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YouTube Video of Cynthia McKinney on Al Jazeera’s Riz Extra show
|| 10/23/2008 || 3:41 pm || Comments Off on YouTube Video of Cynthia McKinney on Al Jazeera’s Riz Extra show || ||

Since the American media has completely blocked out the presidential campaign of Cynthia McKinney, its good to see that some foreign media is covering her campaign. In this web exclusive (aka not broadcast), Al Jazeera‘s Riz Khan speaks to Cynthia McKinney about her platform and campaign.

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Illegal Popup Advertisement featuring John McCain
|| 10/19/2008 || 7:42 pm || Comments Off on Illegal Popup Advertisement featuring John McCain || ||

I don’t think I’m allowed to be paid for my vote? Am I?
A $500 gift card is just so utterly tempting.

Stickering Shepard Fairey’s “The Duality of Humanity” in Washington, DC
|| 10/17/2008 || 2:51 pm || Comments Off on Stickering Shepard Fairey’s “The Duality of Humanity” in Washington, DC || ||

Early Friday morning I left my house with a sticker with the one intention of placing a sticker on the poster of street artist Shepard Fairey‘s “The Duality of Humanity” which has been stuck up all around this country, from Denver to San Francisco and now, not far from my house in Washington, DC.

It was literally a tongue in cheek action because the sticker was temporary and message was humorous: I <3 Vandalism. I had obtained the sticker from a random street art book a friend gave me for my birthday. The reason behind doing this was two-fold. First is that some forms of street art is vandalism. The other, more important issue, is that Fairey’s street art is merely stylish propaganda, which deserves to be defaced over time, like all street art.

It’s really the Barack Obama poster that gets to me. In my opinion, there is nothing revolutionary about Barack Obama’s character. Nothing. He stands for the status quo. It might be progress that he might becomes president. But when placed in the context of revolutionary ideals and presidential aspirations, this street art becomes explicit Democratic party propaganda and thereby subverts his entire message.

Moreover, its gimmicky— have an acclaimed street artist come to town, put up some large prints that depict ironic pseudo-revolutionary memes on derelict property, have a gallery opening to sell it to rich folk who keep the duality alive, and put up Barack Obama posters on the side. I get it and it sells well. Yet political art should have a larger message that is defiant of the status quo. To embrace the partisan, lesser of the two evilism, might be a Duality of Humanity, but its politically feeble-minded and artistically weak, but it sure is nice propaganda.


Third Party Presidential Ballot Access in the United States of America [updated]
|| 10/16/2008 || 12:24 am || Comments Off on Third Party Presidential Ballot Access in the United States of America [updated] || ||

At the beginning of September I posted a similar graphic showing the third party presidential ballot access in the United States of America. In the month since, the final deadlines have passed and the updated graphic above shows the final state by state (plus the colony of the District of Columbia) listing of the candidates who have the statistical chances of winning the electoral college and becoming president of the United States.

What is sad about American democracy as it’s presented on television and in the print media is that America consists of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, and only those parties and no mention of the ones above. All the third parties above are either completely ignored or they are incorrectly lumped together into Independents. The result is a marginalization of all other parties who might contribute to the political discourse.

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Interviews with Alex Jones at the DNC in Denver and other videos
|| 9/11/2008 || 11:13 pm || Comments Off on Interviews with Alex Jones at the DNC in Denver and other videos || ||

My friend just put up the interviews on YouTube that I filmed while in Denver, I figured today was the best day to post these.

My interest in Alex Jones was first piqued in January of 2001 (pre-9/11) when I saw his cameo in Richard Linklater‘s innovative film Waking Life:

Continue reading:


Empirically demonstrating how voting can prove uniqueness
|| 9/10/2008 || 11:48 pm || Comments Off on Empirically demonstrating how voting can prove uniqueness || ||

The above screen grab is from the DC Board of Elections and Ethics website and shows the votes cast for D.C. Statehood Green Party Candidates in my precinct. Unlike the presidential primary election, where there were two DC Statehood Green Party votes cast, this time around the tally shows that I was the only person at my precinct to vote for the D.C. Statehood Green Party Candidates.

Taken together, these two votes show that I vote in the super minority, but when combined with the fact that I was the only person in 2004 to vote for David Cobb in my precinct, I’ve come to the conclusion that voting can empirically show my uniqueness.

Yet politics and elections are not supposed to show that only I voted, rather when aggregated they are to reflect the values and beliefs of a geography. So in this respect, these election results show that I am unique to where that I live, but they also show how little influence my beliefs have at the ballot box of my precinct. Regardless, I am happy to live in a city that has more than two major parties because many cities only have two choices.

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Wasilla, Alaska is literally off the map, the Google Map that is
|| 9/4/2008 || 8:34 pm || Comments Off on Wasilla, Alaska is literally off the map, the Google Map that is || ||

The Republican Party’s vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Tonight this website had a visitor from Wasilla, Alaska who looked at this statehood-related map. Upon looking at the city on Google Maps, I found out that Wasilla is a border city where the imagery of the geography shows only a portion of the city using new high-resolution imagery. In some ways, this map proves that Republican Party’s vice-presidential choice was literally off the map.

UPDATE – Due to the presidential election, Google has updated their imagery of Wasilla, Alaska.

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Third Party Presidential Ballot Access in the United States of America
|| 9/3/2008 || 11:07 pm || Comments Off on Third Party Presidential Ballot Access in the United States of America || ||

This entry has depreciated. Please click here to view the most up to date graphic.

The inverted color graph above from Wikipedia shows the states where political parties in America are on the ballot. Each state has its own ballot access rules and regulations, so unlike the two major parties in America, the smaller parties have a harder time getting access to all states in America. In Washington, DC residents like myself have the option of Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney as well as the two major party candidates.

Last week in Denver I went to Ralph Nader‘s rally and found his speech to be quite dull. I have the utmost respect for Ralph and he is one of my personal heroes, but when it comes to perennially running for president, he has nothing new to say and is a waste of time when it comes to growing third parties in America. This was the third political rally I’ve attended with Nader as the keynote speaker and his speech this year was not much different from the one I heard at the Green Party National Convention in 2007. His stance on the issues is 100% in line with my vision, but in most cases it seems that he’s still living out a dream that he is somehow going to crack through the two party system. By running as an independent he is able to keep the alternative voice alive in American political discourse, but by not aligning himself with a specific party he’s denying his supporters a political organization that can promote change from the bottom up, instead of strictly from the top-down. This has been sufficiently called Nader’s Nadir and it’s why I am not supporting him. I believe that changing the political sprectrum in America comes from the ground up through a slow coup of multi-partisan support. Or I’d at least like to believe its possible.

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Protest videos from the first day of the RNC in St. Paul, Minnesota
|| 9/2/2008 || 3:25 pm || Comments Off on Protest videos from the first day of the RNC in St. Paul, Minnesota || ||

Below are a selection of videos from yesterday:

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! is illegally arrested

View the rest:


Iraq Veterans Against the War Concert & March at the 2008 DNC
|| 9/1/2008 || 2:50 pm || Comments Off on Iraq Veterans Against the War Concert & March at the 2008 DNC || ||

Iraq Veterans Against the War Concert & March in Denver from Nikolas Schiller on Vimeo.
Click here to watch on YouTube

The Iraq Veterans Against the War hosted a free concert at the Denver Coliseum with The Coup, Flobots, and Rage Against the Machine. After the sold out show, about 4,000 people took part in a 4 mile march to downtown Denver to give the presidential candidate Barack Obama Campaign a list of demands regarding the war the in Iraq and the treatment of veterans.

This sequential video starts at the Denver Coliseum with clips of the Flobots and Rage Against The Machine, then follows the demonstrators to downtown Denver, and finishes on the Denver police marching like soldiers & a polar bear at Ralph Nader’s “Open The Debates” rally at the University of Denver Magness Arena.

Click here for photographs from the day’s march.

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