I purchased a few bottles of water for the campaigners. I later came back to the area and put up some campaign flyers. Almost got hit by a car in the process!

For the most part the campaign street party consisted of a few other people and I walking around handing out DC Statehood Green Party flyers and registering people to vote, while Adam and Michelle spoke about DC Democracy. And every once in awhile playing some music- Bob Marley, Outkast, Fugees… This week’s campaigning was more successful than last weeks. It was a captive audience that for the most part enjoyed our presence. I danced with some kids, got hit on by few ladies, and familiarized myself with a part of DC that I have never been before.

However as we turned off the music (Al Green) and began to pack up to head home, a young white Metro Transit Police Officer arrives. He explains to us that what we were doing was illegal. Remember Democracy is illegal in DC. The property of a completely public funded multi-state transit authority is private property. All the way up to the street no less! He took our IDs and checked them. I enjoy handing my Missouri ID out so much- another reason why I am not sure about changing citizenships (from the 20th state to the 51st)- everyone around me has a Maryland, Virginia, or DC licenses and my Missouri ID is good until 2009! Still, the fact that the officer showed up really bothered me. The Metro employee who’s post was at the end of the property did not mind our presence. I even talked with her and asked if she was a registered voter. I sincerely doubt she called for an officer as we were packing up campaign shop. Maybe she was sick of watching kids dancing to “Hey Yeah,” but I doubt that.

having a kegger tomorrow. it should be interesting.

my grandfather is going in to surgery tomorrow morning to remove a tumor. that should be interesting as well.

I really don’t want to have a reason to get drunk this weekend.

Olympic Space Rings 2004
|| 7/29/2004 || 3:55 pm || Comments Off on Olympic Space Rings 2004 || ||

Satellite Images of the Olypmic Venues in Athens, Greece in motion

a thank you goes to Digital Globe for allowing the areas around the Olympic venues to be used for “art”. You can find the rest of them here. You gotta wonder if potential “terrorists” could be using these same images for their own malfeasance.

I really want to update the E Street Risk Analysis with a recent and remarkably better satellite image of downtown Washington, DC. I think I was in my room when this image was taken, so technically I am in this photograph….sorta.

Are they really helping the poor?
|| || 3:42 pm || Comments Off on Are they really helping the poor? || ||

The World Bank Questioned-
Interesting article from the NY Times

Another review of a $1.3 billion initiative in India found similar problems. Bank economists in New Delhi examined more than 200 studies of projects in India that ranged from teacher training to school construction, enrollment drives to textbook revision.

They concluded that none of the studies were rigorous enough to measure whether the initiatives made a difference, except for one that found it increased enrollment by a disappointing 1.3 percent. “The World Bank spent more than a billion dollars without knowing why they were doing what they were doing – that’s the tragedy,” said Abhijit Banerjee, an M.I.T. economics professor and co-founder of the Poverty Action Lab.

Washington Post: Red, White and Golden Arches: The Star-Spangled Banner Ad
|| 7/4/2004 || 5:23 pm || Comments Off on Washington Post: Red, White and Golden Arches: The Star-Spangled Banner Ad || ||

This photograph & article appeared on the front page of the Style section July 4th, 2004

Red, White and Golden Arches: The Star-Spangled Banner Ad

By Tommy Nguyen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, July 4, 2004; Page D01

As waves of stars and stripes flood the city’s Fourth of July celebrations, Nikolas Schiller knows that the subtle redesign of his American flag will appear only as a tiny ripple on the sea, if it isn’t swallowed up completely. Doesn’t matter, he says. Schiller plans to be on the Mall today, by himself, with his makeshift flagpole and his skinny, 5-foot-9 vegetarian frame planted firmly against the tide.

“When people see all these corporate symbols, it sparks conversation, and that’s the beauty of this flag,” says Schiller, 23, a recent graduate of George Washington University. He’s talking about the swoosh of Nike, the beast of burden of Camel, the great eye of CBS, and 27 other corporate logos that, in Schiller’s world, have replaced the stars on America’s great tapestry in more ways than one.

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