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No Sleep
|| 4/23/2003 || 3:28 am || Comments Off on No Sleep || ||

::Repost from old blog::

So I never ended up going to sleep last night. I don’t know why, but sleep just wasn’t something I could do. However, I had a semi-productive day. I got my hair cut (before & after) A major transition! I’m going to have to reintroduce myself to all sorts of people, but oh well, you gotta keep reinventing yourself. And the shaggy ass frock had to go, I’m not sure why I didn’t do it sooner. I guess I had some far-fetched notion that the long hair was attractive, but I know it totally wasn’t. With all the activism I’ve been doing lately, I probably looked like a hippy! Woohoo! Minus the patchouli…. Anyways, starting at 8am, I began calling all the local area barber shops and beauty salons in search of the cheapest cut. After 10 calls or so, I found a barber that would cut for $12. His name was Carl and he did an alright job I think. I was expecting a little more conversation from him, but I guess his clientelle are usually businessmen who keep to themselves. No doubt I’m very happy with how it turned out. Maybe I’ll pass for a military man- yeah! After leaving the chop shop, I opted to take a different route home. Taking new routes is the beauty of life! I happened on going to the south route down 17th to Est, and in Rawlings Park there was a mass of folks. It turns out that it was an Earth Day celebration being held by the President’s Council on Environmental Quality, General Services Administration, the Department of the Interior, and the Office of Personell Management. There were booths set up everywhere, all giving out loads of freebies (paid for by our tax dollars). So I basically crashed a federal Earth Day event, that was open to the public, but aimed at the federal employees! I was walking with my bike and my arm got filled with so much literature that I had to go lock my bike up. I went around to the rest of the tables and filled my other arm up with posters, pamphelts, cups, pens, videos, CD-roms, seeds, stickers, buttons, coasters, pads of paper, and various reports on the state of various departments. I had to trek back to my room to drop off my booty! I went back and flirted with a lady who was with Friends of the Environment, who had a roll of 5,000+ KRAFTED stickers (which are a good jam- the stickers shed light on the fact the Kraft uses GMOs). I took so many of the stickers from her, and she was more than obliged to give them to me :-) I look forward to sticking them all around the city! They also gave away a flyer that was a month by month timeline that shows the environmental regulations Bush has stripped since he’s been in office! I’d love to make a flash movie using the text as source material for their website. I loved that table the most, simply because it was something that was rather "anti-bush" at a federally sponsored event. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Except if I would have gotten that lady’s number :-) One of the posters I got from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service shocked me tho. It was blatant military propaganda! It says " Small Whorled- Big Mission" <graphic> "The Marines – We’re Saving A Few Good Species" The <graphic> shows marines decked out in the woods and in the forground a small whorled pogonia, that had been photoshopped in! I took a few posters tho, just because I could, and I knew what I was taking- propaganda. Now I need to figure out what to do with with all my booty. I think I’ll donate some of the literature to the geography department. I know a few professors that would like the literature from the USGS. After I snagged a few more popsicles, krafted stickers, posters, and more literature ( I have a 6 in stack of literature!) I made my way back to my room to take a shower and finish off the Nikolas transition by shaving my face. After the metamorphisis was complete I went to my Physics class and talked about how quarks are bound together. I found the most interesting stuff was the concept that neutrinos are massless and that they only have mass when moving because of the kinetic energy. So they only exist at the speed of light. I tried to correlate that with a red/blue shift, and if the universe began to reverse direction(begin to shrink, rather than expand) the massless photons & nuetrinos would be lost because the net direction would change and they’d slow down and dissapear. I’m not sure where the spectualtion came from. I’m still trying to formulate my abstract theory that since light bends that the concept of distance from earth to stars is seriously flawed because light could be bent massively due to high gravitational fields in space, so the concept of a straight line of distance from a to b is more like a roller coaster ride, making the light year moe ambiguous. Gus, my favorite non-GW student, retired former NSA employee was in class today. He mentioned something about it being his fault that in the 1980s the Space Station had budget problems. I’d like to talk to him about that! My aunt & uncle were working on it when he was making those "errors" No matter what, I’ve got so much respect for that man! I’d love to have him as a adopted grandfather and rack his brain on sunny saturday mornings over coffee and chess. I still can’t believe that he held the plutonium ignition device for Fat Man, the first atomic bomb! He said it was a nickle plated ball of hot plutonium, similar to a bowling ball… The first atomic bomb- and he held the ignition to the greatest technological feat of the twentith century. Add that to my old girlfriend Garrette, the reason I came to GW, working at the White House and meeting the president a few times. Add that to TJ’s mom, the trapeze artist, who performed for Hitler and was praised by him. Man its a small world. After class, it got even smaller. I went and got a stuffed green bell pepper, mashed potatos, and green beans and ate with my back to the TV in J. Street. After I was done eating, I noticed a familiar laugh, and below was Laurie, my exotic Remotes Sensing GPS partner. I threw my trash away and went over and sat by her, and she was like "wow, you look hot" Woohoo- first happy hairday compliment! She was sitting with a girl that I remember meeting back in October who was from Saint Louis. So after shooting the shit with her for a bit, I found out that she went to St. Joesph, a private school in STL. And I remembered that my old friend Katy C. wen there. So I dropped her name– and it turns out that they were best friends in high school. She decided to call Katy, and I left a message. Even more funny was that she was in STL for Thanksgiving and saw my Buy Nothing Day antics on TV!!! We even found out that we hung out with a lot more of the same people back home after chatting a little longer. I recorded her phone number with my camera, and went back to my dorm room. It was about 5pm and at 6pm I passed out. I awake at 12:30am. Why can’t I sleep for like 12 hours? Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning, as the sun comes up? At least in Colorado that will be key. I might even get on a decent sleeping schedule that will last a long time. I can only hope. A few hours ago, I IMed someone from Colorado who is going to be working there! It was a short, but good convo, I’m uber excited- I’m estatic! Well now I’m going to clean my room, and move my booty someplace, write a paper for my yoga class, maybe edit my slam poetry, and maybe get to sleep. Tomorrow night LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad and Makoto are going to be playing at Red. I haven’t seen them in almost a year! Progression Sessions- its time to get down!

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