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2004 Maps
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2004 features the creation of the Lenz Project, the Star Series, the Abstract Series, the Mother Earth Series and the Memory Series, as well as a few animations and my first interactive maps. See below for links to all of the maps of 2004.

The Lenz Project
Begun June 25th, 2004

More information about the Lenz Project(ion) below.

DC Lenz #2
Lake Reflect Cube Lenz
Kamache Cube Lenz
Himalaya Cube Lenz
Baghdad Cube Lenz
Monrovia Cube Lenz
Dutch Cube Lenz
Vortex Cube Lenz
Ganges Cube Lenz
Ivan Cube Lenz
Ballwin Bubble #2
Ballwin Bubble
Greenzone Full Lenz
Brussels Lenz #5
Dutch Full Lenz
Bissau Full Lenz
Ganges Himalay Guinea-Bissau Lenz
Greenzone #5
Kamanche Bissau Lenz
Vortex Spin #2
Vortex Spin
Vortex Lenz
Bolivia Lenz
Ganges Reflect Lenz
Ganges Lenz
Brussels Random Lenz
Kamanche Lenz
Namib Lenz
Dutch NYC Lenz #3
Dutch NYC Lenz #2
Dutch NYC Lenz
Dutch Bissau Lenz #2
Dutch Bissau Lenz
NYC Bissau Reflect Lenz
Bissau Lake Inner Reflect Lenz
Himalaya Brussels Lenz
Brussels Invert Lenz
Himalaya Invert Lenz
Bissau Invert Inner Lenz
Bissau Monrovia Lenz
Bissau Black Lenz
Inner Lake Lenz
Himalaya Bissau Lenz
Guinea-Bissau Lenz
Guinea-Bissau Lenz #2
Baghdad Bissau Lenz
Baghdad Bissau Lenz #2
Baghdad Lake Lenz
Baghdad Monrovia Eye
Baghdad Monrovia Lenz
Brussels Lenz
Brussels Lenz #2
Brussels Eye
Earth Eye Monrovia Black Lenz
Earth Eye Monrovia Total Lenz
Earth Lenz Monrovia
Earth Eye Monrovia
Earth Eye Reflection
Earth Eye
Fire Eye
Fire Lenz
Istanbul Eye
False Color Eye
Recycle Lenz
Mecca Lenz
Mecca Aqua Lenz
Moon Lenz
Pentagon Lenz
Statue of Liberty Lenz
Vatican Lenz
Iraq Lenz
Vatican Lenz #2
Abu Ghraib Lenz
Baghdad Lenz
Bora Bora Lenz
DC Lenz
DC Torus Lenz

About the Lenz Project(ion)
The Lenz Project was started in June of 2004 at my residence in the Shaw neighborhood in Washington, DC. Begun shortly after finishing my studies at the George Washington University, I began to plot the concept of being a square peg in a round hole (Living in Washington, DC). The Lenz Projection was born as a cartographic emotional response to finding myself and what I wanted to become. The answer, after nearly 77 maps, was inorder to fit in, I must focus.

The Lenz Projection is based on 4 simple items:
– Aerial or satellite image
– Torus (a donut)
– Transparent glass sphere
– Light source

The Lenz Projection was setup as follows:

– A light source is created to illuminate the scene
– The aerial or satellite image was placed in the direct center of the scene (the square peg)
– The Torus placed at the center of the scene and reduced so that the image fits exactly in the center (the square peg in a round hole)
– The transparent glass sphere was place at the center of the scene enclosing the image and half the diameter of the torus (Lenz)

By adjusting the the Z dimension (depth) of the transparent glass sphere over the square image in the circle, the Lenz causes the imagery to refract and fill the space of the circle. Thus by focusing the Lenz on a given space, the square peg becomes round. View this animation for a side by side comparison of how the Lenz refracts.

From June 20th, 2004 until October 19th, 2004 the maps below were created or a near daily basis. Due to the pace of my cartographic production, I gave my cartographic journal the title “The Daily Render.” The end of the Lenz Project came with the completion of DC Lenz #2 because I felt that I had created the best Lenz Projection to date and I was ready to begin experimenting with different shapes and dimensions. Through the process I had discovered quite a bit about myself and the means to project geospatial information. While this stage of the Lenz project had finished, I’ve continued to make maps using the perfected Lenz Projection template.

Some of the early maps in the Lenz Projection used copyrighted satellite imagery. At the time of their creation I was unaware of what imagery was legal and illegal to use. I discovered that all for-profit corporations forbid the modification of the pixels of the satellite image. I also discovered that there are some sources of public domain imagery that allow for the creation of derivative products. Starting in late 2004 all of my maps are composed of only public domain imagery, however I chosen to keep my early maps on-line for educational purposes.

Other Maps from 2004:
E Street Risk Analysis (Interactive)
Personal Card
Brussels Lenz (Animation)
U Street Development (Interactive)
Nambib Lenz (Animation)
Flower for Jerusalem
Flower & Sun
False Color Grid (Detail)
3D Lenz (Interactive)
Brussels Lenz 3D (Interactive)
Dutch Bissau Lenz 3D (Interactive)
Post 911 ReflectionDelta

Middle East Reflection
Mississippi Delta Reflection Balls
Star of the Mississippi River Delta
Star of Bissau
Star of the Ganges River
Star of Brussels
Star of Saint Louis
Abstract Netherlands
Abstract DC
Abstract Brussels
Abstract Saint Louis
Mother Earth #1
Mother Earth (Animation)
Mother Earth #2
Mother Earth #3
Star of DC
U Street Popular Locations (Interactive)
U.S. Naval Observatory Lenz

95 Maps in 2008
305 Maps in 2007
213 Maps in 2006
122 Maps in 2005

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