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Ganges Mandala
|| 6/20/2005 || 6:32 pm || Comments Off on Ganges Mandala || ||

Not too shabby :) I like the way the rivers intertwine and form braided streams. This manipulated satellite image is probably the most famous of all the “Earth As Art” collection. It was used for the cover of the Library of Congress flyer as well as the UNEP 2004 Environment Report. I have already sold a print of this one. Its the purple & green!

view rendering detail:


Mother Earth Animation
|| 12/4/2004 || 4:26 pm || Comments Off on Mother Earth Animation || ||

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mother earth

I think this is a pretty cool animation. There are two flaws I noticed, but I don’t think they detract too much from the animation.

Star of Ganges River Delta
|| 11/13/2004 || 10:54 am || Comments Off on Star of Ganges River Delta || ||

Star of the Ganges River Delta by Nikolas Schiller

Currently on display at the George Washington University’s Geography Department.

its a happy bomb
|| 10/4/2004 || 6:52 pm || Comments Off on its a happy bomb || ||

From AFP via Yahoo News:

BRISBANE, Australia, (AFP) – Hundreds of airline passengers suffered disruption to their travel plans when a major regional airport was shut down for an hour after a humming and vibrating adult sex toy was mistaken for a bomb.

The vibrator was discovered at 9:15 am (2315 GMT Sunday) by a security officer who checked out a suspicious package inside a rubbish bin at the terminal cafeteria of Mackay Airport in the northeastern state of Queensland, a police spokeswoman said.

She said in retrospect the humming sounded exactly like a vibrator – but it was better to be safe then sorry.
“You can’t afford to take chances,” she added.

You can definitely afford to leave your vibrator at home or at least make sure the batteries are taken out.

I think it would be funny / very interesting to have a day when there are vibrators going off in nearly every airport. That would be one of the best Culture Jams ever. Hmmmmm, Buy Nothing Day is coming up…

its warming up
|| 9/22/2004 || 11:51 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

Article from the BBC:

“These two papers clearly illustrate, for the first time, the relationship between ice shelf collapses caused by climate warming, and accelerated glacier flow,” said Dr Rignot.

The extra ice presumably translates into higher sea level. But how much this is raising the level of the oceans isn’t known.

The authors of the published papers point out that in other places around the continent, much larger glaciers are also held in check by ice shelves.

To quote a rapper from my hometown, “Its getting hot in here”

I remember watching the ice shelf referenced in this article calve into the ocean on CNN and it made me worry that global warming was actually happening. After watching this about a year ago it made me realize that the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are relatively off the charts. Off the charts in the sense that there is no historical record CO2 levels this high. The way CO2 is measured in Antarctica is by drilling deep into the snow and collecting samples. When the snow fell and was compacted by snow falling on top of it, small air bubbles were trapped in the snow. These air bubbles contain a microscopic reflection of the atmosphere at that period in history. So right now there is more CO2 than ever and the earth is heating up. So where is the good news? There really isn’t any.

The conversation I had last week with Professor Foggin was about this same issue. Being that he is middle-aged and nearly retired, he made a point to explain his concern about the future. I can tell he was worried about his grandchildren and what kind of earth they are going to inherit. Hell, I am worried about what kind of world my children are going to inherit, but I am glad that I have some education in the earth sciences because it makes me feel empowered that I have the know-how to change things. Well maybe not change things entirely, but have the ability to show others ways they can combat & adapt to our changing world. And the wind of change is beginning to blow stronger.

There is a difference between global warming and climate change that is not quite understood by most people I’ve talked with. Climate change is what we will begin to experience as our earth continues to warm due to the influx of CO2. One of my professors who studied the atmospheric sciences explained climate change as an increase in the variability of the weather patterns. Essentially meaning that there will be more randomness in the weather and what was considered normal weather will be a distant memory. I personally think that the numerous hurricanes that have taken place in the last month are a sign of things to come. I expect to see the sea levels rise and the treasures of Venice, Amsterdam, and even most of Bangladesh go under water during my lifetime. I expect to see the locusts in West Africa begin to plague other parts of the world in my lifetime. And sadly, I expect to see others turn their head until its too late.

The only glimmer of hope I can postulate is global cooling. It would only take a few massive volcanic eruptions to put enough soot into the atmosphere that the earth will begin to cool. Its possible. Its also possible to recycle more and plant trees.

As for this rendering, its a new modification on the old template. Instead of making the background completely neutral (black or white), I added 2D randomized image of the inner satellite image. I think it looks beautiful! I also removed the glass sphere and made the satellite image of the Himalayas wrapped around the sphere. The next rendering will have the background be a 3D image to add depth. I look forward to seeing it when its finished!

only 10%
|| 9/14/2004 || 8:29 am || Comments Off on only 10% || ||


Working the polls was fun. There were only about 100 people who went into the polling place while I was there from 7:45am to 11am. 90% of them were retired folk- some had to be helped into the polling place! It turns out that in the 3 main races the incumbents were dethroned by newcomers. I was annoyed to see Marion Barry win the election in Ward 8. I don’t understand how people can elect someone who was filmed smoking crack. Nonetheless, I find it harrowing that of the 550,000 residents of DC, only about 10% came out to vote. In a town where local party politics is dominated by one party, the primaries are more important than the actual election day. A real democracy cannot survive when only 10% of the populace takes part in the election. Granted November 2nd will be probably have a significantly higher turnout, but the local races will already have been decided!

The renderings are of the Ganges River Delta in India. One is of the satellite image by itself, and the other is a four paneled reflection of the same satellite image. I find it interesting how the randomized torus graphic is more complex in the reflection rendering, but I personally think the other torus looks better

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