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Random Banners Now Greet You – continued
|| 7/20/2007 || 2:35 pm || Comments Off on Random Banners Now Greet You – continued || ||

Banner created from Star of Guinea-Bissau

In March of this year I created 15 banners that are displayed randomly each time the website loads. Earlier this week a friend of mine in Shanghai, China sent me my name in Simplified Chinese. She also sent me some useful words I plan on adding to some future maps. I’ve decided to make another batch of banners using this text. There are now a total of 34 different banners.

View the new banners after the fold…


Socio Ditata Labore – Revisited
|| 7/19/2007 || 4:40 pm || Comments Off on Socio Ditata Labore – Revisited || ||

Discovered & translated in May, this engraving is now on the splash page of my website- an interactive Atlas Nouveau so to speak.

There are now over 1600 different images that randomly showcase the cartographic labor involved in the creation of this website. Just hit reload to cycle through them.

• Enriching Results
• Socio Ditata Labore : Society is Enriched by Labor

from the Lost Series

|| 6/20/2007 || 6:57 pm || Comments Off on LOLpoverty || ||

While this meme is rather old, the other week I thought of a meme morph and decided to make it a reality today. Using the same php script that powers the Lost Series, I decided to take an image that represented poverty and add the LOLtext. Originally it was only going to say “I CAN HAS A CHEESEBURGER?” and when the user clicks on the kid, the background would change. This was to represent that while the mesage stays the same, the American people represented behind the kid would change, and thus the message would continue to be the elephant in the room. I decided to modify the original plan slightly and incorporate an animated gif (I am not aware of any LOLmeme that has used an animated gif) that represents the child speaking to you the viewer. Not only asking for the cheeseburger, but telling you why, and hopefully making you desire to do something about it.

View LOLpoverty

(photo from a google image search result for “poverty”)

|| 5/24/2007 || 9:42 am || Comments Off on LOLmaps || ||

So last week I mentioned I was working on a new project and after working on it for the last 4 days or so I have nearly completed my latest cartographic creation: LOLmaps

There is still some work to do on the project, but I am quite pleased with how it has turned out thus far. It currently uses the same design as the Lost Series, and I’d ultimately like to code a sequential version, but for now I am enjoying the randomness. After the first revision of the project, I now have a handy-dandy legend for the maps (aka I added numbers to corresponding maps) which explains the background of the project, gives the translations, and locates the maps I have created thus far. But there is still a few more tasks to do before I’d say it’s a completed project (like a Google Map Mashup). Regardless, I am curious as to how the project will be received.

View the Legend for LOLmaps

1,423 maps now greet visitors
|| 4/27/2007 || 8:31 am || Comments Off on 1,423 maps now greet visitors || ||

Using the same php script that I have been using for the lost series, this morning I changed up the intro page on my website. The php script was placed in the folder that contains every single map, detail, and zoom-in on my website (as well as some random maps I forgot that I had placed in the folder!), so each time a visitor comes to my website’s splash page they are greeted randomly by one of 1,423 (and counting) images.

See for yourself: http://nikolasschiller.com (hit reload to switch it up!)

I’ve changed it up because I found a lot of people visited the old splash page, but never clicked on the image to enter the website. This modification poses a question to the viewer “You’ve found my website, but can you find the image below?” which is a friendly way of saying, “Look around!”

Continuing on the observations I made before, one thing I have noticed is that people very rarely explore my website. They check the front page, but thats about it. Maybe this new intro page might foster some more exploration.

The White House is Off-Limits to the Public: An Exploration of Censorship’s Perimeter
|| 3/26/2007 || 3:32 pm || Comments Off on The White House is Off-Limits to the Public: An Exploration of Censorship’s Perimeter || ||

click the image above to view my latest installment in the Lost Series



The U.S. Capitol is Off-Limits to the Public: An Exploration of Censorship’s Perimeter
|| 3/25/2007 || 9:46 am || Comments Off on The U.S. Capitol is Off-Limits to the Public: An Exploration of Censorship’s Perimeter || ||

click image above to view my latest installment to the Lost Series



THE GEOCOLONIAL SLOTS – Match 3 for Statehood!
|| 3/22/2007 || 9:36 am || Comments Off on THE GEOCOLONIAL SLOTS – Match 3 for Statehood! || ||

Screen shot below features 2/3 – American University Quilt & 1/3 Meridian Hill Park

I mentioned that I was thinking about doing some sort of gambling themed lost project. And after about 7 different random image generator scripts I settled on this one. On Firefox & Safari it doesn’t appear to work as I intended. When attempting to gamble for representation I found that the images were not randomly loading. So you will probably have to manually hit reload for equality. I tried a few different javascripts to directly reload the page, but none worked. So I am stuck with this slightly substandard geographic casino. Casinos are substandard anyways; just like taxation without representation.

This interactive geographic environment consists of the 2 types of map details from my Washington, DC map collection. The folder consists of the {name}-zoom.jpg, {name}-zoom2.jpg, {name}-cut.jpg, {name}-cut2.jpg– related to each map. The Zooms represent central details that geographic tessellations at two different scales. The Cuts are details of places and spaces around the map. The 144 different Zooms & Cuts were placed into 3 folders: right, middle, left. Each time the page reloads there is a 1 out of a 2,865,984 chance of winning statehood!


Interactive Inequality #3
|| 3/20/2007 || 9:58 am || Comments Off on Interactive Inequality #3 || ||

Screen shot below features University of South Florida Quilt with Clouds & U St. NE Quilt

Building off the added interactivity in American Stereography #3 and the principles behind Interactive Inequality 1 & 2, this version allows the viewer to choose right or left, citizen or colonist, geographic tessellation or reflection of a location.

Visual Combinations:
145 * 67 = 9,715 = Left
280 * 144 = 40,320 = Right
Total Number of Visual Combinations:
9,715 + 40,320 + 1 (intro page) = 50,036

Interactive Inequality #2
|| 3/19/2007 || 8:42 am || Comments Off on Interactive Inequality #2 || ||

Screen shot below features Sacramento Quilt & Grant Circle Quilt

When I created the first “Interactive Inequality” I did not have the folder structure created properly to retrieve the desired maps. The colonial side was pulling all the Zooms and the Details (Total: 266) and the represented side was pulling only the Zoom Outs (Total: 147). What made this unique was that the American side would always feature a geometry and the DC side would sometimes feature a non-geometric Detail making the inequality more pronounced.

This new version reflects the new folder structure perfectly. The side that features places where people have two senators and one representative will now feature only their map’s Details (Total: 280) and the side that shows places where second-class citizens reside will also features only the Details (Total: 144). Unlike the Zooms, which I created standardized scripts for, I never followed a specific pattern when making the Details. All I would do was look for a spot on the map that appeared interesting and I would then cut & paste that copied portion into a new page and then reduce it to 800×800 in size. If I would copy a portion that was under 800×800 I would try again. Thus some show a lot of scaling, others show very close-up detailed views of the two different Americas that exist today.

Number of Visual Combinations:
280 * 144 = 40,320

Or as I’d rather put it: 40,320 questions related to how democracy can be brought to Baghdad but denied to the 570,000+ residents in Washington, DC?

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