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Uncertified Election Results from Precinct #137 in Washington, DC
|| 11/5/2008 || 5:48 pm || Comments Off on Uncertified Election Results from Precinct #137 in Washington, DC || ||

Above is the unofficial results from yesterday’s election. Since I didn’t vote for Barack Obama, I decided to not celebrate last night. It wasn’t my victory. All I can say is that I voted for the other black presidential candidate, the one the media decided to ignore. I’ll probably revisit my feelings toward the 2008 election in a future entry. I’d also like to make another round of maps of where DC residents voted for DC Statehood Green Party candidates. One positive aspect of the election is that the party was able to maintain ballot access for the 2010 elections.

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YouTube Video of Cynthia McKinney on Al Jazeera’s Riz Extra show
|| 10/23/2008 || 3:41 pm || Comments Off on YouTube Video of Cynthia McKinney on Al Jazeera’s Riz Extra show || ||

Since the American media has completely blocked out the presidential campaign of Cynthia McKinney, its good to see that some foreign media is covering her campaign. In this web exclusive (aka not broadcast), Al Jazeera‘s Riz Khan speaks to Cynthia McKinney about her platform and campaign.

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Stickering Shepard Fairey’s “The Duality of Humanity” in Washington, DC
|| 10/17/2008 || 2:51 pm || Comments Off on Stickering Shepard Fairey’s “The Duality of Humanity” in Washington, DC || ||

Early Friday morning I left my house with a sticker with the one intention of placing a sticker on the poster of street artist Shepard Fairey‘s “The Duality of Humanity” which has been stuck up all around this country, from Denver to San Francisco and now, not far from my house in Washington, DC.

It was literally a tongue in cheek action because the sticker was temporary and message was humorous: I <3 Vandalism. I had obtained the sticker from a random street art book a friend gave me for my birthday. The reason behind doing this was two-fold. First is that some forms of street art is vandalism. The other, more important issue, is that Fairey’s street art is merely stylish propaganda, which deserves to be defaced over time, like all street art.

It’s really the Barack Obama poster that gets to me. In my opinion, there is nothing revolutionary about Barack Obama’s character. Nothing. He stands for the status quo. It might be progress that he might becomes president. But when placed in the context of revolutionary ideals and presidential aspirations, this street art becomes explicit Democratic party propaganda and thereby subverts his entire message.

Moreover, its gimmicky— have an acclaimed street artist come to town, put up some large prints that depict ironic pseudo-revolutionary memes on derelict property, have a gallery opening to sell it to rich folk who keep the duality alive, and put up Barack Obama posters on the side. I get it and it sells well. Yet political art should have a larger message that is defiant of the status quo. To embrace the partisan, lesser of the two evilism, might be a Duality of Humanity, but its politically feeble-minded and artistically weak, but it sure is nice propaganda.


Third Party Presidential Ballot Access in the United States of America [updated]
|| 10/16/2008 || 12:24 am || Comments Off on Third Party Presidential Ballot Access in the United States of America [updated] || ||

At the beginning of September I posted a similar graphic showing the third party presidential ballot access in the United States of America. In the month since, the final deadlines have passed and the updated graphic above shows the final state by state (plus the colony of the District of Columbia) listing of the candidates who have the statistical chances of winning the electoral college and becoming president of the United States.

What is sad about American democracy as it’s presented on television and in the print media is that America consists of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, and only those parties and no mention of the ones above. All the third parties above are either completely ignored or they are incorrectly lumped together into Independents. The result is a marginalization of all other parties who might contribute to the political discourse.

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Empirically demonstrating how voting can prove uniqueness
|| 9/10/2008 || 11:48 pm || Comments Off on Empirically demonstrating how voting can prove uniqueness || ||

The above screen grab is from the DC Board of Elections and Ethics website and shows the votes cast for D.C. Statehood Green Party Candidates in my precinct. Unlike the presidential primary election, where there were two DC Statehood Green Party votes cast, this time around the tally shows that I was the only person at my precinct to vote for the D.C. Statehood Green Party Candidates.

Taken together, these two votes show that I vote in the super minority, but when combined with the fact that I was the only person in 2004 to vote for David Cobb in my precinct, I’ve come to the conclusion that voting can empirically show my uniqueness.

Yet politics and elections are not supposed to show that only I voted, rather when aggregated they are to reflect the values and beliefs of a geography. So in this respect, these election results show that I am unique to where that I live, but they also show how little influence my beliefs have at the ballot box of my precinct. Regardless, I am happy to live in a city that has more than two major parties because many cities only have two choices.

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Democratic National Convention 2008 – Photos from Day Two
|| 8/27/2008 || 11:44 pm || Comments Off on Democratic National Convention 2008 – Photos from Day Two || ||

The Iraq Veterans Against the War hosted a free concert at the Denver Coliseum with The Coup, Flobots, and Rage Against the Machine. After the sold out show, about 4,000 people took part in a 4 mile march to downtown Denver to give the presidential candidate Barack Obama Campaign a list of demands regarding the war the in Iraq and the treatment of veterans.

Below are the photos I took today:

View the rest of the photographs:


Dalai Lama: “If you have a Green Party I want to join it”
|| 6/24/2008 || 12:45 pm || Comments Off on Dalai Lama: “If you have a Green Party I want to join it” || ||

About 2 minutes into the video the 14th Dalai Lama asks if America has a Green Party and if so he would want to join it. Made me smile :-) Read more about his remarks here.

CurrentTV: Green On Green [feat. the 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidates]
|| 6/4/2008 || 12:39 am || Comments Off on CurrentTV: Green On Green [feat. the 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidates] || ||

This four minute video showcases some of the 2008 Green Party presidential candidates and their stances on a few issues. I like the way the video goes about rectifying some misconceptions about the 2000 election and the importance of voting for who & what you believe in. As I noted last week, Cynthia McKinney has clinched the Green Party‘s presidential nomination, but regretfully I won’t be able to attend the national convention this year because family duties call me to Colorado at the same time. After attending the two previous annual meetings I’m really curious to see who shows up, but this year I’ll just have to watch the videos of the proceedings on-line.

NBC Universal is co-opting the Green Party of the United States this Earth Day
|| 4/22/2008 || 1:41 pm || Comments Off on NBC Universal is co-opting the Green Party of the United States this Earth Day || ||

This Earth Day I am calling out corporate greenwashing being employed by NBC Universal . The calculated lie (below) is that they are not forming a new “Green Party,” rather they are subverting the existence of one of the few 3rd parties in American politics.

When this week is over, I sincerely wonder how many times will NBC Universal feature the Green Party’s presidential candidate on any of it’s stations? That is less of a question and more of a challenge. My null hypothesis is that there will be no mention of the Green Party of the United States, rather lots of tips on living green instead of empowering people that they have the option to vote Green in November.

NBC Universal is 80% owned by General Electric and this type of greenwashing is designed to help distance people’s concerns about General Electric’s nuclear reactor business operations. It’s ironic that it was protests against nuclear energy that helped propel the German Green Party into the political spotlight.

View the modified screen grab:


Germany’s Green Party opens chapter in Washington, DC
|| 4/10/2008 || 11:46 pm || Comments Off on Germany’s Green Party opens chapter in Washington, DC || ||

As a current member of the DC Statehood Green Party, former elected member of the DC Statehood Green Party steering committee, and former elected national delegate to the Green Party of the United States, this is exciting news to me. Dies ist gut:

Germany’s Green Party opens chapter in Washington, DC

Julie Gregson | Deutsche Welle | 04.09.2008

Germany’s Green Party is setting up a branch in the United States. The bottom-up initiative aims to bring a more international perspective to the party’s work and combat anti-Americanism among some members back home.

The chapter is due to be officially founded next weekend in Washington DC. It hopes to tap into the experiences of the growing number of Germans working in the US capital in international organizations, foundations and think tanks, as well as in the media, the culture industry and higher education.

“We’ve discovered that there are a lot of Germans in town who are young, tolerant and cosmopolitan and who share Green values or are active in the Green party,” said chapter co-founder Arne Jungjohann. “We want to offer them a platform.” But the group is also looking to engage with Greens across the United States and has set up a Facebook presence to allow those living further afield to contribute to the debate. “Our purpose is to have a group that is following German domestic politics and influencing the Green agenda in Germany on international topics,” said Jungjohann, who is also Environmental Program Director at the Boell Foundation.

Countering anti-americanism

Anti-Americanism is another area where the group believes it could have important input. Reinhard Buetikofer, co-leader of the Greens, welcomed the establishment of the party’s Washington DC branch, saying it was a positive sign for bilateral dialog.

“This is not supposed to be a one-way street — it’s an exchange, it’s about cooperation,” Buetikofer said. “It will attest to the fact that the Green party is open towards exchange with the United States. You do not have to be German to join the group, but an affiliation with Germany is required and German will be its working language.

It is the Greens’ second branch abroad. The party also has a group based in Brussels, the headquarters of the European Commission.

[via Sam Smith’s D.C. City Desk]


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