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welcome to the greenzone
|| 9/20/2004 || 2:04 am || Comments Off on welcome to the greenzone || ||

Today I “Greened the Festival” at the Green Festival. Which is simply a glorified way of saying I worked a recycling center. Being that I have my own recycling center concept, I loved my job! However it was amazing to see how little people knew about recycling; more specifically recycling plastics. Even the little pamphlet given out by the DC department of Public Works, which oversees the recycling initiatives, has no mention of the plastic resin codes! I completely understand why there is such a disconnect in this simple but important chore. It could easily read “Look under the bottom of the plastic container and find the recycling triangle. We only take plastics with #1& #2” Instead it reads:

Plastic Bottles and Jugs: Narrow-necked containers only.
Some examples include:
-Soda, juice, pop, and liquor bottles
-Shampoo, conditioner, and laundry detergent bottles
-Window, bathroom, and kitchen cleaner bottles

There needs to be some PSA’s about looking at the bottom of plastic containers. Or maybe not…. I mean, people would then realize that they throw away a lot of plastics. I am still working out my plan to recycle polypropylene aka plastic #5. Grrr. Regardless, I am very happy that I was able to spread some ecological wisdom to some fellow festival goers. I just hope they recycle more. I plan on it.

Ironically, this rendering is of the Green Zone in downtown Baghdad. I made it because I overheard some news about how both the U.S. & Iraqi military were having trouble keeping the area safe. It just turns out that I was at the Green Festival all weekend! I also opted to upload a higher resolution version of the rendering to give a better look at the area. The graphic was rendered at 16,000 X 12,000 and the original satellite image of Baghdad was a 1 meter image (aka 1 pixel represents 1 meter on the ground), but the high resolution version is only 5,000 X 3,750, which means that what you see on the ground is roughly a 16 meter image (aka 1 pixel equals 16 meters or so). Sorry if this is confusing jargon, but its important to me :-) Just imagine what the full size will look like printed. Yet in reality the Daily Render for today should be this old one!

party on down
|| 9/19/2004 || 7:11 pm || Comments Off on party on down || ||

After returning back from the Green Festival I made my way over to Adams Morgan for the block party. When I arrived I found that somehow the inverters, which are used to power the sound system, were missing. After fretting for a bit, I asked a friend of Adam’s to go ahead and ask the police if we could use their power. The main talking point was that we used the police station’s power before without a problem*. Luckly with a little elbow grease we were able to play music.

Since it was Adam’s birthday and I wanted it to be a big ass party, I had contacted some friends in advance about DJing the event, but since I couldn’t secure in Technics, I opted to not have them DJ. Instead I had the opportunity to DJ the block party. Normally I never DJ events that I am working on, but last night I made a special exception! I selected nothing but my favorite Thievery Corporation & ESL music tunes. I am happy that I started listening to them back in 1998 before I even came to DC because it gave me a good knowledge of their entire discography and it also helped being on their promo distribution list when I was the director of the electronic music department at WRGW. I dunno what it is about their sound, but I love it. I sincerely just wish that I had all my vinyl here in DC, but that wouldn’t have helped any yesterday.

The worst part of the night was when some drunken fool from Maryland snatched the microphone from Adam while he was giving a speech. After haranguing the dolt for a bit, we got the microphone back and I dropped Thievery’s “Assault on Babylon.” It was the perfect tune for that moment and the crowd liked it’s ragga overtones.

The best part of the night was the beautiful belly dancers. They definitely stole the show! There were at least a hundred people watching them dance. I took advantage of the captive audience and passed out every flyer I had. Afterwards, when I made my way to a house party to meet up with a friend (the same friend who said, “you are doing another green party thing again tonight?”), she was ecstatic about the fact that I had just missed the belly dancers performing at the house party. I slyly said to her, that she had missed the belly dancers at the block party. All I could do was laugh and think to myself “dam this is a small city.” All in all, the campaign events were fun this weekend and I hope we made some minute impact. I know I had fun at least.

*Well there was a slight problem at the last event when the police officer decided to pull the plug after the comedienne used the same cuss words our vice president used in a bit about him cussing

|| 9/18/2004 || 6:13 pm || Comments Off on geolopes || ||


The Fun*raiser went well. Not as many heads turnout due to the weather but I had a great time. I hope the block party goes better.

I am sad that I wasn’t able to go back to the AAG conference but the Green Festival zapped my time. However I found a great eco-friendly geographical gift item called Geolopes:

Geolopes are common sized envelopes and stationery recycled from outdated government surplus topographic maps published by various U.S. and Canadian government mapping agencies.

Topographic maps are responsible for my love for geography. I have fond memories of looking at my first topographical map when hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park when I was 8 years old! (after getting the link to Rocky Mountain National Park I noticed that I’ve climbed the 3 mountains in the background- Flattop Mountain, Hallets Peak, and Mount Otis) Nonetheless, I think I will be buying some Geolopes for myself! Maybe I can get a set for my birthday :-) I’ll definitely write more letters this way. Plus I used to make all of my own envelopes back in the day from magazines (mainly Vogue), and this recycling project uses. I think it would a cool way to send out resumes to potential earth science employers. I can also see this company having a booth at the AAG’s annual meeting.

This rendering has a unique torus- even better when viewed as 200 megapixels. I think its time for another near full-size upload- but which one?

a full friday
|| 9/17/2004 || 10:13 pm || Comments Off on a full friday || ||


Got 3 out of 4 goal accomplished for yesterday. Not bad.
I really enjoyed talking with Professor Foggin about geography and what I’ve been up to over the summer. He is one of the few people I know who is seriously worried about the enivironment. After the meeting I went straight to a different geographic meeting of sorts. I had a great time at volunteering at the Association of American Geographers event called the Conference on Race/Ethnicity and Place. I helped man the registration table and prepare the gift bags. I really enjoyed seeing such a diverse group of people attending the conference. I hope I am able to go to Denver for their next annual meeting. I know I’ve got some friends there who I’de love to see! Plus Denver is where Space Imaging is located- along with quite a few other companies. I’d like to live in Denver next anyways :-) However, I feel I did a volunteering hello & goodbye because of my previous obligations to the Green Festival. My fingers are crossed for coming in on Saturday to help out.

There is a tornado watch in out area due to the ruminants of Hurricane Ivan so I am not sure how well the Fundraiser will go. Up next volunteering at the Green Festival and theblock party in Adam’s Morgan.

I really like the way this rendering came out. The vortex on the original satellite image was on the far right of the image and by combining them I was able to show the beautiful swirl patterns of the clouds.

bizzy bizzy
|| 9/16/2004 || 9:34 am || Comments Off on bizzy bizzy || ||


Today is a big day… Lots of things planned!

1) Drop off resumes at some local restaurants & make call backs to some places I sent resumes to the other day. I desperately need to get stable employment arranged- although working for myself is fun, I need to make more connections to ensure stable employment so that my bills get paid. Bills suck.

2) Drop off my printed out geography portfolio at the GWU Geography Department. I spent hours making a professional digital portfolio CD, but it turns out that I should have just printed everything out like the rest of the pack. I hope the printed portfolio’s tardiness is excused. Fingers crossed.

3) Help set up the Conference on Race/Ethnicity and Place. I look forward to meeting some active members of the Association of American Geographers this weekend during the conference. I hope that the Green Festival doesn’t suck out all my time this weekend :-(

4) Go to the volunteers meeting for the Green Festival and find out exactly what “Greening the Festival” is all about. I am so excited about this event! I hope tons of people come out to this event! I need to finalize one of inventions too. I look forward to seeing if it is being sold by some green entrepreneur at the festival.

Last night I redesigned the front page of the Adam4Shadow campaign website. I moved the “top campaign news” to the right panel. I feel it looks better this way because main info on U.S. “Shadow” Representative is at the top of the page now.

I am very excited about the campaign events this weekend. Tomorrow night we are having a Fun*raiser at my house and I am really excited to see who shows up to mingle & schmooze. I also look forward to seeing how people dress up to look like Adam! And on Saturday, we’re celebrating Adam’s 31st birthday by having a block party at the corner of 18th & Columbia. There will be Djs, fire spinners, stump speeches, and belly dancers! Hopefully we can get some people from the Green Festival to come out and party it up! This weekend is panning out to be a lot of fun! I just hope I can balance it all and not overextend myself! We’ll see!

you a size large, not extra large
|| 9/15/2004 || 10:09 pm || Comments Off on you a size large, not extra large || ||


Its been one of those days where you have so much planned to get done and none of it gets done and you can’t quite figure out why. Sometimes this baffles to me. However, I did get my closet cleaned up and in the process found some classic clothing circa 1995. I don’t understand my predilection for oversized clothing. It seems all of my clothing from middle school was extra-large! I am roughly the same size now and I can’t believe what possessed me to wear such oversized clothing! Must have been that poser skater! At least I found some hot striped tops from my father that were made circa 1985! I am going to wear one tomorrow…

I did get my confirmation e-mail back from the organizers of the Green Festival. It looks like I am going to be “greening the festival” on Sunday- what ever that means, I’ll find out tomorrow night.

This rendering is of Bolivian rainforests, specifically areas in which the rainforest has been clear-cut by farmers. You can see exactly the amount of land that has been damaged by human involvement. Up next is a satellite image of a cloud vortex created by fast moving low laying clouds colliding with a mountain peak. …Man I miss the mountains….

only 10%
|| 9/14/2004 || 8:29 am || Comments Off on only 10% || ||


Working the polls was fun. There were only about 100 people who went into the polling place while I was there from 7:45am to 11am. 90% of them were retired folk- some had to be helped into the polling place! It turns out that in the 3 main races the incumbents were dethroned by newcomers. I was annoyed to see Marion Barry win the election in Ward 8. I don’t understand how people can elect someone who was filmed smoking crack. Nonetheless, I find it harrowing that of the 550,000 residents of DC, only about 10% came out to vote. In a town where local party politics is dominated by one party, the primaries are more important than the actual election day. A real democracy cannot survive when only 10% of the populace takes part in the election. Granted November 2nd will be probably have a significantly higher turnout, but the local races will already have been decided!

The renderings are of the Ganges River Delta in India. One is of the satellite image by itself, and the other is a four paneled reflection of the same satellite image. I find it interesting how the randomized torus graphic is more complex in the reflection rendering, but I personally think the other torus looks better

primary & adams morgan day
|| 9/13/2004 || 7:12 pm || Comments Off on primary & adams morgan day || ||


Tomorrow is the primary elections here in DC. I am scheduled to work a poll in Anacostia in Ward 7. I have never worked a poll before so this should be interesting!

Yesterday was Adams Morgan Day. I had a blast! I arrived at around noon and passed out hundreds of stickers and flyers for the Adam 4 Shadow Campaign and for the DC Statehood Green Party. Midway through the day I manned a DC Statehood Green Party booth and sold buttons and t-shirts, as well as registering voters. In total we registered 16 voters yesterday. What I ended up discovering is that newness to the party can actually be beneficial. Since I don’t know the history of the party well or know any personal issues people have between them my ignorance can used to help others get along better. Hopefully everyone can put away personal issues of the past and concentrate on the issues of the present. Nonetheless, I am excited about working the polls! Since its the primary and DC is predominantly democratic the literature I’m handing it out is specifically designed for November 2nd, yet these voters are the voters who will be voting on November 2nd and giving them information is the best way to get those extra votes needed.

The rendering is of Brussels with an inner lenz (its hard to explain!) and a torus that uses a randomized satellite Brussels image. Up next is the Ganges River delta.

200 megapixels – wtf!
|| 9/12/2004 || 1:50 am || Comments Off on 200 megapixels – wtf! || ||


Check the 3D panorama of the next map on deck here.


True Cost Organic
|| 9/11/2004 || 9:30 pm || Comments Off on True Cost Organic || ||


From ENN

“We felt like we actually impacted the local economy and reduced the fossil fuel involved in hauling all that food from 1,300 miles away,” said Masi.

This made me realize that even if you feel like you are doing your part buying your organic produce at Whole Foods, you are not. I’ve never made that connection between food locality & fuel consumption and within the spatial context of a food’s true cost. I think it would be funnny to infiltrate some Whole Foods and place small cards with info about how far the produce came and the amount of CO2 that was released in the transit. Stickers would do this task even better! Oh the fun… Maybe what would be even better would be to have an organic produce cart outside of a Whole Foods with a big sign that says “Local Organic Produce Here” – it might work, but I know there are probably some vapid anti-free market rules against vendors doing this. I’ll look into this.

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