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What the Stars Tell of The Times – The Washington Times, February 9, 1896
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The Times Horoscope overlaid on to Dupont Circle Quilt

The Times Horoscope overlaid on to Dupont Circle Quilt

What the Stars Tell of The Times

Horoscope of a Newspaper Cast by an Astrologist

An astrologer has cast the horoscope of The Times and given some practical hints about the ancient science, as follows:

The constellation of the celestial sign of Aquarius was ascending at the time The Times first saw the light.

Aquarius is an airy, hot, moist rational, diurnal, sanguine, masculine, western, fixed, and humane sign, and its ruling planet is Uranus, who deposited in the fixed sign of Scorpio, whose nature is moist, cold, phlegmatic, feminine, nocturnal, watery and a northern sign.

As it takes Uranus eighty-four years to make one revolution around the sun, all the powers of the earth could not move it, as the heavens guard and watch it in its threefold fortified position.

The moon was deposited in the constellation of Leo, which sign is by nature fiery, hot, dry, commanding, masculine, eastern, and the house of the sun. Being in the house of love, it denotes that there will be a steady growth of esteem between The Times and the public, which will have a powerful effect upon the popularity of the paper.

The moon being in a good aspect to the ruling planet, gives another indication of success.

Uranus, the ruling planet, being exalted in the map of the heavens in the house of science and religion in good aspect to the swing-winged Mercury, which was posited in the ascendant the house of life, and being at the same time the octave keynote of Mercury, denotes harmony in its various departments.

As both planets were in retrograde it shows that the progress would at first be retarded, and the first ten years of its existence will be uphill.

Eventually The Times is destined to become a national paper, and its circulation will be topmost in these United States and its fame will extend throughout the world.

This is denoted by the most benevolent planet, Jupiter, being posited in the constellation Taurus, which is an earthy feminine fixed northern sign.


Taurus occupied the fourth house, showing that the chances of The Times will be the most glorious of any newspaper undertaking ever attempted. The house of business is ruled by the fiery planet Mars, which located in the movable sign of Capricorn, an earthy sign; Capricorn is an earthy, cold, dry, melancholy, feminine, nocturnal, cardinal, movable, solsticial, domestic business, and southern sign, the head of the serving or business trinity rules the bending knee, and is the exaltation of Mars and the house of joy of Saturn, and Saturn exalted in the airy mansions of Libra.

The Goddess of Justice, symbolized by the scales, intercepted between the upper and the lower, the light and dark, external and internal, reason and intuition, balancing itself in its progressive movements as it marches up the hill of time.

But Saturn forebodes an evil time for The Times, as it is nearing the conjunction of the ruling planet Uranus, and forebodes dire disaster towards the end of the present year, 1896. This conjunction will happen three times during the year of 1897, in January, June, and September.

Mars, the planet ruling the house of business, will also come in the fall of 1897 and help with his destructive elements to level business affairs of The Times to the ground. Mars happened to be located in the house of secret enemies, who will then be trying their level best to annihilate The Times entirely, and everything will indicate its entire destruction; disaster will follow disaster, earthquakes, floods, and last of all mob violence.

The evil times will last for one year and one half nearly, when suddenly her enemies will be her friends. Jupiter rules the house of friends and unafflicted in the fourth house will be able to overcome all obstacles, and the latter years which may become centuries will be great and The Times will attain a position of fame and popularity and many will live to bless its good influences.

The moon, in bad aspect to Uranus and in opposition to Venus in the house of life and open enemies, distinctly shows contentions with contemporaries.

The moon rules the house of sickness, and being posited in Leo, which rules the heart, denotes that it has a good heart for afflicted and suffering humanity, and being badly aspected by Uranus and Venus, denotes that the good heart of The Times will empty its treasures even to the very last penny if it could relieve the distress in the land of suffering.

The sun, giver of life, was posited in the house of Jupiter in the second or house of money being in the cadent sign Pisces, and denotes generosity to excess. But being well aspected by Mars and Jupiter it denotes that the end will justify the means; in sowing good seed a good harvest will be realized.

Language cannot adequately depict the fortunate starry influences, as it shows the procreative forces of the fertilizing powers of the male and female elements in nature. The North, the South, the East, and the West are represented in the all four triplicities, showing a universal appreciation of the popular mind.

-E.C. Michael, Astrologer

The Washington Times, February 9, 1896

Scan of the Washington Times newspaper article without the horoscope

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