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Star of Redlands
|| 2/4/2006 || 7:08 pm || Comments Off on Star of Redlands || ||

: rendered at 12,000 X 9,000 :

Last year I wrote about who I thought was the Star of Redlands…

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Star of Marquette High School
|| 12/5/2005 || 11:38 pm || Comments Off on Star of Marquette High School || ||

: rendered at 10,000 X 7,500 :

My Alma Mater… As stated before, I’d like to donate this one someday :)

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: detail :

: detail :

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Star of Woodson High School
|| 12/4/2005 || 11:30 pm || Comments Off on Star of Woodson High School || ||

: rendered at 10,000 X 7,500 :

Hmmmm, when doing series such as this one, I’m realizing I don’t have enough to talk about when it comes to the rendering itself. It’s like once I have used the imagery for the first time, I don’t have much else to say about the next rendering that uses the same imagery. The only exception is when there is some geographic identifer that makes rendering A different from rendering B. Such is the case for this recent batch of from the Star Series. Its like I can talk for hours about them as whole, and have in the past, but unless I use new imagery or projection I don’t have much to say after the first rendering. I guess I need to think why I am making the renderings a bit more thoroughly.

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Star of the George Washington University
|| 12/3/2005 || 5:20 pm || Comments Off on Star of the George Washington University || ||

: rendered at 10,000 X 7,500 :

So I have made quite a few quilt renderings lately. To be honest, these multi-planar maps are my favorite to make, and because of this, I tend to make more them compared to the rest of the projections I’ve worked on.

Beginning with this rendering, I am going to relate the star of to education (be the star of your school!), and the next few will be dedicated to schools. Up next is Woodson High School in Washington, DC and following that will be my alma mater, Marquette High School. Ideally, I’d like to donate prints of these to the schools.

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Star Series – BETA
|| 10/30/2005 || 11:46 am || Comments Off on Star Series – BETA || ||

Beta release of the Star Series Image Overlay KML file for Google Earth.
Click here to download the zipped up KML file

Unzip the file, drag starseries.kml file to your desktop, and double click on it to lauch Google Earth

Once loaded into Google Earth, the layer will download the maps from the Star Series hosted on my website. On the Places Panel the folder titled “Star Series” will be placed. Clicking on the triangle next to the folder you can expand and collapse the contents of the folder. By clicking on the “Send Comment” link, the blog entry in which the map is referenced will load up in the Google Earth web browser allowing you to leave a comment on my blog. By adjusting the transparency of the map overlay, you can find the area on the ground which was as a guide.

The Alpha release will have icons instead of overlays to facilitate the navigation of my maps. Within each icon will be a link for the overlay of the map.

Known Issues:
Due to large size of the maps, Google Earth might slow down considerably after they are loaded.
Google Earth’s browser is based off of Internet Explorer and my website does not show up as how I’d like it to.

Please provide me with feedback!

Star of Baltimore
|| 3/20/2005 || 9:38 pm || Comments Off on Star of Baltimore || ||

So I found out after looking very closely at the embedded signature I added to the source imagery of Baltimore, and after two renderings, I realized that I spelled my name wrong! NIKOLLAS SCHILLER… I have subsequently deleted and rerendered the scenes. I think I might keep the “Abstract Baltimore” the way it is with the mispelling, because afterall, it’s supposed to be Abstract. In other news, on saturday I framed two more of my renderings, and I must say they look wonderful on the wall!

DC Molecule
|| 2/10/2005 || 10:00 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

I used the same source image as I used for my last rendering and mapped it as a texture on to the “star of..” series template and then I animated a fly-through…looks pretty good. So good that I included not one, but threee screen shots of the animation.

Image Links to Flash Player:

Star of Europe
|| 2/2/2005 || 4:45 am || Comments Off on Star of Europe || ||

This rendering turned out well, but I still like Star of the Middle East slightly more. There isn’t enough color variation in this rendering, but as with the rest of the renderings, I can’t wait to get it printed out. Yesterday I discovered that I can get a $1,000 grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, so I’m definitely going to write up a statement of need in the next couple weeks!

Star of Denver
|| 1/27/2005 || 11:01 pm || Comments Off on Star of Denver || ||

Looks like I made another beautiful creation! Of course the 1200X800 pixels above do no justice for the original 20000X15000 pixels, but the way the aerial photograph was captured gives some beautiful symmetry. The straight grid streets line up nicely, and the shadows of the late day photograph make the buildings look larger than life. I already know who is getting the first print of this one :-)

There have been two prints of this map. The first was given to Joseph Kerski, Geographer at the USGS in the spring of 2005 and the second was sold during the fall of 2005 to a relative of former professor.

Star of the Middle East #2
|| 1/18/2005 || 11:03 pm || Comments Off on Star of the Middle East #2 || ||

Star of the Middle East no.2 by Nikolas Schiller

This is my first redesign of the “star of..” series. I added two more rings and now it almost looks like a molecule! I think its absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to get it printed!!

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