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Abstract George W. Bush
|| 10/31/2005 || 8:06 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

: rendered at 10,000 X 7500 :

On Valentines Day I made this for good ‘o GW, and for Halloween I made him something a bit more abstract.

#UPDATE## 2/16/08 — added background

This was the last map I made using the 2002 USGS aerial photography of the area around the White House. By combining a United States Air Force high-resolution publicity photograph of George W. Bush, I created a unique tessellation that I overlaid on to the surface of a complex 3-D object. In the background I used the same tessellation but placed the design into in a kaleidoscopic pattern similar to the More Quilt Projection style. The result is both eerie and visually engaging. Made on Halloween, it could be taken as an abstract Halloween mask, but when viewed as a human interest map, it becomes slightly more twisted. At the center, below the obligatory American flag lapel pins, is a mirrored image of a visually redacted White House. This is the same legacy aerial photography that was used in the wildly popular Inaugural Map I published in January of 2005. This was also the first imagery of Washington, DC used by Google Maps when it was released a couple months later. It was soon updated after people complained that the White House (and the Old Executive Office Building & Treasury Department) should not be censored.

Last year when the USGS released the 2005 Washington, DC aerial photography, the entire area around the White House was completely redacted. Shortly thereafter, I created “The White House Is Off-Limits To The Public,” an interactive geovisual environment, to showcase the egregious amount of censorship that was exercised by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Google still has not updated their servers with newest public domain imagery of downtown Washington, DC….

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Abstract Katrina
|| 9/7/2005 || 12:05 am || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

Abstract Katrina – Source Imagery from NASA

Following up with my previous rendering of Hurricane Katrina titled “Katrina Quilt,” I decided to make a slightly different rendering using the Abstract series template with the same source imagery from NASA’s MODIS satellite.

Looking over all of the renderings I created last month, I realized I have been making far too many in the Quilt Project. Granted, I recently discovered a new way in which I can reflect the imagery immensely within the existing template, I’ve kinda gotten bored with so many renderings looking somewhat the same. Thus I changed it up a bit, make it a bit more Abstract. Like the previous rendering, I am putting this one up for sale to raise money for the diaster relief efforts.

Today I acquired some high resolution aerial photography from NOAA of downtown New Orleans. I’m going to set a scene to render before I got to bed.

view rendering detail:


Abstract Baltimore
|| 3/19/2005 || 4:31 pm || Comments Off on Abstract Baltimore || ||

Pretty Abstract! I still feel that it looks like a gas mask!

This rendering and the next (Baltimore Lenz) both contain a subtle change that makes them different from all of the other renderings. I decided to create a watermark of my “signed” name within the satellite imagery. So when you are looking at the print up close, you can see that I have embedded my signature. Call it visual meta-tagging.

I am debating on whether I should continue this practice or not. In doing so, I can theoretically remove the banner with my “signed” name that every image has and just render the images in 3:2 and save the step of post processing the rendering. Yet, the visual meta-tag is only visible when printed out an not on my standard web size of 800 X 1200. For now I just use both styles.

Abstract Saint Louis
|| 11/21/2004 || 3:45 pm || Comments Off on Abstract Saint Louis || ||

I leave tonight to go back to Saint Louis via Greyhound. Its about 20 hours of fun fun fun. I need to go buy a book to read. I got a nifty pocket sized atlas from NIMA last week at the GWU Geography Department’s GIS Day. I look forward to reading that some, but I’ll need something a little more in depth. Regardless, I can’t wait to see my family and more importantly, get out of DC for a week!

Abstract Brussels
|| 11/19/2004 || 12:59 pm || Comments Off on Abstract Brussels || ||

Abstract DC
|| 11/18/2004 || 12:30 am || Comments Off on Abstract DC || ||

Now compare with a photo of me taken yesterday-

Abstract Netherlands
|| 11/16/2004 || 7:22 pm || Comments Off on Abstract Netherlands || ||

This image kinda looks like a dude in a gas mask. I had no intentions of it looking remotely like that. The wierd part is that it finished rendering on the same day my gask mask was delivered. It took about 10 days, but NBC Gask Masks sold me a nifty product. I’ve practiced putting it on (pretend fire drill style) a few times, but lets hope I never have to use it. Yet living in DC with 4 more years of Bush, I am expecting some acid reflux in the belly of the beast, and Mr. Ridge told me to be prepared, or was that scared? Regardless, I have my gask mask stowed away in my emergency medical kit. I guess you could say I’m a bonofide uncertified first responder.

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