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The New DC Flag…if HR 328 passes…
|| 2/11/2007 || 10:26 pm || Comments Off on The New DC Flag…if HR 328 passes… || ||

To accentuate this stupidity of 1/3 representation, I also made an animated version.
(with the 110th Congress HR 5388 was reintroduced as HR 328– and it’s still unconstitutional)

One-Third Related:
DC 1/3 Vote
New DC License Plates


DC History Timeline
|| 1/1/2011 || 12:00 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

Beginning in 2009 I’ve been publishing blog entries that highlight the historical efforts of District of Columbia residents to obtain full equality through amendments to the United States Constitution and through Statehood. This chronology consists of transcribed & copied newspaper articles, speeches, maps, pieces of legislation, Congressional debate, and chapters from books & peer-reviewed journals that were originally published between 1788 and 1993. All of this content was found on-line. Due to the impreciseness of optical scanning technology, many of these articles required manual transcription and may contain typographical errors here & there. Some content is still in copyright but is being used here under the “fair use” doctrine of United States copyright law. While this is by no means an attempt at a comprehensive historical listing, I hope you find these entries useful:

11/20/1993 – The D.C. Statehood Vote – The Washington Post
10/30/1993 – Tax Fairness for D.C. – The New York Times
01/13/1993 – D.C. Statehood – The Washington Post
12/02/1992 – Statehood for the District of Columbia – The Boston Globe
07/21/1992 – The State of Misgovernment – The New York Times
04/15/1992 – Grant D.C. Residents Full Rights – The Oregonian
11/25/1991 – The D.C. Plantation: Freedom Soon? – The New York Times
10/06/1991 – Free the Government’s Plantation – The New York Times
06/27/1987 – Statehood for the District of Columbia – The Minneapolis Star and Tribune
05/11/1987 – Why Not Statehood for D.C. Citizens? – Seattle Times
12/24/1973 – The District of Columbia Home Rule Act
03/31/1961 – The 23rd Amendment – Time Magazine
03/30/1961 – Map of the Ratification of the 23rd Amendment to the United States Constitution
03/30/1961 – Vote Victory Result Of Luck, Hard Work, Some Sweat, Tears – The Washington Post
01/25/1961 – Arkansas Is First To Reject District Voting Amendment – The Washington Post
06/17/1960 – Scan & Text of the 23rd Amendment to the United States Constitution
11/04/1930 – DC Colonist Cartoon: “Disenfranchisement” – Washington Star, November 4th, 1930
11/04/1924 – DC Colonist Cartoon: “Election Day” – Washington Star, November 4th, 1924
04/01/1921 – THE STATE OF COLUMBIA by Frank Sprigg Perry – Georgetown Law Journal, Vol 9, No. 3, p. 13-27
04/20/1919 – CRIME WAVE SWEEPS BONE-DRY CAPITAL – The New York Times
04/10/1919 – TO ASK FULL PRIVILEGES IN D.C. SUFFRAGE by Bill Price – The Washington Times
03/05/1919 – GOVERNORS PLEDGE AID IN FIGHT FOR D.C. VOTES – The Washington Times
03/04/1919 – GOVERNORS TO AID D.C. VOTE FIGHT – The Washington Times
03/04/1919 – An Appeal To The Americanism of Visiting Governors & Mayors – The Washington Times
03/04/1919 – D.C. VOTE CAMPAIGN BEARS QUICK FRUIT – The Washington Times
02/13/1918 – VOTE PLEA TO CONGRESS – Americanize 400,000, Urges D.C. Joint Citizens’ Committee – The Washington Post
06/29/1917 – Americanize the Capital as a Wise Measure of War Preparedness by Theodore W. Noyes, Editor of the Evening Star – The Washington Times
01/10/1917 – SENATES VOTES, 55-32 FOR DRY WASHINGTON – The New York Times
01/18/1910 – Does Virginia Own Alexandria County? – The Washington Herald
01/17/1910 – Letter from Hannis Taylor to Honorable Thomas H. Carter, United States Senator, Rendering An Opinion As To The Constitutionality of the Act of Retrocession of 1846
06/18/1909 – SIEBOLD FOLLOWER OF PATRICK HENRY – The Washington Times
06/09/1909 – ALEXANDRIA AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – The Alexandria Gazette
06/05/1909 – STILL AFTER ALEXANDRIA – The Alexandria Gazette
06/01/1909 – A Bill To Extend The Limits of the District of Columbia – The Alexandria Gazette
05/09/1909 – Justice Stafford Eloquent on Washington: Past, Present, and Future – The Washington Herald
11/18/1908 – AMENDMENT GIVES DISTRICT A VOICE – The Washington Times
10/16/1905 – GAMBLERS MAY GET ALEXANDRIA FOR US – The Washington Times
12/14/1902 – TO MAKE A STATE OF DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – The New York Times
08/12/1900 – EARLY SECESSION DAYS – The Washington Times
11/16/1894 – WANT 20,000 SIGNERS – The Washington Post
07/24/1890 – Anxious To Come Back – The Washington Post
03/10/1888 – Some of Washington’s Grievances – NO VOTES, YET NO GRIEVANCE? By Theodore W. Noyes, Washington Evening Star
07/10/1883 – Prof. Gregory Favors It – The Washington Post
01/24/1880 – Suffrage in the District – The Washington Post
01/22/1879 – District Representation – The Washington Post
10/01/1875 – Phillips v. Payne, 92 US 130 – Supreme Court
08/17/1873 – RETROCESSION OF ALEXANDRIA – The New York Times
02/21/1871 – Text of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871
02/01/1867 – THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA SUFFRAGE BILL – Harper’s Magazine, Monthly Record of Current Events
01/08/1867 – District of Columbia Suffrage Bill – The President’s Veto — The New York Times
01/08/1867 – An Act to Regulate the Elective Franchise in the District of Columbia
01/05/1867 – President Andrew Johnson’s Veto Message to Congress Concerning A Bill to Regulate the Elective Franchise in the District of Columbia
04/23/1866 – S.280 – A Bill To Repeal an Act Entitled ”An Act to Retrocede the County of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, to the State of Virginia” – United States Senate
12/05/1865 – S.1 – A Bill to Regulate the Elective Franchise in the District of Columbia
04/16/1862 – The Full Text Of An Act for the Release of certain Persons held to Service or Labor in the District of Columbia
05/09/1861 – A Shower of Proclamations: Arlington Heights – The New York Times
07/02/1846 – Debate in the U.S. Senate Concerning An Act to Retrocede the County of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, to the State of Virginia
05/11/1846 – Text of H.R. 259 – An act to retrocede the county of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, to the State of Virginia
05/08/1846 – Debate in the U.S. House of Representatives Concerning An Act to Retrocede the County of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, to the State of Virginia
05/08/1846 – RETROCESSION OF ALEXANDRIA – A Speech by R. M. T. Hunter, of Virginia, before the U.S. House of Representatives
11/01/1833 – Joseph Story: Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, Book 3, Chapter 23 – POWER OVER SEAT OF GOVERNMENT AND OTHER CEDED PLACES
02/27/1801 – Text of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801
11/11/1800 – President John Adams 4th Message to Congress
07/16/1790 – An Act for establishing the Temporary and Permanent seat of the Government of the United States
12/03/1789 – Act of Cession from the State of Virginia
07/02/1788 – Comments by Thomas Tredwell at the New York Ratifying Convention

LAST UPDATED: January 16th, 2011

As I add new entries I will periodically return to this page and update this timeline. However, if you happen to know of any articles that you feel should be included, please contact me so I can add them. Lastly, if you would like to view these articles in the order they were placed on-line, please click here to view all entries from the DC History category.

My Artist Talk At The Old Print Gallery
|| 10/16/2010 || 12:08 pm || + Render A Comment || ||

background map: Park La Brea Quilt #2

Yesterday, Friday, October 15th, I gave an artist talk at the Old Print Gallery in conjunction with my exhibition. The screen grab above is from a special opening slide that I made for the talk. Its the first HTML page that I have used the auto-refresh tag. It was designed to cycle through different maps every 10 seconds before the lecture began. I might add this feature to the front page of the website now that I see that it works. The talk lasted a little over an hour and included a brief Q & A at the end. Thank you to everyone who came.

Below are the “slides” that I used for my presentation and most are hyperlinked to their original entries:


What D.C. Statehood Would Mean To Black America – Ebony, October, 1990
|| 11/11/2008 || 10:11 pm || Comments Off on What D.C. Statehood Would Mean To Black America – Ebony, October, 1990 || ||

Today I posted the article below to numerous DC neighborhood yahoo groups. The aim was to get people thinking about what the coming administration might be able to do for the disenfranchised Washington, DC residents. I’m hoping some people see the importance of the next few months and are motivated to demand full representation in Congress.

“There is no Black America… there is the United States of America.” but do residents of Washington, DC get to participate?

Below is the e-mail I sent out:


My New York Map Society Presentation at the New York Public Library
|| 10/4/2008 || 7:03 pm || Comments Off on My New York Map Society Presentation at the New York Public Library || ||

Below are the “slides” used in my presentation for the New York Map Society. Culled from the last four years of entries on this website, the selected maps show the range of my cartographic endeavors. What is missing, however, is my explanation of why I chose each slide.

The presentation was was supposed to go for about 45 minutes and have about 15 minutes of Q&A, instead it went for about 75 minutes and had about 15 minutes of Q&A. In all, I felt it was a very successful presentation and I deeply grateful for the New York Map Society for inviting me and the wonderful staff at the New York Public Library for their assistance.

Sensor Spatial Analysis

Park Circle Quilt – Quicktime Virtual Reality

North, South, East, Westminster – Outdoor Installation

View the entire presentation:


|| 4/8/2008 || 4:52 pm || Comments Off on ABSOLUT STATEHOOD || ||

Screen grab links to .kmz file for Google Earth

A geovisual response to an LA Times blog entry showing mostly isolationist responses to an alternative history map of North America by Absolut Vodka.

This interactive map for Google Earth shows the familiar Absolut Vodka bottle labeled “Absolut Statehood” and placed inside of the original boundaries of the District of Columbia. These boundaries existed until 1847 after the residents of Virginia voted to cede back the portion of the District of Columbia that was west of the Potomac River.

Absolut Statehood represents the cartographic notion that the nation’s capital can become America’s 51st state*. Today there are over 550,000 American citizens living in the nation’s capital that are being denied the fundamental right of representation in Congress. This ongoing human rights violation currently practiced by the government of the United States has been denounced by the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The United States is the only country in the industrialized world that forbids the residents of it’s capital city the right to elect representatives to their national legislature.


LOLMaps by Nikolas R. Schiller
|| 5/22/2007 || 1:30 am || Comments Off on LOLMaps by Nikolas R. Schiller || ||

hit reload to see a different LOLMap

LOLMaps combines various historic maps & my geospatial art with popular image macro phonetics popularized by LOLcats, LOLgeeks, LOLgays, LOLpresident, LOLlibrarians etc. It also combines some of the “All of your base…” text as well as some Latin words used in old maps. As this project continues I expect the maps to get more creative and go beyond just bad grammar and combine some new elements (probably a Google Map with all the maps georeferenced) and produce a few more maps of this ilk. Read more about the different macros here.

The inspiration for LOLMaps was a comment made by a friend about creating more maps with text (“You are here!“). Since most of my maps do not contain any text and I have over a thousand map details to choose from, I figured I could highlight a few maps with some LOLtext. At first I decided to use the same random script from the Lost Series to create a randomized version of LOLMaps. After the first draft, I found that the maps needed some type of a legend to explain the location and words on the map, thus the second revision involved adding unique numbers to each map which are listed sequentially below with translated text, links to the source map, and in some cases further reading or opinions. The background for each page still pulls a random “zoom” from around America, which creates an interesting cartographic juxtaposition by mixing actually places with humor and in some cases political statements.

There are currently 51 LOLmaps with 143 different backgrounds which gives LOLmaps 7,293 different viewing combinations.

View the LOLMaps website

# – Text – Source – Notes
1. In Your Google, Blown in yer maps – A reproduction from the original Ptolmy world map. The faces represent the winds blowing from different directions of the known world – Link to original
2. Right Between The EyesMeridian Hill Park Mask – A visual play on words
3. In Your Bay Bridge, Loving Up Your MacArthurMacArthur Maze Quilt – Highway that connects San Francisco and Oakland was closed due to an accident.
4. In Your Harvard, Rejecting You ProperPolar Coordinates of Harvard – 2 Roses
5. Late For Class, AgainUSC QuiltMore on Leetspeak
6. Corruption Starts HereL ‘Enfant Map of Washington, DC – Caption by taxi gang
7. In Your Hills, Stealing Your BeverlyBevery Hills Quilt
8. In Your Head, Deconstructing Your RoutePondering the Pearl River
9. Occidental LeCorbusierPark La Brea Quilt – Occidental = Latin for Western – Le Corbusier is the urban planner who inspired the design of Park La Brea in Los Angeles, California.
10. At Your Wall Waiting To Go HomeIsrael / Palestine 1993Handala wanting to go back home but blocked by an illegal wall
11. Middle Intelligence AgencyC.I.A. Quilt #2 – I am from the “mid-west” part of America
12. Merides Via Merides OccidensAustin Quilt #2 – South by South West aka SXSW
13. All Your Clouds Are Belong To UsSalt Lake Quilt with CloudsAll Your Base…
14. Westside RepresentPark Circle Quilt, Inglewood, California – Roni Size + Dr. Dre
15. Impeach The BoogerBall of DestructionWhite House + New Orleans (Katrina +1)
16. In Your School, Making Friends With You EnemiesColumbine Quilt – “Make friends with your enemies so you may learn to love them.”
17. In Your (Military Industrial) Complex, Waging PeacePentagon Quilt
18. In Your Basilica, Loving Your GodCatholic University QuiltBasilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
19. East SideMount Pleasant Quilt – Oriens = Latin for East
20. Bowling for EarthBlue Marble Beauty #2
21. In Your Darfur, Getting Killed by the JanjaweedDarfur was on the map in 1858More on Janjaweed
22. East Side Sucks, West Side SucksSan Anotonio Sprocket – Yelled in bleachers at baseball stadiums across America
23. In Your Stadium, Rooting for the Opposite TeamL.A. Dodgers Stadium Quilt – 2006
24. Please Meet Me in AtlantaAtlanta Quilt #2
25. Meet Me in Saint LouisSaint Louis Arch Quilt – Film: Meet Me In Saint Louis (1944)
26. I Paid 500 Million Dollars for a New Stadium and all I got was this lousy mapRFK Quilt #3 – Public funds should never be used to finance large projects for monopolies
27. All Your World Trade Centers Belong to George W. BushLower Manhattan Quilt – Keep your coins, I want change
28. In Your Hood, Tagging Your PlaygroundVermont Avenue Sprocket
29. North SideDetroit Quilt #2 – Septentrio = Latin for North
30. Oil from Fossils is Old SchoolBaton Rouge Quilt – An Oil Refinery Reflection
31. North SouthPolar Coordinates of GWU – 4 Roses
32. East WestPolar Coordinates of Charleston, West Virginia – 6 Roses
33. Verlan (reverse)Portland QuiltMore about Verlan
34. Decentralize The ParkCentral Park Quilt – North #2
35. East SideCathedral Quilt – Signed in Arabic
36. In Your Casino, Stealing Your Roulette WheelLas Vegas Quilt #2
37. Your Apartment Complex SucksBallwin Lenz #2 – The Apartment Complex I grew up in
38. Please Get LostIcositetragon of Northwestern Station in Chicago
39. I Love This PlaceBoise Quilt
40. Ban Cloned MapsAbstract George W. Bush – Also see “More Bush than you ever wanted to see
41. Free! – Special Conditions ApplyNASA’s Blue Marble
42. All Your Monuments Are Belong To UsWashington Monument Quilt
43. At Your Border, Crossing It For a Better LifeCiudado Paso Quilt
44. At Your Memorial, Praying For PeaceOklahoma City Quilt
45. Laying On Your Beach, Looking at Your LoverWaikiki Quilt
46. Finding Your House, So Easy A Caveman Can Do It!Home Quilt #6
47. Invisible RepresentationThe U.S. Capitol Is Off Limits to the PublicD.C. Colonist
48. All Your Suburbs Are Belong To UsBuena Park Quilt
49. Invisible PresidentThe White House Is Off Limits to the Public
50. Iraq, Laughing Out LoudPhoto found on Flickr
51. WARNING: contains geography not suitable for minors – DC & NYC via Girls Gone Wild censorship – Satellite image from NASA
Fonts used: Media Gothic and Helvetica

Other Projects from the Lost Series:

D.C. Voting Rights March…
|| 4/16/2007 || 10:20 am || Comments Off on D.C. Voting Rights March… || ||

This afternoon will be the largest organized march for D.C. congressional representation in over a decade. While its great news that there is enough popular support to have a march, it’s downright sad that the bill in which people are lobbying for is a complete sham. It gives D.C. a token vote in the House, and little else. Congress will still have full control of D.C. (as written in the Constitution) and there will still be no representation in the Senate.

As I have stated time & time again, if the bill passes, D.C. residents will only be 1/3 represented– so why advocate for partial representation? Democracy only works in whole numbers. History tells us this. Just like the slaves who were once considered 3/5’s of a human in regards to representation, which was found to be unconstitutional, this bill will probably end up with the same result.

I was going to publish the list of sponsors of the Voting Rights March to show high up the kool-aid drinking goes. From the NAACP to the DC Government, it’s laughable that these organizations are behind something so constitutionally dubious. Moreover, I must highlight the sad fact that they behind something that sells everyone short. As one person told me, “It’s the best thing going,” but does that make it legitmate? Politics may be the art of compromise, but why compromise becoming a full citizen over being 1/3 of a citizen?

I will be marching with the largest D.C. flag (made of hemp, with the text “DC STATEHOOD NOW!”) from Franklin Square to Freedom Plaza in the “March to Statehood” contingent and then after the march & rally I will be going to “Push the Senate Reception” in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. I was thinking of getting arrested in the senate, but I have yet to decide if it will be worthwhile or not. I’m a bit rusty when it comes to civil disobedience, it’s been awhile.

Lastly, I’d like to point out the stupidity of the naming of the march as a “Voting Rights March.” People are lobbying for a voting RIGHT – thats singular – not plural, with the right being only one vote in the House. If it were really about voting RIGHTS – that’s plural – it would be in support of full representation in both the House & Senate….

Below the fold is Reuters story,
“Washington, after 200 years, may get vote in Congress”


THE GEOCOLONIAL SLOTS – Match 3 for Statehood!
|| 3/22/2007 || 9:36 am || Comments Off on THE GEOCOLONIAL SLOTS – Match 3 for Statehood! || ||

Screen shot below features 2/3 – American University Quilt & 1/3 Meridian Hill Park

I mentioned that I was thinking about doing some sort of gambling themed lost project. And after about 7 different random image generator scripts I settled on this one. On Firefox & Safari it doesn’t appear to work as I intended. When attempting to gamble for representation I found that the images were not randomly loading. So you will probably have to manually hit reload for equality. I tried a few different javascripts to directly reload the page, but none worked. So I am stuck with this slightly substandard geographic casino. Casinos are substandard anyways; just like taxation without representation.

This interactive geographic environment consists of the 2 types of map details from my Washington, DC map collection. The folder consists of the {name}-zoom.jpg, {name}-zoom2.jpg, {name}-cut.jpg, {name}-cut2.jpg– related to each map. The Zooms represent central details that geographic tessellations at two different scales. The Cuts are details of places and spaces around the map. The 144 different Zooms & Cuts were placed into 3 folders: right, middle, left. Each time the page reloads there is a 1 out of a 2,865,984 chance of winning statehood!


Tessellations of Time: A 2006 Recap
|| 12/31/2006 || 10:42 am || Comments Off on Tessellations of Time: A 2006 Recap || ||

So I just got done going through all of the 2006 blog entries counting up all the maps I made this year. It turns out that I made 206 maps in 2006! There are a few maps that I did not publish on my website, so the number is technically higher. I wonder if that is a record of some sort? Most maps made in one year by a sole cartographer. Well, it might be, but then again, my maps are not your traditional maps!

Check the complete listing after the fold…


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