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Jefferson Mandala
|| 6/12/2005 || 6:15 pm || Comments Off on Jefferson Mandala || ||

This rendering marks two significant pinnacles in my geographic artistry.

The biggest step is of making a complete mandala. Before my mandalas were only reflected 4 ways (north, south, east, west) , and now I am achieving reflections of over 8 ways (north-north east, east-north east, etc), which make the final products so much more intricate and in my opinion, far superior to my older maps.

Secondly, the source imagery used for this image was what I’d like to call first derivative geospatial imagery. I have coined term to signify that the source imagery is the first derivation of a previously rendered image. In the image above, I used the rendered imagery from the center of the Mall Quilt as my source imagery for this rendering.

With source imagery’s self-similar design it’s closer to the definition of a fractal. You can zoom into a fractal to infinite, and what I think I’ve created is in effect a geographic fractal where I can take derivatives of renderings and reproject them into infinity. Each derivation will be more reflected and abstract, but I will not lose the spatial resolution so long as the final rendered dimensions are not larger than the source imagery dimensions multiplied by the number of times the source imagery is completely shown.

For example, the source imagery used to make the image above was 6000X6000 pixels, however the image above was rendered at 12000X12000 pixels. I am able to reproject the imagery larger because the actual source imagery is used multiple times within the image and in essence is doubled by the way the source imagery tessellates. Notice how you see a mirror of the Jefferson Memorial (aka 2x for every reflection), the mirroring process allows for the geographic tessellation to not lose spatial resolution when the image is finally rendered. Theoretically, I could cut out the center of this rendering, and use for my next rendering, and it would technically be considered second derivative geospatial imagery…and I might just do that :)

If this is too confusing, I’m sorry. I too am still trying to get my mind around this concept. Regardless, expect some very beautiful renderings in the near future!

View the map’s close-up details using the interactive Flash application called Zoomify

View the Google Map of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC

This map was printed over a million times in newspapers around the world.

View rendering details:


Mall Quilt
|| 6/11/2005 || 8:47 pm || Comments Off on Mall Quilt || ||

: rendered at 12,000 X 8,000 :

love it!

…more about the first image above tomorrow…

So the white building near the center of rendering is the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service building. I’ve been to a few meetings there :)

view rendering details:


Jefferson Lenz
|| || 12:15 pm || Comments Off on Jefferson Lenz || ||

After having Bryce crash while I was setting up the scene, I was very excited to be able to replicate the exact positions of all the objects and to finally start the rendering of this image, albeit over an hour later. This is my first rendering where I’ve gone beyond the standard 4X & 8X reflection to 12X reflection. I am very excited about where this new discovery will take my next set of renderings. Next I am going to attempt to apply this technique to the “Quilt Project“.

As for the Jefferson Lenz itself, there is a slight error in the background where the two objects meet on the seam. Although you cannot see it in the scaled down version above, the two don’t line up perfectly symmetrical- which kinda sucks, but its because I rushed that part of the setup. I was too eager to get the rendering started because of the new central reflections I forgot to see if the background looked perfect or not.

Anyways, I’ll be making another rendering shortly with this imagery…which is actually the same imagery I used for the Washington Monument Lenz, but the way the reflections turned out, you can’t see the Washington Monument, except in the background. So it was going to called Washington Monument Lenz #2, but since you can only see the Jefferson Memorial, I named the rendering accordingly.

Yeah for the weekend!

view rendering detail:


Georgetown Lenz #2
|| 6/5/2005 || 10:17 pm || Comments Off on Georgetown Lenz #2 || ||

The GWU Hospital makes an interesting center of the rendering. It’s a found circle of life, where the constant flux of existence lies in geometric harmony with its surroundings.

Whitehurst looks damn cool too.

view rendering details:


Georgetown Lenz
|| 6/1/2005 || 1:10 am || Comments Off on Georgetown Lenz || ||

I think this one turned out excellent. What I like most is the way that M St. is on the edge of the rendering and at the dead center (zoom above) is the GWU hospital. I look forward to making Georgetown Lenz #2 using the same template as with DC Lenz #4!

I just started a commissioned piece, but instead of just rendering it outright, I setup the scene, saved the file, and then began making an AWESOME animation. Once the animation is finished the saved file will get the proper treatment too. Here’s a hint, you’ve never seen Baltimore like I am seeing it now!

view rendering detail:


Georgetown Quilt
|| 5/30/2005 || 11:30 am || Comments Off on Georgetown Quilt || ||

This is the first rendering I’ve made with Bryce 5.5 and to be honest I really didn’t notice the rendering speed increase I paid $100 dollars for. Hopefully I’ll notice the speed increase in future renderings.

As for Georgetown Quilt, I really like the way the Key Bridge and the Potmac create the diamond shapes in the rendering. My eyes are drawn to them first! This rendering definitely solidfies my Quilt Project, which means that I need to create a new page on GeoSpatial Art to house these prints…. I’m not going to do that today though, instead I am spending my Memorial Day backing up my renderings. I almost have enough backed up to mail to my mom for safe keeping! Call it a geo-memorial day :-)

view rendering detail:


String of DC
|| 5/24/2005 || 5:54 pm || Comments Off on String of DC || ||

: rendered at 15,000X10,000 :

23 hours 47 minutes render time.
600mb TIFF

What I like the most about this rendering is the way the pixels blend over each other. A refraction over a redaction.

String of DC, it’s definitely not made of pearls….

view rendering detail:


My first corporate commission
|| 5/16/2005 || 11:42 am || Comments Off on My first corporate commission || ||

I sold my first rendering to a local corporate entity…. I’ve already used the proceeds to get some of my older posters printed out. This is also the first time I’ve given the digital rights away as well, so now they own the full size (10,000 X 7,500) file instead of just a print. At first I was very hesitant about giving the digital rights away, but since this rendering is based off the “Lenz Project,” which essentially was the project that defined my style, I don’t mind as much because its clearly has my touch to it- even if its manipulated extensively. Also, the image doesn’t have the same abstractions I perfer to add, so while being my style, its also completely different compared to what I am making now……. its about time I made another rendering….

DC Lenz #4
|| 5/5/2005 || 10:26 am || Comments Off on DC Lenz #4 || ||

This is my favorite rendering from the Lenz Project. It is a hybrid of the “Lenz Project” and the newly created “Quilt Project.” The background is almost exactly the same as the DC Memory rendering, and the forground includes the new reflection style from the “Quilt Project,” but what makes it so interesting is that the imagery is magnified by the Lenz. My favorite aspect of this specific rendering is the way, like DC Memory rendering, the White House is bent & reflected around the center of the image. I also really like the way the rendering takes advantage of the visual redaction of the Treasury Department Building & the Old Executive Office Building. I wonder what other important building I could apply this “bending” to? Regardless, I look forward to making more renderings with this new template!

view detail of the center:


Bush’s Bitch stands up to be heard
|| 4/29/2005 || 10:15 am || Comments Off on Bush’s Bitch stands up to be heard || ||

I really don’t like vulgarity of the initial name I’ve given to this rendering, but I think its fitting. The contemplative nude female is textured with an aerial photograph of downtown Washington, DC (including the White House) over her body to give her location, and a name, “Bush’s Bitch.” Her folded arms and her stance produces an evocative signal that she is waiting for others to snap out of the mold and begin to take on the lemmings. It’s like she silently screaming, “Let me vote! I want representation like every other American.”

To make this rendering, I used the same template I used for my Valentines Day present to GWB. I have another version of this graphic that says “Don’t be a Lemming. Vote Green,” but I haven’t put it on my website, instead I uploaded it to DC Indymedia. I am brainstorming ways I can make another version of this rendering with more of a super-human touch.

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