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I-35W Bridge Quilt #2
|| 8/4/2007 || 10:32 am || Comments Off on I-35W Bridge Quilt #2 || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

On August 1st the bridge in this map unexpected collapsed killing and injuring scores of people. Having family living in the Twin City area, I took notice of this bridge’s collapse and decided to make a map.

View the Google Map of the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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“Ghost Cars” on the I-35W Bridge
|| 8/3/2007 || 12:11 pm || 2 Comments Rendered || ||

When preparing the imagery for the previous map, I zoomed into the bridge and discovered that there are some “ghost cars” on the bridge.

There is really nothing supernatural about these cars, rather I believe they were created by one of two processes. The photographic artifacts were created by the cars driving at high speeds across the bridge when the photograph was taken. Or they could also be artifcats created by the blending of two different aerial photographs taken at different times. My best guess goes with the first, but I wouldn’t doubt if it were a combination of both. Regardless, they give the map a unique quaity that I wasn’t expecting. I am going to make a fractal version for tomorrow.

View a less pixellated view of the bridge:


I-35W Bridge Quilt
|| || 11:42 am || Comments Off on I-35W Bridge Quilt || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

Like the MacArthur Maze Quilt, this map is a prime example of mapping current events. On August 1st the bridge in this map unexpected collapsed killing and injuring scores of people. Having family living in the Twin City area, I took notice of this bridge’s collapse and decided to make a map.

Last year in October I was in the area for my Grandma’s funeral and remember seeing the bridge off in the distance. I even remember being driven across the bridge when I was a lot younger. So unlike most of the maps I’ve made which feature locations I have yet to visit, this one really hits home for me.

View the Google Map of the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Minneapolis Quilt #2
|| 1/8/2006 || 10:47 am || Comments Off on Minneapolis Quilt #2 || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Minneapolis Quilt #2 by Nikolas R. Schiller

I haven’t touched my Minneapolis imagery in a long time and I felt another map was due. I had to remake the source imagery because when I first prepared the imagery for Minneapolis nearly a year ago I did not know about the importance of using perfect squares for tessellations. My first versions were tessellated rectangles- which do tessellate properly, but when placed into Bryce, there is a level of distortion in proportion to the amount the length is larger/smaller than the width. I think the best example of this distortion is found in the first Georgetown Quilts. Well this map is distortion free, errr, well, I didn’t add any of my own at least. The irony is that it all maps are distortions of reality :-)

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Minneapolis Sunrise
|| 8/12/2005 || 8:28 pm || Comments Off on Minneapolis Sunrise || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

Eh, after 23 hours of processing time, I wish this rendering turned out better. It looks cool, I mean after 3 hours of trying to move around the infinite planes so they’d look right before I set the scene to render, I still am not as happy as I should be with this rendering. I think it boils down to the source imagery itself… I mean, I’ve been really digging the recent Boston imagery, with its acquired/found colorful nature, and this imagery just doesn’t look as cool as what I’ve been making as of late.

Granted the Minneapolis Convention center looks cool the way it reflects, but I guess this rendering simply lacks the variations of color I desire. I could always manipulate the imagery in photoshop a bit more, and maybe I just might start doing this, but I sincerely like the concept of not modifying the colors of the imagery before rendering. By not doing so I can always modify the final product, yet the final product can be influenced by the coloration I do ahead of time…. I’ve been considering doing something similar using black & white imagery, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet….soon…

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The Quilt Project / Minneapolis Quilt
|| 5/2/2005 || 9:39 pm || Comments Off on The Quilt Project / Minneapolis Quilt || ||

I’ve officially started a new series called the “Quilt Project.” It began with “Ivan Memory,” and the second installation of this series is the rendering above. This is the second rendering using downtown Minneapolis as my subject, and I think this version a lot more subtle in it’s features, but more fun to look at.

Similar to the Lenz Project,” the “Quilt Project” has the ability to incorporate all of the aerial and satellite imagery I’ve acquired over the last few years. This technical aspect of this series is not as interesting as the “Star Of #2” series, but I feel these renderings are absolutely gorgeous. They are so simple, yet so visually engaging, they remind me of futuristic tapestries. These next renderings will be Tapestries of the Earth on a micro scale, that revolve around a center focus and are completely symmetrical. In fact, I think would be beautiful to have them printed out on to a cloth fabric and actually make them into rugs. I wonder if someone would purchase an “Earth Tapestry.” I’ll ask around…

Up next, the Netherlands Quilt!

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Minneapolis Memory
|| 2/27/2005 || 3:45 am || Comments Off on Minneapolis Memory || ||

So the domes in the center are the Minneapolis Convention Center. The domes give the rendering an interesting degree of symmetry (which I love). The first print of this rendering is going to my colleague from ESRI, Angie, who lives in Minneapolis and gave me the inspiration to make this rendering. I used the same template for this rendering as I used for the “Post 9/11 Reflection #3” rendering, yet since I used imagery from the USGS, I can sell this baby to the highest bidder. I wonder if my relatives in St. Paul would like a copy? Eh.

Hello visitors from The Dredwerkz. I definitely think GeoURL is one of the coolest websites out there. It gives the web an interesting spatial context which can show how people with various opinions and lifestyles can cohabitate within a neighborhood, and best of all blog about it!

FYI, this person also has a blog in my house. She just hasn’t been added to the database yet. I think you might find hers a little more fun to read than mine!

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