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Cook these books!
|| 5/31/2005 || 4:39 pm || Comments Off on Cook these books! || ||

Via the CNN

Arthur Andersen conviction overturned
Jury instructions too vague, high court rules

Tuesday, May 31, 2005 Posted: 10:28 AM EDT (1428 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned the conviction of the Arthur Andersen accounting firm for destroying Enron Corp.-related documents before the energy giant’s collapse.

In a unanimous opinion, justices said the former Big Five accounting firm’s June 2002 conviction was improper.

The court said the jury instructions at trial were too vague and broad for jurors to determine correctly whether Andersen obstructed justice.

“The jury instructions here were flawed in important respects,” Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist wrote for the court.

The ruling is a setback for the Bush administration, which made prosecution of white-collar criminals a high priority following accounting scandals at major corporations.

After Enron’s 2001 collapse, the Justice Department went after Andersen first.

Enron crashed in December 2001, putting more than 5,000 employees out of work, just six weeks after the energy company revealed massive losses and writedowns.

Subsequently, as the Securities and Exchange Commission began looking into Enron’s convoluted finances, Andersen put in practice a policy calling for destroying unneeded documentation.

Government attorneys argued that Andersen should be held responsible for instructing its employees to “undertake an unprecedented campaign of document destruction.”

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” at the E Street Cinema, and I must say that this ruling is completely bogus. Not only was Arthur Andersen complicannt in the destruction of the files, they signed off on cooking Enron’s books.

For Enron to get away with what it did there needed to people high up at Arthur Andersen to okay the dodgy procedures Enron followed. The claim that the papers were shredded because they were not going to be used or related to the case is the most abhorrent. The million dollar kickbacks that were given to top Arthur Andersen execs makes this ruling further off the mark.

Time for Double Jeopardy Alex!

Georgetown Quilt
|| 5/30/2005 || 11:30 am || Comments Off on Georgetown Quilt || ||

This is the first rendering I’ve made with Bryce 5.5 and to be honest I really didn’t notice the rendering speed increase I paid $100 dollars for. Hopefully I’ll notice the speed increase in future renderings.

As for Georgetown Quilt, I really like the way the Key Bridge and the Potmac create the diamond shapes in the rendering. My eyes are drawn to them first! This rendering definitely solidfies my Quilt Project, which means that I need to create a new page on GeoSpatial Art to house these prints…. I’m not going to do that today though, instead I am spending my Memorial Day backing up my renderings. I almost have enough backed up to mail to my mom for safe keeping! Call it a geo-memorial day :-)

view rendering detail:


note about screenshots
|| 5/29/2005 || 3:24 pm || Comments Off on note about screenshots || ||

When I was looking over my last post, I realized that embedded in that screenshot was the weather outside. By using WeatherPop in my menu, the time (2:18:12pm, Sunday, May 29th), space (Weather was partly cloudy, 75 degrees), and place (Washington, DC) were recorded.

(geography is the study of space & place- time merely adds a temporal dimension)

Ask Jeeves….
|| || 1:38 pm || Comments Off on Ask Jeeves…. || ||

Via CNN:

Ask Jeeves unveils ‘Web Answer’ feature
Friday, May 27, 2005 Posted: 10:17 AM EDT (1417 GMT)

SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) — Question: What well-known Internet search engine continues to lag industry leaders no matter how smart it becomes?

Answer: Ask Jeeves Inc.

The Oakland-based company on Thursday is launching its latest effort to win more fans. The hook: A new feature designed to provide more immediate answers to inquiries.

With the change, Ask Jeeves will display a “Web Answer” to many of the requests its search engine processes. For instance, if someone enters “world’s largest lake” into’s search box, the top result will include a snippet listing the Caspian Sea, including its size and location.

…but not an aerial or satellite image of the location.

Google has that already……or does it?

(to get this screen shot, I first went to, selected “satellite,” then panned over to the Caspian Sea, then I put “caspian sea” in the search box, and hit search)

I expect that in the near future Google will integrate this feature…

U.S. Naval Observatory Lenz #2
|| 5/28/2005 || 11:38 pm || Comments Off on U.S. Naval Observatory Lenz #2 || ||

I decided to update this rendering using the same template I’ve used for all the Lenz Project renderings I’ve made in 2005. I never really liked the way the old rendering looked much, and I’m still not 100% satisfied with how this one turned out, but oh well. Up next, Georgetown!

prints are a coming!
|| 5/27/2005 || 8:01 pm || Comments Off on prints are a coming! || ||

Using my federal tax returns I purchased 4 more prints and one for my mom. I decided to order nothing but DC related prints! I have chosen this route because I think I’ll have the best chance of getting them shown here in DC if the subject matter is DC (more people pointing and saying “hey I live there”). I think makes perfect sense! I’ll have over 10 (of nearly 40 “signed” prints) in my house by next week :-)

What Bush Really Means….
|| || 3:17 pm || Comments Off on What Bush Really Means…. || ||

taken from YahooNews via USAToday:

President Bush uses some phrases over and over:

What he says When he says it Why he says it
“I appreciate that question.” Several times in every news conference, usually immediately after a complex or tricky question. This means he needs a second to collect his thoughts.
“Thank you for giving me a chance to come by and say hello.” At the beginning or end of a news conference. He’s signaling that, although this is part of his job, it isn’t his favorite part.
“We’re making progress.” When he’s pressed on difficult issues, such as overhauling
Social Security or ending North Korea’s nuclear program.
He’s saying that he’s working on it.
“I look forward to working with (Congress, Democrats, Russians,
Iraq’s government, etc.).”
In response to questions about the lack of progress on changes to Social Security, withdrawal of troops from Iraq, immigration laws, nuclear proliferation. Bush is suggesting that others aren’t playing ball yet, but he’ll get what he wants eventually.
“I’m going to continue to speak directly to the American people about this issue.” Variations: “I’m going to continue to work on this issue” and “I’m going to continue reminding people.” When he’s asked what he can do to reduce gas prices, spur more
democracy in Russia, change the partisan tone in Washington, end Iran
and North Korea’s nuclear programs, prompt action on his Social Security
He wants people to know that he’s on the case.
“Now is the time to act.” When Social Security is the topic. He’s signaling that he won’t drop it.
“My job is to confront tough issues.” When he’s asked about slow progress on his proposals to change Social Security and immigration and medical malpractice laws. He’s explaining that although it looks like nothing is happening, that’s how politics works.

Leave them laughing

Aiming to disarm reporters, he tries teasing humor:
• Surprising a reporter by calling on him: “If you don’t raise your hand, does that mean you don’t have a question?”
• After he referred to a reporter’s daughter when, in fact, the child is a boy: “Excuse me. I should have done the background check.”
• Teasing a TV reporter: “He’s a sensitive guy. Well-centered, though.”
• Bidding farewell to reporters as he prepares to go to his Texas ranch for a holiday: “I look forward to not seeing you down there.”

That’s all folks

To connect with viewers, he tries folksy remarks:

• “In this job, you’ve got a lot on your plate. … You don’t have much time to sit around and wander, lonely, in the Oval Office, kind of asking different portraits, ‘How do you think my standing (in history) will be?’ ”
• “I readily concede I’m out of my lane (discussing complex Medicare issues). I’m not pretending to be an actuary.”
• “The Crawford Pirates are the (Texas) state 2A, Division II champs, and we look forward, don’t we, to wave the championship banner above the Crawford High School.”
• “The Oval Office is the kind of place where people … walk in and get overwhelmed in the atmosphere, and they say, ‘Man, you’re looking pretty.’ ”

Pretty good analysis I must say…

CSNA revisited
|| || 12:30 pm || Comments Off on CSNA revisited || ||

After churning through the IP addresses of those folks who downloaded the imagery I posted yesterday to the U Street News Listerv, I was VERY suprised to see SO MANY downloads from the military. I have got to wonder if these are in relation to their “Internet War Games“?

Here is a sampling of people from who downloaded the imagery:


|| 5/26/2005 || 10:58 pm || Comments Off on CSNA || ||

Today I read this DCist post and finally discovered what the listserv was for my hood…. So this evening I cropped one of my hi-res aerial photographs, and I posted the links (different resolutions need different links) in a nice post to the list. I hope the imagery is used to help the area!

Working the community mapping projects with the USDA and My Community, Our Earth programs made me want to give the imagery, which has just been sitting on my computer for months, out to a broader audience. I’d really like to see (or hear of) people using the imagery to show where street lights are out, where the best place to buy food is, where recent crime has taken place, etc etc. An aerial photograph can show a lot, but what it doesn’t show is what is going on in the area. I sincerely feel that an image (like the one above) can actually empower someone because they see the context of their surroundings in a different form.

DC Renderings
|| 5/25/2005 || 8:14 am || Comments Off on DC Renderings || ||

I now have a decent-sized series of renderings that are devoted to where I live, Washington, DC.

DC Lenz #1, DC Lenz #2, DC Lenz #3, DC Lenz #4, Abstract DC, Star of DC, String of DC, DC Memory, Mother Earth #4, U.S. Naval Observatory Lenz, Pentagon Lenz(code pink for peace), Washington Monument Lenz, DC Complete (video), and DC Molecule (video).

…and more to come :-D

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