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Central Park Quilt – North #2
|| 9/5/2006 || 11:01 am || Comments Off on Central Park Quilt – North #2 || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

View the Google Map of the northern half of Central Park in New York City.

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Central Park Quilt – North
|| 9/4/2006 || 10:54 am || Comments Off on Central Park Quilt – North || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

This map will be featured on the cover of a forthcoming book by my former professor Lisa Benton-Short and her husband John Rennie-Short called “Cities & Nature” (Routledge 9/07)

View the Google Map of the northern half of Central Park in New York City.

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Central Park Quilt – South #2
|| 9/3/2006 || 10:49 am || Comments Off on Central Park Quilt – South #2 || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :
Central Park Quilt - South No. 2 by Nikolas Schiller

View the Google Map of the southern half of Central Park in New York City.

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Central Park Quilt – South
|| 9/2/2006 || 10:35 am || Comments Off on Central Park Quilt – South || ||

: rendered at 18,000 X 12,000 :

Here begins the slew of maps of NYC…

At .60m per pixel, the size of NYC imagery allows for me to download some very large plots of land without creating a massive files. The biggest drawback is that at .60m it only shows about 1/4 the detail of most of the imagery I’ve been using (.30m for DC). This means that its important to preserve the .60m when making my maps, otherwise you won’t be able to see much detail on the ground. After downloading the imagery around Central Park I realized that I needed to break the park up into two sections to preserve the detail. Otherwise I would have created a massively large source tile. Thus I made a north tile and a south tile and honestly, I am glad I did! I think they all turned out perfect!

View the Google Map of the southern half of Central Park in New York City.

View Details:


911 Mandala
|| 6/14/2005 || 6:57 am || Comments Off on 911 Mandala || ||

Last week I made a rendering I unofficially called “the circle of life,” and this week I’ve made a “circle of death” (above). Last week’s “circle of life” was at the center of the rendering (the GWU Hospital), and this one has the circle of death around the edge of the mandala in the form of the smoke of the World Trade Towers burning. The exact site of the World Trade Center falls just outside of this rendering, in Post 911 Reflection #3 you can see a better, albeit abstracted, view of what New York City looked like September 15th, 2001. While the planes were grounded throughout the United States, the IKONOS satellite was floating silently by recording the space, place, time, and recent history.

Time to go to Capitol Hill to help give a briefing on Geographic Management Systems :)

view rendering detail:


more morning notes
|| 9/10/2004 || 9:33 am || Comments Off on more morning notes || ||


This is my first rendering of this series that I used randomized satellite images for both the inner and outer parts of the rendering. I think I have now come up with a suitable offshoot for this project. In the next few renderings, I am going to try using only one satellite image- a randomize image for the torus and the same non-randomized image for the center. It should look nice.

On a different note, today is September 10th, 2004 and 3 years ago today I flew from Saint Louis to DC. At the time, I was visiting my girlfriend for the weekend and she said goodbye to me at the gate- the last day that happened in America. When I asked her about that day and the subsequent dream, she said that I joked about how weak the security was and how the screeners didn’t check my bags at all. On a slightly more synchronous note, John Kerry is in Saint Louis today campaigning.

morning notes
|| || 7:23 am || Comments Off on morning notes || ||


So last night I went to Club 5ive to see Storm & Fierce as a part of the FIVE:DNB:Sessions series. I was kinda bored by the DJ’s sets (Storm was a bit off on her mixing), but what really made the night was finding out that I was mentioned in this month’s issue of Rinse Magazine. It turns out that my old friend Mary Ishimoto Morris wrote an article about the DC Drum & Bass scene and she mentioned old radio show at WRGW. She even spelled my name “N!k” which I thought was cute. I would have probably known about it being printed if I would have been checking my other e-mail account that deals with DC DnB. Nonetheless, I was told about the article by my friend & DJ replacement at WRGW, so it made the article slightly more poignant.

On somewhat related note, shortly after I got my haircut, when I was looking in the City Paper, I saw the ad for the event and I had a quick moment of dyslexia and thought it said “Fierce Storm.” The lame junglist irony is that it was raining outside due to the remnants of a fierce storm called Hurricane Frances.

In my last post I mentioned the greening of the city, and very related to that, I am excited about going to the Green Festival, which is set to take place on September 18th & 19th. I signed up to volunteer some of my time to help out. I am also eager to see Greg Palast, Naomi Klein, and Amy Goodman speak at the convention. Also I am looking forward to seeing the various booths at the convention center because I want more information on various green businesses. I have an invention idea that has been circulating in my head for about a month that is somewhat related to one of my older concepts.

There is also another event taking place in DC that weekend that I plan on attending. My professional society, the Association of American Geographers is having a conference titled so aptly, “Conference on Race/Ethnicity and Place.” I also plan on volunteering some time at this event as well. I had a blast at the “Mapping the News” conference back on May 15th. I really hope to make some good contacts at this event, and hopefully I can convince some random professionals to come to the Green Festival. I mean, those that have a deep understanding of geography should know the importance of environmental sustainability. I wonder if I could add a flyer for the Green Festival in the gift bags- lol.

About the two renderings- Since I don’t have my other external hard drive hooked up, which has my cache of satellite images, I used the two images I did have on my iMac- the unedited Dutch Delta graphic & a four paneled reflection of downtown Manhattan. I made both of the toruses random samplings of the images and in the center I used the opposite graphic. I also decided to render the background white instead of black to change this up just a little bit. Overall, I am happy with how they turned out. I really like the complexity the random sampling gives, yet I wish I could have more control over how the sampling takes place in order to add more complexity to the torus. Nonetheless, the next rendering, which should be done in a few hours, will have both the inner and outer image randomized. I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

pearl earring
|| 9/2/2004 || 3:26 pm || Comments Off on pearl earring || ||


I am panicing about my money troubles- it sucks. I need to find work pronto! Ack!

Last night I watched Girl with a Pearl Earring. It was a cute film. Johannes Vermeer was one of my favorite Dutch painters. In my travels, I’ve seen 13 of his 39 paintings in Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, and DC. I know my oldest sister probably has seen the movie. I am going to call her tonight and see if she saw it and if she liked it. Quite a few scenes looked just like some of his paintings and it made the movie seem like a Where’s Waldo of Vermeer, but I’m not sure if the director had some embedded paintings in the movie or not. Anyways, its a good movie to watch with someone you love. The plot isn’t too deep but I felt the photorealism was great. I enjoyed how the director accurately showed how life was in 1600s. I’ve been trying to look at those clues like that as of late. Basically, I realize how far we’ve come as a civilization and the degree of specialization that has taken place. I can’t help but wonder how people will survive if they were forced to live back then, or possibly in the future where energy is not plentiful and people are forced to farm themselves. I’d like to take up farming someday simply so that I can take that skill with me to the edges of the earth.

The two renderings are decent. I photoshopped an image of Manhattan (on the left), which makes an interesting looking inner eye. I am rendering another image of NYC, but without the inner lenz. It should be ready in about 4 hours or so. After that I’d like to render an image I snagged of a delta in the Netherlands (its beautiful!). I think the movie was the stimulus to make this next one. It should look nice. Hopefully I’ll have it rendered by tomorrow or so!

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