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The Colonist in the Post
|| 3/13/2005 || 11:11 am || Comments Off on The Colonist in the Post || ||

From this morning’s Washington Post:

Another capital pastime — politics — was also on display. Adam Eidinger, a frequent D.C. Statehood Green candidate who protested taxpayer financing for the Nationals’ future ballpark in the city, wore an 18th-century-style frock coat, ruffled shirt, knee breeches and white stockings, modeling what he said should be the team’s new mascot, a colonist — a nod to D.C. residents’ status as taxpaying U.S. citizens without a vote in Congress.

Eidinger, a publicist and protest organizer, said he planned to buy 20 tickets for supporters to attend games with flip cards carrying his “Strike-4-Statehood” slogan, hoping to snare television time.

Once I have the approval from a few others, I’ll post the picture / flyer I made using a picture of Adam dressed up as a colonist! I think its great- we beat Major League Baseball and selected a mascot first!

a Great B.A.D. Day
|| 10/2/2004 || 6:06 pm || Comments Off on a Great B.A.D. Day || ||

B.A.D. Day was a success. 25 congressional office visits. One overarching goal: Budget Autonomy for the District.

The whole experience was great. I learned my way around the Canon, Longworth, and Rayburn office buildings quickly. Yet, I found them to be rather dull on in the inside. There needed some art! I’d like to see paintings & murals from around the various congressional districts in the hallways of these massive buildings. Maybe I can introduce a Capitol Hill beautification bill :-)

Some of the offices had USGS maps of their districts, and man some districts are very gerrymandered! I couldn’t believe it that there were districts shaped as horseshoes! I believe the districts should be done strictly by Census data, not by wealth or political affiliation.

The actual office visits were a mixed bag. They broke down party lines for the most part, with the Democrats basically saying that they’d do whatever Norton wanted and Republicans either being completely indifferent or in the case of Dan Burton’s office, being somewhat open to the notion of Statehood.

In the office of Elijah E. Cummings, I obtained the actual text of the bill, H.R. 2472. And found that it has been pretty much buried in the Republican controlled Rules Committee.

We went to Hastert’s office later in the day. The site where seven of my friends were arrested last year for redressing their grievances to congress. There was a cop posted nearby and the door was locked. I did snap a picture of the staff member refusing to let us in. We ended up signing the guestbook. The next step is to get people in his district aware of the plight of DC residents and/or confront him before enters his office.

After all the visits, it seemed that Norton had not been promoting the bill as much as she should have. I plan on making some more visits in the next congressional session advocating this bill. Its not statehood, but its a start.

All in all, Friday was one of the most memorable days in my five years here in DC. I even got tons of souvenirs- little congressional business cards! The best one was from Shadow Senator Paul Strauss office, above the bald eagle there is a star with 51 inside. I ended up running out of the business cards I had brought with me on Friday! Something I’ll definitely bring more of next time.

B.A.D. Day is tomorrow
|| 9/30/2004 || 10:36 pm || Comments Off on B.A.D. Day is tomorrow || ||

Press release from Zoe:

DC Democracy Activists to Return to Capitol Hill on Anniversary of Arrests in Speaker Hastert’s Office

WASHINGTON, DC—On October 1, the beginning of the fiscal year, the Budget Autonomy for the District Coalition, including the seven activists who were arrested last year in House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert’s (R-Ill.) office, will hold an 8:30 am rally for DC Budget Autonomy and Statehood at the Capitol South Metro Stop. At 11 am, they will visit dozens of Senators and Representatives to advocate for full democracy for DC.

“We are continuing DC’s long history of demanding that Congress stops controlling DC’s budget and adding undemocratic riders to the DC Appropriations Bill. We are going to demand change,” Anise Jenkins, a founding member of the Budget Autonomy for the District Coalition (BAD Day) and the president of the Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition, stated.

WHO: BAD Day: DC Statehood Green Party and Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition
Speakers and performers include:
U.S. “Shadow” Senator Florence Pendleton (D-DC)
U.S. “Shadow” Representative Ray Browne (D-DC)
Head-Roc and Eurok, DC hip hop artists
Bill Mosley, Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition
Adam Eidinger, Co-Chair of the DC Statehood Green Party
WHAT: Rally for Budget Autonomy and DC Statehood
WHERE: Capitol South Metro Stop (First St. between C & D Sts. SE)
WHEN: 8:30-10:00 am

History of DC’s Lack of Budget Autonomy: Because of a Constitutional anachronism, Congress continues to execute colonial oversight over the District’s budget until it is reviewed and passed as part of the federal appropriations process – even though more than 75 percent of the District’s budget is raised from local tax funds, about the same as most states. Because Congress does not finish the federal government’s work on time, much less the District’s, enactment of our budget is usually delayed well into the fiscal year. These unacceptable delays prevent the District from spending new funds on such urgent needs as health care, schools, and public safety.

Moreover, as our budget moves through the appropriations process, members can attach “riders” – restrictions that negate the wishes of DC’s voters. Current riders include a ban on needle exchange programs to prevent HIV/AIDS and a prohibition on implementing the initiative to allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. Finally, Congress forbids the District from using its own money to lobby for congressional voting rights and/or Statehood.
For updated information, please call the Stand Up! For Democracy in DC Coalition Events Hotline at 202-232-2500 x1.

For the last month I’ve been calling Capitol Hill scheduling the appointments with the various congrssmembers on the House Committe on Government Reform. Its been a truly interesting experience. I can’t wait for tomorrow! This will be my first time lobbying and I am excited! We’ve got over 20 meetings tomorrow with staffers and I hope there is a big turnout. We’ll see :-)

B.A.D. Day Call to Action!
|| 9/24/2004 || 4:06 pm || Comments Off on B.A.D. Day Call to Action! || ||

From my housemate Zoe Mitchell:

B.A.D. Day Call to Action

October 1st will be a B.A.D. Day in DC
B.A.D.= Budget Autonomy for the District

We’ve had enough. October 1, 2004, the beginning of the fiscal year, will be a B.A.D. Day for those in support of full Democracy for the District of Columbia. On the day DC residents are formally disenfranchised and democracy is disabled, we will fight back. Using diverse tactics, such as lobbying, petitioning, and protesting, District residents and friends of democracy will push for an end to DC’s underclass status. We will demand budget autonomy as a first step—and begin a concerted new fight for freedom, statehood, and voting rights.

Help make B.A.D. Day a major city happening that grows each year, until we get our democratic rights! Come out to a rally at the Capitol South Metro Stop on the Blue and Orange Lines on October 1 at 8:30 am. Listen to live musicians, speakers and activists demand democracy for DC. Then at 10:30 am, come lobby Members of Congress that control DC for change.

Residents of the District of Columbia have had bad days since Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 17 of the U.S. Constitution allowed Congress to have “exclusive legislation, in all cases whatsoever, over” the area that was to become Washington, DC. DC residents have been denied fundamental rights—ones that most Americans consider essential for a democracy.

Unlike states, we don’t elect or appoint our judges; instead they are appointed by the President. Unlike states, we have no representation in Congress, yet Congress can overturn our local laws. Unlike states, we are the ‘Federal City’—we pay federal taxes, we serve on federal juries we are subjected to all federal laws—yet, we have no formal say in the federal government.

On Friday, October 1, 2004, we will take a stand:

For every time federal legislation has passed without DC residents getting a chance to weigh in;

For every time the District’s budget priorities have been delayed because Congress won’t pass the DC Appropriations Bills by the start of the fiscal year;

For every time Congress offends local democracy by passing our budget for us;

For every time our voter-approved referenda, initiatives and recalls have been overturned by overzealous Members of Congress; and

For every time we have demanded change and been ignored;

We’ve had enough. Enough is enough!

For more information or to get involved, call the B.A.D. hotline at 202-232-1724!

We’ve got over 20 different appointments made with various congressional offices so that DC residents can lobby their unelected officials for budget autonomy, equal voting rights, statehood, and essentially lobbying to end the tyrannical rule of Congress over DC. If you have a chance come down to Capitol Hill next Friday! We’ve got some rappers, some speakers, and some B.A.D. ass fun. Watch democracy in action, nay, be apart of democracy in action! If you have any questions, please drop me an E-mail!

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