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[FOUND MAP] The Lining of a Leather Jacket
|| 3/13/2011 || 4:11 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

Photograph of a leather jacket with a map as the fabric lining

I noticed my friend’s leather jacket last winter but I never got around to taking a photograph of it.


Designed Two New Shirts
|| 10/20/2010 || 5:30 pm || + Render A Comment || ||

Screen grab of the two t-shirts I designed

Earlier this month as a birthday present to myself I decided to design two new shirts for myself. The shirt design on top contains the emblem from the 1622 edition of Kepler’s Mysterium cosmographicum which says Gloria Immortalis Labore Parta. The other shirt design is of a little girl from a random newspaper advertisement from 1905 who kind of look like the Morton Salt girl. I think a present for Christmas is in the works :-)

Give Me Some %20 (space) – An HTML Code T-Shirt Design
|| 3/17/2010 || 10:36 am || + Render A Comment || ||

Give Me Some Space By Nikolas Schiller

Following in the same vein as my previous code-based t-shirts, this iteration uses the HTML character code for the spacebar, %20, as a figure of speech. Oftentimes when someone gives you a URL that includes a space between the characters, there is an automatic %20 that gets inserted. For example, http://nikolasschiller.com/example/this is awesome.jpg would automatically be converted to http://nikolasschiller.com/example/this%20is%20awesome.jpg because spaces in URLs are actually the HTML character code %20. Therefore the shirt above can be read two different ways: give me some space or give me some %20. For those without the basic understand of HTML, they’ll probably want to know what %20 is– a tax, a new band, 1/5 of something, etc. and for those who understand HTML, maybe they might take a step back.

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Second Class Citizen: A Shirt of Shame
|| 1/20/2010 || 12:10 pm || 2 Comments Rendered || ||

Second Class Citizen - A Shirt of Shame

About a week ago I designed, ordered, and printed this t-shirt from www.SpreadShirt.com. The shirt features the text “SECOND CLASS CITIZEN” printed upside-down in metallic gold. The idea behind this design is that the wearer must bow their head down in shame in order to properly read the upside-down text. Residents of the District of Columbia, like myself, the intended wearer, are denied representation in Congress and are thus second-class citizens. That is pretty screwed up.

After creating the shirt, I realized that it reminded me of a similar design a friend of mine made that uses the flag of the District of Columbia: Upset The Setup.

The DC Colonist is now officially stock photo
|| 12/8/2009 || 12:10 pm || + Render A Comment || ||

Screen grab from Life.com showing a photo of the DC Colonist

When I first came across the photograph in 2006, I knew it would probably be stored somewhere in the photographic databases of Getty Images. After last month’s publication of the photograph in the Washington Post, it looks like the photograph was also republished on the website of Life Magazine. According to wikipedia, Getty Images and Life Magazine joined forces in March of 2009 and now jointly share some of their combined photo collections on Life.com.

The D.C. Colonist is featured today’s The Reliable Source column in the Style Section of the Washington Post
|| 11/19/2009 || 11:03 pm || 2 Comments Rendered || ||

When I got back home from yesterday’s hearing I wrote my friend at the Washington Post the following e-mail:


|| 8/24/2009 || 8:15 pm || + Render A Comment || ||

An Animated GIF of a t-shirt for Twitter Users

I recently saw a photo on-line of someone’s hand-written white shirt that basically said “follow me @USERNAME” and was inspired to modify his concept. Thus the image above is by no means an original design. However, I was looking through other t-shirts featuring roughly the same notion, and very few used the concept of following @USERNAME placed on the back side of the shirt. Most of the tacky shirts on customization websites merely mention that the wearer is on twitter or ‘huge or twitter,’ but since they are generic and don’t mention the user’s actual name, they have little practical use. In this design, the Twitter Bird (does she have a name?) extends the branding to visually legitimize the @USERNAME. Replace the stylized Twitter Bird with your company’s logo and, in theory, you’ve got a brand & social marketing t-shirt campaign. Or what about an entirely fake URL? “I PREFER TO BE FOLLOWED BY @JESUS” Or “I PREFER TO BE FOLLOWED BY @SPAM” By using an incorrect @USERNAME the wearer is poking fun at the nature of the website, but paradoxically advertising the @USERNAME. Since I joined Twitter I’ve taken issue with the lexical aspect of following people and while I’ll eventually start following (in name) people, I am curious about how this t-shirt design will slowly creep into the mainstream. On the other hand, I hope its not from people buying this shirt, which is cool in concept, but also somewhat aesthetically tacky.

No Requests: a t-shirt for DJs who don’t like to be bothered
|| 7/26/2009 || 10:53 am || + Render A Comment || ||

About a year ago I made this t-shirt for my DJ friend Will Griffin. The story behind the t-shirt is as follows: One Wednesday night way back when at the 18th Street Lounge, we were chatting outside while he was taking his break from DJing. He noted the number of times people had come up to him and asked if he had X song & if he would play it. I chuckled and said “Maybe you should get a shirt that says ‘No Requests’ so you can point to your shirt instead of vocally replying” and he said, “why don’t you make me one?” A couple months later I found the right font, a large image of ESL Music’s iconic Eero Saarinen Tulip chair, and ordered the custom t-shirt. A few months later I ordered a second one for the manager of the lounge who also DJs there, but I have yet to take a photo of him wearing it.

Although I don’t DJ anymore, if I were to DJ at a club, I’d probably order one for myself.

The Adidas World Map and the Adidas Map of the Western Hemisphere
|| 9/6/2008 || 11:44 pm || Comments Off on The Adidas World Map and the Adidas Map of the Western Hemisphere || ||

As I mentioned in my last entry I went to the Adidas store in Georgetown last night. While I was looking through the clothing on the various racks, I spotted these two map related t-shirts. They use the Adidas logo as the texture of the surface of the earth. Unlike Express clothing’s cartographic t-shirts, this time around I actually looked at where the shirts were made. The location and the Adidas map of the Western Hemisphere are below the fold:


QR Code on display at the Ralph Lauren store in Georgetown
|| 9/5/2008 || 11:51 pm || Comments Off on QR Code on display at the Ralph Lauren store in Georgetown || ||

Tonight I went to the Adidas store in Georgetown because my friend DECOY was celebrating her birthday and another friend was DJing. After parking my bicycle down the street (Georgetown doesn’t have many bicycle locks), I noticed the sign outside of the Ralph Lauren store. This sighting marks the first time I’ve seen a QR Code in Washington, DC. I decided to snap a picture of it to see if I could decode on my computer and below the fold you can see the results:


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