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No Requests: a t-shirt for DJs who don’t like to be bothered
|| 7/26/2009 || 10:53 am || + Render A Comment || ||

About a year ago I made this t-shirt for my DJ friend Will Griffin. The story behind the t-shirt is as follows: One Wednesday night way back when at the 18th Street Lounge, we were chatting outside while he was taking his break from DJing. He noted the number of times people had come up to him and asked if he had X song & if he would play it. I chuckled and said “Maybe you should get a shirt that says ‘No Requests’ so you can point to your shirt instead of vocally replying” and he said, “why don’t you make me one?” A couple months later I found the right font, a large image of ESL Music’s iconic Eero Saarinen Tulip chair, and ordered the custom t-shirt. A few months later I ordered a second one for the manager of the lounge who also DJs there, but I have yet to take a photo of him wearing it.

Although I don’t DJ anymore, if I were to DJ at a club, I’d probably order one for myself.

She’s got the sole of the city with SWIMS galoshes
|| 10/31/2008 || 11:51 am || Comments Off on She’s got the sole of the city with SWIMS galoshes || ||

Map of Paris featured on SWIMS City Slipper high heel

I read about these stylish galoshes a little while ago, and saw the map on sole of the shoe, but I couldn’t find a high resolution version that showed the actual map. Yesterday I found it. SWIMS, a Scandinavian company known for making stylish galoshes, incorporates lots of great details both for practical and aesthetic reasons such as:

• Extra traction for slippery surfaces.
• The sole of each CitySlipper has the map of either New York, Paris, or Tokyo.
• Pull on/off grip and the soft siliconpad on the sides makes it very convenient.
• Flexible design to fit almost any heel height and thickness due to flexible material and construction.
• Protection for the delicate leather/suede sole of your shoe and the tip of the shoe against the elements.
• Low-Cut style is for shoes with bows and buckles.

The maps themselves definitely fall into the realm of aesthetics not cartographics, but ya know, I am a big fan of those kind of maps.

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Federico Aubele’s Anthropomorphic Map of Panamericana
|| 9/12/2008 || 11:18 pm || Comments Off on Federico Aubele’s Anthropomorphic Map of Panamericana || ||

I am a bit late on posting this t-shirt, but since I have been posting other t-shirts lately, I feel the time is write to put up this entry. I went to see Federico Aubele and Natalia Clavier the other night and saw that the shirt above was for sale.

Argentinian-born Federico Aubele‘s Panamericana was released in the United States last September on Washington, DC-based ESL Music. It’s Federico’s second full-length album and it turned out being one of my favorite CDs of 2007. In full disclosure, I “sing” in the chorus with 4 others on the track “Este Momento” (a long story for another posting).

The map above combines his head and curly hair with the continents of North and South America. The greek prefix pan means “all, whole, all-inclusive,” hence the geographic title of the album, Panamericana. I’ve always been a fan of how his chin exudes the Alaskan Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands almost as if its cartographic goatee. The songs on the album even include geographic sounding titles like “In The Desert” (En El Desierto) and “In Every Place” (En Cada Lugar) and to compliment the map t-shirt, the CD’s insert even contains a map of the Pan-Aamerican Highway.

Unlike the Addias map shirts and the Express Clothing map t-shirts, Federico Aubele’s Anthropomorphic Map of Panamericana t-shirt was made in America by American Apparel. However, I don’t know where the graphic was printed (maybe by American Apparel?) For some reason I own two copies of the shirt, but I haven’t taken a picture of myself wearing the shirt…yet.

Here’s a YouTube video of the song La Esquina from Panamericana:

He’s currently on tour with his wife Natalia Clavier (who’s first CD is great, BTW). Check either of their MySpace pages (links above) to see if they are coming near you because you might be able to get the shirt above in person.

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The Adidas World Map and the Adidas Map of the Western Hemisphere
|| 9/6/2008 || 11:44 pm || Comments Off on The Adidas World Map and the Adidas Map of the Western Hemisphere || ||

As I mentioned in my last entry I went to the Adidas store in Georgetown last night. While I was looking through the clothing on the various racks, I spotted these two map related t-shirts. They use the Adidas logo as the texture of the surface of the earth. Unlike Express clothing’s cartographic t-shirts, this time around I actually looked at where the shirts were made. The location and the Adidas map of the Western Hemisphere are below the fold:


QR Code on display at the Ralph Lauren store in Georgetown
|| 9/5/2008 || 11:51 pm || Comments Off on QR Code on display at the Ralph Lauren store in Georgetown || ||

Tonight I went to the Adidas store in Georgetown because my friend DECOY was celebrating her birthday and another friend was DJing. After parking my bicycle down the street (Georgetown doesn’t have many bicycle locks), I noticed the sign outside of the Ralph Lauren store. This sighting marks the first time I’ve seen a QR Code in Washington, DC. I decided to snap a picture of it to see if I could decode on my computer and below the fold you can see the results:


My Weekend in Photos [8/22-8/24]
|| 8/25/2008 || 6:46 am || Comments Off on My Weekend in Photos [8/22-8/24] || ||

The photos below document some of what I saw on Friday, Saturday, and early Sunday morning.

View the rest of the photographs:


Photos from last night’s “Quart Bag” exhibition @ the Civilian Art Projects
|| 8/9/2008 || 12:42 pm || 3 Comments Rendered || ||

Unidentified woman looking at my piece “Without You I am Lost,”
next to Brook Halvorson’s “Stool Sample – Jeff Koons” and René Treviño’s “Cupcakes for gay Iranians

Inspired by the many things you can do with a quart bag, Civilian Art Projects and friends have invited 100 DC area artists to participate in a community art exhibition called Quart Bag. The exhibition provides an imaginative opportunity for artists to use thirty-two ounces of space within a plastic quart size bag. All works of art will be sold for $100 or less, providing an opportunity for all people to walk home with a piece of art that is FAA approved.

Below are some of the photographs I took last night at the opening reception for Quart Bag at the Civilian Art Projects. There were over 100 different pieces in the show and I managed to photograph about 1/3 of them.

Photograph of exhibition attendees



An interview on a bicycle conducted while riding through Amsterdam
|| 7/31/2008 || 5:56 pm || 3 Comments Rendered || ||

Amsterdamize Bicycle TV : Riding With Marie from Amsterdamize on Vimeo.

Yesterday I watched the video above and smiled. It was the first time I’d seen an interview conducted whilst riding down the street. Have you ever seen one conducted in this fashion?

The 9 minute video above features the author of the Dutch bicycle advocacy blog Amsterdamize as he rides side-by-side & interviews the co-author of Copenhagen’s bicycle advocacy blog Copenhagenzine. They discuss the differences in bicycle riding in their respective cities while showing the beautiful scenery of Amsterdam. It truly made me want to go back to Amsterdam just to ride around the city and take in the city’s car-free culture & rich history.

Anyways, this year I’ve added bicycle advocacy to the disparate topics this website covers. It makes sense as well because my main transportation method is a bicycle and the 120-year-old house I live in is on the site of a former bicycle racetrack.

Since I recently purchased a digital camera I’ve been running through a bunch of ideas as to how I can creatively use this simple technology to make new content for this blog. Expect some more bicycle related entries in the coming days….

In case the video above didn’t satiate your appetite for urban bicycling, here are few of my favorite bicycling videos from Amsterdamize, Copenhagenzine and it’s sister site Copenhagen Cycle Chic for you to enjoy:


Hipster : The Dead End of Western Civilization By Douglas Haddow
|| 7/28/2008 || 2:48 pm || 8 Comments Rendered || ||

This entry has depreciated, please click here to read the official article on the Adbusters website.

Below is the feature article of Adbuster’s Magazine Issue #79, which should hit newsstands either today or tomorrow. As a subscriber to the magazine, I received my copy in the mail last Thursday and after reading the entire issue I decided to spend an hour Friday afternoon transcribing the feature article for this blog entry.

Normally I don’t waste my time transcribing articles, but I have a strong feeling that this article will not be published on their website in its entirety and I feel that by sharing it here I’m able to direct more people to the magazine’s website than would otherwise visit. I don’t think Adbusters will take too much issue to my reprinting of their article, but if they do I’ll remove it from my website. I’ve already been their anti-advertisement lackey before and probably helped sell dozens of their corporate flags when I was featured in the Sunday Style section of the Washington Post on the 4th of July, 2004.

What I enjoyed most about this article is that it hits close to home. Depending on what clothes I might be wearing I could easily be considered a hipster under the definition outlined in the article below. However, what’s lacking in the demographic the author outlines are those that bridge the gap between socially aware and unaware. As in, can someone stand for something, but not have it thrown in the face of the unaware? On my behalf, I can say that I’m fully aware of what style I am supporting just as I am aware of what corporations I am not supporting in my clothing, music, and transportation choices (I have two bicycles; neither of which are fixed-gear). Aren’t culture jammers supposed to be wolves in sheep’s clothing that can blend in, but stand out when the time arises?

In this respect, the author makes little room for someone like myself to exist within the rubric of hipsterdom. Can one be stylish, but not hipster? Or can one be socially conscious while maintaining the decorum of that which the author loathes? The inherent irony is that many of the clothes the author points out are also clothing items that were not made in a sweatshop.

As a mashup of all demographics before it, how then will the future be defined by the absence of this mashup? Essentially, if hipsterdom is to die, then how can a new demographic be born anew without stealing some its tenets, much like all previous generations did before it? In that respect, the author attempts to answer this by stating we are at the end of the Western Civilization because we have no where to grow, move, or redefine ourselves. Yet the author doesn’t give much direction as to how we are to accomplish this.

I ask those rhetorical questions above because I generally agree with the author’s conclusions, yet as someone that straddles the demographic at hand, I don’t see the how the demographic will end or morph without some cataclysmic event that forces the delineation between those who have both substance and style and those that are simply posing for the camera blissfully unaware of their choices. Only time will tell…I hope you enjoy the read and if you do, go out and purchase the magazine yourself.

Hipster : The Dead End of Western Civilization
By Douglas Haddow for Adbusters Magazine, Issue #79

I’m sipping a scummy pint of cloudy beer in the back of a trendy dive bar turned nightclub in the heart of the city’s heroin district. In front of me stand a gang of hippiesh grunge-punk types, who crowd around each other and collectively scoff at the smoking laws by sneaking puffs of “fuck-you,” reveling in their perceived rebellion as the haggard, staggering staff look on without the slightest concern.

The “DJ” is keystroking a selection of MP3s off his MacBook, making a mix that sounds like he took a hatchet to a collection of yesteryear billboard hits, from DMX to Dolly Parton, but mashed up with a jittery techno backbeat.

“So… is this a hipster party?” I ask the girl sitting next to me. She’s wearing big dangling earrings, an American Apparel V-neck tee, non-prescription glasses and an inappropriately warm wool coat.

“Yeah, just look around you, 99 percent of the people here are total hipsters!”

“Are you a hipster?”

“Fuck no,” she says laughing back the last of her glass before she hops off to the dance floor.

Continue reading:


Cartographic Clothing from Express
|| 7/24/2008 || 2:22 pm || Comments Off on Cartographic Clothing from Express || ||

At the beginning of this month I noticed a dude at the 18th Street Lounge wearing the t-shirt above and I asked him where he got it. To my dismay he said he purchased it at the Express Clothing Store at his nearby mall. While I liked the shirt (a lot!) I was saddened to know that it was probably made in a sweatshop.

I didn’t ask the dude to take a look at the shirt’s tag, which would have shown the country of origin, but I know from experience that most of the clothing at Express and other clothing shops in the mall tend to be made in sweatshops around the world. A couple years ago I made a pact with myself to not purchase clothing that I knew was manufactured in a sweatshop, so don’t expect me to run out and buy this shirt.

In the three weeks since I started preparing this entry I noticed that the two other shirts which had cartographic representations on them have already been deaccessioned from the Express website. The link above should bring you to the same graphic t-shirt but in a different color. The two t-shirts shown below the fold are not available anymore on-line but might still be for sale at a nearby store. Thats if you are down with sweatshops and all…


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