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10,000 hits on 10/10
|| 10/10/2006 || 12:13 pm || Comments Off on 10,000 hits on 10/10 || ||

A little present from MySpace on my birthday…. 10,000 visitors on 10/10

The end of 25 revolutions…
|| 10/9/2006 || 12:09 pm || Comments Off on The end of 25 revolutions… || ||

I sent this message out to my friends last week:

Tomorrow at 6:17pm I will have completed my 25th revolution around the sun. I want to invite you to come celebrate with me at the Sky Terrace at Hotel Washington from 5ish to 9ish. Make a procession after work, bring a few friends, have drink, make a few new friends, and help me start off my 26th solar revolution from one of the highest places in DC!

Hotel Washington is located at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. & 15th Street NW, Washington, DC. Enter at the 15th street entrance, go straight to the elevator, hit R for the Roof, take a left out of the elevator, and the first door on your right is the Sky Terrace. Closest Metro is the the Metro Center.

For More Info:

Since it’s a last minute invite, I don’t expect many of you will be able to come, but fear not, this date will come again in another solar revolution. Please do not bring me any gifts or cards, your beautiful self is all that is requested for this revolutionary celebration.

Last year I unexpectly found the secret of the universe on my birthday, so I expect this one to be grand :)

Blogged about…
|| 10/8/2006 || 5:47 pm || Comments Off on Blogged about… || ||

It’s spelled N I K O L A S, thank you very much.
He now has Dallas Quilt #3 saved on to his server.
I have his text.

On Page Two of the Washington Examiner
|| 10/7/2006 || 5:38 pm || Comments Off on On Page Two of the Washington Examiner || ||

Too bad I didn’t know about this the day it was published, I would have snagged a copy.
If you click on the image you’ll be taken to the original .pdf of the page.

View pictures from North, South, East, Westminster

|| 10/6/2006 || 9:21 pm || Comments Off on bizzy || ||

The article in my last entry stated in the last paragraph:

So what’s next for this D.C. visionary? Perhaps he’ll lecture at the University of the District of Columbia. Perhaps he’ll get another commission. Perhaps he’ll create a book. One thing is for sure: He’ll have more than one map to get where he’s going.

So what is next? I’ve been working on a full-length, independent film as a production assistant. More later…

New Directions
|| 10/5/2006 || 5:55 pm || Comments Off on New Directions || ||

A cute human interest story about me. The author did not come to my event but conducted an interview with me two weeks ago. I ended the interview feeling as if I disclosed too much about myself. As it turns out, I guess I gave just enough :)

I modified the scan of the original article with the color photographs I supplied the newspaper for the story. A big thank you, again, to Ted Stein for taking the photographs.

This article appears in the Foggy Bottom/Dupont/Georgetown/Northwest Current. Distribution of roughly 55,000. Click on the image for a higher resolution version of this story.

the world is you, a fashion experiment
|| 10/4/2006 || 11:52 am || Comments Off on the world is you, a fashion experiment || ||

On Monday I purchased the printable T-shirt transfers from Staples, on Tuesday I went to American Apparel to buy two shirts, and today I made my first geospatial fashion design (above, using the graphics from “Ball of Destruction“). I ended up wearing it to ESL and got a lot of great feedback from random people :) If I am able to secure the wholesale prices from American Apparel I’d like to make an entire line of clothing. I’m still trying to parse out the interesting and unique ways I’d be able to design the clothing, but I think what I made is a positive start. Got a t-shirt idea? Leave me a comment!


This shirt somehow ended up being mentioned in the Washington Post articleHere Be Dragons” by David Montgomery.

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Dennis Hastert’s Office 3 Years ago… yesterday
|| 10/3/2006 || 12:29 pm || Comments Off on Dennis Hastert’s Office 3 Years ago… yesterday || ||

Since October 1st fell on a Sunday, this year’s B.A.D.* Day was on Monday.
Same office, two completely different issues:
D.C. Statehood vs Covering up a Congressional Pedophile
Direct Action vs Indirect Inaction
but two bad days…three years apart

— Video starts with Eurok & Head-Roc rapping “This is D.C.! (South Africa on the Potomac)”
— Cut to the “Free D.C. song”
— Cuts to flag (banner drop) outside of the Capitol with Capitol Police
(Made of hemp with text “D.C. Statehood Now” The largest flag in D.C.)
— Cuts to the hall of the Rayburn building
— Norton’s office
— Tom Davis’ office (not present)
— Tom Davis in the halls of the Rayburn
— Dennis Hastert’s offce
— 51 seconds later media kicked out


They were all arrested for trespassing. In court they each defended themselves pro se and were found not guilty by a jury of their peers. While I wasn’t on Capitol Hill that day, I did attend the court room proceedings and saw the value of democracy in action that doesn’t end with a click of a mouse. Ironically, that click is the same sound that caused Hastert’s bad day this year.

*B.A.D. Day – Budget Autonomy for the District Day – A day to lobby congress to give Washington, DC the ability to approve it’s own budget. Currently in Washington, DC, residents must wait for Congress to approve the budget of the district. Sometimes congress adds riders to the budget and enact laws that D.C. residents did not give consent for. Everyone was dressed as colonists to underscore the history of American colonists who chanted no taxation without representation.

Thank you to Mike Flugenock for keeping this piece of history on-line

The D.C. Colonist encounters Hastert at a book signing after the jump….


A Degraded Mask of Meridian Hill Park
|| 10/2/2006 || 11:08 pm || Comments Off on A Degraded Mask of Meridian Hill Park || ||

I took a draft of an African mask design for a client and degraded it to make it look slightly older. It’s Cardozo High School to Meridian Hill Park in Northwest Washington, DC and somewhere in that map is the client’s house.

The map was completed on December 2nd, 2006. View the drafts:


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