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Timelapse Astrophotography of Venus & Jupiter nearing their conjunction
|| 11/29/2008 || 11:48 am || + Render A Comment || ||

For the last month I’ve been watching the planets Venus and Jupiter inch closer and closer through the night sky. I was first tipped off about the conjunction by the Boston Globe and intend on taking some more photographs on Monday night when they’ll line up with the moon. In the photograph above you can see a plane taking off from Reagan National Airport below the the two planets.

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Video on today’s Huffington Post
|| 11/25/2008 || 11:09 pm || Comments Off on Video on today’s Huffington Post || ||

In continuance of my low-budget directorial work, today two videos I helped record are featured on the Huffington Post. My friend Elizabeth Glover edited the footage and uploaded it to YouTube so I could share them here.

Jason Linkins writes:

It’s the Thanksgiving Holiday, so let’s vlog, why not? This week, Ana Marie and I had the especially good fortune to be joined by Megan Carpentier, blogger and Crappy Hourist from Jezebel.

On today’s vlog, the three of us dig into the cross-section on the left who’ve been awash in complaint that President-elect Barack Obama’s appointments and directives post-election had not passed the Progressive Politics Litmus Test. Were a raft of progressive appointments and the promise to put the Bush administration on trial really part of the rose garden we were promised? Does a return to sane, competent governance truly represent change? And did the three of us all feel a little silly after Obama put Melody Barnes — bona fide “new blood” with impressive progressive credentials — in charge of his domestic policy shop? Probably, actually! And, then, later, did the gratuitous pillorying of John Brennan make us feel vindicated? Again, probably! Anyway, one thing we can all agree on is that now we’ll have liberal blogs, yelling at us for Christmas.

In the second part, we dig into the strange contention of Keith Olbermann that not voting for someone makes it easier to criticize them. And, finally, we honor the Thanksgiving holiday. Find out why Megan is grateful that Sarah Palin exists! And then, yell at us some more.

As always, we were assisted behind the scenes by the intrepid Liz Glover and the savvy Nikolas Schiller, who make these forays into video antics possible, and, indeed, plausible.


Short NASA video of the 2004 Transit of Venus
|| 11/23/2008 || 11:24 pm || Comments Off on Short NASA video of the 2004 Transit of Venus || ||

Since I started reading about the Transits of Venus, I’ve found this video on-line in multiple places, but no one has uploaded it to Vimeo yet. This very short video is composed of a sequence of images taken by the Solar X-ray Imager on the GOES satellite as Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun. If you look closely, that small ball at the bottom is Venus. The last Transit of Venus before this was in 1882 and the next transit will take place on June 6th, 2012, where it should cross the upper portion of the Sun.

A Bike Above The Rest
|| 11/22/2008 || 6:11 pm || Comments Off on A Bike Above The Rest || ||

The other night I was at the Black Cat and spotted this well-locked bicycle. It reminded me of when I spotted a bicycle locked to a tree in August.

YouTube video of the “Reclaim the Streets” demonstration [Summer 2001]
|| 11/21/2008 || 5:42 pm || Comments Off on YouTube video of the “Reclaim the Streets” demonstration [Summer 2001] || ||

Music: More bit and Pieces by Coldcut

From Wikipedia:

Reclaim the Streets Reclaim the Streets (RTS) is a collective with a shared ideal of community ownership of public spaces. Participants characterize the collective as a resistance movement opposed to the dominance of corporate forces in globalisation, and to the car as the dominant mode of transport.

Since I was being all nostalgic with the Indymedia entry the other day, I decided to post this YouTube video that my friend Robin made. It was filmed in the summer of 2001 and shows the freedoms that protesters enjoyed in Washington, DC before 9/11. While I was out of town in Saint Louis when this took demonstration place, its interesting to see what Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan looked like seven years ago.

Found in the Grand Juxtaposition: I am not a terrorist in Tucson
|| 11/20/2008 || 5:09 pm || Comments Off on Found in the Grand Juxtaposition: I am not a terrorist in Tucson || ||

This screen grab from the Grand Juxtaposition and combines the arabic text “I am not a terrorist” with Tucson Quilt.

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An Odd DC Indymedia Edit
|| 11/19/2008 || 4:30 pm || Comments Off on An Odd DC Indymedia Edit || ||

A long time ago, before I had created this website, I used to upload my original content to the D.C. Indymedia. I used the website the most from early 2000 to mid-2004 and the screen grab above is an entry I created in 2003 using an old moniker of mine. I stumbled upon it through some random searches and I’m glad I did. In the 5 years since I posted this entry the content has been suspiciously edited. First the date at the beginning of the entry has been changed to 9/15/03, when I originally posted it as 12/15/03. Second, and more importantly, the link to the .mpg that I uploaded has been removed. After doing some sleuthing, I found this website has the original link to the video the clip! Why was the link removed from the entry but the content kept on the website? After looking around some more, I found that someone put the exact same video clip on YouTube a few years ago and it’s received over 300,000 views:

George W. Bush caught off guard 9-11 Question

Click here to read the official transcript.

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Found RSS Art in the Grand Juxtaposition
|| 11/18/2008 || 4:11 pm || Comments Off on Found RSS Art in the Grand Juxtaposition || ||

Screen grab of the juxtaposition of a detail from Good Hope Quilt #2 and my RSS Art

The image above was generated by my recent creation “the Grand Juxtaposition.” I’m posting it because I have not been blogging lately and one of the best ways to stay up to date with what is being posted to my blog is through Really Simple Syndication aka RSS. Click the graphic above to subscribe.

Stereocard of the Great Hall in the Vatican Library
|| 11/17/2008 || 3:59 pm || Comments Off on Stereocard of the Great Hall in the Vatican Library || ||

William Herman Rau (1855-1920), “Corridoio della Biblioteca Vaticana, Roma”. Stereofotografia. Numero di catalogo: 1999.

The other day I was clicking through Wikipedia and I came across this interesting stereogram. Check out these other stereocards.

In the December issue of QST Magazine
|| 11/16/2008 || 5:57 pm || Comments Off on In the December issue of QST Magazine || ||

Vintage advertisement from the December 1966 issue of QST Magazine for Heath Company’s Ham Radios

QST magazine is the most widely read Amateur Radio publication in the country. Since 1915, QST has been delivering the latest news and practical information from the world of Amateur Radio. In September I was contacted about supplying a map similar to the one in the photograph above for an upcoming advertisement in the magazine. While I didn’t have the original map shown above, I was able to print a copy of my “New Blaeu” map for Brian Wood of the DZ Company. The advertisement below is featured in the December edition of QST Magazine on page 150. If you see it on the newsstands, please pick up a copy! Click the advertisement below to be taken to www.dzkit.com

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