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Time-lapse photograph of Mercury, Jupiter, and an airplane taking off
|| 1/1/2009 || 6:40 pm || Comments Off || ||

view of mercury and jupiter Time lapse photograph of Mercury, Jupiter, and an airplane taking off

6 second time-lapse photograph of Mercury (left), Jupiter (right), and an airplane taking off (top)

This evening marks the first time I’ve seen the planet Mercury in night sky. What makes this extra beautiful is Mercury, the smallest planet in the solar system, was next to Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. I have now have seen all of wandering stars known to the ancients.

Below I decided to digitally zoom in as far as I could and see what the time-lapse photograph would look like:


Taking a break from blogging for most of the month
|| 1/2/2009 || 1:11 pm || Comments Off || ||

So this entry is being written on Friday January 23, 2009 and its being back dated along with all the subsequent entries. As an someone who enjoys experimenting, I wanted to see what happened if I didn’t update this website for the entire month. Since there is still a week left and I’m adding this entry, it means that my experiment is over. I’ll have the results posted later….

YouTube Video of my first Barack Obama sighting in Washington, DC
|| 1/9/2009 || 11:16 pm || Comments Off || ||

At approximately 8:30pm on Friday, January 9th, 2009, I was approaching the corner of E Street and 8th Street NW, Washington, DC and noticed that people were waiting on the corner & a police woman was blocking traffic. When reached the corner I heard a murmur from a woman nearby saying that it was president-elect Barack Obama who was about to drive by. Right after she said this, I pulled out my camera and recorded president-elect Barack Obama’s motorcade driving west on E street.

I expect to see this motorcade more often in the coming weeks & months.

Yes We Can – DC Statehood Now!
|| 1/10/2009 || 1:29 pm || Comments Off || ||

yes we can dc statehood now Yes We Can   DC Statehood Now!

Yesterday I spotted this sign on K Street. They were put up so that people coming to DC for the inauguration will be reminded of DC’s second-class status.

A short YouTube video from the “Let Gaza Live” demonstration
|| 1/11/2009 || 4:20 pm || Comments Off || ||

This YouTube video contains two short clips. The first video clip was taken in Lafayette Park, located just north of the White House, as the march was just starting. The second video clip was taken about 15 minutes later at the corner of 15th & New York Ave as the march continued its way through the streets of Washington, DC.

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty & Comedian Bill Cosby on Meet The Press
|| 1/12/2009 || 1:40 pm || Comments Off || ||

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty & comedian Bill Cosby were guests on NBC’s “Meet The Press” yesterday. At the start of this video clip David Gregory asks Fenty about Washington, DC’s preparation for the Inauguration, then Gregory shows footage of Barack Obama at Ben’s Chili Bowl (a few blocks from my house), and then Fenty and Bill Cosby joke about hot dogs. At one point, Mayor Fenty quips that Bill Cosby said that Barack Obama hasn’t earned free food at Ben’s Chili Bowl yet.

Plagiarizing the official Inaugural Map to include a political message
|| 1/13/2009 || 6:45 pm || Comments Off || ||

inaurugal map2009 small Plagiarizing the official Inaugural Map to include a political message

I decided to not update my 2005 Inaugural Map for this month’s inaugural activities, but since I’ve been receiving so many visitors looking for one, I decided to plagiarize the official map to include a message about DC Statehood.

Georgetown Quilt #5
|| 1/14/2009 || 11:07 pm || Comments Off || ||

: rendered at 9,000 X 6,000 :
georgetownquilt5 Georgetown Quilt #5

Its been awhile since I’ve made a map, so I decided to revisit Georgetown. When making this map, I tried to center the focus on the intersection of M Street & Wisconsin Ave. I was able to do this more easily because I started with a smaller piece of aerial photography than I normally work with.

View the Google Map of the Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, DC

: detail :
georgetownquilt5 cut2 Georgetown Quilt #5

View the rest of the details:


YouTube Video of Newschannel 8′s coverage of the “YES WE CAN – DC STATEHOOD NOW” poster
|| 1/15/2009 || 11:50 pm || Comments Off || ||

I was able to snag this video from the Newschannel 8 website and upload to YouTube. I know its not quite legal, but neither is being denied representation in Congress.

Below is the text of the article:


SMSishing Scam – Continued
|| 1/16/2009 || 11:55 pm || Comments Off || ||

LFCU scam SMSishing Scam   Continued

Last month I discovered a SMSishing scam that was hitting many DC area residents. Over the last few days I’ve received two more fraudulent messages trying to get me to call a number to turn my ATM card back on.

The first said:

Notice! / This is an automated message from Lafayette Federal Credit Union. Your ATM card has been suspended. To reactivate call urgent at 866-506-0288.

The second said:

ApplicationCenter / This is an automated message from Lafayette F.C.U. .Your ATM card has been suspended.To reactivate call urgent at 1-567-248-8594

I can only wonder how many people fell for this scam?

LFCU scam IP trace SMSishing Scam   Continued

Welcome to DC, we have no vote, we have no voice.
|| 1/17/2009 || 3:07 pm || Comments Off || ||

welcome to dc we have no voice Welcome to DC, we have no vote, we have no voice.

I spotted these prints by “Hear Our Voice” outside of the Convention Center today. They all mention something about DC’s lack of representation in Congress. My favorite one features Michelle Obama and says “Michelle Obama rocks the mic. DC has no mic.” Read more about these posters here.

Two photos from the We Are One concert on the National Mall
|| 1/18/2009 || 11:16 pm || Comments Off || ||

we are on concert1 Two photos from the We Are One concert on the National Mall

Today I went down to the National Mall to check out the opening ceremonies of the Inauguration of Barack Obama. I twittered that I had never seen the Mall so full! While I didn’t really catch much of the concert it was quite cool seeing so many people on the Mall.

we are on concert2 Two photos from the We Are One concert on the National Mall

Interviewed on MSNBC this morning
|| 1/19/2009 || 4:24 pm || Comments Off || ||

dc statehood now on MSNBC Interviewed on MSNBC this morning

not me in the background…

This morning after I woke up and turned on the TV, I noticed that someone in the background was holding up one of the “Yes We Can – DC Statehood Now!” posters (above). I decided remove my poster from the window and head down to the Mall to see if I could join the person. After I arrived it turned out that the person had already left, but fortunately the crowd was pretty thin around filming area and I was able to go right up to the fence and hold up my sign. Around 10am David Shuster went outside and interviewed different people around the fence and eventually came up to me. He let me speak about DC statehood for about 15 seconds on live TV! It was quite rewarding to say the least! I ended up staying around the fence holding up the sign for the next 3 hours and left when I started to get hungry. I hope to get the footage shortly and when I do, I’ll post it here.

Photos from the DC Manifest Hope Gallery Party
|| || 11:44 pm || Comments Off || ||

manifest hope celebs1 Photos from the DC Manifest Hope Gallery Party

My friend from Los Angeles who was in town for the inaugural festivities invited to attend the Manifest Hope Gallery party this evening. After hearing that Moby, De La Soul, and Santogold were performing and it was an invite-only party, I was quite excited. It turns out that although she had tickets, she opted to volunteer for the event, so as her guest I also volunteered for most of the party. All I did was stand next to a wall and guard the artwork and tell people not lean on the wall. It was pretty easy and I took quite a few breaks to dance, look at the art, and say hello to my friends who were also at the party. I think the highlight of the party was when one of my friends gave me an extra ticket to the swearing in ceremony tomorrow at the Capitol.

Below are a couple pictures I took of the party:


YouTube videos from the DC Manifest Hope Gallery Party
|| || 11:59 pm || Comments Off || ||

Near the end of Moby’s DJ set at the Manifest Hope DC gallery Inauguration party, I spotted the security guard first tell another security guard to tell a dancer to calm down, then she starts getting jiggy wid it.

I saw that the crowd was having a good time dancing to De La Soul at the DC Manifest Hope gallery and decided to record the crowd participation.

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