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counter-inaugural counter intel?
|| 12/28/2004 || 9:16 am || Comments Off on counter-inaugural counter intel? || ||

By analyzing the Inaugural Map website logs and using to trace the IP addresses, these are the government agencies who visited the Inaugural Map on 12/27/04:


The Inaugural Map & January 6th
|| 12/20/2004 || 6:30 pm || Comments Off on The Inaugural Map & January 6th || ||

Over the weekend I got little domain name crazy. After downloading another aerial photograph of DC from the USGS’s National Map, I found that Dick Cheney’s residence, the Naval Observatory, has been visually redacted- pixilated so that you cannot see the ground in detail. The U.S. Capitol building is too, and I wonder what else! Censored sounds cool, but redacted just has that sonic flavor of national security all over it. So I was going to register “,” but that is too much of a mouthful and I ended up just using redacted as my base word. I ended up with and Add those to and I think I’ve come up with an interesting lexical mix of URLs. However, is my favorite!

But I wasn’t finished… this entire weekend I dutifully spent working on the Inaugural Map. I bought both & blew about $40 on getting hosting for it, which has been a real pain in the ass. I’m definitely going to be getting my money back on the 29th day (30 day money back guarantee!).

As for the Map itself, I’ve added quite a few more layers: Public Access points on the parades route, Metro Stops (with special mouseover info), the street lines, the street names, and the parade route. And below the map I created another flash animation to be a portal for further inquiry. I made a dividing line between Red & Blue and put all the activist links on the Blue side and all the official inaugural links on the other side. Below it all I decided to add a link to the first ever Counter Inaugural Ball. I loved the byline, “Not just Republicans have Balls!”

Sunday night I had the opportunity to brainstorm with the person behind this event. He’s the man behind “ReDefeat Bush.” I found out about a concert/rally/protest he is organizing on the 6th of January outside of the Capitol building. If you’ve seen Fahrenheit 9-11, you most likely remember the opening scene in Congress where there was not one Senator that would stand up (Note- John Kerry didn’t, even as liberal as he is supposed to be). Rumor has it that right now there is some behind the scenes work on Capitol Hill to find that Senator. I mean everyone knows that the votes cast on electronic voting machines are synthetic votes. There have been election irregularities in just about every state that had them, but unlike paper ballots there are no digital hanging chads, no way to actually verify voter intent. So on January 6th, when both houses of Congress reconvene, the entire election’s legitimacy, Bush’s media dubbed mandate, can all become awash. The constitution states that the House will have to vote to elect the president, which means Bush will be the only president elected by both the Supreme Court and the House, and never by the people he is supposed to represent. Alas, I’ll be on my first business trip that day, in Maui of all places, but I hope some Senator has the foresight to stand up.

If you haven’t yet, please call your Senator and explain to him the important significance.

The Inaugural Map
|| 12/17/2004 || 11:54 pm || Comments Off on The Inaugural Map || ||

I just made what I think to be my best flash creation yet….. The Inaugural Map

I still need to add some more content, but its completely functional!

new GIS of my hood
|| 12/14/2004 || 11:46 pm || Comments Off on new GIS of my hood || ||

Like a true dork, I spent the evening remaking an older GIS of my neighborhood into a newer one . I used more recent imagery from the USGS and added popular destinations around where I live. I think its pretty cool to be able to give people interactive directions to your house….. and since we are having a party this weekend (below), why not send future guests a link? Makes sense to me, but then again, I just spent 4 hours remaking something only dorks will use. Time to go to Ben’s Chili Bowl (#3)

Chills Mississippi
|| || 7:42 pm || Comments Off on Chills Mississippi || ||

Today as I searched for GIS programs in High School’s around the country today, I’ve found Joseph Kerski’s name in quite a few places. Today I found that he’s on a KansasGIS listerv and Inoticed that he posted the pictures from the AAG Centennial Meeting. Aside from providing some great photos of the meeting, at the bottom, on page 14 there is a graphic on the wall that he quotes as “The exhibit included an interesting double-mirror image of Mississippi River” This graphic actually looks very similar to two of the renderings I’ve created recently:
Star of the Mississippi River Delta & Mississippi River Delta Balls

Oh yeah, posted last Saturday

There are a few more parties tonight to check out so I’ll be busy. Maybe I can get a girl’s number…lol

On the way to work this morning, I saw the hottest girl from one of the parties at the interstion of 16th & U walking down the street with her friend. When I pulled up to the intersection she looked at me and smiled and said “You were at my party Saturday night,” It pretty much made my morning. I’d definitely like to see her again.

Lastly, I am perturbed that I lost one of my renderings… The rendering that was made on my birthday at that! It was one of my favorites too, simply because the inner cube looks like an anchor, and the day it rendered I went to Anchor-Town USA, Annapolis, Maryland. My friend Taylor called me up in the middle of the day an announced she & friend Denise were going to Annapolis and wanted to know if I wanted to go along! I thought the synchronicity was my real birthday present- but alas I lost the 411 mb .tiff to a bad DVD. Damn the Laser Man! His name is Chills Laserkino, I must search out and destroy this man at all costs. He’s an anagram of me :-) I must get him.

Just turned on the TV to watch DC City Council, good stuff.

|| 9/18/2004 || 6:13 pm || Comments Off on geolopes || ||


The Fun*raiser went well. Not as many heads turnout due to the weather but I had a great time. I hope the block party goes better.

I am sad that I wasn’t able to go back to the AAG conference but the Green Festival zapped my time. However I found a great eco-friendly geographical gift item called Geolopes:

Geolopes are common sized envelopes and stationery recycled from outdated government surplus topographic maps published by various U.S. and Canadian government mapping agencies.

Topographic maps are responsible for my love for geography. I have fond memories of looking at my first topographical map when hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park when I was 8 years old! (after getting the link to Rocky Mountain National Park I noticed that I’ve climbed the 3 mountains in the background- Flattop Mountain, Hallets Peak, and Mount Otis) Nonetheless, I think I will be buying some Geolopes for myself! Maybe I can get a set for my birthday :-) I’ll definitely write more letters this way. Plus I used to make all of my own envelopes back in the day from magazines (mainly Vogue), and this recycling project uses. I think it would a cool way to send out resumes to potential earth science employers. I can also see this company having a booth at the AAG’s annual meeting.

This rendering has a unique torus- even better when viewed as 200 megapixels. I think its time for another near full-size upload- but which one?

U Street Safety
|| 9/8/2004 || 8:05 am || Comments Off on U Street Safety || ||


I was reading my housemate’s blog about recent crime that has happened in our neighborhood. I thought it would be an interesting task to somehow catalog the crime that is happening around us in some sort of spatial context (its my geographical mode of thought). Last night I realized that one of my free mapping programs has a way to get all of the USGS aerial photography of the USA taken 1988. I was able to export an image of what I thought to be the “U Street Corridor” and import it into Flash to make the image a little bit more interactive. I am very pleased with the results. I was able to eyeball quite a bit of brownfield development and I outlined the areas that have since been developed. Ideally, I’d like to get people’s accounts of where they’ve had criminal run-ins and put little red X’s in the places where events have happened and have them show up on the map with a number and have all the numbers listed. I know this is nearly an impossible task because there is such a long history to the area, but within my circle of friends and people my housemates know on the street, I might be able to make a visually convincing argument for more police patrols in our area. So the Daily Render for Wednesday, September 8th, 2004 is the “U Street Corridor Animation.” If you have a moment or two play around with it. Its my first successful attempt at getting an image to zoom nicely, and I plan on implementing this code into future geospatial flash animations. As for the “Lenz Project,” its on hold while I copy all of my backed up MP3’s on to my recently reformatted external hard drive.

Lastly, I had a fun conversation with my mom last night about people that are “politically undecided.” We both laughed at the suggestion that anyone who is undecided right now doesn’t follow politics at all. I proffered the notion they must be idiots. A mean thought, but I think it all boils down to how much I hate polls. Simply put, I don’t believe in polls, or at least most of the methodology used. I feel polls use spatial autocorrelation improperly. Its hard to explain, but it boils down to how random, how large the sampling population is, and what data aggregation methods are employed and I don’t feel polls do this well. And plus the polls mention undecided voters, and who is an undecided voter? I know plenty of apathetic voters, but these undecided voters must be living with pikas in hobbit holes far above tree line with no television, radio, or computer and only the vague notion that there is something for them to do every four years.

E St. Risk Analysis
|| 5/9/2004 || 9:51 pm || Comments Off on E St. Risk Analysis || ||

“E Street Risk Analysis”
Created for a GWU Geography class
Flash presentation uses video, satellite
imagery, and risk analysis to show security laspses in downtown Washington,

My first GIS
|| 10/22/2002 || 11:16 pm || Comments Off on My first GIS || ||

I overlayed an aerial photograph with the proposed metrolink extension over the population density layer to attempt to see what stops will have the most traffic.

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