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American Stereography #3
|| 3/17/2007 || 7:19 pm || Comments Off on American Stereography #3 || ||

Screen shot below features zooms of Boise Quilt & Pentagon Quilt and RFK Quilt #2 as the background image

American Stereography #3 is an interactive geovisualization webart environment that randomly projects two geographic tessellations side by side. By clicking on either the right or the left image, the viewer can alternate between scales of the original kaleidoscopic aerial photography. The foreground contains only places in America and the background features the reversed scale of places throughout Washington, DC.

Total Foreground Images:
136 = ZOOM-OUT
145 = ZOOM-IN

Total Background Images:
67 = ZOON-IN

Number of Visual Combinations:
(136*67)+(145*45)+1[intro page] = 9179 + 6525 + 1= 15,705

I decided to add a SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE link to project. I added this so that users can adjust the size of the images displayed on the computer screen. By adding these 3 options the project now has 47,115 different visual combinations


American Stereography #2
|| 3/16/2007 || 7:33 am || Comments Off on American Stereography #2 || ||

Screenshot below features Chicago Quilt #2 and Dupont Circle Quilt #2

Building off of American Stereography #1 this map uses the same HTML template.

These “zooms” aka details from the center, were created by taking the 800 x 800 center of an 18,000 x 12,000 map and were originally created to show central scale. Not all the maps I made in 2006 have this second zoom because the exact ceter was water, which doesn’t look very interesting.

The backgrounds are also the “zoom to the center” of the various DC maps.

Total Foreground Maps: 136
Total Backgrounds Maps: 45
Number of Visual Combinations: 6,120

American Stereography #1
|| 3/15/2007 || 1:18 pm || Comments Off on American Stereography #1 || ||

I mentioned before that I was working on a means to do stereo projections. Well it turned out to be easier than I thought. I simply had to make the random image be the same image displayed on the left and right. It’s not what I’d call perfect stereography, but it’s a good start. I plan on making at couple more of these using the details from the exact centers of the maps.

The pixels used in this interactive map are, follow me here, a 4,200 by 4,200 section from a 18,000 by 12,000 map made in 2006, reduced to 800 x 800, then reduced again to 400 x 400. The reductions are done so the map zoom-ins both fit on the screen. The first reduction is what you’ll find if you click on the (more..) link on my quilt projection blog entries. The second reduction is done via the HTML on the webpage so people with screen width’s less than 1600 pixels wide will be able to see the imagery side by side.

The background is the opposite of Lost in America’s Last Colony and features places & spaces in Washington, DC. I might remove this altogether to make it easier on the eyes….

–>Wikipedia on Stereoscopy

Interactive Inequality
|| 3/11/2007 || 10:23 pm || Comments Off on Interactive Inequality || ||

This interactive map is pretty simple. On the left are places around America and on the right are places in Washington, DC. Above each image I have written “CITIZENS” and “COLONISTS” to denote the fact that DC residents are second-class citizens who currently suffer taxation without representation.  Each time you click, you get two new locations in America, but because of geography, the people living in the respective locations are not equal.  Interactive Inequality.

Lost in America’s Last Colony
|| 3/10/2007 || 9:05 am || Comments Off on Lost in America’s Last Colony || ||

Click the image above to view my first map in the “Lost Series”

View the map’s Legend after the fold:


The Lost Series
|| 3/6/2007 || 2:02 am || Comments Off on The Lost Series || ||

Using the same php code that rotates my banners, I have begun to make my next generation of maps. Since I am not actively making too many new maps at the moment, I’ve decided to start dabbling with methods of displaying my maps.

Five files were placed on-line for nearly each map I made in 2006: the full-size map (18,000×12,000 pixels reduced to 1,200×800), a zoom-to the center (reduced from 4200×4200 pixels to 800×800 pixels), a direct zoom-in to the center (at 800×800 pixels), and two details picked randomly from somewhere on the map (Harvard Quilt – NE linked for visual explanation).

By copying these various files to new folders on my website I’ve developed a means to randomly select any of the five different files. The result is a series of interactive web pages that are defined by geography and type of cartographic detail. The main drawback to the php script I am using is that you never see the name of the map you are looking at. Paradoxically, this also means you really are lost in the maps. A compass will not help you much :)

random banners now greet you
|| 3/3/2007 || 9:38 pm || Comments Off on random banners now greet you || ||

In an effort to make my website a bit more Internet Explorer friendly, I decided to remove the eponymous flash animation that used to sit on the left side of the screen (It never really showed up properly on IE anyways). The banner has now been replaced with a php script that randomly picks a file in a folder on my website. I made 15 banners that all feature my second generation digital signature in the southwest corner. Each time you visit a new page you will get a new banner displayed (some exceptions). View the entire lot after the fold…


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