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Namib Desert
|| 9/10/2004 || 3:52 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

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namib desert

This animation shows exactly why I think the whole spherical aspect of the “Lenz Project” is interesting. Albeit very simple, I am still amazed at how beautiful our earth is. Oh yeah, if you ever go to the Namib desert watch out for diamonds in the sand! BTW, deBeers sucks— artificially inflated blood diamonds really show the one you love that you paid too much for that bling! Watch this video for more info.

Next image will be the same graphic as in the animation, but just a hell of a lot larger (10,000 by 7,500 pixels) and should be on-line in about 6 hours.

more morning notes
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This is my first rendering of this series that I used randomized satellite images for both the inner and outer parts of the rendering. I think I have now come up with a suitable offshoot for this project. In the next few renderings, I am going to try using only one satellite image- a randomize image for the torus and the same non-randomized image for the center. It should look nice.

On a different note, today is September 10th, 2004 and 3 years ago today I flew from Saint Louis to DC. At the time, I was visiting my girlfriend for the weekend and she said goodbye to me at the gate- the last day that happened in America. When I asked her about that day and the subsequent dream, she said that I joked about how weak the security was and how the screeners didn’t check my bags at all. On a slightly more synchronous note, John Kerry is in Saint Louis today campaigning.

past papers
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In this Washington Post article via Talking Points Memo

Other experts largely concurred. Phil Bouffard, a forensic document examiner from Cleveland, said the font used in the CBS documents appeared to be Times Roman, which is widely used by word-processing programs but was not common on typewriters.

Ewww, New Times Roman! I chose the font “Courier” for this website because I feel it looks the most like a typewriter! After looking at some of the documents by way of the USA Today article, they look like they are forges. You can totally spot the Times New Roman font usage! I wish they would have soaked them in coffee to make them look yellow & really old. Oh well, I think most people know what Bush was up to during that time in his life- working hard & partying harder. But where was he working Alabama, Texas, Kennebunkport?

morning notes
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So last night I went to Club 5ive to see Storm & Fierce as a part of the FIVE:DNB:Sessions series. I was kinda bored by the DJ’s sets (Storm was a bit off on her mixing), but what really made the night was finding out that I was mentioned in this month’s issue of Rinse Magazine. It turns out that my old friend Mary Ishimoto Morris wrote an article about the DC Drum & Bass scene and she mentioned old radio show at WRGW. She even spelled my name “N!k” which I thought was cute. I would have probably known about it being printed if I would have been checking my other e-mail account that deals with DC DnB. Nonetheless, I was told about the article by my friend & DJ replacement at WRGW, so it made the article slightly more poignant.

On somewhat related note, shortly after I got my haircut, when I was looking in the City Paper, I saw the ad for the event and I had a quick moment of dyslexia and thought it said “Fierce Storm.” The lame junglist irony is that it was raining outside due to the remnants of a fierce storm called Hurricane Frances.

In my last post I mentioned the greening of the city, and very related to that, I am excited about going to the Green Festival, which is set to take place on September 18th & 19th. I signed up to volunteer some of my time to help out. I am also eager to see Greg Palast, Naomi Klein, and Amy Goodman speak at the convention. Also I am looking forward to seeing the various booths at the convention center because I want more information on various green businesses. I have an invention idea that has been circulating in my head for about a month that is somewhat related to one of my older concepts.

There is also another event taking place in DC that weekend that I plan on attending. My professional society, the Association of American Geographers is having a conference titled so aptly, “Conference on Race/Ethnicity and Place.” I also plan on volunteering some time at this event as well. I had a blast at the “Mapping the News” conference back on May 15th. I really hope to make some good contacts at this event, and hopefully I can convince some random professionals to come to the Green Festival. I mean, those that have a deep understanding of geography should know the importance of environmental sustainability. I wonder if I could add a flyer for the Green Festival in the gift bags- lol.

About the two renderings- Since I don’t have my other external hard drive hooked up, which has my cache of satellite images, I used the two images I did have on my iMac- the unedited Dutch Delta graphic & a four paneled reflection of downtown Manhattan. I made both of the toruses random samplings of the images and in the center I used the opposite graphic. I also decided to render the background white instead of black to change this up just a little bit. Overall, I am happy with how they turned out. I really like the complexity the random sampling gives, yet I wish I could have more control over how the sampling takes place in order to add more complexity to the torus. Nonetheless, the next rendering, which should be done in a few hours, will have both the inner and outer image randomized. I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

|| 9/9/2004 || 6:07 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||


So today I got a new haircut. I went to this place called Antonios. Its just some random barber shop that had the cheapest prices (thank you superpages for your distance search) when I called last year. So I arrive and I sat up front, which used to be the waiting area, and two businessmen went ahead of me and I got stuck with the youngest and most inexperienced. But he managed to do a decent job |shrug| The best part of the haircut overhearing the Venezuelan stylist talking about the tomato plant growing outside. It completely made my day. Here is a woman who is innocently using the city’s green space and telling her monkeysuit patrons about it. I love this subtle and innocent hint that all that grows in the central business district need not be identical looking blooming flowers.

U Street Safety
|| 9/8/2004 || 8:05 am || Comments Off on U Street Safety || ||


I was reading my housemate’s blog about recent crime that has happened in our neighborhood. I thought it would be an interesting task to somehow catalog the crime that is happening around us in some sort of spatial context (its my geographical mode of thought). Last night I realized that one of my free mapping programs has a way to get all of the USGS aerial photography of the USA taken 1988. I was able to export an image of what I thought to be the “U Street Corridor” and import it into Flash to make the image a little bit more interactive. I am very pleased with the results. I was able to eyeball quite a bit of brownfield development and I outlined the areas that have since been developed. Ideally, I’d like to get people’s accounts of where they’ve had criminal run-ins and put little red X’s in the places where events have happened and have them show up on the map with a number and have all the numbers listed. I know this is nearly an impossible task because there is such a long history to the area, but within my circle of friends and people my housemates know on the street, I might be able to make a visually convincing argument for more police patrols in our area. So the Daily Render for Wednesday, September 8th, 2004 is the “U Street Corridor Animation.” If you have a moment or two play around with it. Its my first successful attempt at getting an image to zoom nicely, and I plan on implementing this code into future geospatial flash animations. As for the “Lenz Project,” its on hold while I copy all of my backed up MP3’s on to my recently reformatted external hard drive.

Lastly, I had a fun conversation with my mom last night about people that are “politically undecided.” We both laughed at the suggestion that anyone who is undecided right now doesn’t follow politics at all. I proffered the notion they must be idiots. A mean thought, but I think it all boils down to how much I hate polls. Simply put, I don’t believe in polls, or at least most of the methodology used. I feel polls use spatial autocorrelation improperly. Its hard to explain, but it boils down to how random, how large the sampling population is, and what data aggregation methods are employed and I don’t feel polls do this well. And plus the polls mention undecided voters, and who is an undecided voter? I know plenty of apathetic voters, but these undecided voters must be living with pikas in hobbit holes far above tree line with no television, radio, or computer and only the vague notion that there is something for them to do every four years.

DO’s & DON’Ts
|| 9/7/2004 || 7:37 am || Comments Off on DO’s & DON’Ts || ||

I need to subscribe to Vice Magazine or I need to find a place in DC where I can pick it up. Its a free magazine if you can find it, but $30 for the subscription. Maybe I just need to go to New York more often and get it for free…

In this month’s issue of Vice Magazine the editors compiled their DO’s & DON’Ts from their previous issues and put them into the Vice Guide To Everything. All I can say is that its a must read! I’ve spent the last hour reading it and laughing outloud. My favorite DON’T is mentioned and happens to be the #1 question that is asked in DC (one that I hate as well!)–

“What do you do?” is the lamest and most boring question there is. Asking people about their jobs means they are defined by what they do, and it’s not 1950, so fuck off. The worst part is when people actually answer it and start getting into the nuances of their job and how they totally nailed that proposal and how everyone knows it but Gordon. Dude, I don’t care if your job is battling Argonauts. We don’t want to hear it. The only people who have jobs exciting enough to talk about are sick of talking about their exciting jobs so, by definition, job talk has got to go. If that means knowing someone for days without knowing what they do, so be it. What’s wrong with that? Are you so shallow you need to know everyone’s job before you can like them?

I find it unlikely that this bit of sage advice will be understood in DC, ever.

I also like this one too-

DOs & DON’Ts—The Golden Rule
Don’t go in before the other person comes out. This applies to a restaurant, a building, a bus, anything. It is so universal that you should let it philosophically inform everything else you do for the rest of your life. Don’t go in before the other person comes out.

and this one as well…

DOs & DON’Ts—Sports fans
If you insist on talking about some game you like, don’t use the word “we,” as in “We’re losing 10 to 7,” or especially, “We’re winning,” or, “If only we had a left-handed pitcher who could get someone out.” We, huh? You and the general manager are going to sit down and tackle that at some point in the near future? No. YOU are not. You get to witness a team full of transient millionaires compete in a game in which, no matter how hard you wish, wear your special hat, or cry, you have ZERO to do with the outcome. You aren’t on the team. You aren’t a paid consultant to the team. You’re a fan of the team. Would you apply this shit to a band? Like, “I know Garcia has been dead for about eight years, but who are we gonna get to replace him?” or “How many dates are we touring?” or “Man, we played a kickass show last night.” NO, you would never do that. Or even a favorite porn star? “We gotta dance in Lubbock. That’s where we can earn the big dollars. Let’s shake our tits. Boy, we really sucked that cock last night. God, I love it when we get a hot blast of cum on our implants.”


DOs & DON’Ts—Choosing your battles
Don’t argue politics with your neighbors, coworkers, or other people you need to get along with. Calling somebody an idiot for liking Bush is what the Internet is for. Besides, political arguments are better in emails because you get time to do your research and you can provide links to all your points.

You can read the rest here.
There is also a special section with a 100 more DO’s & DON’Ts, in case you can’t get enough!

|| 9/6/2004 || 3:19 pm || Comments Off on music! || ||

Nothing is rendering right now because I am using a different external hard drive to add all my archived MP3s to my iTunes playlist. About two months ago I had about 3,000 Mp3s taking up about 20 gigs on one of my external hard drives… But when I was looking through one of videos from the Prelinger Archives the external hard drive mysteriously got corrupted! What resulted was me taking my sweet-ass time moving all the 300 gigs of info from one external hard drive to the other. For most people this would only take a few hours, but since I only have one power supply, I could only move files in 10 gig chunks from one external to the computer, then unplug one external and then plug in the other external then move the files, then repeat! Lets just say it took a l o n g time. Then I had to reformat the corrupted external hard drive…. On one side I am happy I didn’t lose all the files, only one, alebit massive, directory. On the sad side, I lost half of my MP3 collection. I had backed up my collection about a year ago, so I simply lost most of what I had collected being the director of the electronic music department at WRGW, but I am going to recoup some of my audio treats :-) I also lost all of the short videos I had downloaded from GNN & Adbusters. This time around I partitioned my external hard drive to have all the audio in one partition. Hopefully, this will work. Ideally, I’ll buy another power supply so I can have both external hard drives running at the same time. It will bring my total storage capacity to 610 gigs!!!

I did render another 3D panorama of a new template. I am not sure how much I’ll use this template due to its complexity. Its a series of 42 different cubes rotated so that they look like diamonds. When I get the time, I am going to make each cube a different satellite image and then render it again. I think it will look amazing. Nonetheless, it will take a long time to import all the satellite images, as well as placing them in some sort of coherent position. I still need to think the whole graphic a little more thoroughly.

I am looking forward to this week. I expect some surprise waiting in the wings. I can’t wait to listen to my music- its been waaay to long since I’ve heard some of my favorites.

SETI @ Home
|| 9/5/2004 || 6:27 pm || Comments Off on SETI @ Home || ||

While watching MHz, I saw this report about the SETI@Home Project finding a mysterious frequency that might be from intelligent life. Prior to reading the article, I didn’t know much about the SETI@Home Project. I knew about SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and I knew that it was basically all about listening through static of space to find a stable frequency. I did not know that this research was participatory! The SETI@Home Project allows people around the world to download a chunk of data and analyze it when their computer is not being used (its a nifty screensaver!). Its passive research that employs millions of computers around the world to sift through the static of the universe. Best yet, there is a MAC OS X client which allows me to partake in the research. So now when I’m away from my computer, I’ll have a 3D satellite image graphic rendering and SETI@Home analyzing noise from space. Cool stuff.

The data came from Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico. Its the same telescope featured in the James Bond film “Golden Eye” and its also the stage for the last level of the Nintendo 64 game (I spent so many hours playing that game in High School!).

About my last post… I came home last night to have the various mainstream news channels broadcasting live from inside of the hurricane. I never want physical harm to come on to someone, but I morbidly recorded the news with the hopes that I’d record a reporter getting hit by some flying debris (I didn’t have any “luck”). When I get done reformatting my external hard drive (RIP 20 gigs of MP3s!), I’ll encode one of the funniest segments I recorded of a reporter in the middle of the storm.

embedded hurricane reporters
|| 9/4/2004 || 11:06 pm || Comments Off on embedded hurricane reporters || ||


Its the war on nature.

Watch out for those strong winds of change!

The climate revolution will be televised….

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