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Weekend Recap
|| 4/20/2003 || 1:18 pm || Comments Off on Weekend Recap || ||

::Repost from old blog::

So my weekend went by quickly as usual. Actually time has been flying by at rate that is too fast for me to take in. Chaos is expanding, it must be, things are speeding up too fast for me to notice.

Friday, I went to my Yoga teacher prep. class. I’m going to be glad that class is over next week. Its gotten so monotonous that I dread going. Although I love going to Yoga, doing the same four postures is not the way teaching people to teach! Grrrr…. Next week I have my final paper due, extra credit due, and I have to teach for 30 minutes. I wonder what poem I start and end my class with? After class I went to the hardware store and had a simple metal rope made for my bike. Granted someone with a lock cutter could cut through it or simply snip off my Master lock, but its the price I’m willing to pay ($5). From the hardware store I went a block north to meet up with folks for the Critical Mass bike ride. It was an extra special ride too. Apparently, a DC city council member sent a scathing letter to the police chief about there being way too many police at the previous Critical Mass gatherings, so Friday’s ride there wasn’t one cop there. And since no one had come up with a ride plan, it was nice to meander through DC without getting annoyed. I wrote up a summary and made a video. Afterwards, I hung out with some of the Georgetown Peace Action kats, and then I made my way back home and bought some "Pete’s Wicked Ale" -went to sleep early.

Saturday, April 19th, 2003, I woke up very early. I think when I consume alcohol I don’t really sleep. Its the same when I take sleeping pills, I do fall asleep, but its like my body doesn’t really fall to deeply asleep, so I wake up either uber-tired for the rest of the day or I sleep extra long. Like the drug put me to sleep, and then after it wears off, my body then goes to sleep. Saturday was such a morning. At least it wasn’t a hangover, rather I just woke up at like 5am and said, why go back to sleep? Maybe I should have. But I was able to get some things…ummm…I know I did some things! Probably just read stuff on the net. I remember seeing something for the memefest competition. I wonder if I could come up with a good one? Have I already? Hmmm.

The day before my friend Josh mentioned something about going to a rally his friend’s family organized. He mentioned something about the Mojahedin. I thought they were the "terrorists" I thought they were the ones who were supplied by the American Govt to fight the Russians in the Afghani-Russian War of the 1980s… What I did not know is that they were for a secular government of Iran. The rally was organized by numerous Iranian-American groups. It was pretty cool. Lots of beautiful Iranian women!!! The biggest drawback was that all but one speech was in Farsi, so I didn’t really get the gist of the rally. But I did get to meet a lot of folks who helped explain that the American Govt allowed the Iranians to attack the Mojahedin during the Iraqi Invasion to ensure that the Iran front would not be attacked by America. Weird. Sad too. After the rally we all went to a Iranian restaurant in Clarendon, VA. It was my first time eating Iranian food. I had Shish-Kabobs before, but never authentic Iranian ones. I was happy to see so many vegetarian options on the menu! I started eating hummus and this eggplant puree (I can not remember the name of) and I didn’t finish eating until well after everyone else was done with their main course. I think I secretly had twice as much food as everyone else!!! I even ate a salad- I’ve never been a big fan of salads, maybe its the dressings? But this salad was made cucumbers and tomatoes (Mariel would be proud) and some really tastey spices. I really like the inclusion of mint leaves into cooking, I’m going to try to add that to my culinary repertoire. We also had "Doogh" a traditional Iranian drink, made with mint, yogurt, and I think this had baking soda in it. I was told its the Iranian version of the Lassi (I like the Lassi better)

After dinner, I went back to Foggy Bottom with Josh and went over to his friends place where we hung out for a little bit. I got to play chess and take some pictures of the sunset on their balcony. After we left, Josh and I randomly ran into Ari on the street. He was about to meet up with some friends and go to the first new party series called "Destination" My friend Steve is in charge of the sound in the DnB room and making sure the DJs were picked up from the airports and what not. He drunkenly said he’d put me on the guest list but it didn’t pan out. Nonetheless, I was excited about the party. And it turned out that Ari could give me a ride. It also turns out that one of the random friends he was waiting for was my friend Lyra from Belize. I went back to my dorm changed clothes and met up with Ari and went to the DC Tunnel. On the way there I took some cool footage of the repititous lights in the tunnels on H395. We listened to some burned copy of a DnB set from London. Too much MC- not enough music… We parked and got there made it inside for the early-bird special price of $15. The moment I went in I realized that I had just entered a rave. Not that raves are all that bad, but I just felt OLD- and I’m only 22 :- After walking around in there for about 15 minutes I was ready to go. There was no escape from the loud music, even the lounge room (which had the best music of the night) was loud. And I kicked myself in the ass 15 times for not bringing my earplugs. They are offereing free hearing tests on campus- I’m scared to go- what did you say?

I think the musical highpointe of the night was when BT played "Godspeed" which was my first record I purchased from Satellite Records back in 1998. I guess with tune being 5 years old, I had reason to feel antiquated. Godspeed- funny name for a tune being dropped on Easter… I went to the DnB room, aka the sauna, and danced a bit. A lil too loud for me sometimes, and the wooden floors slightly trembled as 200 people brocked out. I really enjoyed the MC trio that came for the show. I was very happy to see my old friend MC J. Messinian. Around 2am, all the DCDnB kru made their way from Players Ball to Destination. It made the latter part of the night more enjoyable being around folks I knew, and more importantly, roughly my age and sober. I took some great fotos! It was kinda random for a minute, I was talking to Allison R., after taking some fotos of her and a few others, when Alison M. shows up. I hadn’t seen her in over 3 weeks! My perfect rebound relationship, now only friendship, one that had the easiest breakup ever, who I hadn’t seen for awhile, shows up. It was nice seeing her again, and I really wanted to see her one last time before either of us move. I just wonder if last night will be the last time. We got along fine, but I knew there were some differences between us that would never be resolved, yet I enjoyed her company simply because I knew she was moving and after leaving a nearly three year relationship, its wonderful to meet someone who you know is temporary. I avoided the instant attachment / post breakup scenario. Anyways, it was fun dancing with her for the last hour of the event. I was ready leave tho. I didn’t see Allison R. again, :- At least I took some good pictures of my friends. That, after all, is what I’ll remember more than the music. Didn’t fall asleep until freaking 7am.

Easter Sunday, 4/20/03 was spent in hibernation. I was awoken at 2:30pm by a fire alarm. Irony? Fire on the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. I wonder if that was an act of god? Saying that my idleness is a sin, or my staying out late at places of drug induced debauchery should be minimized or I’ll burn forever hell. After going back inside, because there was no fire, I went right back to sleep again. Waking at around 5pm, I wrote a few E-mails, snacked on some food, and at 7pm loaded my backpack up for my radio show. No guest DJs this time, I’m hoping Allison R. will DJ next week or maybe Steve. It was fun for a bit- I had three really good long mixes, and at the end of the third Josh & Emily banged on the glass of the studio and said hello. I put on a CD and went outside for a few minutes with them. I love knowing that not a soul is listening to my radio show! It gives me the freedom to not have to worry about trainwrecking…aahhhh… Mix of the night was my Easter Sermon, that I had actually missed. The sermon I used for my Electronic and Computer Music final project– "Signs of the Time, the End of the World, and Second Coming of Jesus Christ" by Billy Graham, recorded in NYC in 1969. I love that record so much! I’m not too much of eschatologist but for some reason it has always interested me. I think it was the finding of 666 embedded in the barcode that probably started it all. Or maybe it was something else, I wonder. Anyways, I had fun playing that record with the Konflict tune "Messiah" I thought it was very fitting for the day :-) After the show I came back to my room and wrote up the article on the Iranian-American rally and decided to work on my website. And now here I am… I wonder what time I’ll get to sleep? I wonder if I’ll get everything done that I need to this week? I wonder if I’ll get the job and be able to work in Colorado for the summer? Please get me out of the city lord! I want to the beauty you created, not the ugliness of man’s creatio.

And now, I think I’ll begin to clean my room, but before that I’m going to put some hummus on my free loaf of Subway bread. Me hungry! I wonder what the week has in store for me. Yoga, writing, Yoga, blogging, writing, writing, and a little bit of the general theory of relativity. I need to bend my time some more. Woohoo- Its now TV Turnoff Week! I wonder how many people will turn off their TVs this week? I’m going to make a decoration for my TV! Until next time :-)

|| 4/11/2003 || 10:23 pm || Comments Off on Belchtel || ||

Photoshop of the Bechtel Corporate Logo. I’d burp too if I was getting that much money for free.

Critical Mass – “Cars”
|| || 11:03 am || Comments Off on Critical Mass – “Cars” || ||

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Using Gary Numan’s 80’s tune “Cars,” I made a Newsicvideo documenting a Critical Mass ride through DC. This was sooo much fun :-)

The Universe
|| 4/9/2003 || 10:43 am || Comments Off on The Universe || ||

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I made a short “matrixesque” video using A Guy Called Gerald’s track “Universe”

Time has changed
|| 4/1/2003 || 10:58 am || Comments Off on Time has changed || ||

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Made a newsicvideo video documenting a march for affirmative action. I used Codec & Flexor’s tune “Time Has Changed” to show the inherent difference between Martin Luther King’s civil rights speech at the Lincoln Memorial, and today’s rally for affirmative action.

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