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Finals Recap
|| 5/10/2003 || 1:46 pm || Comments Off on Finals Recap || ||

::Repost from old blog::

Damn, I fell behind on my journal. That means I’ve got to recall more of what happened since Tuesday morning. Geez, the recall should be easy, but I like the play by play, and when days go by its harder to recall exactly what happened each day. I prefer the play by play, so lets try starting where I left off. Tuesday, warm, sunny, and full of luck, so to speak. After writing I went and took my Physics final. It turned out to be rather easy. I mean stupendously easy! I knew it was going to be easy, and that is why I put a whole 2 hours of studying in for it. It turned out to be two short essays, and I wrote about Nuclear Bombs in response to the "what aspect of physics do you feel affects you the most?" I explained that we live in perpetual fear of annihilation thanks to physics. The second essay I wrote about the Big Bang and Gamow. Since the Prof. Is writing a biography on Gamow I knew I couldn’t go wrong. I did learn a lot in the class, but it was really easy nonetheless. After the joyous ending of physics 008, I got some food, came back to my room and called up Laurie to organize a study session for our Remote Sensing class. I had been remotely sensing her for awhile, and I was finally able to check out her place. Its so nice! I wish I had the funds to stay in efficiency like hers. It has an amazing view looking out west, and you can even see the Potomac river! I brought over my belated birthday gifts, a electric mix CD of nothing but chill grooves and an "around the world" mix of tunes from, as you guessed it, around the world. It turns out that she really loved the CDs :-) So I got over there and we started to study, and I looked over her little makeshift flash cards. After about 30 minutes of study & chit chat, she announced that she was going to take a nap. So I silently studied at the foot of her bed as she played sleeping beauty. After about 45 minutes she bounded out of bed with a grin and we studied for a few more minutes whereupon she announced that she was going to get some food, and in the process said that she wanted to go alone. Slightly confused, I let her go get sushi (Ohhh I wanted some!) without any fight. I made my way back to my room studied for a little longer and went to the park for some sunset yoga. Later in the evening I began working on my report for the GPS fieldwork exercise. I started chatting with a few new friends from the party the week prior. A girl named Margo invited me over to her place to have some fun with her and her friends in the hot tub. I probably would have had a lot of fun, but instead I chose to look up her address on MapQuest, and then use the Terrabrowser program to find a satellite image of her house. And in the spirit of Remote Sensing, I decided to find what Latitude & Longitude my house in Ballwin, MO was- Lat: 38.59677 / Long: -90.56633 and what the coordinates were for Camp Chief Ouray- Lat: 39.98385 / Long: -105.92734 I thought it was pretty cool to see what the places looked like probably when the photographs were taken (I think in the 1970s!) Around 4am, I went to sleep. I finished the report in the morning and spent the rest of the midday studying for the exam. Around 3pm, I left my dorm and went to the class room for some extra study help. And around 4pm, Laurie arrives wearing a cute blue top and a matching scarf in her hair, she also had some gummi bears for us to share. The final exam also turned out to be atrociously easy! I finish with an hour, and make my way back to my room to wait for a phone call from Laurie. Our plan was to go to the Brikskeller for some Laurie-Nik time celebration. It turned out to be a lot of fun. We chatted about everything, as usual, and enjoyed the wide selection of beer that the Brickskeller offers (Guinness Book of World Records holder!). We ate fries and a salad, just enjoyed each other’s company. In the process of our conversation we both mentioned in matter-of-fact terms that we were both interested in each other, and I explained my feelings on how last Saturday turned out with Rob & myself. It felt good being able to discuss things like that without remotely sensing any weirdness! The plan was to make it into a full evening of Laurie-Nik time, but after the Brickskeller she opted to walk home alone. Again, confused, and rather sad, I wished her happy walking, and made my way home. I was hoping to make her dinner and then take her out to Red for some dancing. Alas, my plans did not pan out. Her cryptic attitude confused me, but I could see that she had a lot that she had been thinking about, and I had no business prying into her personal time. So I went home made dinner and around 11:30pm, made my way to Red at the exact moment my Greek goddess friend Christina and her crew were arriving. I love perfect timing, more came later… Christina was with her new beau Gerard, who seemed like a nice guy, but not as attractive as I had expected, Alex, another Greek, whom I’ve known for sometime because he’s also a DJ- he had a crew called "Foggy Bottom Breakbeats" I always loved the name. There was also another GWU girl named Dal. We all arrived and the place was empty, but around 1:15pm when we left it was a little more packed. I had a good time dancing. I love the smooth DnB at Red! I hope the club night continues through the summer so I can come back to that when I get back in DC! So I leave at 1:15am after getting my groove on for a little bit. I arrive home at the perfect time- not a minute too late or early per se, because Laurie is leaving a heartfelt message on my machine. She had just woken up with an epiphany, and she had realized she wasn’t ready to become friends with me at the time (hence her cryptic attitude) and she really glad that did meet me and that she looks forward to being friends with me over time. It really made my night. The synchronicity of the phone call also made it more poignant, because I was able to pick up the phone as I walked into my room and chat with her about it all. It really solidified my feelings toward her as someone who I can see being friends with for a long time. With a smile on my face, I went to bed after the phone call. We made plans for Friday night and I was rather excited about the prospect of more Laurie-Nik together time. Thursday ended up being a wash for the most part. Rained in the morning. I didn’t really do much the whole day. Just one of those Nik days which fall under the radar. At dusk I did another short yoga practice, but was interrupted by some alpha male Frisbee. Later in evening I bought some beer and in the process of trying to find something to do, I invited a girl I met from the party last weekend over to my cave. It wasn’t supposed to be romantic in any way, just a get to know ya a little better evening. I made myself a quick dinner of sautéed green peppers and onions in a curry vindaloo sauce with rice. It was mighty tasty! When Joanne came over I offered her some and she, like it seems with most of my meal guests, ate a few bites, said it tasted great, but did not finish the plate. Grrrr. I ended up showing her a bunch of my videos, random video clips, and various photos. I learned about what she is doing on June 1st, that being her new job as a research analyst for Cambell-Hill Aviation Group. Sounded cool for the most part. I showed her the damning pictures of the explosives still on board all planes. Maybe she can fix the problem, before someone takes advantage of the weakness. Afterwards, I burned her a ride home CD, and she left. I had already polished off the rest of the beer and fell asleep rather quickly. Woke up rather ho-hum. It was raining. Went back to sleep. Woke up again, turned on the idiot box, and tried to figure out my plan of action for the day and weekend. As I was writing Laurie an E-mail she called. Its so funny how many times things like that have happened to us in the last two weeks. One time I’d be calling her right as she was thinking about me, or she’d call me right before I was to pick up the phone to call her, or even when I walked in at the perfect moment on Wednesday night. Well we setup a plan for the evening- drinks somewhere, and maybe dancing. I made some food, and after that went off to the Critical Mass bike ride. I was sad to see only about 7 people show up, but with the rain from the morning, I could see how many people were not interested. We ended up riding down to the ghetto aka the projects. We visited a boarded up youth rec center that been closed due to lack of funds. As our group of all white cyclists made our way K St SE around 3 & 4th st. we were yelled at by an old man saying "what are you doing here?" I was amazed at the community there. Everyone was sitting around talking, a drug deal was taking place, and it seemed everyone knew each other. Its funny thing about the low income housing, it seems there is more community there than in the suburbs, yet there is also the most violence and the most poverty. Only two blocks away north under highway 295 was a completely different story. A completely gentrified Capitol hill living area. I think that is one thing I’ve learned the most about doing the CM rides is gentrification- the process of restoring and upgrading deteriorated urban property by middle-class or affluent people, often resulting in displacement of lower-income people. I see it going on all around DC, and it makes me sad for the most part. I’d love to own some of the dilapidated buildings and upgrade them, but instead of selling them off to a highest bidder, allow the place to be used for the community good. If I only had the money… All in all, the ride was a lot of fun as usual. After the ride I called up Laurie to finalize the plans, it turned out that she was tired was going to take a nap. The Matrix was on TV so I opted to call her when it was over. Eventually, I made my way over to her place around 11pm. I brought with me more of the same type of gifts- 3 music CDs (the news Adbusters CD, High Contrast CD, and John Tabs CD) and 2 data CDs (One containing all the videos I made along with GNN videos, Adbusters Jam of the Day videos, Da Ali G Show clips, and the full size pictures of her birthday party). She had gotten her hair cut short earlier in the day, and I absolutely loved the new hair cut, she looked amazing! I put in a new CD and showed her some of the videos as we attempted to figure out where we were going to go. We ended up deciding on Adams Morgan. So began walking around 11:30pmish and after we passed through Dupont Circle we began to hold hands. She remarked on how our hands fit nicely together. It was cute and so true. We decided on stopping at Tryst, which was ironic because that was the place that Serena took my mom on their night out in DC, the same night my mom got her belly button pierced! Prior to arriving at Tryst, we ran into Gerard and Alex. Which was ironic because she would have met them on Wednesday, but the bigger irony was that she and Gerard had the same relatively rare phone. I could delve deeper into the chance encounter but I’ll say that it was meant to happen, although little came out of it but a better sense that we were supposed to be at Adams Morgan. After arriving at Tryst, we got a seat next to the window ordered our drinks (Chocolate Martini for myself, and a Creamsicle Martini for her) and a brownie. We sat at the table and chatted for over an hour. I showed her my stomach for some reason, and drooled, I got a kick out of it! After our drinks we migrated to the couch nearby and she draped her legs over mine and put her arm around me. It honestly felt like I’d known her for years. I hadn’t been so comfortable with a woman since Mariel. And with it all being so new again, yet so surprisingly comfortable, it felt great. Eventually, after non-stop chatting we decided to make our way back to the campus. As we made our way out of Tryst she laid down the law so to speak and said that she was not interested in making out or sex tonight, I got a kick out her frankness, and felt relieved that it wasn’t expected. Along the way, she gave me an impromptu back massage on the sidewalk as strangers passed by. I love how she has no regard for what other people think, I value this quality in anyone who loves to life in the moment, and that back massage completely validated the quality in her. I can see she and I doing some fun and festive events together sometime in the future. Near Dupont Circle she stopped and asked for a hug. It was one of the best hugs I’ve ever had. It must have looked like something out of the movies. There we were on the sidewalk in full embrace as people passed by, it was great. And it was such a different feeling at the same time. I’ve never passionately hugged anyone so tall before, and I was again amazed at how well we fit. I walked with my arm around her soft slender waist to DuPont Circle, where we stopped and sat on a bench and talked for another 20 minutes. Then we made out way down Connecticut Ave. and about a block away from 5 it was my turn to give the massage. She even gave me some advice! I never like giving massages because I never know what I’m doing right or wrong, but on my first try she gave me a better insight, and I’ll take that with me forever. We walked by 5 and then around to M st, where we opted to get some grub at McDonalds. It has been a random running joke with her about not ever getting to eat fast food enough. I’m guessing she didn’t have many chances to eat it when she was growing up, while I on the other hand at it about once a week. I still get a charge of her theatrics when she sees a McDonalds billboard. She ordered a small yogurt parfait, and I ordered fries and a chocolate sundae. For $3.26 that was cheapest I’d spent on something in a long time! We walked to another park nearby and continued our conversation, which had never really stopped the entire night (minus about 30 seconds after the first bear hug) Upon leaving the park we gave each other another massive hug, and this time returned my shoulder nibble! I can’t wait to hug her again! And then we made our way back to her building where we said goodbye. All I can say is- what a great date. Probably the best I’ve ever been on. It put my Valentines date to shame, although that one was fun, this one seemed so much more special. I think it’s because Laurie and I have a lot in common and we have so much to say to each other. I am sad that this is my fin de semester and I’m leaving her and all the potential between us. Yet her epiphany holds true, I think she and I have the potential to remain friends for a long time. I also think that she might be torn between the ambiguous relationship with Rob and the short fun that we had. I still want to spend a little more time with her before I leave, but I see her possibly wanting to distance herself from me at the same time. It might be easier to do that, but I feel that we can have fun in the meantime, and have all summer to correspond our feelings. I haven’t been this excited about someone in a long time, yet I’m sad that it going to be so short lasted. Today has been a continuous recall of last night, it was one of those evenings that I wish would have lasted forever. I hope that she come over tonight so I can start dismantling my room! I want her to see the month of time I took to decorate my little cave, just so she knows my decorating capabilities. Yes there is an air of hubris there, but I’d just like to show my space to someone I like. Well it looks I’ve written plenty, and my recall of the week was better than I expected. Now I need to study and start to pack. Hopefully I’ll have a houseguest tonight.

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