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should I or should I not?
|| 6/23/2005 || 3:09 pm || Comments Off on should I or should I not? || ||

There are times in people’s lives where they are given the opportunity to get a few laughs at a digital distance. Right now a few people in the democratic party in Washington, DC are using a graphic I made in the tagline of their E-mails. By tracing their IP’s I know that one is a member of the House of Representatives, and the other works in the DC government building. Today I’ve been debating if I should go ahead and change the graphic at the URL they are using, or if I should just let it be… On the vulgar end, I could make the graphic something pornographic. On the political end, I could make it something green party related. On the humorous end, I could make it into a funny picture, or maybe just make the graphic a picture of me with the title “you are stealing my bandwidth.” Hmmmm…

The Inaugural Map Recap
|| 3/23/2005 || 5:12 pm || Comments Off on The Inaugural Map Recap || ||

I just got the AWStats analysis back from the Inaugural Map IP logs… All I can say is WOW! I am going to be posting the HTML results on my website later tonight…. It looks like another analysis of the IP logs is needed for some of the IPs that didn’t resolve, so there might be some updated content tomorrow as well…..144,000 domain names takes a long while to analyze!….

Inaugural Map
“The Inaugural Map”
Designed to help coordinate visitors coming to Washington, DC to celebrate the second inauguration of George W. Bush. was featured the front page of Michael Moore’s website and mentioned on the Drudge Report. In it’s one month on-line, recieved 147,681 hits and 42,155 unique visitors.

View IP Logs

new visitors
|| 3/18/2005 || 10:39 am || Comments Off on new visitors || ||

I was doing my daily check of my website logs this morning, and I am very pleased my colleague Joseph Kerski recieved my print in the mail! I can tell he liked it because he sent my link to some of his friends. In the end, I recieved 10 hits from various USGS employees. That’s definitely the most hits I’ve recieved from one government agency in one day! I wonder who else will check out my work today? I’ll definitely find out tomorrow. Last night I added some content to my design & video pages, and most importantly I included a link to my most recent project,

Well tomorrow has come and there have been 23 more USGS visits :-) Including someone from NORAD & someone from DHS. I hope you have enjoyed your visit!

Related IP-Trace Entries:

counter-inaugural counter intel #4
|| 12/31/2004 || 7:21 am || Comments Off on counter-inaugural counter intel #4 || ||

Still a lot hospitals checking out the website… It looks like we’ve got a daily visitor from NORAD-USSPACECOM too :-)


counter-inaugural counter-intel #3
|| 12/30/2004 || 8:42 am || Comments Off on counter-inaugural counter-intel #3 || ||

Its not really “Intel” its just fun to see who’s been visiting the Inaugural Map via the Counter Inaugural website. I am glad to see that the Washington Post has been a daily visitor and now someone at the Associated Press is checking it out. I also found it interesting that the Department of Homeland Security is using an IP through Sprint, instead of “DHS.GOV”


counter-inaugural counter intel #2
|| 12/29/2004 || 5:32 pm || Comments Off on counter-inaugural counter intel #2 || ||

It’s not really “Intel” its more or less, “lets see who checked the website out!” Add this to yesterday’s government hits, and I guess you can say that there is a lot of activity in quite a few government agencies in preparation for the Inauguration. One interesting observation is the amount of people at hospitals that have checked out the Map. People from Johns Hopkins and a Kansas City hospital also checked it out.


counter-inaugural counter intel?
|| 12/28/2004 || 9:16 am || Comments Off on counter-inaugural counter intel? || ||

By analyzing the Inaugural Map website logs and using to trace the IP addresses, these are the government agencies who visited the Inaugural Map on 12/27/04:


wow …its really finished… for now
|| 8/11/2004 || 6:33 am || Comments Off on wow …its really finished… for now || ||

I have spent entirely too much time working on my website! But DAMN, I am really proud of how it looks now. I added a whole slew of new pages. First off, I created a services page, which I hope will drum up some new business. I feel that I will be updating this page with some more explicit information shortly. I also added a bunch of new renderings which I’ve been waiting for some time to put on-line. The whole “Lenz Project” has really churned out some amazing images! And they keep getting bigger too! The last few designs have rendered at 10,000 X 7,500 pixels (about 300 megabyte TIFFs!)- which means they’ll make some amazing posters someday. When I first started rendering designs I’d make them 1600X1200, and after the 9 day rendering of the “recycling room,” I have become a lot more patient and now the graphics are just getting larger & larger. Now the only drawback is obtaining free satellite imagery that is large enough so that I can render the XXL sizes without massive pixilation.

I am now experimenting with taking the whole Lenz template and elongating the sphere to create an eye. It looks like the next series will be the “Eye in the Sky Project” :) After compiling all the images together for the design page, I opted to make the new design page four pages instead of one. I didn’t know that I had that many graphics, but at the same time I realize there are a few that aren’t even listed on the page itself! (I like the way that page looks with the “earth,” Baghdad, the Pentagon, the Vatican, and Mecca- but I don’t really care for the moon rendering there, but oh well) I also split up the video page into two sections. Doing all of this made me realize that I beginning to build up a decent body of work. Next up is redoing the “site map,” because the XML portion that I toiled away for hours working on last year has been replaced by this blog. I think I am going to make the White House the link to the services page. I’ll post updates when they are completed.

In reference the last post, after checking my website logs (rather excitedly) I ended up getting 5 hits from the U.S. Capitol Police. Nothing from the Department of Homeland Security or the State Department. The U.S. Capitol Police didn’t look at anything on the website except for my animation, my blog, and of course they downloaded my resume. Judging by the speed at which they ran through the pages, it was more of an investigation of Nikolas Schiller than an analysis of my animation. However, I was glad to see that during one of the 5 hits, someone actually looked through the complete analysis. Nonetheless, my encounter with the U.S. Capitol Police Investigations Division Task Force was a lot better than the two reporters with the Common Denominator who were detained! The whole irony is that even the Chief of the U.S. Capitol Police sees no specific threat to Hill. Its 3 year old intelligence! What was that? Did you hear a boy crying wolf in the distance?

The political hardball I’ve been the most privy to as of late has been with Adam’s campaign. This week we are contesting the fact that Adam’s challenger is using the DC government website for his reelection campaign website. I got to be quoted in the press release, but judging by the few hits I received today it wasn’t sent out to many people or the reporters chose not to cover the story. [update: this was not written to insinuate that anyone did not do their job properly] Nonetheless, its my first time appearing in a press release. Next up for the campaign is to make a nice looking promotional campaign video. I have all the footage to make something now, I just don’t have the creative drive at the moment- or more like the framework for which I want to make it. I’d like to work with someone on it rather than going at it alone. Anyways, this Friday I am going to be out in Ward 7 again campaigning without Adam for Michele Tingling-Clemmons (candidate for DC City Council WARD 7). I’ve enjoyed going to Ward 7 & 8 this last month because its shown me a lot more DC than I ever have seen in the last 5 years…errr, well the east side of DC that is. I want to do another event in Adam’s Morgan though! Next month we’ll probably have another one :)

Well the sun is coming up and the vampire must go to sleep. Or should I just stay up? Eh, there is a drum & bass event tonight at Club 5, but I don’t think I’m going to go. I should, I need the exercise, but I’m just kinda bored seeing the same folks every time I go out. We’ll see about it…

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