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Beverly Hills Quilt
|| 11/30/2005 || 9:46 pm || Comments Off on Beverly Hills Quilt || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

In the last few weeks I’ve found that a lot of my friends & acquaintances from my high school are now living in Southern California. When I discovered that my girlfriend from 8th grade was living in Buena Park, California, I decided to make some renderings to celebrate the reconnection. While I don’t know any friends living in Beverly Hills, I know that many long to live there! I also know that most people know a bit more about Beverly Hills compared to Buena Park….I do, sorta.

The main geographic identifier in this rendering is Wilshire Blvd.- take a look at this google map to give yourself a better idea of location. I can tell that contained in the rendering is Beverly Hills City Hall, Spago, Rodeo Dr., and quite a few other places that people who live in the area know more about…maybe they can fill me in.

Since there is interesting arrangement of houses in the area and the confluence of State Highway 2, Wilshire Blvd, and Rexford Ave. makes a nice triangle, I decided to create two different versions of the source imagery- one used in this print (and the next one too) and one that is an “inverse”. To use the meta-mosaic terminology I came up with before, this map’s source imagery has the geographic truth in the SE corner and the inverse source imagery (yet to be used, after #2 is finished) has the geographic truth located in the NW corner. When #2 is finished, I am going to switch it up for comparison purposes, it should look cool :-)

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Maryland Heights Quilt
|| 11/29/2005 || 1:57 pm || Comments Off on Maryland Heights Quilt || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

When I gave the my mom & two sisters maps of the apartment we grew up in, I realized I needed to make a map of the house my mom’s fiance & his son live at. Located not far from the intersection of highway 70 & 270 in Northwest Saint Louis County in Maryland Heights, Missouri, I chose to select an area that is strictly suburban with only houses & streets. The result is a rendering that doesn’t have any geographic identifiers aside from that brown blob in the center (its a small grove of trees). It took me quite awhile to find their house, but I was able to, just barely! I will probably make another map using this imagery, but I need to make sure that their house shows up a bit more. Yet while it was rendering I downloaded a bunch more source imagery: Providence, RI, the Mission District in San Fran (my sister lives there), and Rodeo Drive in West Hollywood (something for my LA friends)….so the docket is stacked for the next week or so, but I first need to prepare all of this imagery!

What I like most about this rendering, simply, is the way the houses and streets make the essence of this rendering instead of a specific location.

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My World 66
|| 11/28/2005 || 7:13 pm || Comments Off on My World 66 || ||

Via Nabil:
…sounds a bit too much like “my world 666” but whatev- the website is cool, it allows you to quickly make a map of the states & countries you’ve visited. Below is my USA Map…. I added Michigan :-)

create your own personalized map of the USA

December Green Party Meeting
|| || 5:24 pm || Comments Off on December Green Party Meeting || ||

This Thursday evening at 7:30pm is the December General Body meeting of the DC Statehood Green Party at the University of the District of Columbia.

This is also the meeting where the 2006 officers are elected. I am up for a spot on the party steering committee and as a delegate to the national Green Party general assembly.

You do not need to be a member of the party nor a resident of DC to come, but if you plan on voting, you need to be a member of the party first…..you can switch parties today and vote if you want!

If you subscribe to the following 10 key values of the Green Party, you should consider switching parties:


Marquette High School Quilt
|| || 1:39 pm || 2 Comments Rendered || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

In the last two weeks I’ve reconnected with about 10 different folks I knew back in high school. To celebrate this, and to actually follow through with one of my old ideas, I made a rendering for my high school in Clarkson Valley, MissouriMarquette High School. Located about 22 miles from downtown Saint Louis, in the affluent West County, this public high school cost over 20 million dollars to construct and in less than 10 years it was expanded to hold more students. There were trailers placed in the front of the school for a few years and the year after I graduated in 1999, they finished the expansion and removed the trailers. The aerial photograph used was taken by the USGS in March of 2002, and if you look closely, the sidewalk in front of the school is still visible where the trailers used to be.

I could probably go on & on about aboutt this rendering, filling in every detail of the complex mental map I have, but I won’t. If I do another rendering, I’ll be sure to add another story or two about that place, space, and time.

For Christmas, I’d like to print up a copy of this rendering and donate it to the school….

: detail :

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transit recap
|| 11/23/2005 || 2:08 pm || Comments Off on transit recap || ||

I arrived this morning at train station in Ann Arbor…

Ride Recap–

I enjoyed the train ride from DC to Toledo, OH and the bus trip from Toledo to Ann Arbor by way of Detroit and Dearborn.

When I boarded in DC, I found that there were no window seats left, so I made my way back up the isle and plopped down in a seat next to a person who was not currently seated. When the person got back, I realized I sat next to one of the more beautiful & entertaining women on the train. We ended up chattin for most the train ride and it made the time fly by. She & I went to the cafe car and proceded to get somewhat drunk together. She turned out to be a woman named Jenn from somewhere in rural Ohio who was living in NYC studying television & acting. She was also probably the most “pop-culture” I’ve ever seen one person be. This is not a bad thing perse, but rather it showed me how vastly different we were. To explain this labeling, I have mention that she has a dog named “Paris Brittney,” and throughout the trip she & I periodically listened to her iPod- which was loaded with Brittney Spears, Good Charolette, and other boy & girl bands. It was sorta surreal, like I was sitting next to someone who just walked out of the MTV studios. Regardless, she was cool and I had a blast sharing that portion of the train ride with her.

After she got off, my drunk ass passed out- waking up about 30 seconds before the train was about to start moving toward Chicago– I was in Toledo and overslept through the 10 minutes of deboarding time I was supposed to use! I hurried up and got off the train in time to see it start to chug away from me.

With the close call out of the way, the bus trip from Toledo to Ann Arbor was quite decent. As we travelled north on highway 75 towards Detroit, off in the distance I could see the twin towers of the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Power Plant. Its been a long time since I’ve seen a nuclear power plant and I must say it was eerie. It’s like there is a controlled nuclear reaction taking place less than a mile away from me that could go horribly wrong at any second….

About an hour an half later I arrived in Ann Arbor and was picked up my sister and taken to her spacious apartment about 3 minutes away. My other sister arrived before I did and is asleep in the other room, and this evening my mom, her fiance, and her fiance’s son should arrive. It should be a fun Thanksgiving and I feel blessed that I was able to get here without any problems.

off to Ann Arbor
|| 11/22/2005 || 2:03 pm || Comments Off on off to Ann Arbor || ||

Today I leave for Ann Arbor, Michigan to be with my family for the holidays. I am very excited! My mom, sisters, and myself have not been at the same location since my sister Serena’s graduation in 2000…

I am taking an Amtrak train to get to Ann Arbor instead of flying. I have never taken a train a long distance, so I am very excited about the adventure will turnout.

Onwards to Michigan by way of holy Toledo, OH.

GWU Quilt #4
|| 11/21/2005 || 11:26 pm || Comments Off on GWU Quilt #4 || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

4 different maps in this series, and I must say I’m very happy with it.

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GWU Quilt #3
|| 11/20/2005 || 1:18 pm || Comments Off on GWU Quilt #3 || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

#4 on it’s way..

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GWU Quilt #2
|| 11/19/2005 || 8:14 pm || Comments Off on GWU Quilt #2 || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

I am adding/subtracting a new line of symmetry for each rendering… #3 on it’s way..

Vew rendering details:


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