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..still fasting..
|| 8/17/2004 || 9:00 am || Comments Off on ..still fasting.. || ||

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brussels zoom

Above is a screenshot of today’s rendering– a 5 second animation of the most recent “Brussels Lenz” (see previous post). If you look closely, you can see why I’ve been so fascinated by the use of the glass sphere with embedded images. Well if you don’t want to look closely, I’ll explain it anyways- I like the way the sphere refracts the satellite images to look similar to the curveture of the earth. If you’ve ever been on top of a high mountain (one that goes above tree line) you might get what I’m talking about. Anyways, I’m not sure what graphic I’ll render next…. oddly at 30 frames per second at 720X480 size, a five second animation takes less time to make than a conventional still image….. hmmm, I think I’m sold on the idea of really large posters.

Adam kicked ass on Hardball last night. I recorded the show and put it on his campaign website. I was amazed at how Chris Matthews kept on insinuating that protestors are violent and bent on destruction. Yet Adam managed to keep his cool the entire time. Much respect!

I encoded the recording using Real Video. This was my first time using this A/V format. I was able to download the Export Plugin for Quicktime, and I am very pleased with the compression that I was able to get. However to encode the 13 minute segment of the show from DV format to Real Video format took over 3 hours! Way too long but the export plugin was able to take a 5,500 megabyte video file and compress it to 35 megabytes….that pretty impressive, albeit time consuming.

On the fasting front, this morning I ate a cayenne pepper. My friend David mentioned how the pepper is supposed to help cleanse the body by way of heat. After not eating any food for 36 hours (while drinking about 3 gallons of water) the cayenne pepper actually made my body temperature rise slightly. It was kinda cool. I am expecting a ketosis buzz sometime this afternoon. It should be interesting. And tomorrow a special friend will be coming to DC to visit me. I’m excited!

fasting fun
|| 8/16/2004 || 4:54 pm || Comments Off on fasting fun || ||

earth eye brusselsbrussels version #2

Tonight Adam Eidinger will on Hardball with Chris Matthews (7pm on DC channel 64). I have my Macintosh “tivo” set to record the show, and hopefully I’ll be able to put it on his website.

Last night I decided to make today and possibly tomorrow fasting days. Only water for me- no cigarettes, no food, nothing but water. So far today I’ve drank 2 liters of water, and I’ll probably drink another 4 more (at least). So why fast? Well my friend David of the Superstars of Love explained to me that he would fast a couple times a year to cleanse out some of the toxins in his body. I am really concentrating on using fasting as a vehicle to expel a variety of toxins from my body- including nicotine. David said it helped him, and I think it makes sense- your body will crave food not cigarettes. Also, historically humans did not eat three square meals a day, sometimes not even one square meal a day, and I think its important for my body to experience the absence of food. David did mention that on the third day of his fast he’d get kinda high in that natural, vision-quest kinda way. I’m excited to see how it turns out. For some more info about fasting read this. Also, last week I ate a 75% vegan diet, which should help me out somewhat in the dietary transition.

As for the new renderings, I am very happy with both of the newest ones of Brussels, however the “spiral” rendering has an “error” on the left side of the image. For some reason the texture does not look right. However, the other one has a nicely reflected texture. Version 4.0 will be up shortly. I wonder what satellite image I’ll use next. I think I might use one of the images from Athens, Greece in honor of the Olympics.

Brussels & the American Candidate
|| 8/15/2004 || 9:55 pm || Comments Off on Brussels & the American Candidate || ||

earthlenz brusselseartheye monvrovia black

Version 4.0 of the Monrovia series is very simple with a black torus & some blue smoke. I started a new series using a satellite image of Brussels, Belgium. The Brussels rendering image looks pretty good. I tried to make the texture of the torus similar to the rooftops in the city and it turned out well. The only problem is that the satellite image is not as large as it could be (about 8,000 pixels) so when the rendered image is looked at in full size it looks slightly pixilated. That kinda sucks, however the actual rendered image looks good the way its reflected. I am going to start on version 2.0 shortly.

Right now I’m watching American Candidate on Showtime. Its a pretty good show! I think I’ll record it next week. There is actually a green party candidate “Bruce” who has some intelligent words to say. More importantly, the show actually gives 3rd parties a platform to speak. Bruce is making a point of putting animal rights into political discourse. I wish the actual presidential candidacy was like this- minus all the psuedo-drama of the reality show. Next up is Entourage, Ali G, and Def Poetry- probably my favorite night of television :-)

The party at my house last night was a lot of fun. I got rather drunk and met a bunch of people. Good times!

version 3.0
|| 8/14/2004 || 6:21 pm || Comments Off on version 3.0 || ||

eartheye monvroviaeartheye monvrovia

[update: I accidentally wrote over my previous entry with this one! Its too bad because the previous entry was written when I was rather drunk, yet very coherent!– its a damn shame too, blame on it on a long phone conversation with my mother! FYI- version 3.0 on left & version 2.0 on right —update#2 actually i found the original post!]

Version 3.0 looks the best! I used the actual satellite image as the texture on the torus and it looks great! In the full size version you can see all the detail of the satellite image and I think you can even see a refugee camp. The only aspect about this image that I do not like is the elongated sphere- I think I should have used the “lenz” rather than the “eye” (the only difference in the templates is that the eye is an elongated version of the sphere, while the “lenz” is a perfect sphere). I think I’m going to make version 4.0 with a solid color torus and that will be the end of the Monrovia series.

Also there is a full keg downstairs, so I think I’m going to drink some beer! Cheers!

|| || 5:27 am || Comments Off on g-town || ||

eartheye monvrovia

Version 2.0 looks a lot better. I like the way the coloring on the torus turned out. I’m sorry that you the website visitor only gets to look at this image at 100 X 100 & 1,024X768 being that it has been scaled down from 10,000X7,500 pixels. Nonetheless, Version 2.0 looks a lot better than version 1.o!

Tonight I went to Georgetown for a not-so-close friend’s going away party at a bar on the G-Town strip. It was my second time going to Garrettes and for good reason. All I did was sit on a chair and pretend to be interested! Mainstream bars aka meat-markets are not my thang. I saw some cute ladies, but they looked like the rest of the ladies! Oh well, I didn’t go there to find someone special (which made me a minority amongst the men). However, my friends who invited me eventually showed up and it turned out to be somewhat more fun in that “man I’d rather be watching paint dry” way. At least I had a few drinks bought for me. I am always a happy camper in that instance :)

Prior to leaving I opted to record HBO’s Friday night lineup (Real Time, Entourage & Def Poetry)- which I just got done watching, but I was saddened to see that it was the same shows that were on last week- with the exception of Real Time with Bill Maher. I love that show because its the one show on television that says it like it is……er….. Bill Maher says it like it is…. He’s one of the reasons why I came to DC in the first place! I remember watching Politically Incorrect at 2am my senior year in high school :) I also remember waking up late too for school many-a-mornings. Regardless, Real Time had Maureen Dowd (so did the Jon Stewart Show earlier this week) and I must say that I have a crush on her. She puts Ann Coulter in a pig pen. I look forward to reading her book, and I also look forward to her signing it when she comes to DC. Anyways, time to go sleep. Nothing rendering overnight, but when I wake up tomorrow I think I might make a version 3.0 (it will be the first!- normally its just 1.0 & 2.0!) Have a good weekend!

Eartheye Monrovia
|| 8/13/2004 || 3:48 pm || Comments Off on Eartheye Monrovia || ||

eartheye monvrovia

I am not very happy with how this rendering turned out. This is my second rendering using a photoshopped a satellite image. I used an image of Monrovia, Liberia and made it a 4 paneled mirror reflection (which doubled the original size of the image). I enlongated the torus and rotated the satellite image 10 degrees inside of the sphere, but this created some white space on the inside of the “eye.” I’d call this one a defective mistake! I also don’t really like the “earth” color scheme used for the torus. I am rendering version 2.0 now- it is simply the circular “lenz” template with a slightly different (but similar) color scheme. I look forward to see how it turns out. I am leaving to go help campaign in Ward 7 of DC (in South East DC) and it should be finished rendering by the time I return. [update: the event was cancelled! And now I am having issues displaying Flash content on this page!–grrr]

the true cost paradigm
|| 8/12/2004 || 2:38 am || Comments Off on the true cost paradigm || ||


I like the way the satellite image reflected. Its almost like a remotely sensed inkblot! The texture in the torus is also one of the coolest yet. Version 2.0 on its way…

I opted to not go to Club 5 tonight, but I listened to a live drum & bass set from from Chicago on Bassdrive instead. Not quite Baron |shrug| The True Cost to me was about $30 ( ten for admission, five for cigarettes, and fifteen for drinks ) But there is the True Cost of not seeing my friends, is that worth $30 +/- I’ll never know.

In this month’s issue of Adbusters there is an interesting article titled “Meet The Neocops.” The article references the DC based Social Investment Forum. Its a pretty telling that in professionally managed portfolio, socially responsible investing out performed “irresponsible” investing by 66%. (Does that sound right?) I checked Adbusters website and found their new “campaign” – its all about true cost economics. Makes sense when the issue is titled “No Future,” why not sell readers that green investments are the way to say with your money “Yes Future” I’m sold. No if I only had the start up capital. In the mean time I’ll calculate my ecological footprint.

Maybe this blog should be called “The Daily Render”
“Mental Masturbation” is a bit over the top, oh well.
I’ll keep on with keystrokes.

and so begins the “eye in the sky” project
|| 8/11/2004 || 6:14 pm || Comments Off on and so begins the “eye in the sky” project || ||


Now I am rendering my first photoshop manipulation of a satellite image. I reflected & flipped a satellite image of an oval shaped lake to make a 4 paneled mirror. Its going to look cool. Best yet, by doing this the satellite image is doubled in size allowing for the final rendered image to be twice in size. Next one up in about 8 hours.

Olympic Space Rings 2004
|| 7/29/2004 || 3:55 pm || Comments Off on Olympic Space Rings 2004 || ||

Satellite Images of the Olypmic Venues in Athens, Greece in motion

a thank you goes to Digital Globe for allowing the areas around the Olympic venues to be used for “art”. You can find the rest of them here. You gotta wonder if potential “terrorists” could be using these same images for their own malfeasance.

I really want to update the E Street Risk Analysis with a recent and remarkably better satellite image of downtown Washington, DC. I think I was in my room when this image was taken, so technically I am in this photograph….sorta.

Two new “projects”
|| 6/30/2004 || 2:42 am || Comments Off on Two new “projects” || ||


I am now rendering a massive recycling sign. It will be done in a few days.

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