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The Modern Geographer is featured in Pro-Prosições vol.20 no.3 Campinas Sept./Dec. 2009
|| 2/25/2010 || 2:18 pm || + Render A Comment || ||

On April 1st, 2009 I received an e-mail the author Jorn Seemann, a graduate student at Lousiana State University, requesting to use my piece “The Modern Geographer” in an upcoming peer-reviewed article for the 10-year-anniversary issue of the Brazilian journal Pre-Posicoes (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, UNICAMP). I was expecting to have to send him a larger version of the work, but to my chagrin the on-line version was able to work for publication.

O quadro O geógrafo não é apenas um objeto perfeito para uma leitura geográfica de imagens, mas também uma fonte quase inesgotável de inspiração para discutir o passado, o presente e o futuro da geografia. A composição de cores, objetos e sombras abre espaço para interpretações múltiplas. Provavelmente nenhuma delas corresponderia ao que Vermeer tinha pensado quando pintava o quadro. O significado original pode perder-se no decorrer do tempo, mas isso não invalida as nossas ponderações. De forma semelhante às iniciativas dos geógrafos de desconstruir os mapas, as obras de arte também podem ser re-significadas como “meios de encontrar [finding] e depois criar [founding] novos projetos, efetivamente re-formando o que já existe.” (Corner, 1999, p. 224). Um exemplo do presente é o Geógrafo moderno, de Nikolas Schiller (Figura 8), que mostra clones do geógrafo cercando uma mulher cujo corpo é uma estampa de fotos aéreas de Washington, DC.

I will have an English translation on-line shortly…..

Geography & the Humanities Symposium Program Cover
|| 6/29/2007 || 6:40 pm || Comments Off on Geography & the Humanities Symposium Program Cover || ||

A couple weeks ago my former boss at the Association of American Geographers called me up asking if I would be interested in having some of my maps displayed at their Geography & the Humanities Symposium (which took place last weekend). I exitedly responded by sending him a listing of the framed maps I had available for hanging. They selected RFK Quilt and The Modern Geographer and the following day I was asked if I’d give them permission to use the The Modern Geographer for the cover of the program. Above is the final version of the program cover. Click here to view the entire program [PDF].

Ball of Destruction
|| 9/29/2005 || 9:00 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

: rendered at 12,000 X 8,000 :
Ball of Destruction by Nikolas Schiller
Ball of Destruction


Lady Liberty on a quilt of the Pearl River Delta
|| 7/2/2005 || 11:06 pm || Comments Off on Lady Liberty on a quilt of the Pearl River Delta || ||

This is my first “commissioned” piece. I mentioned it a while back, but it took my benefactor a little while to come through with what he wanted me to make. He is from Hong Kong, which is where the Pearl River Delta is, and I used a NASA satellite image of the Pearl River Delta a backdrop. On the body of the model I used the same modified aerial photography I’ve used in most of my DC based renderings (like DC Lenz #4). The contrast between the past and the present is what I like most about this rendering, and I sincerely hope that he likes print on his wall at his home or office!

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The Modern Geographer
|| 3/25/2005 || 11:55 am || Comments Off on The Modern Geographer || ||

This is my first draft of what I am calling “The Modern Geographer.” The background is a painting titled “The Geographer” by one of my favorite painters of all time, Johannes Vermeer. I scanned a picture I had of the painting and modified it to give it symmetry. I used a poser from one of my programs and mapped her body with the 2002 USGS aerial photography of the area around the White House in Washington, DC. I ended up rendering it at 8000X6000, but I realized that when I scanned the painting, I scanned it too large so that if you look closely you can actually see the RGB colors dots from the printer. I am going to rescan to the painting so I can downsample it slightly and make the colors a bit more richer. I’m still not sure where I should place the poser, or if I should include more posers, possible give her a globe to gaze at, she is a Modern Geographer afterall…

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Mother Earth #4
|| 1/2/2005 || 10:15 pm || Comments Off on Mother Earth #4 || ||

I think she turned out nicely. Next up with be the Europe mandala!

Logan’s Ovaries
|| || 9:57 pm || Comments Off on Logan’s Ovaries || ||

The background is a tessellation of the Middle East (Egypt, Israel, Saudia Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, etc) and mapped on to Mother Earth herself is Washington, DC. By spatial chance, Logan’s Circle kinda looks like Mother Earth’s ovaries :)

Mother Earth #3
|| 12/7/2004 || 7:59 am || Comments Off on Mother Earth #3 || ||

I just inverted the images from “Mother Earth #2,” and I’m looking into the next combination…

Mother Earth #2
|| 12/6/2004 || 2:44 pm || Comments Off on Mother Earth #2 || ||

I used a high resolution image of downtown Saint Louis with a low spatial resolution Landsat image of the midwest.

view rendering detail of the Arch:


Mother Earth Animation
|| 12/4/2004 || 4:26 pm || Comments Off on Mother Earth Animation || ||

Image Links to Flash Player:
mother earth

I think this is a pretty cool animation. There are two flaws I noticed, but I don’t think they detract too much from the animation.

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