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Madison Offset
|| 3/5/2011 || 3:48 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Madison Offset by Nikolas Schiller

With the protests taking place inside of the Wisconsin State Capitol, I decided to make a map of the area around the building.

View the Google Map of Madison, Wisconsin.

: detail :
Detail of Madison Offset by Nikolas Schiller

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Montpelier Quilt #3
|| 2/1/2011 || 12:58 pm || + Render A Comment || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Montpelier Quilt #3 by Nikolas Schiller

By sampling the previous map in this series, I was able to construct this Dodecagon Quilt Projection map. I have prepared imagery for a forth iteration, but I’m in no hurry to render it.

One interesting observation that I can extract from this series is that the imagery that is currently being used as the source material is of better quality than what is currently viewable on Google Maps and Google Earth. I’ve found the capitol dome to be a bit washed out on their imagery.

View the Google Map of Montpelier, Vermont.

: detail :
Detail of Montpelier Quilt #3 by Nikolas Schiller

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Montpelier Quilt #2
|| 1/30/2011 || 12:50 pm || + Render A Comment || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Montpelier Quilt #2 by Nikolas Schiller

As the title indicates, this map is the second iteration of the series and is composed entirely of a recursively sampled portion of Montpelier Quilt. I chose to sample the area around the Vermont State Capitol building as means to highlight the most important building in the map. The result is an Octagon Quilt Projection map that features more green tones around the center of the map due to the lawn surrounding the building. To me, the central portion almost looks like a gear or sprocket.

View the Google Map of Montpelier, Vermont.

: detail :
Detail of Montpelier Quilt #2 by Nikolas Schiller

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Montpelier Quilt
|| 1/24/2011 || 8:25 pm || + Render A Comment || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Montpelier Quilt by Nikolas Schiller

About four years ago I sent a request to the State of Vermont asking for color imagery of downtown Montpelier. At that time, Vermont was one of the last states that I had not made a map of and I was eager to complete the State Capitol project. To my surprise, they sent me a DVD of the imagery around Montpelier, but sadly the DVD-Rom was a bad burn, and I was never able to extract the imagery and this map, and the entire project, was put on hold.

According to the meta-data supplied with the imagery, it appears that this aerial photography was taken by Aero-Metric, Inc. on April 24th, 2009 and released to the public in October of 2009. This means I’m over a year late in making this map!

View the Google Map of Montpelier, Vermont.

: detail :
Detail of Montpelier Quilt by Nikolas Schiller

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TONIGHT: An Evening of Education and Entertainment in Support of DC Statehood at the U.S. Capitol
|| 7/15/2010 || 5:29 pm || + Render A Comment || ||

TO MAKE A STATE OF DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – The New York Times, December 14, 1902
|| 3/30/2010 || 1:14 pm || + Render A Comment || ||


Mass Meeting of Residents Indorses the Scheme.

Argument For And Against Admission to the Union– The President and New Mexico’s Delegation

Special to The New York Times.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 13- A little byplay for the advocates of statehood and their opponents is promised before the contest in the Senate is entirely over. Senator Gallinger, who has espoused the side of Senator Quay and the admission of the three Territories that are demanding to become States, has, as Chairman of the District Committee, introduced a resolution to amend the Constitution and make a State out of the District of Columbia.

The idea has taken with many of the people of Washington, and meetings are being held to discuss the prospect seriously. Last night a mass meeting was held at Brightwood, one of the largest suburbs of the city, and the Gallinger resolution was unanimously indorsed, but with a suggestion that there be a limitation on the suffrage.

The meeting was attended by many of the prominent and wealthy citizens of the District. Pressure is being brought to bear on Senator Gallinger to offer an amendment to the Statehood bill looking to the admission of the District as a State.

So far as population goes, Washington and the District have a good claim to admission. Delaware, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming all rank below the District in population. In point of intelligence and prosperity, so long as the Government stays here, there will be little doubt on that score.

The presence of a large negro vote and dubious jurisdiction involved in being the neutral ceded ground on which the Federal city is placed have been the chief difficulties in the way of giving the district any political status. The courts have uniformly held that the district in its political character is unlike any other principality on earth, and more nearly resembles the Bishopric of Durham than anything else.

Delegate Rodey of New Mexico led a large delegation of his constituents to the White House to-day to urge on the President the claims of the three Territories to admission into the Union.

The New Mexicans came away not entirely satisfied with the President’s manner in receiving their arguments. He was cordial and treated his callers with all possible consideration, but he did not promise he would help them to pass the Statehood bill. This was what they wanted and anything less than this seemed inhospitable.

Senator Beveridge also had a talk with the President about the bill, and when he came away from the White House said he could not make any comment on what the President had said to him, but he was more than ever confident of the defeat of the Tri-State bill. Beveridge says that Senator Quay has claimed too many votes and cannot muster a majority.

This newspaper article was transcribed from a scan of the original newspaper article. The document was obtained from the New York Times archives and is in the public domain. It is being republished here in order to continue my advocacy for full representation for the American citizens of the District of Columbia.

Saint Paul Quilt
|| 9/29/2008 || 11:42 am || Comments Off on Saint Paul Quilt || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Saint Paul Quilt

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve made one of my signature quilt projection maps. On one hand I haven’t been inspired lately to make any new maps based on this technique. On the other hand, there are only a few American cities that I have yet to map, and Saint Paul, Minnesota was one of them. I was originally going to make this map during the Republican National Convention, but was sidetracked due to other work. Unlike the previous quilt projection maps that I have made most recently, which involved at least one recursive tessellation, this map employs the original style of my hexagon quilts.

This coming Saturday I will be in New York City for the New York Map Society’s monthly meeting. In preparation for my talk, I don’t expect to be blogging much this week because I intend on spending much of my spare time preparing my notes for the talk. If you are in New York, I hope you can make it!

View the Google Map of downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota.

: detail :

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Boston Common Quilt #2
|| 4/18/2008 || 1:29 pm || Comments Off on Boston Common Quilt #2 || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Boston Commons Quilt #2

Using this portion of yesterday’s map, I constructed this derivative Diamond Quilt Projection map of the area around Boston Common and the Massachusetts State House.

View the Google Map of Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts.

: detail of the Parkman Bandstand :

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Boston Common Quilt
|| 4/17/2008 || 6:59 pm || Comments Off on Boston Common Quilt || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Boston Commons Quilt

I’ve had a couple geographers contact me asking if I was attending the AAG’s annual meeting in Boston. My answer has been that I’m too busy on various projects to attend. As a former employee and someone who helped facilitate two annual meetings (Denver & Chicago), I realized that the next meeting I plan on attending will be as either an exhibitor or if the trip is paid for by an employer. I would like to give another presentation again or organize a panel discussion, but, as with most things in life, I’m in no hurry.

Since I have not made any maps of downtown Boston since August of 2005, I decided to download the city, in lieu of going to the city. Pleasantly, I was able to download the city at two different spatial scales and from two different years: 2004 & 2005. So far the imagery looks a lot better than the patchwork design that was previously placed into the public domain. Eight different tessellations later, the entire downtown area will be remapped in the next week. Today’s map features the area around Boston Common, which is the oldest public park in America (created in 1634), and the Massachusetts State House. I chose an Octagon Quilt Projection because I liked the way the center creates a compass rose. Up next will be a derivative of today’s map.

View the Google Map of Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Annapolis Quilt
|| 8/25/2007 || 12:00 pm || Comments Off on Annapolis Quilt || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

I recently noticed that most of the state of Maryland has been released and now I can make the maps a few people have asked about, but was unable to make due to the lack of availability. Today’s map shows the area around the state capital of Maryland.

I’ve actually been to Annapolis a couple times. The last time was in June of 2006 when I went sailing with a friend of mine who’s from the area. The before that was on my 24th birthday in 2004 when a friend randomly picked me up that Sunday afternoon and drove me there on a whim for dinner. I remember getting a kick out of how the map I was making that day eerily looked like an anchor. And finally the first time I went to Annapolis was for a field trip my freshman year a GWU. We got to go on the nuclear submarine, the USS Pittsburgh. That was quite an interesting experience to say the least.

View the Google Map of Annapolis, Maryland.

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