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DC Colonist Cartoon: “Court Declares State Voters Tax Exempt in D.C.” – Washington Evening Star, March 13, 1940
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DC Colonist Cartoon published on March 13, 1940 in the Washington Evening Star

Source: Page 65 of “Our National Capital and its un-Americanized Americans” by Theodore Noyes

DC Colonist Cartoon: “Keep Out of U.S. Elections” – Washington Star, November 5, 1940
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DC Colonist Cartoon published on election day November 5, 1940 in the Washington Star

This cartoon shows the DC Colonist trying to enter the voting booth, but is told by Uncle Sam to go to the tax or selective service booths. The cartoon implies that the while District residents pay taxes & go to war for America, they are not permitted the sacred right to vote in U.S. elections. Thus DC residents fight & die in American wars and pay taxes to the Federal government, but at the same time, have no say who makes the decisions regarding taxation, war, and peace.

Source: Page 53 of “Our National Capital and its un-Americanized Americans” by Theodore Noyes

DC Colonist Cartoon: “Disenfranchisement” – Washington Star, November 4th, 1930
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DC Colonist Cartoon published on election day November 4th, 1930 in the Washington Star

Source: Page 46 of “Our National Capital and its un-Americanized Americans” by Theodore Noyes

DC Colonist Cartoon: “Election Day” – Washington Star, November 4th, 1924
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DC Colonist Cartoon published on election day November 4th, 1924 in the Washington Star

Source: Page 179 of “Our National Capital and its un-Americanized Americans” by Theodore Noyes

Reading The Stars – Tacoma Times, September 1st, 1917
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Cartoon originally published in the Tacoma Times on September 1st, 1917

Kaiser Wilhelm II, was the last German Emperor and King of Prussia, ruling both the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia from June 15th, 1888 to November 18th, 1918. This cartoon obtained from Chronicling America was originally published one year, two months, and seventeen days before the monarchy was abolished.

In today’s Washington Jewish Weekly newspaper
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My piece at the JCC is mentioned in an article in today’s Washington Jewish Weekly:

The piece by D.C. resident Nikolas Schiller portrays the Palestinian refugees’ perspective and, he says, “dissent.” He is dissenting from the 1993 map of Israel and the Palestinian territories, upon which he based his kaleidoscope image, because he sees it as “biased” in showing the territories in stripes, he says.

He also has included an image of Handala, an iconic Palestinian cartoon that he found on the Internet, on the map. Handala, which means “bitterness” in Arabic, “represents the abused Palestinian refugees,” he says.

I don’t remember saying the word “abused” the entire time I spoke with the reporter, but I’ll let it slide.

Read the entire article:


To be hung at a local gallery:
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Israel / Palestine 1993

“Israel / Palestine 1993”
Created July 3rd, 2006
Map Source: “Atlas of the Middle East” (1993) by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.
Courtesy of the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin.
Cartoon Embellishment: “Handala” by Naji al-Ali (c. 1937 – 29 August 1987)

I signed the loan agreement papers earlier this week and placed an order for the printing of a 48″ x 32″ canvas print. I will post official information once I have the go-ahead.


Israel / Palestine 1993
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On Saturday day on I obtained a scanned map of Israel & Palestine from the “Atlas of the Middle East”, published in January 1993 by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. I was thinking of using the map for something quasi political, but this last week Israel blew up the only power plant in Gaza. An act identified as an international war crime where women, children, the sick, and eldery were all collectively punished through this illegal act on civilians. Israel also abducted 8 elected members of parliament. I can only imagine what it would be like if my city council members were kidnapped. Worse, my good friend was supposed to be going to Beruit next month and I don’t think she’ll be able to go now. I chose to add Naji al-Ali’s cartoon character Handala to this map as my way of showing shame.

From Wikipedia on Handala:

Handala is the most famous of Naji al-Ali’s characters. He is depicted as a ten-year old boy, and appeared for the first time in Al-Siyasa in Kuwait in 1969. The figure turned his back to the viewer from the year 1973, and clasped his hands behind his back. The artist explained that the ten-year old represented his age when forced to leave Palestine and would not grow up until he could return to his homeland; his turned back and clasped hands symbolised the character’s rejection of “outside solutions”. Handala wears ragged clothes and is barefoot, symbolising his allegiance to the poor. In later cartoons, he sometimes appears throwing stones or writing graffiti. Handala became the signature of Naji al-Ali’s cartoons and remains an iconic symbol of Palestinian identity and defiance; the artist remarked that “this being that I have invented will certainly not cease to exist after me, and perhaps it is no exaggeration to say that I will live on with him after my death”.

Yesterday I did run into a wayward and former Seeds of Peace camp counselor at the U-Haul. This did give me some hope…

View Map details:

Of interesting note, the map states clearly:
“The 1950 Israeli proclamation that Jerusalem be the national capital is not recognized by the United States Government”

I chose the placement of Handala so that his head surrounds Israel to point out focus of shame. By adding the character to the map, he becomes a cartoon cartouche. I am not aware of any contemporary maps that have iconic cartoon characters on them.

The points of the found star in the map are interesting. The confluence of the West Bank creates the tips and for some reason the C.I.A. chose to use odd stripes to show the West Bank as a country. Why not a normal whole color like every other country? Cartographic bias?

The best line from this section of the map is:
GAZA STRIP – Israeli occupied- status to be determined.

: zoom out from center :

: zoom out from center :

UPDATE 2/1/08

I am offering ten signed prints of ISRAEL / PALESTINE 1993 for sale at the gallery. Printed at 48″ x 32″ with archival inks on stretched canvas, the map is printed large enough so that you can read the tiny print on the original map.

If you are interested in attending the opening night reception, I have added an event invitation on Facebook where you can RSVP.

Battle of the Interactive Inaugural Maps
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So cartoonist Mark Fiore published his humorous Interactive Inaugural Map on January 20th. After looking at it and laughing, I couldn’t help to wonder if he used my map as some sort of basis for his, so I decided to E-mail him and ask. This is his reply :-)

Thanks, glad you liked my map! Yes, yours kept coming up when I was researching the parade route & getting the DC map together– great work, I’m glad you put that together.


> Mark,
> I really loved your Inaugural Map cartoon! I was wondering if you had seen my interactive inaugural map prior to making your cartoon?
> Keep up the good work!

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