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|| 6/30/2005 || 3:25 pm || Comments Off on pre-press || ||

You gotta love when the Washington Post gives us free promotion. Let the media to do your bidding! I am quite happy with this story, and I hope it helps bring some people out to Freedom Plaza tomorrow!


Google Earth is here!
|| || 8:11 am || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

Google Earth is now available.

I just downloaded it and installed it, and I must say- WOW-

I still like NASA’s World Wind, but Google Earth has some features that are blowing me out of the water right now. I need to play with it a bit more to really find out it’s strengths and weaknesses. I’ll write up a full review of it shortly…

Nonetheless, I can’t wait to see how MSN’s “Virtual Earth” compares!

View Google’s press release here.

The day that this was posted, I had my entry linked on DCist which spawned a visitor from the Google HQ visit my website, and now this page is listed in the results of when my name is searched. This frustrates me quite a bit because my website has a robots.txt file that requests that the content of my website not be cached & cataloged on Google, Yahoo, and MSN (along with every other search website). I have requested that this entry be taken off of Google’s database, but at the time of this updated (July 19, 2005) this entry is still listed, and I am very annoyed.

I will update this again when the content has been removed…or if it still hasn’t at a later date…

I still need to write my review of the Google Earth!

Bike Stolen!
|| 6/29/2005 || 12:50 pm || Comments Off on Bike Stolen! || ||

Last night someone decided to steal my bike! Damn you bike theives, you stole my ride!

Oh well, the bike was stolen anyways…. and well, Karma knows how to catch up with you!

Time to buy a new bike, grrrrrrr….

the entire universe!
|| || 7:25 am || Comments Off on the entire universe! || ||

The fine print on the back of Nationals tickets:

Thus every time you talk about the baseball game you are breaking a law. Pretty strict eh?

My favorite line is the bit about “…all purposes and in all media known and unknown throughout the universe.”
WTF! I busted up laughing when I found this fine print…

I went to the baseball game last night and I must say I was aghast at how white the entire stadium audience was. For the new stadium to be built by DC taxpayers, I would have like to have seen the stadium be filled with a population that resembles DC a bit more. I sincerely felt as though it was “suburbs in the stadium.” There were black employees serving white suburbanites and it truly made me sick.

My original plan that I devised about a month ago to take a survey of the fans based on zip codes has been revised to first give the survey to people coming off the metro and then go through the parking lot and check the license plates to see where the cars are from. I would then make a map showing that the majority of baseball fans are not DC residents and therefore DC should not have to pay for something it’s citizens are not going to use. This survey might still take place, I just need to find the time!

But remember, don’t talk about baseball or else!

OSCE Rally Friday!
|| 6/28/2005 || 7:52 am || Comments Off on OSCE Rally Friday! || ||

Come out if you can make it:

On Friday, July 1, 2005, rally for DC voting rights as the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Parliamentary Assembly holds their annual session in Washington, DC.

A series of events are planned and designed to encourage the more than 300 international diplomats to pass a resolution supporting full congressional voting rights for DC.

1. From 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM, we need volunteers to rally outside of the host hotel, the JW Marriott on 14th Street at Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, to greet the parliamentarians as they arrive for the beginning of their weekend long meeting.

2. At 12:00 noon on the western side of Freedom Plaza, Mayor Williams and Team DC Democracy will unveil an artistic installation created to visually represent DC’s denial of democracy.

3. Immediately following the unveiling of the installation, there will be a rally outside of the JW Marriott on 14th Street at Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, to greet Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert as they arrive to address the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Don’t forget to wear blue!

for more info visit: www.osceindc.com

DC Mandala
|| 6/24/2005 || 10:57 pm || Comments Off on DC Mandala || ||

This rendering turned out well. I find it interesting that this rendering shares the same reflection point as the Mall Quilt second derivative. I can’t sell this one because it theoretically belongs to space imaging, but I’ll definitely keep this one around for donation/education purposes.

view rendering detail:


|| 6/23/2005 || 5:18 pm || Comments Off on Schillerist || ||

While DCist might be one of my favorite DC-based blogs, I definitely found my favorite German version! It’s too bad I really don’t know what the content on website is translated to. I need to ask another Schiller (my sister who speaks German) to translate it for me :)

Support Our Ribbons!
|| || 4:37 pm || Comments Off on Support Our Ribbons! || ||

My friend Heather Fink posted information about this website: www.supportourribbons.com. For months I’ve been waiting for someone to come up with a parody for these obnoxious car ornaments, and I’m happy that someone has, and did so with the ability for people to make custom ribbons. Pure genius. I’ve already digitally made the ribbon I wanted from the get go!

second place goes to “my ribbon is bigger than yours

should I or should I not?
|| || 3:09 pm || Comments Off on should I or should I not? || ||

There are times in people’s lives where they are given the opportunity to get a few laughs at a digital distance. Right now a few people in the democratic party in Washington, DC are using a graphic I made in the tagline of their E-mails. By tracing their IP’s I know that one is a member of the House of Representatives, and the other works in the DC government building. Today I’ve been debating if I should go ahead and change the graphic at the URL they are using, or if I should just let it be… On the vulgar end, I could make the graphic something pornographic. On the political end, I could make it something green party related. On the humorous end, I could make it into a funny picture, or maybe just make the graphic a picture of me with the title “you are stealing my bandwidth.” Hmmmm…

How many Greens are there in the EU Parliament?
|| 6/22/2005 || 7:33 pm || Comments Off on How many Greens are there in the EU Parliament? || ||

I Grab, you decide:

Here is a hint: look for the sunflower and the ultimate answer


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