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Time has changed us…
|| 4/29/2003 || 10:37 am || Comments Off on Time has changed us… || ||

::Repost from old blog::

as changed us. Time changes everything. But what really is time? I’d like to think its just the quantized synchronous rhythm of our collective heart beats. Well the time has come for me to write. I haven’t since Friday. Well what has taken place? I passed out on my bed Friday night at around 11:30pm and woke up around 3am. I opted to attempt to stay up and work on things. Actually I didn’t opt for anything, I just stayed up because I wasn’t tired. I ended up making a small Flash intro page for the Critical Mass website. At around 9am I decided that I’d go help the IMC move into their new space. I went to the wrong address, Grrr, and since it was in a part of town that I’d only be to a few times prior, I decided to go for a ride. Boy was it one! I thought I had made my way to Maryland, and after consulting mapquest, I found that I had only made it to dead central DC. It made me realize how little of the city I actually knew about! I need to go farther from downtown more often. Thank you bike! (I need to name her, maybe Nancy, since that is the name of the woman who gave it to me) I rode from 1205 S st west to 14th St where I rode north to west on Randolph St. then south on 16th where I went west again around the Columbia Heights metro stop to Park Rd then to Kingle Road down a huge hill into Rock Creek Park. It was absolutely beautiful. After having rained most of the morning, everything was delightfully green and moist. Saturday, I fell in love with Rock Creek Park. Can’t wait to go back there and ride again! I took a lot of pictures of the budding trees and of the massive bridges that span over the creek. I’d love to canoe it sometime, but I don’t think they allow it. After riding around in awe of nature, I made it back to my room to around 11am. I met up with Jason H. & Holly H. at around noon to film and work on their video for their electronic & computer music class. I took the class my sophomore year and had a great time. My final composition was rather powerful, mindfuck is the word that people told me. Anyways, we filmed some clips in his basement. Looking for the eerie effect, we filmed a bunch of random stuff. Then we drove to SW DC in Jason’s car to film some footage of the train tracks. The spot he took us was awesome. Its the underbelly of DC that is only a few blocks away from all the tourist attractions. It was this massive underground train tunnel that was covered in graffiti. It was filled with empty spay paint cans and relics of a time when the area was still prime canvas. I took a lot of pictures and footage, it was a great site! If I was homeless, I’d probably live there! Less than a block away from the Department of Agriculture and Department of Engraving is home to something you won’t ever find on the tourist maps all right…. After that we made our way back to my room and began making the video. It took forever, I wish I would have been given artistic freedom to make the video instead of having to follow their ideas, which were good, but 3 minds take longer to make decisions. After making most of the video, my Mac froze when I tried to do check something while Final Cut Pro was rendering. Most of the work was lost….GRRRR…. Always save everything, backup often. So we decided to finish later. It was about 10pm and I made my way to Nancy S’s wheatpasting party. It turns out that it was actually her birthday party, and if I would have known I would have brought her something. In the end, I think she’ll like the photos I took of the evening. It was nice to meet a bunch of folks of all ages, drink good beeer, and eat a LOT of cake. The people there were ones I’m glad I met, all with different insights and ideas. At around 1am, most of us moved the party to the front of her apartment building and covertly put up various posters on public spaces. I put up a great photo of Mayor Anthony Williams looking like a dolt that says "Tony the Rat" The other one I put up was drawing of soldiers putting up a flag draped oil derrick in Iow Jima fashion, and below it says "Bush’s War For Oil" I absolutely love that graphic. I really like the idea of wheatpasting. Its the best non-destructive way to get an idea, event, cause, design, etc on the street. After the party, I road home and put up a few posters around campus and the World Bank. A few are still up. I’m going to put some more up soon (like tonight!). Yesterday, Nancy & I created a list for people around DC to organize wheatpasting parties – its called the "Poster Posse" I wonder how well it will work :-) Sunday, slept most of the day away when I should have been working on my geography assignment….grrr…. I got up at noon to register for my housing for next year. I got shat on like a toilet. I’m living four doors down from where I lived Freshman year in the same building that I’m at now. At least this year I have the second best dorm in the building, its not right, how can I get such a shitty room? Even if I had a roommate I would have gotten a shitty room because there was only one dorm that had high-speed internet. What a joke. I’m going to be writing the school newspaper and the CLLC (folks in charge of housing) to vent my disbelief. I was so pissed, I went back to sleep. I woke up late and spent most of the night trying to get a damned "preloader" to work on my webpage. I also added a bunch of new sounds to the page and removed the Kraftwerk tune, it was getting on my nerves big time! The preloader was put in so that people knew that the Flash animation was loading and that my site wasn’t bogus. I went to bed Monday morning and ended up sleeping the day away, just like Sunday… I get myself on these fucked up sleeping cycles, and they are so hard to break them. I either need an upper or a downer to correct them, and I’m living "drug free" so nothing is working- Alcohol makes me sleep until it wears off (leaving me more sleepy), caffeine makes my mind race, sleeping pills make me sleep the next day away, and I don’t partake any other drugs to test… It seems my mind is restless all the time, and there is nothing to quiet it, my solitude is nothing but my mind talking to itself at speeds and wavelengths I cannot decipher. Grrrr. Soon enough I’ll have a bunch of campers to keep my mind busy, and a regimented schedule to adhere by. I can’t wait. This evening was consumed by finishing the Jason & Holly’s video up. I got paid a couple packs of smokes (hopefully the last) and a couple of blank DVD-Rs. I told Jason to go out and get a DVD to put final copy of the video on, and when he left I told Holly I hope that he got the 4 pack. As the synchrondeity turns out, there were only four packs available. So I’m going to burn them each a copy of the final product, which ended up being pretty good. Only a few flaws in the video that I should have fixed, but I was sick of working on that "pro-bono" video. I did make the DVD really nice looking with the audio, a slideshow with audio, and the movie on a nice background graphic. First time using iDVD2, and I could definitely see its major limitations, I wonder if iDVD3 or DVD Studio Pro are any better? On the menu of the DVD, there is a clip of the piece that will get the biggest charge out of the audience. Off an indymedia website from Portugal, its a live satellite stream recording of Bush practicing his speech with a hairstylist over him combing and patting his head. I love the clip! Its too perfect, what a way to make our president look like a pet of the corporations than with a woman petting his hair as he gestures to make a fake point. The video is from the night that he declared war on Iraq (I believe) In the video I fisheyed his head so he has a HUGE forehead, and on a different clip I did a "head shrink" and made him look like an alien. I’m glad that Holly & Jason are letting me use that clip. After all the piece is titled "Friseur" which means hairdresser in German. On Saturday, Holly pointed out that the governor of Maryland, Bob Ehrlich’s last name "Ehrlich" means honestly in German, how ironic for a politician. I need to learn more languages, my Spanish is all but gone, I feel like an American. GRR. Today I’m going to teach a yoga class for a girl in my Yoga Teacher Prep class, it should be fun. I should probably find some good poses for it, rather than recycle those damned four I learned my class. Right after that I’m busting ass to see my video at the Electronic and Computer Music Performance. I miss Steve Hilmy, my professor of that class, I trashed a great reference! I don’t know why I stopped working with him doing "pro" sound recording, the second semester my sophomore year. It still baffles me as to why I didn’t go. Was I depressed? Did I not want money? Was I sick of working on a computer that wasn’t my own? At least I can attribute Hilmy to the purchase of my iMac. But still I don’t know why I left, all that do know is that I haven’t spoken to Hilmy in a long time, and I think he thinks I ditched him for something else, when I ditched him for absolutely nothing. Grr- It seems like I’m just writing out my frustrations here, hence all of those GRrrs. I need to replace them more with YEAHs! or else…. I’ve only got like two weeks here left. YEAH! Finals! Grrr Mountains- YEAH! New friends YEAH! lets see how the next few days turn out…

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