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The Obligatory MySpace Birthday Screen Grab
|| 10/10/2008 || 7:09 am || Comments Off on The Obligatory MySpace Birthday Screen Grab || ||

On my birthday in 2006 I noticed that my MySpace profile hit 10,000 visitors on my birthday (10/10) and I took a screen grab for archival purposes. I followed up again last year and again this year with the image above.

What I can extrapolate here is not that MySpace presence has diminished (I have more friends today than in 2006 or 2007), rather people are simply using MySpace less and less. This is exactly what happened with Friendster as MySpace began to take over the social networking “scene.” On a given day, I can find most of my friends using Facebook and in this respect I see history repeating. However there is no profile view counter on Facebook, so screen grabs like the one above are not possible.

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Cookn’ With Federico Aubele now available on iTunes
|| 5/31/2008 || 4:26 pm || Comments Off on Cookn’ With Federico Aubele now available on iTunes || ||

Image links to iTunes Store

Last week “Cooking with Federico Aubele” [link opens iTunes Store] was released by Washington, DC-based ESL Music. I decided to download the entire album and I suggest you do the same. You can listen to some of his tracks on his MySpace page.

Cookn With Federico Aubele was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in March of this year, this album captures the sound hearing Federico live. In a couple weeks Natalia Clavier, who is the female vocalist on this album & Panamericana, has her own solo album coming out on ESL. I’ll definitely post something here when it’s released.

His last album Panamericana was my favorite album of last year and this studio album features tracks from both Gran Hotel Buenos Aires and Panamericana as well as two unreleased tracks. I’m tempted to post my favorites tracks here, but I’ll refrain for the time being :-)


MySpace has fixed it’s front page—- 7 months later…
|| 2/23/2008 || 9:36 pm || Comments Off on MySpace has fixed it’s front page—- 7 months later… || ||

Back in August of 2007 I discovered something I thought was awry on MySpace’s front page. It was showing the exact same number of videos uploaded each day. I was like, “this is a lie,” its impossible that the EXACT same number of videos were uploaded each day. The only way this was theoretically possible was if there was an upper ceiling on the number of videos that MySpace could handle. As in, their servers could only process X number of videos each day. Yet that theory is based on the premise that there was ample content being uploaded on a daily basis. I concluded that this lack of updates was out of laziness. The worst part of this lack of genuine updates was that MySpace was trying to combat phishing, which was based on people being taken a to fake login page and entering their login & password information. So if MySpace’s login page was static and not changing, yet at the same time incorrectly stating that there were X amount of new videos uploaded each day, I wanted to document this egregious error. Nearly every other day when I was asked to login on MySpace’s front page, I would do a screen grab similar to the ones shown above & below. In all, I collected over 100 different screen grabs and in due time I plan on making an aggregate graphic of all of the screen grabs in the order that they were collected. I am posting this today because I believe that this project is now over. It looks as if MySpace has now fixed this error; it only took 7 months.

Tidying up MySpace (and Friendster)
|| 2/14/2008 || 1:22 pm || Comments Off on Tidying up MySpace (and Friendster) || ||

A Friendster Testimonial from 2003 predicting this event (sorta)

So I met someone a few weeks back and I was looking at her MySpace page’s comments section. I instantly learned quite a bit more information that I really cared to learn about that person. Upon realizing that I didn’t want that type of passive sleuthing to be available within my digital sphere, I decided to go through and remove all 677 comments on my MySpace profile that have accumulated over the last 5 years.

Yet those digital memories are not gone forever, rather, I went through and saved the HTML of every page of comments. I think I might illegally post them to an unlinked folder on this website for safe keeping. Reading over all them was quite cathartic to say the least— old friends who I don’t see anymore, ex-girlfriends, memories of past parties, and my favorite, the lexical migration from Friendster’s testimonials to inane discussions to people’s e-flyers. All I can say is that MySpace is one of the finest data mining operations on the internet and I’m happy there is now a little less data to be mined.

For the last 7 months I’ve been working on a digital art project related to some ambiguous content I’ve found on MySpace. I have over 100 different images I am going to collage together. Its going to take awhile, but I think the result will be a striking indictment on MySpace’s decline in popularity.

What a difference a year makes….
|| 10/10/2007 || 2:04 pm || Comments Off on What a difference a year makes…. || ||

Last year I was quite tickeled that my Myspace Profile hit 10,000 visits on 10/10. Over this last year my profile has had approximately 6,200 profile views, which is quite a bit more than all of the other years combined. I have one hunch as to why this happened….

10,000 hits on 10/10
|| 10/10/2006 || 12:13 pm || Comments Off on 10,000 hits on 10/10 || ||

A little present from MySpace on my birthday…. 10,000 visitors on 10/10

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