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122 maps in 2005
|| 12/31/2005 || 3:09 pm || Comments Off on 122 maps in 2005 || ||

January (4)
Mother Earth #4
Star of the Middle East #2
Star of Denver
The Inaugual Map (Interactive)

February (5)
Star of Europe
DC Lenz #3
DC Molecule (animation)
More Bush Than You Ever Wanted To See (QTVR)
Minneapolis Memory

March (7)
San Francisco Memory
Baltimore WTC
Abstract Baltimore
Star of Baltimore
Baltimore Lenz
Washington Monument Lenz
The Modern Geographer

April (4)
Ballwin Lenz
GWU Memory
DC Memory
Bush’s Bitch stands up to be heard

May (7)
Ivan Memory
Minneapolis Quilt
DC Lenz #4
DC Lenz – Corporate Commission
String of DC
U.S. Naval Observatory Lenz
Georgetown Quilt

June (12)
Georgetown Lenz
Georgetown Lenz #2
Baltimore Lenz #2
Baltimore Lenz #3
Jefferson Lenz
Mall Quilt
Jefferson Mandala
911 Mandala
Jefferson Mandala – 2nd Derivative
Ganges Mandala
Baltimore Mandala
DC Mandala

July (10)
Lady Liberty on a quilt of the Pearl River Delta
Ballwin Lenz #2
Ballwin Mandala
The Washington National Cathedral Lenz
The Washington National Cathedral Mandala
Quilt of Guinea-Bissau
Ballwin Quilt
Buena Park Quilt
Buena Park Quilt #2
Georgetown Quilt #2

August (22)
White House Sunset
Where DC Residents Voted Green (5)
Mall Mountain
Boston Volcano
Minneapolis Sunrise
Boston Quilt
Boston Mandala
Buena Park Mandala
Prague Quilt
N Prague
DC Stencil
Adams Morgan Quilt
Georgetown Quilt #3
Georgetown Quilt #4
U St. NE
U St. NW
U St. SE
U St. SW

September (7)
Katrina Quilt
Abstract Katrina
Superdome Quilt

Superdome Quilt – 1st Derivative
Bay Saint Louis Quilt
Superdome Quilt – 1st Derivative #2
Ball of Destruction

October (16)
Adams Morgan – White House Quilt
Knott the National Mall
Sensor Spatial Analysis (2)
Self-Portrait (Maui + The Mall)
Localized Self-Portrait #2
Confluence Project Meets Google Earth
Boxes of Jefferson
Jefferson Sparks
Adams Morgan Lenz
Adams Morgan Mandala
Me, Maui, Mall Mandala
Adams Morgan Lenz #2

White House Mandala
Star Series for Google Earth
Abstract Bush

November (9)
H.D. Woodson High School Quilt
DuPont Circle Quilt
GWU Quilt
GWU Quilt #2
GWU Quilt #3
GWU Quilt #4
Marquette High School Quilt
Maryland Heights Quilt
Beverly Hills Quilt

December (19)
Beverly Hills Quilt #2
Beverly Hills Quilt #3
Beverly Hills Quilt #4
Star of the George Washington University
Star of H.D. Woodson High School

Star of Marquette High School
Blue Marble Beauty
Blue Marble Beauty #2
Lincoln Memorial Quilt
Providence Quilt
Houston Quilt
Houston Quilt #2
Mission Dolores Quilt
Mission Dolores Quilt #2
Salt Lake City Scaled Quilt
Salt Lake City Quilt
DC Area Farmers Market (Google Earth)
Salt Lake City Quilt with Clouds

95 Maps in 2008
305 Maps in 2007
213 Maps in 2006
106 Maps in 2004

Salt Lake City Quilt with Clouds – Animated
|| 12/30/2005 || 6:40 pm || Comments Off on Salt Lake City Quilt with Clouds – Animated || ||

Image Links to Flash Player:

For the last 12 hours I have been rendering my first animation using moving clouds. I didn’t modify the quilt structure from the previous rendering, but I zoomed in closer to the center.

There are 3 pieces that are animated:
1) The Clouds – which were created from an elongated sphere and textured with a pre-made cloud alogorithm. These fly north to south across the left side of the scene.
2) Infinite plane that moves 180 to the right textured with a geographic tessellation of Salt Lake City.
3) Infinite plane that moves 180 to the left textured with a geographic tessellation of Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Quilt with Clouds
|| 12/28/2005 || 7:34 pm || 2 Comments Rendered || ||

: rendered at 12,000 X 8,000 :

After over 28 hours of rendering time, this map finally finished up and I am very happy with the results. The merger of the natural (clouds) with that of the synthetic (tessellation) real (aerial photography) makes this one of my most unique maps to date.

The clouds, while not creating much of a natural shadow on the ground, look very realistic with different thicknesses and densities. To create these clouds I placed two large spheres on the left side of the scene and used the pre-made texture of “cotton balls” (I think?) to give them density and depth. I think I will start making more of this type of rendering in 2006.

However, while beautiful, these clouds take much more processing power to create because all of the shadows must be accounted for and in the 3D world the clouds take up a lot of space that needs to be calculated when ray tracing.

The last time I made something with clouds, after a 3 days of rendering a power failure was what ended the rendering (yet since it was 50% finished, I was able to reflect half of it, and salvaged the rendering– if you look closely, there is a face!).

Point being, this process is very slow and if I am to be making more of these my cycle of near daily renderings will be delayed to maybe one per week. I don’t mind this per se, but I’d rather have more than less maps at the end of 2006.

This progression session is one of constant revision and manipulation and as the Quilt Project has progressed from flattened spheres to infinite planes, I have attempted to better understand what exactly I’ve been creating and with this map I feel I made something that is truly post-modern and I must say that I am very excited about what the next map will be!

View Details:


up next
|| 12/27/2005 || 9:30 pm || Comments Off on up next || ||

I am making something completely new- I am adding the element that all photogrammetrists hate- clouds. Using the 2-seam quilt template, I placed some white, wispy clouds on the left side of the scene (if it’s placed vertical, I think the clouds will look best on the top). The process for making clouds is a complex fractal so it’s been rendering for about 24 hours now and I expect another 24 more or so before it is finished. I am so excited about how it will turn out. Will the clouds look realistic? This map takes the post-modern theme a bit farther by adding an element of the natural world to the modified digital world. I see a whole cloud series following the outcome of this map. Sit tight.

DC Area Farmers Markets
|| 12/26/2005 || 11:00 pm || Comments Off on DC Area Farmers Markets || ||

This evening I made the first layer for an ongoing mapping project I’ve tasked myself to, “SUSTAINABLE DC MAP

If you have Google Earth, cut & paste this link as new network connection, and zoom into DC.

If you don’t have Google Earth, you can see two screen shots I took, here & here.

I have going to have a planting party this spring… details tba

Remember, January 5th, 7pm, UDC & me :)

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Salt Lake City Quilt
|| || 1:14 am || Comments Off on Salt Lake City Quilt || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

Looking good :-)

I wish I would have tessellated the source imagery differently. It would have shown more of the geographic location I wanted it to- the Mormon Temple. It only shows up on the periphery..

View Details:


Salt Lake City Scaled Quilt
|| 12/25/2005 || 12:34 pm || Comments Off on Salt Lake City Scaled Quilt || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

This is the first map that the scale has been so large. I’ve always though Salt Lake City was kinda far out. I visited the city on summer when I was growing up.

View Details:


Mission Dolores Quilt #2
|| || 12:29 pm || Comments Off on Mission Dolores Quilt #2 || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Mission Dolores Quilt no. 2 by Nikolas Schiller

I made this map because my sister’s house is featured in the map!

View rendering details:


Happy Saturnalia!
|| || 12:01 am || Comments Off on Happy Saturnalia! || ||


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Saturnalia was the feast at which the the Romans commemorated the dedication of the temple of the god Saturn, which took place on 17 December. Over the years, it expanded to a whole week, up to 23 December. In the vagaring Roman calendar the Winter Solstice fell in this period; in imperial times that event was celebrated in honour of Sol Invictus and put on 25 December by emperor Aurelian in 274, so after the Saturnalia.


Mission Dolores Quilt
|| 12/24/2005 || 2:25 pm || Comments Off on Mission Dolores Quilt || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Mission Dolores Quilt by Nikolas Schiller

This map was made for my sister. She lives somewhere in the map above :)

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