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Photos from North, South, East, Westminster
|| 9/29/2006 || 3:16 pm || 6 Comments Rendered || ||

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Is the DC Colonist a Netscape Celebrity?
|| 9/27/2006 || 12:48 pm || Comments Off on Is the DC Colonist a Netscape Celebrity? || ||

Image links to the Netscape Celebrity Page

I found this last night while looking through my ip analysis… It looks like the D.C. Colonist is going places these days. But still he has no voice in Congress.


Link is now dead…


This photo was used in the Washington Post on November 19th, 2009.

I know you are, but what am I?
|| || 8:34 am || Comments Off on I know you are, but what am I? || ||

Say it with me: “I am not a terrorist”

coincidental background…
I met the person who is responsible for the impetus of this slogan / shirt / anti-logo last Thursday in front of the White House when I was doing sound for the Declaration of Peace press conference.

When he was introduced to me I was like, “You look familiar….” and after a few minutes of side talk, “Were you in the GNN movie Battle Ground?” and he smiled. I then quoted him from the end of the movie where he mentions giving the Kabob a chance. He laughed and said, “You have a good memory” and I smiled and thanked him for showing me the aftermath of Depleted Uranium.

Two weeks ago Megan wore this shirt to ESL and while I had never heard of the story behind it, I got a royal hoot out of the social commentary. She sent me the link, and I bought it last Thursday morning hours before meeting him! It arrived yesterday just in time for the start of some cartographic event.

The only other arabic text at North, South, East, Westminster was my name.

Thank You!
|| 9/26/2006 || 5:49 pm || Comments Off on Thank You! || ||

NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WESTMINSTER was a huge success!
Thank you to everyone who came to my cartographic excursion.
I’ll post a recap and more photos shortly.

Come one, Come all….
|| 9/25/2006 || 10:13 am || Comments Off on Come one, Come all…. || ||

View Details:


Rain & Remorse
|| 9/24/2006 || 5:06 pm || Comments Off on Rain & Remorse || ||

While having the setting up the playground (the western wall) it began to rain and rain hard, so I decided to postpone the event until tomorrow.  Weather dot com says it should be cloudfree & cool.



So after spending an hour at my friend’s house, I decided to come back to the playground. I had postponer’s remorse! I ended up setting up a partial installation. A few people did end up showing up….

A Partial Setup – Still Looks Like Rain….
|| || 2:00 pm || Comments Off on A Partial Setup – Still Looks Like Rain…. || ||

While it’s partly cloudy out right now, the weather people still expect strong thunderstorms around 4pm.

With that stated, I think I am going to go ahead with the setup of the exhibit, alebit only a partial one. I’ll have some of the prints up but not everything. So in case it rains, I can tear everything down quickly!

If you want to come check it out, come at 4pm and see it before the rain comes.

I’ll have the full exhibit setup tomorrow

(weather permitting)

Sorry to rain on your cartographic excursion….

Check back at 3pm on Sunday for the final word!
|| 9/23/2006 || 8:51 am || Comments Off on Check back at 3pm on Sunday for the final word! || ||

The forecast calls for rain Sunday afternoon and if it’s looking exceptionally rainy at 3pm I will postpone the event until the following day, Monday, September 25th. So check here before starting your excursion! I’ll have the details posted here.

Plan a scenic drive… says Weather dot com
|| 9/22/2006 || 12:01 am || Comments Off on Plan a scenic drive… says Weather dot com || ||

While a scenic drive is a more geographical phrase than a cartographical phrase, I am glad weather dot com decided to randomly include that to Monday’s plans.

I’m also happy that my inclusion of “rain date: monday, september 25th” to the flyer might have been wise afterall….

Will it be sunny like the last 3 Sundays? It’s looking unlikely. I’ll hope for sun, but anticipate the rain and a lil scenic something something on Monday afternoon.

Al-Jazeera VS. CNN on Banksy’s show in LA
|| 9/17/2006 || 10:22 pm || Comments Off on Al-Jazeera VS. CNN on Banksy’s show in LA || ||

My favorite culture jammer / art terrorist / meme warrior, Banksy had an exhibit in LA this weekend. I posted the info about it last Friday night on MySpace. Since then there has been AP, UPI, and Reuters news releases which resulted in over 370 news stories about his exhbit.

Of note is how the artist is covered in the press. CNN literally attacks the messenger (the elephant) instead of addressing it’s message (poverty, social justice, etc.), while Al-Jazeera using the Reuters report treats the exhibit in a more balanced tone. Few of the articles even reference this similar stunt where he painted farm animals (see below)).


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