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In the classroom #5 – Iceland Academy of the Arts
|| 9/24/2009 || 1:41 pm || + Render A Comment || ||

About 5 minutes after I woke up this morning I noticed someone had entered the chat room on my website. Apparently I was discussed during the class lecture and a student decided to ask me some questions. Below is a brief snippet of the conversation:

Guest has joined.
Nikolas Schiller: hello
Guest: hello
Im an art student from Iceland
Nikolas Schiller: ahhh, cool
Guest: and I am now sitting in class listening to a lecture about you
Nikolas Schiller: really?
Guest: Yes, about is art a geological thing, differs from you place off living
it seams you live on the internet
Nikolas Schiller: well more than other people— its 9:36am in Washington, DC
I just woke up
Guest: good morning, its after one in the afternoon here
Nikolas Schiller: I am rather surprised to hear that I’m being taught about in Iceland. I don’t have any maps of Reykjavik.
Guest: this is unreal. do you think art is art if no one can see it? this is the class question?
Nikolas Schiller: art is a personal journey. if you draw something in the sand for your eyes only, you still are able to enjoy it. The question is, is art only art if it can be shared?
Guest: yeh, so if more than one persone can enyoe it, or …ok, good to hear from you
Nikolas Schiller: I think art is a personal thing— its always in the eye of the beholder. Like you can have a sketchbook full of your own art, but you are under no obligation to share it because once you do, you must face the criticism of others. If you keep it to yourself, its still your art, just only you know about it.
Nikolas Schiller: Your IP address says that you are at Iceland Academy of the Arts.
Guest: it was a class lecture for a course called Art In Translation.
Nikolas Schiller: Very cool. Have a great day!

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In the classroom #4 – The University of Auckland, Aotearoa
|| 10/30/2008 || 12:30 pm || Comments Off on In the classroom #4 – The University of Auckland, Aotearoa || ||

I still find one of the most interesting things about opening my website up has been watching the slow diffusion of my body of work and how educators have included some of my creations in their lesson plans. Earlier today I found that my Geospatial Art is being used as a case study for the class “Visualising Research and Communicating Places“, an elective course (ARCHDRC773) in the Architecture program at the University of Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand. If you have a few minutes, check out some of the student’s work. Their course blogs are listed on the sidebar below the case study links.

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In the classroom #3 – University of California, Santa Barbara & the FBI’s public website in 2001
|| 1/14/2008 || 5:45 pm || Comments Off on In the classroom #3 – University of California, Santa Barbara & the FBI’s public website in 2001 || ||

Screen Grab from Jan Ekenberg’s “Zulu History Petrol” project

Last week I noticed that a professor named Lisa Jevbratt at the University of California, Santa Barbara had her classroom lesson plan linking to my website. Her class “Art 122 – Advanced Digital Projects – Mapmaking as Art: using Google Maps/Earth and other online tools and data to create artistic maps,” had my website listed in the section “Map Related Art.” Flattered, I decided to look through some of her artwork, and found an interesting project called “Mapping the Web Infome.”

Mapping the Web Infome’ is a net art endeavor developed in conjunction with the exhibition LifeLike at New Langton Arts gallery in San Francisco. A group of artists were invited to use software developed for the exhibition. The Infome software enables the creation of web crawlers – automatic processes that access web sites and collect data from them – and the creation of visualizations/mappings of the collected data.

After looking through some of the results, I found this listing of the FBI’s web pages as they existed in 2001. I wonder how much has changed in the last 7 years?

In the classroom #2 – La Salle University
|| 10/18/2007 || 2:39 pm || Comments Off on In the classroom #2 – La Salle University || ||

Richard A. Di Dio, Ph.D, is an associate professor in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department in the Integrated Science, Business, & Technology Program at La Salle University in Philadelphia. He recently profiled my fractal maps (above). His blog, Fractal Log showcases some really interesting applications of fractals in society like computer art, mathematical modeling , chaos in literature, etc. His blog is geared toward his students in HON 462 – Chaos and Fractals. I bet it would be a fun class to take!

In the classroom #1 – Valparaiso University
|| 10/16/2007 || 2:18 pm || Comments Off on In the classroom #1 – Valparaiso University || ||

I’m always humbled when I see that my body of work is studied at a university. While a miscellaneous blog entry here & there is nice, there is much more to be said when a professor chooses to include my cartographic contributions in their lesson plan. Thank you Dr. Michael Longan!

Alas, like last October, I’ve taken a break from my mapmaking activities. I’ll resume them shortly…

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