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what next?
|| 8/31/2004 || 6:15 am || Comments Off on what next? || ||

Bissau Torus

This rendering looks pretty decent. I’d like to make a grand total of 50 renderings for this series (I have made 39 so far). I am now pondering ways I can create a new series. I definitely want to keep the satellite image motiff alive because I feel it makes these renderings interesting yet different. In the meantime, I think I am going to make another rendering with the Himalayas satellite image. I also added a nifty animation in the upper left-hand corner that is a link to all of the renderings I’ve made for Lenz Project.

“I don’t think you can win it”
|| || 4:25 am || Comments Off on “I don’t think you can win it” || ||

I can’t believe he said it. I can’t believe I didn’t record it the 3 times I saw the clip yesterday…

When asked by NBC’s Matt Lauer about the war on terrorism “Can we win it?”
Bush replies:

I don’t think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that the – those who use terror as a tool are – less acceptable in parts of the world.

Sounds like a flip-flop to me. I wish I could find a clip from one of his speeches where he says something along the lines of “we are going to win this war on terrorism.”

Ironically there are two French reporters being held hostage in Iraq due to the French government’s ban on headscarves in state schools. (I am personally against the ban because it interferes with freedom of religion) Right now terrorism (in the form of taking hostages to make a political statement) is being used as a tool in a place where Bush supposedly liberated. I wonder if the French government rescinds this ban, will the terrorists have won? or will it simply be the French government realizing the errors of its ways? I predict that the journalists will probably end up dying becuase the French government will try to make a stand and refuse to overturn their whack-ass law. Regardless, this one small battle in the “war on terrorism” is exactly what Bush is trying to prevent, and it poignantly shows how unwinnable this ill named war really is. See “drug war” for more info on unwinnable wars :-)

|| || 2:52 am || Comments Off on Redefining || ||

One of my personal heroes, Michael Moore, is doing a daily column for USA Today during the Republican National Convention. After reading his first installment and watching former Mayor Giuliani give his speech, I found it interesting watching the two sides define each other. In his speech Giuliani attempts to define Kerry as a flip-flopper…

GIULIANI: He even, at one point, declared himself as an anti-war candidate. And now he says he’s pro-war candidate. At this rate, with 64 days left, he still has time to change his position four or five more times.

Which is pretty damned true, and I see this as being the number one character issue that will face Kerry. I see the Republicans painting him as indecisive, which is a quality a true leader should not possess. Yet you gotta wonder about Bush’s 7 minutes of indecision on 9/11… Moore addresses this in a different way:

You’re [Republicans] in charge because you never back down. Your people are up before dawn figuring out which minority group shouldn’t be allowed to marry today. Our side is full of wimps who’d rather compromise than fight. Not you guys.

I wonder is “flip-flopping” a form of compromise? I mean, the current adminstration has not backed down many times, nor have they made many compromises. In the spirit of bipartisan politics, Kerry’s record of flip-flops could easily be construed as making compromises, right? I was always told that compromises are what makes democracy work, and in that context it doesn’t seem like the Republicans are providing a real representative democracy. What this video for a little more inside on the difference between a democracy and a despotism.

Regardless, I get a kick out of Moore’s column, because he decides to define Republicans in his own populist way:

I’ve often found that if I go down the list of “liberal” issues with people who say they’re Republican, they are quite liberal and not in sync with the Republicans who run the country. Most don’t want America to be the world’s police officer and prefer peace to war. They applaud civil rights, believe all Americans should have health insurance and think assault weapons should be banned. Though they may personally oppose abortion, they usually don’t think the government has the right to tell a women what to do with her body. There’s a name for these Republicans: RINOs or Republican In Name Only. They possess a liberal, open mind and don’t believe in creating a worse life for anyone else.

I think this a good meme, probably better the “cheap labor conservative” meme of last year. So I now wonder, how do we collectively redefine Elephants to RINOs to people who will actively seek out a party that defines them best? Instant runoff voting is the answer I feel would be the best. It would allow people to vote for who they feel closest to politically without fear of wasting their vote on a third party. I would be nice if Mr. Moore would begin to advocate this. It seems like he has plenty of ideas, but none that he is really going after- save getting rid of Bush. I look forward tomorrow’s column :-)

For a third party perspective on Moore’s attendance at the RNC read this article about the media following him around.

The next rendering is taking its sweet time, it should be ready in the next 6 hours. It’s oval shaped, and I’ve only made a few like that. I am also making them with black backgrounds now. I’m not sure about how I feel about them yet- they look nice against the black background of this page, but when printed, I am not sure if the black will look good. I can always Photoshop them to the specific color, but that is just more work…

too eager
|| 8/30/2004 || 1:52 am || Comments Off on too eager || ||

Monrovia Torus

Maybe Zoe was right about the self-promoting issue. But after thinking about things more thoroughly, I think its simply just that I’m too eager too help. So eager that I’m don’t think some things all the way through and it ends up being potentially detrimental to the work at hand. I resolve to think more thoroughly about various issues before I decide to let others know about them. I also resolve to use the model of peer review to it’s fullest application so to prevent future mistakes.

ride ride ride
|| 8/29/2004 || 4:12 am || Comments Off on ride ride ride || ||

Black Lake

Man I rode my bike farther out in VA than I have ever riden before. However, the party I went to was fun! I met the son of the one of the DCStatehood Party founders tonight. He played some nice dub, dancehall & ragga beats at the house party. I hope he drops me an E-mail!

So tomorrow is the big protest day. I hope the corporate media has some decent coverage,,,, My recording of Bill Maher last night, which urged protestors to riot made its way to the front page of the NYC IMC, but I can’t find the posting now! It was up before I left to go out tonight….nonetheless, it was a good recording…. I also uploaded the press conference that the Police Commissioner of NYC gave…It was about the “terrorists” who had no explosives but were arrested…. in my opinion they were arrested just to scare off potential protestors….

Anyways–tomorrow should be very interesting!

the RNC…
|| 8/28/2004 || 2:32 pm || Comments Off on the RNC… || ||

Inner Lake

I didn’t end up making version 2.0, but I did try something new and I ended up with a new template. It looks very much like the previous templates, but this new one has a second sphere. But this sphere is a “negative” sphere which subtracts itself from the central sphere, and what this creates is a small sphere within the sphere. You can see the results above, or you can look at these quicktime virtual reality 3D renderings (small, medium, and large). I think this 3D environment allows the viewer to see the depth & size of the renderings! I look forward to making these more often because they are so damned cool. Up next is another rendering using the new template and same torus texture with the Guinea-Bissau satellite image for the inner graphic.

In other news, the protests at the RNC have started. Last night there were 5,000 critical mass riders who took over the streets in NYC to promote a carless culture. There ended up being about 250 arrests and I am downloading an Indymedia video of the arrests. Due to how long it has taken to download this video, it looks like the NYC Indymedia is getting a lot of traffic. I hope other Indymedia websites begin to mirror the videos to ease the server load and allow for a faster transfer of information– after looking at the URL of the video I see that it is being hosted by San Fran’s Indymedia website (cool). I hope they start up “enemy combatant radio” like what was streamed out of San Fran during the protests when the Iraq war started.

I uploaded a good sound byte of Bill Maher urging protestors to riot. Good stuff..

thank you usgs
|| 8/27/2004 || 9:22 pm || Comments Off on thank you usgs || ||

Baghdad Bissau Lenz no.2 by Nikolas Schiller 2004

Version 2.0 will be the inverse….and I think I might try signing my name.

in the meantime I am backing up my summer creations on DVDs…

and thank you USGS for providing me with some new material.

The Lenz Project
|| 8/26/2004 || 8:27 am || Comments Off on The Lenz Project || ||

I finally got around to compiling all the images I’ve rendered this summer and put them on one page so that I can easily update the entire page when I create new images. What was happening was that my design page not getting updated when I made new images. By creating this page all I have to do is add the newest image each time one is created. Lets just say its a massive time saver! (FYI- to view this page, you need to turn off any pop-up blockers you have on) Anyways, now “The Daily Render” has a special page for the Lenz Project. I have been pondering what the next series will end up being, I am thinking something with a cube….

I just downloaded a graphic of the Himalayas that was actually featured in this months’s issue of Adbusters magazine. I am going to make 4 panelled reflection of it to make it look slightly more interesting. So yeah- like I said in my last post, look for something in 8-10 hours :-)

the daily render
|| || 6:27 am || Comments Off on the daily render || ||

baghdad bissau lenz2

Its official. This blog has changed its name to a more fitting name. [drum roll]

Nikolas ® Schiller’s blog is now called “The Daily Render

I mentioned this name change before but I didn’t seriously think about changing it. However after reading through my website logs and finding that someone has blogrolled me (speak up whoever you are!), I went to to see if I could find out who. After searching, I found out that someone else had already taken the name “Mental Masturbation.” So why name your blog with a name someone else is already using? Especially with a tagline like “Blowing Your Mind in a Consequence Free Environment,” with all due respect, “Keystrokes for a Better World” just sounds dumb compared to “blowing your mind” (the consequence free environment part is lame, because there are consequences to everything one says). So from now on this blog’s name will be “The Daily Render” and the tagline will be “Your Daily Dose of Visual Stimulation.” I mean, I’ve mainly used this blog as a forum to display and critique my near-daily renderings, so why not follow through and name it properly. Plus, as I mentioned before, “Mental Masturbation is a bit over the top as far as names go.

Since the subject of Daily Renderings is now in the spotlight, I must comment on the rendering above. I really do love the satellite image being used for the torus, but I still don’t like the inner satellite image of Baghdad much. As I mentioned earlier, the original satellite image of the Green Zone in Baghdad was too large for computer to handle (it might have been due to the fact that half of my CPU speed was tied up rendering another graphic) so I had to scale down the image to roughly half its size. This meant that the 1 meter satellite image (meaning that each pixel represented one meter on the ground) was reduced to a 4 meter image (if you half the size of the image you don’t get 2 meters but 4 because the former pixel is square, not rectangular), and with the reduction in size, the new satellite image has half the amount of detail as before. Thus I’d rather have the inner satellite image have more detail. Plus it makes the spherical projection (aka the “lenz”) look more round- which, afterall, is the reason why I began this series in the first place. I am going to snag another image from one of the “Earth As Art” galleries and use the same Guinea-Bissau satellite image for torus. Expect another image in about 8-10 hours!

In other news, if you have a moment download the latest issue of the INDYPENDENT. It is chalk full of what will be going down in NYC next week during the RNC. I wish I could go, but money is tight and I feel I can be more of service here for some reason. I am helping load a puppet for Adam this morning, so at least I am helping out in some way.

|| 8/25/2004 || 10:13 pm || Comments Off on sleep… || ||

guinea-bissaulenz lenz2

This rendering is exactly the same as this one, except the images are reversed. Again, as with the other one, I like the torus better than the inner image. -shrug- I guess I’ll make the next one with the downtown Baghdad image, so I’ll end up with 4 images that are almost identical. The final product could have all 4 images- and potentially be printed 10 feet by 10 feet!

Anyways, I need to fix my sleeping habits. I’m on the Dracula sleep cycle- I’ve been sleeping during the day (mostly during the morning and evening) and being awake all night from like 10pm to 6am. If I had a stable job this wouldn’t be the case because I tend to live on a fixed schedule. Grrr. I think working out more would also help, but that is not as important as stable work. I wonder what I should do to combat this.

Now I’m off to the Rendezvous Lounge for a friend’s club night. I’ve never been there before so it should be interesting.

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