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YouTube Video: “A Fly on the Wall at Artomatic”
|| 6/15/2009 || 4:36 pm || Comments Off on YouTube Video: “A Fly on the Wall at Artomatic” || ||

On Saturday June 13th, 2009, I attended the Artomatic “Meet The Artist Night.” As an experiment, I decided to place my digital camera on my exhibit wall. This time-lapse video documents what it would be like to be a fly on the wall at my Artomatic 2009 exhibit.

About midway through the video, I remove the camera from the wall and a friend takes a photo of me with a couple friends and then I place the camera back on the wall for the remainder of the filming.

Music used in the video is Azul (Gianma’s Drum and Bass Remix) by Natalia Clavier from her El Arbol EP (2008).

You can also view a somewhat better quality version of the video on Facebook.

YouTube music video of Natalia Clavier’s “Azul”
|| 2/17/2009 || 6:27 pm || Comments Off on YouTube music video of Natalia Clavier’s “Azul” || ||

I’ve been a fan of Natalia’s for a couple of years now and always enjoy her songs. Check her MySpace or Facebook for more information. If you haven’t yet, pick up her most recent CD “Nectar”. I’m told she’s currently in Washington, DC recording songs for her next album.

Tango in the DC Metro – YouTube Video of Federico Aubele’s “Tan Dificil”
|| 11/12/2008 || 1:28 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

I absolutely love this video. Directed by my friend Robin Bell, it features my favorite track from Federico Aubele‘s most recent studio album Panamericana, and showcases local dancers Sharna Fabiano and Isaac Oboka doing the tango in the Washington, DC Metro. Sharna teaches an intro to tango class at the 18th Street Lounge on Tuesdays at 8pm and the song is also available on iTunes.

Federico Aubele’s Anthropomorphic Map of Panamericana
|| 9/12/2008 || 11:18 pm || Comments Off on Federico Aubele’s Anthropomorphic Map of Panamericana || ||

I am a bit late on posting this t-shirt, but since I have been posting other t-shirts lately, I feel the time is write to put up this entry. I went to see Federico Aubele and Natalia Clavier the other night and saw that the shirt above was for sale.

Argentinian-born Federico Aubele‘s Panamericana was released in the United States last September on Washington, DC-based ESL Music. It’s Federico’s second full-length album and it turned out being one of my favorite CDs of 2007. In full disclosure, I “sing” in the chorus with 4 others on the track “Este Momento” (a long story for another posting).

The map above combines his head and curly hair with the continents of North and South America. The greek prefix pan means “all, whole, all-inclusive,” hence the geographic title of the album, Panamericana. I’ve always been a fan of how his chin exudes the Alaskan Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands almost as if its cartographic goatee. The songs on the album even include geographic sounding titles like “In The Desert” (En El Desierto) and “In Every Place” (En Cada Lugar) and to compliment the map t-shirt, the CD’s insert even contains a map of the Pan-Aamerican Highway.

Unlike the Addias map shirts and the Express Clothing map t-shirts, Federico Aubele’s Anthropomorphic Map of Panamericana t-shirt was made in America by American Apparel. However, I don’t know where the graphic was printed (maybe by American Apparel?) For some reason I own two copies of the shirt, but I haven’t taken a picture of myself wearing the shirt…yet.

Here’s a YouTube video of the song La Esquina from Panamericana:

He’s currently on tour with his wife Natalia Clavier (who’s first CD is great, BTW). Check either of their MySpace pages (links above) to see if they are coming near you because you might be able to get the shirt above in person.

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Cookn’ With Federico Aubele now available on iTunes
|| 5/31/2008 || 4:26 pm || Comments Off on Cookn’ With Federico Aubele now available on iTunes || ||

Image links to iTunes Store

Last week “Cooking with Federico Aubele” [link opens iTunes Store] was released by Washington, DC-based ESL Music. I decided to download the entire album and I suggest you do the same. You can listen to some of his tracks on his MySpace page.

Cookn With Federico Aubele was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in March of this year, this album captures the sound hearing Federico live. In a couple weeks Natalia Clavier, who is the female vocalist on this album & Panamericana, has her own solo album coming out on ESL. I’ll definitely post something here when it’s released.

His last album Panamericana was my favorite album of last year and this studio album features tracks from both Gran Hotel Buenos Aires and Panamericana as well as two unreleased tracks. I’m tempted to post my favorites tracks here, but I’ll refrain for the time being :-)


Cambio de Vida
|| 3/15/2008 || 1:54 pm || Comments Off on Cambio de Vida || ||

Although I don’t have an exact translation, I really enjoy this little rap (even if its a commercial). Releasing the contents of this website is a significant Change of Life in many respects. Anyways, I am now a fan of Sara Da Pin Up and will see if I can get her to come to DC sometime.

Queremos Paz – Gotan Project
|| 1/16/2008 || 10:00 am || Comments Off on Queremos Paz – Gotan Project || ||

Been a fan of Gotan Project for a few years and last night I found this video. It really captures the specific time (December 19, 2001), place (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and sound of the city (Tango). If my memory serves me correctly, a good friend of mine was there when that took place. I’ll have to ask him about his recollections. I was in Saint Louis in December of 2001 at home with my old girlfriend on Christmas break from school.

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