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Submitted today: Lost in America’s Last Colony
|| 1/31/2008 || 12:42 pm || Comments Off on Submitted today: Lost in America’s Last Colony || ||

A few weeks ago I was invited to submit slides for the DC Slideluck Potshow. Since I’ve been submitting various Lost Series creations lately, I decided to submit one of my favorites: Lost in America’s Last Colony. After looking over most of the previous submissions, I noticed that most people simply add music to their slideshow. In this respect, I found many slideshows unbearable to watch because the music selection was so poor. To avoid this sonic pitfall, offered to give a “geovisual narrative” to the presentation, where I’d attempt to tell the audience what they are viewing each time I click on a new page. Hopefully it will be accepted. If not, I’ll blame the fact that I didn’t do what everyone else did.

The Rev. Dr. DJ Davidian will be in DC tonight
|| 1/30/2008 || 1:57 pm || Comments Off on The Rev. Dr. DJ Davidian will be in DC tonight || ||

My old friend Davidian will be in DC tonight! Last time I saw him was 5 years ago in Saint Louis at a New Years party. Davidian and his production company, The Superstars of Love, were the first to throw raves in Saint Louis in the mid-1990s and my first Saint Louis area rave, Megatron Monster Jam, was one of Superstars parties which took place on October 31st, 1998. I can’t fathom what path my life would have taken if I didn’t go to that rave, instead I am very excited to see an old friend! I look forward to catching up.

Click here to listen to one of his DJ mixes

UPDATE 2/1/08

Davidian invited a performer named Baby Sinead to come down for the show. We had a blast being VJs in the DJ booth. I hope to party with that gal again- quite a lot of fun!

Audio from Teresa Mendez’s article in the Christian Science Monitor
|| 1/29/2008 || 4:38 am || Comments Off on Audio from Teresa Mendez’s article in the Christian Science Monitor || ||

I was able to extract Teresa Mendez’s 90 second audio segment from the Christian Science Monitor‘s website. I uploaded it to my website for archival purposes. You can listen to her talk about the Festival of Maps in Chicago and my Lenz Projection.

Click here to download the 90 second MP3.

Submitted today: American Stereography #3 [errr, #4 really]
|| 1/28/2008 || 5:02 am || Comments Off on Submitted today: American Stereography #3 [errr, #4 really] || ||

After seeing the Popular GIS slideshow, I decided to submit American Stereography #3 for consideration as the best visual illusion of the year contest. Every single person that has placed in the top 10 in the prior 3 years has a university attached to their name. Maybe 2008 will be different? I hope it will.


Submitted today: Interactive Inequality #3
|| 1/27/2008 || 4:47 am || Comments Off on Submitted today: Interactive Inequality #3 || ||

Featured Above: USF and U Street
People in Washington, DC are not equal to the rest of America based on congressional representation


That Kid with the Maps [from Gwadzilla]
|| 1/26/2008 || 1:14 pm || Comments Off on That Kid with the Maps [from Gwadzilla] || ||

After meeting Joel last year and reading his blog periodically, I’ve been waiting to finally run into him while riding my bike. Last Friday, I was going to Staples to pick up some ink for my printer and there was Joel standing on the corner of 19th & M Streets with his camera, a six pack of coke, and a box of pizza. I look forward to the next time he spots me!

FOUND: Kurti
|| 1/25/2008 || 4:21 am || Comments Off on FOUND: Kurti || ||

A couple days ago someone visited my website using the word “kurti.” When I was searching for the word’s definition, I checked wikipedia (screen grab below) and then I decided on a whim to check the German language version of wikipedia. Lo & behold, a map of Sudan.


Popular GIS Slideshow by Chris Hammond-Thrasher [March 07]
|| 1/24/2008 || 1:01 pm || Comments Off on Popular GIS Slideshow by Chris Hammond-Thrasher [March 07] || ||

Screen shot from a presentation by Chris Hammond-Thrasher from The University of the South Pacific Library

A good friend of mine notified me that one of my maps was mentioned on a slideshow about popular GIS. The author of the slideshow used a screen shot from my American Stereography #1 viewing environment. Click the image above to be taken to the slideshow.

a not-so-daily render year predicted
|| 1/23/2008 || 2:11 pm || Comments Off on a not-so-daily render year predicted || ||

I am not sure if I’ll maintain a daily pace this year. My interests & my muses are pointing me in varied directions. I tried to make predictions last year and they hold true still, for the most part. The past is not holding me hostage, rather the past gave me quite a bit of inspiration in 2007. What I want this year is a new website redesign. I liked it in 2004, but now I’m kinda bored with it. Anyone reading this and would like a couple free maps in exchange for your services, please send me some layouts.

The Alphabet of Nations by They Might Be Giants
|| 1/22/2008 || 2:36 am || Comments Off on The Alphabet of Nations by They Might Be Giants || ||

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