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Dirty War
|| 1/31/2005 || 2:59 am || Comments Off on Dirty War || ||

I am in the process of watching HBO’s special feature “Dirty War” and I must say that this is one of the most scary films I’ve seen. Not in the sense of gruesome gore, but in the sense of “this shit might just happen here in DC.”

This film depicts a dirty bomb (conventional bomb with radiological components) going off in downtown London and its aftermath. Shortly after Bush got re-selected I purchased a gas mask and now I’m somewhat thankful I did, but I still have zero protection against radiological weaponry. The insert in the box that came with the gas mask was for potassium iodide pills, which are supposed to help guard my body against the effects of radiation on my thyroid gland, but what I need and will never obtain, is a lead vest. Nonetheless, if you have a chance, watch this film. And more importantly, think about what kind of plan the United States government (and you!) has to deal with such a catastrophe.

For some reason, I feel that the residents of DC are fucked if such event were to take place. The only safeguards I hope are in place are radiological detectors (aka hi-tech Geiger counters) have been placed around DC to alert the government that there has been a radiological weapon brought into the city. But logistically, I’d also like to think that there have been GIS models constructed that take into account the prevailing winds around DC so if a dirty bomb was to go off in downtown DC there would be a plan of action for those who are in line with the fallout cloud that would eventually cover some part of DC. Regardless, Dirty War has definitely given me a better grasp of the way our government might handle such a situation, and it isn’t pretty.

joke of the day
|| 1/28/2005 || 3:21 pm || Comments Off on joke of the day || ||

Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light

A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb. It’s improving
every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are a delusional spin
from the liberal media. That light bulb has served honorably, and
anything you say undermines the lighting effect. Why do you hate

Star of Denver
|| 1/27/2005 || 11:01 pm || Comments Off on Star of Denver || ||

Looks like I made another beautiful creation! Of course the 1200X800 pixels above do no justice for the original 20000X15000 pixels, but the way the aerial photograph was captured gives some beautiful symmetry. The straight grid streets line up nicely, and the shadows of the late day photograph make the buildings look larger than life. I already know who is getting the first print of this one :-)

There have been two prints of this map. The first was given to Joseph Kerski, Geographer at the USGS in the spring of 2005 and the second was sold during the fall of 2005 to a relative of former professor.

GIS on menu
|| 1/26/2005 || 3:07 am || Comments Off on GIS on menu || ||

The global menu for now has a link to my most recent geographic information systems. I decided to use the same image that was used on Michael for the Inaugural Map. I am still reveling in the fact that the Inaugural Map got over 115,000 hits! Best work yet :-) But what will be made next?

Way to go Jess & Jeanne
|| 1/25/2005 || 2:25 am || Comments Off on Way to go Jess & Jeanne || ||

Not only did we rock out for my old housemate Jessica’s birthday, but she also got a letter of hers published in the New York Times:

To the Editor:

While President Bush was on the podium using the word “free” and “freedom” repeatedly, protesters outside the gate were corralled by police lines.

The president said that when people stand for freedom, the United States would stand with them, but when I tried to stand peaceably and alone, holding a sign that said “Zero Tolerance for Torture,” I was told by a police officer to stay on the sidewalk. I asked, “Why do I have to move?,” since the street had been opened for pedestrian traffic. In response, he took my arm and pushed me to the curb, where a police line of 10 officers held me there.

It was evident that my freedom of expression and movement does not hold the same importance as that of those affiliated with the administration, who were allowed to walk and talk freely.

Jessica Corsi
Washington, Jan. 21, 2005

After talking with my ex-girlfriend tonight, it turns out that her mom Jeanne picked up two protest signs when she came to DC last week. She said her mom got snarls from people! So now the story reads, “Husband marches in Inaugural band, while wife protests nearby,” not exactly, but somewhat true! I wish I could have met up with her sometime during the day, she called me three times and I even waited for her at Union station, but instead I lose one of the gloves she gave me two Christmas’ ago. Weird. Nonetheless, I am proud Jeanne got to relive some of her youth over again :-)

activism pays
|| || 1:05 am || Comments Off on activism pays || ||

So the night before the Inauguration I got this story in the mail…

While tickets were sold for the bleacher seating areas along the parade route, some parts are open to the general public. Adam Eidinger, a local activist, said police had asked the groups for plans for their marches. They have refused, he said.

“For them not to reveal their plans doesn’t mean they have anything sinister in mind,” said Eidinger, who boasts that his unsuccessful campaign last fall for D.C.’s shadow congressional representative still got more votes (25,000) than Bush did here (21,000).

Pretty damn cool that our campaign totals made it to syndicated news :-)

And tonight we celebrated because:

The District government agreed yesterday to pay a total of $425,000 to seven people caught up in a mass arrest at a downtown park in September 2002, acknowledging that they were wrongfully arrested and promising to adopt changes in police procedures.

It totally pays to protest…

But this ruling goes beyond the money. On Thursday night, I witnessed the police use their new procedures which this ruling helped enact. During an Inaugural unpermitted anarchist march from DuPont Circle to Union Station, the police warned the protesters 3 distinct times before they rammed the protesters on to the sidewalk. Granted the police used violence first, they didn’t ram the protesors without giving warning. They also didn’t arrest any of them. There was some restraint. Not like how was in the past, these last 5 years of activism has literally paid off.

Anyways, I’m feeling fat & sassy from eating so much sushi!

Happy Birthday Chris!

Battle of the Interactive Inaugural Maps
|| 1/24/2005 || 2:54 pm || Comments Off on Battle of the Interactive Inaugural Maps || ||

So cartoonist Mark Fiore published his humorous Interactive Inaugural Map on January 20th. After looking at it and laughing, I couldn’t help to wonder if he used my map as some sort of basis for his, so I decided to E-mail him and ask. This is his reply :-)

Thanks, glad you liked my map! Yes, yours kept coming up when I was researching the parade route & getting the DC map together– great work, I’m glad you put that together.


> Mark,
> I really loved your Inaugural Map cartoon! I was wondering if you had seen my interactive inaugural map prior to making your cartoon?
> Keep up the good work!

Inaugural Recap intro
|| || 9:29 am || Comments Off on Inaugural Recap intro || ||

I sorta went into stealth mode while all the inaugural fesitivities were taking place. I thought it was a good idea to pretend I was off on Maui while everything was happening in DC. Actually, I was trying to write down all memories of Maui into one comprehensive post, and I was finally able to do so, alebit nearly 3 weeks later!

The Inaugural Map ended up getting over 100,000 hits! I am VERY proud of my best flash gis creation :-)

j20 aka the counter-inauguration turned out to be a lot of fun! Even slightly successful (in that helpless 4 more years way)!

I’m going to give my recap shortly.

Maui Recap
|| || 9:06 am || Comments Off on Maui Recap || ||

Man I’ve let my blog lapse! I haven’t written anything all month! Its not that I haven’t had anything to write about, it’s just I haven’t found the time to do so. I’ve been spending so much time working on the Inaugural Map and preparing the Counter-Inaugural festivities that the Daily Render has been neglected.

So first things first, my trip to Maui, Hawaii.


Star of the Middle East #2
|| 1/18/2005 || 11:03 pm || Comments Off on Star of the Middle East #2 || ||

Star of the Middle East no.2 by Nikolas Schiller

This is my first redesign of the “star of..” series. I added two more rings and now it almost looks like a molecule! I think its absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to get it printed!!

Related Star Series Maps:


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