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On Adbusters Magazine’s Website
|| 4/30/2005 || 5:25 am || Comments Off on On Adbusters Magazine’s Website || ||

This is a picture of me handing out books at the beginning of TV Turnoff Week in DuPont Circle. Regardless, I hope Adbusters decides to update the content on the page! Why? On friday night we put out this call to the listserv:


Bush’s Bitch stands up to be heard
|| 4/29/2005 || 10:15 am || Comments Off on Bush’s Bitch stands up to be heard || ||

I really don’t like vulgarity of the initial name I’ve given to this rendering, but I think its fitting. The contemplative nude female is textured with an aerial photograph of downtown Washington, DC (including the White House) over her body to give her location, and a name, “Bush’s Bitch.” Her folded arms and her stance produces an evocative signal that she is waiting for others to snap out of the mold and begin to take on the lemmings. It’s like she silently screaming, “Let me vote! I want representation like every other American.”

To make this rendering, I used the same template I used for my Valentines Day present to GWB. I have another version of this graphic that says “Don’t be a Lemming. Vote Green,” but I haven’t put it on my website, instead I uploaded it to DC Indymedia. I am brainstorming ways I can make another version of this rendering with more of a super-human touch.

Doomsayers Say Benedict Fits World End Prophecy
|| 4/28/2005 || 7:05 pm || Comments Off on Doomsayers Say Benedict Fits World End Prophecy || ||


Warning Shots Video
|| 4/26/2005 || 9:55 am || Comments Off on Warning Shots Video || ||

My favorite local producers Thievery Corporation have just released the video for “Warning Shots” off of their new album “The Cosmic Game“. The video was actually filmed across the street from my office in front of the “House of the Temple,” otherwise known as the massive Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Temple on 16th St. The video premiered on MTV2 on Sunday night, and I sincerely hope it gets more airtime because the “The Cosmic Game” CD is one of their best yet. One can listen to their entire CD and not really get a feel for its underlying subversive nature. For instance, I got a bootleg copy of “Amerimakka,” and I loved it from the get-go, but it wasn’t until I obtained the CD and read over the lyrics did I realize 1) the name of the tune 2) what all the lyrics meant 3) how much I liked it after finding out about 1 & 2. Read over the lyrics from “Warning Shots” and then watch the video.

They try their best just to mash up the resistance
Warning shots and sirens from a distance
Riot gear and barricade for an instance
And the words from mi mouth, mi nuh response
Hollywood sending signals of destruction
Stereotype the ghetto youths as the bad man
Overcome the rough times and we grow strong
Step up in a life, now them want to shake we hand

We are eternal, made of the creator
Won’t fall to the soul-less devastators
Divide and conquer, and try to separate us
Up to this day, them still try fi rape us

(If you want to listen to “Warning Shots” but do not want to watch the video, click play on the “Render Radio” in the upper right hand corner of your screen. I’ve had a copy of “Warning Shots” on my website since I picked up the CD.)

DC Memory
|| 4/23/2005 || 8:50 pm || Comments Off on DC Memory || ||

Using the same revised templated used in “GWU Memory,” I made a new rendering of downtown DC. I think the coolest part of the rendering is the “bending” of the White House!

I must thank L’Enfant…

view rendering detail of the White House:


San Francisco Memory revisited
|| || 7:46 pm || Comments Off on San Francisco Memory revisited || ||

So yesterday my sister asks me if I can get her imagery of San Fran for her school project. This afternoon I tried going to the USGS and had their web-based GIS not work properly, so I gave up attempting to acquire the imagery. Later today (like 4 hours later), I found an old CD that was laying on top of my TV and I realized that CD had the “San Francisco Memory” rendering on it. So I opened it up, and to my amazement, the spot at which the earth and the ocean meet near the center of the rendering is where the property she is working on is located. On March 5th, I created special memory….

view original rendering:


GWU Memory
|| 4/21/2005 || 12:19 pm || Comments Off on GWU Memory || ||

I have finally created what I feel is a complete Mandala. Normally the renderings only have 2 axises of symmetry and this one has 4, making it my most sophisticated work yet. I’ve already sold my first copy! The process I used to create this rendering is going to be replicated and used for the “Lenz Project” and I am SO excited about how they’ll turn out!!!

This print was sold to Dr. Marie Price, Chair of the GWU Geography Department.

DC Jammers
|| 4/20/2005 || 9:19 pm || Comments Off on DC Jammers || ||

I’ve been helping organize the DC Chapter of Adbusters Magazine’sJammer Groups” and tonight I created an animation using a graphic from one of their flyers. Check the website out….and remember that TV Turnoff Week begins next week!

Green Week 2K5
|| 4/19/2005 || 9:29 am || Comments Off on Green Week 2K5 || ||

from DC.gov

Green DC Week 2005

Monday April 18, 2005
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Freedom Plaza
Corner of 14th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Front of the John A. Wilson Building
Washington, DC

Help us celebrate DC Green Week, April 18-25, at various events and locations across the District.

Experience exciting environmental exhibits and demonstrations. Learn about the District’s environment and how you can make it better.

Monday, April 18
Environment and Community Day
Freedom Plaza
(Corner of 14th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW in front of the Wilson Building)
10 am – 3 pm

Tuesday, April 19
Holistic Energy Day
Franklin D. Reeves Municipal Center
2000 14th Street, NW
(Corner of 14th & U Streets, NW)
10 am – 3 pm

Wednesday, April 20
Take a Breath of Fresh Air Day
DOT/Nassif Plaza
407 6th Street, SW
10 am – 3 pm

Thursday, April 21
Water Day: Flood the City with Education
Watts Branch Park/Riverside Center
5200 Foote Street, NE
10 am – 3 pm

Friday, April 22
Earth Day
Kingman Island
RFK Parking Lot #6 near DPR trailer at entrance to Kingman Island
10 am – 3 pm

Saturday, April 23
Carter Barron Amphitheatre Parking Lot (16th & Kennedy Streets, NW)
9 am – 3 pm

Green DC Week Partners include: Casey Trees, DC Energy Office, Department of Health, Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of Public Works, Department of Transportation, Earth Conservation Corps, Earth Day Network, General Motors, Office of the Clean City Coordinator, Office of Recycling, DC Water and Sewer Authority, US National Park Service

Sponsor: District of Columbia Energy Office, Department of Health, Department of Parks and Recreation

I am going to an Organic Potluck on Friday sponsored by the Organic Consumers Association… I am going to be making my special organic dish: creamy tomato masala sauce with sautéed onions. YUM!

prometheus & aquarius
|| || 8:00 am || Comments Off on prometheus & aquarius || ||

For some reason, I have the imagery of steam stuck in my head as the meeting of an Aquarian & Prometheus. The Water Bearer quenches the fire that Prometheus gave to mankind and the world moves toward instability as the liquid becomes randomized into steam….

….I think it might be noted that the pollution generated by the creation of steam has caused the percentage of c02 in the atmosphere to nearly double since the beginning of the industrial revolution….

or something like that….

file under random musings

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