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Another Long Day…
|| 4/24/2003 || 1:30 pm || Comments Off on Another Long Day… || ||

::Repost from old blog::

Another long day rounded the bend. After writing last bit I opted to stay up rather than going to sleep. More wasted time, sorta. Yesterday morning, at around 7am I got a wild hair up my ass and thought that it would be fun to go up the Washington Monument. I wanted to take an ass load of photos for up there at around 555ft. I rode my bike down there arrive at 8:30- find a line for tickets is stretched down the block. I opt wait in line with tourists from all over the country, thinking it would be worth it. Make my way to 10 feet from the ticket kiosk, and find they ran out of tickets for the day. 1600 tickets a day. That’s just lame. Does it have to be 1600? I mean come on. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, I wonder if they just changed it for the Patriot Act. 45 minutes wasted, and I was cold from sitting on my bike & watching kids injure their wrists from playing Red Rover. Grrrr. Trekked back to dorm room and decided to make an appointment for a free hearing test that is given daily, and cleaned my room, stage one. Organized all the literature from yesterday and put it all in a bad, it broke. I got so much cool stuff that I think I’ll have a use for sometime in the future, maybe decorations for a classroom? Food’s ready- angel hair pasta & Italian red pepper pasta (makes for an eye pleasing pasta dish) with spicy tomato sauce and more of that soy milk. Yumm! I’d definitely have the TV on right now, but my idiot box block is still up. I want go put up some of those Krafted stickers, but riding my bike has stopped me from doing that because it takes too much effort. Yeah lazy ass.. Anyways, my plan yesterday was to recite my lyrical remix of "Television, the drug of the Nation" at a slam poetry reading on campus. But it didn’t pan out the way I thought it would, but instead it worked out nicely. The world works in funny ways. So I practiced reading it a lot most of the morning, and I was looking forward to reciting it. At 3pm, I went over to get the hearing test done. I’m amazed at the human ear. I can’t get over the fact that we as a species have only heard amplified music for three generations. I mean, a hundred years ago there was no such thing as amplified music. In that time we’ve created sounds that far exceed what the human ear was design for. You’d think that we’d all be deaf after going to a club or rave. And I know after walking out many a nights, with the tinnitus ringing in my ears, that our ears were not designed to withstand such an auditory assault. Nonetheless, I hear relatively fine, what did you say? My scores broke down that I could hear most frequencies better than average. The only frequencies were I did have some loss were at 8000hz which is really high pitch and well beyond what I need to have. With normal being 25 dB, I was kicking at 35 dB, but the average for my right ear of all the frequencies was 10 dB and 7 dB for my left ear. With 25 dB being average, I’m astounded that my ears have withstood five years of "damage" without much harm. What did you say? After spending time in the sound-proof booth that looked and smelled that it was from the early 60s, I went to meet up with Holly & Jason who want me to help them make a music video for their electronic and computer music show. I’m hoping that it will pan out and that we can come up with something that will look good. I’m still out to lunch with what they are going to shoot for because their piece is really abstract, so I hope we can make something that is equally as abstract. After the meeting I went to my Remote Sensing class, where Mike & I pounded away at the stupid Idrisi program for almost 3 hours trying to create a Maximum Likelihood Classification using our GPS data points from around DC. I hate hate hate using Windows now, I scoff at the bugs that show up in all windows programs. Idrisi is no different. The file name after the third round was aptly titled BIATCH. Our collective disgust was apparent. By the end of the time there and not really making much progress, I was able to show some of my fellow students what I had been working on as of late. I make it back to my room about 6:45, practice the poetry piece, and being up for about 18 hours or so, I decided to lay on my bed for a minute. Three hours later I arise, and bust ass to location of the Slam Poetry event. I arrive as the janitors are tearing down the stage. Slightly pissed, I over and get some fries. I had slept through my chance at telling people the evils of TV with rhyme & plagiarized reason. But the silver lining was that Kat, a girl from my Yoga class, was eating with her friend. I sat down and found out that I’ve got someone to work with on my yoga paper and to practice for tomorrow’s final. Yeah! The conversation moved to my missing of the slam event, and I gave her friend the piece to read- she liked it- and I don’t know how, but the conversation moved to CS gas that was used on her friend at the Quebec City FTAA protest. She mentioned how the gas causes women to instantly menstruate and that it caused some women to miscarry when it was used in Seattle. How horrifying! Of course its not legal to use, but neither is Depleted Uranium, and that is still used. But lord, I that stuff scares the hell out of me! Anyways, after chatting it up for a bit, and feeling confident that I’m going to have someone to work with tonight, I left. Outside I met up with my friend Jon L. who mentioned that my boy Greg won second place at the poetry slam. This further validated my sleep, because I know Greg’s lyrical prowess. He’s an awesome writer! I went back to my room and call him up to give him props. I think I’ll get another chance to read my piece, probably on Saturday at Nancy’s wheatpasting party. I dressed myself, and headed over to club 5 for LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad. I arrive and have Harry and Matty do a double take (they weren’t the last!). Luckly, since I was behind Harry in line and he is a major figurehead in the DCDnB scene, I was able to get in free because he had a plus 1 on the guest list. Saved myself $12 dollars. Or did I? I told Harry I’d go buy him a drink- bought two Red Stripes for $12 :-\ Made my rounds with the scenesters, took some photos. And then Allison R. introduced me to hear friend Cassidy, who offers to buy us drinks– for the whole night. I’ve never been fed so much liquor at a club before! Kamikazes, buttery nipples, shots of I don’t know what, and by the end of the night I was krunked. The place was jammed packed for most of the night! LTJ Bukem’s set was nice and smooth, but the biggest drawback of the night was that I could hardly hear MC Conrad at all. And I know it wasn’t because of my ears! The sound system at 5 is too much low end sound and not enough highs, and unless Conrad was speaking at 8000 hz, it shouldn’t have mattered. Anyways, I was one drunk bicyclist on the way home. I ran into a lot of friends at Red making the night fun. When I got home, I called Mariel, and chatted with her for a bit, but I’m not sure why I called- there must have been some impetus. I ended up falling asleep on a sad note because of it. Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through the pain of still loving someone who has scared my heart. Yet I know that I’ll never stop loving her, its still hard for me to give her up. Maybe its because she is still my best friend, only more removed from me, or maybe its because I’ve never let her go (but I have tried) or maybe its because I know that she made a mistake and I want to forgive her. Or maybe I’ve just made the mistake of keeping her kept up on a pedestal, when she doesn’t deserve that, I don’t know, but what I do know is that I miss her. I miss snuggling. I miss the nape of her neck, the lil puppy dog noises she makes, the way she would talk to me when she was half-asleep, the innocence of my only love. I miss having some drunken lovin after a night at the club. I just wrote an E-mail to Mary Morris, it took 2.742 seconds to send. Sigh. The number 42 showed up again, it has not left my life. I’ve got to go to Physics class in a hot minute, and I hope Gus is there. Afterwards, I hope that I can get some of my Yoga paper out of the way, so its easier tonight. I’m still tired tho. At least I slept through the night this time around. Well I’m excited for this weekend. It should be fun. Critical Mass bike ride tomorrow should be fun too. The collaborative video & the wheat pasting party should be fun too. I wonder who I’ll meet! Off to class!! Onward & Upward!

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