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B.A.D. Day is tomorrow
|| 9/30/2004 || 10:36 pm || Comments Off on B.A.D. Day is tomorrow || ||

Press release from Zoe:

DC Democracy Activists to Return to Capitol Hill on Anniversary of Arrests in Speaker Hastert’s Office

WASHINGTON, DC—On October 1, the beginning of the fiscal year, the Budget Autonomy for the District Coalition, including the seven activists who were arrested last year in House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert’s (R-Ill.) office, will hold an 8:30 am rally for DC Budget Autonomy and Statehood at the Capitol South Metro Stop. At 11 am, they will visit dozens of Senators and Representatives to advocate for full democracy for DC.

“We are continuing DC’s long history of demanding that Congress stops controlling DC’s budget and adding undemocratic riders to the DC Appropriations Bill. We are going to demand change,” Anise Jenkins, a founding member of the Budget Autonomy for the District Coalition (BAD Day) and the president of the Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition, stated.

WHO: BAD Day: DC Statehood Green Party and Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition
Speakers and performers include:
U.S. “Shadow” Senator Florence Pendleton (D-DC)
U.S. “Shadow” Representative Ray Browne (D-DC)
Head-Roc and Eurok, DC hip hop artists
Bill Mosley, Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition
Adam Eidinger, Co-Chair of the DC Statehood Green Party
WHAT: Rally for Budget Autonomy and DC Statehood
WHERE: Capitol South Metro Stop (First St. between C & D Sts. SE)
WHEN: 8:30-10:00 am

History of DC’s Lack of Budget Autonomy: Because of a Constitutional anachronism, Congress continues to execute colonial oversight over the District’s budget until it is reviewed and passed as part of the federal appropriations process – even though more than 75 percent of the District’s budget is raised from local tax funds, about the same as most states. Because Congress does not finish the federal government’s work on time, much less the District’s, enactment of our budget is usually delayed well into the fiscal year. These unacceptable delays prevent the District from spending new funds on such urgent needs as health care, schools, and public safety.

Moreover, as our budget moves through the appropriations process, members can attach “riders” – restrictions that negate the wishes of DC’s voters. Current riders include a ban on needle exchange programs to prevent HIV/AIDS and a prohibition on implementing the initiative to allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. Finally, Congress forbids the District from using its own money to lobby for congressional voting rights and/or Statehood.
For updated information, please call the Stand Up! For Democracy in DC Coalition Events Hotline at 202-232-2500 x1.

For the last month I’ve been calling Capitol Hill scheduling the appointments with the various congrssmembers on the House Committe on Government Reform. Its been a truly interesting experience. I can’t wait for tomorrow! This will be my first time lobbying and I am excited! We’ve got over 20 meetings tomorrow with staffers and I hope there is a big turnout. We’ll see :-)

Ivan from above
|| 9/29/2004 || 4:00 pm || Comments Off on Ivan from above || ||

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has got a great index of high resolution images of Hurricane Ivan’s destruction. If you have a minute check them out! There is also another page that has images of the actual path of destruction. I’ll be rendering a few of these shortly….Thank you NOAA!

This rendering is similar to the last one, but it has 4 times as many spheres place around it. Its too bad that 1024X768 doesn’t do the rendering’s overall detail much justice.

The Daily Show on the Daily Render
|| 9/28/2004 || 11:01 pm || Comments Off on The Daily Show on the Daily Render || ||

From CNN:

The folks at Comedy Central were annoyed when Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly kept referring to “The Daily Show” audience as “stoned slackers.”

So they did a little research. And guess whose audience is more educated?

Viewers of Jon Stewart’s show are more likely to have completed four years of college than people who watch “The O’Reilly Factor,” according to Nielsen Media Research.

Comedy Central had no statistics on how many people watch “The Daily Show” stoned.

Sometimes the people that make the best fake news get away with making great news. I wonder how many people watch either show on a given night, because that would validate the research somewhat more. I am also looking forward to watching the debate this week. I noticed within the last two weeks that Karl Rove has changed Bush’s stump speech format in order for him to appear more like Kerry on the TV screen. Bush now has a talking points podium, which allows him to pace around the stage and come back when to the podium when he needs to say another repetitious republican phrase. The on the job training is working out for him too. Most of the camera shots put him above the podium so that the average viewer would not even notice the presence of the stand. Do a comparison with Kerry as he talks on his feet, you’ll notice a far superior intellect.

I am waiting for Move On to use Bush’s “We are not into nation building” comment and use the whole flip flop argument against Bush. The other day on TV I saw some dolt with a pair of massive 6ft tall flip flops. This idiot should be running around the country campaigning for Bush like the Yes Men.

Anyways, this rendering is of my hometown of Ballwin, Missouri. It’s located about 30 miles west of downtown Saint Louis in the republican controlled territory called West County. I used the glass spheres on this rendering instead of a torus. I just placed them around the page in an organized geometric fashion. The next rendering will consist of the same format & satellite image, but will contain many more spheres.

render radio
|| 9/27/2004 || 11:26 pm || Comments Off on render radio || ||

I just spent waaaay too much time making a Flash MP3 player. I was able to snag a bit of code from Flashkit, and tweak it nicely. Its on the right panel—-> And I gave it the most cheezy name ever… But if you are looking for something to listen to, I’ve got it :-) It might not be on-line, but I do take requests (I’ve got about 2000 MP3s). Chances are, if its been on the radio, I don’t think I’ve got it- sorry!

|| 9/26/2004 || 12:00 pm || Comments Off on dreams || ||

Last night I had a very interesting dream. Early on in my slumber I witnessed an Air France plane crash. I was in the backseat of some non-descript car and I looked up and saw the plane flying overhead. It looked like it was about to land, but it stalled and began to spin and then crashed about 500 ft from me. We stopped the car and I got out to survey the damage. Then the context of the dream completely changed to something different. Last time I had a dream similar to this, some bad things happened. I hope it was just a vivid dream and nothing else.

B.A.D. Day Call to Action!
|| 9/24/2004 || 4:06 pm || Comments Off on B.A.D. Day Call to Action! || ||

From my housemate Zoe Mitchell:

B.A.D. Day Call to Action

October 1st will be a B.A.D. Day in DC
B.A.D.= Budget Autonomy for the District

We’ve had enough. October 1, 2004, the beginning of the fiscal year, will be a B.A.D. Day for those in support of full Democracy for the District of Columbia. On the day DC residents are formally disenfranchised and democracy is disabled, we will fight back. Using diverse tactics, such as lobbying, petitioning, and protesting, District residents and friends of democracy will push for an end to DC’s underclass status. We will demand budget autonomy as a first step—and begin a concerted new fight for freedom, statehood, and voting rights.

Help make B.A.D. Day a major city happening that grows each year, until we get our democratic rights! Come out to a rally at the Capitol South Metro Stop on the Blue and Orange Lines on October 1 at 8:30 am. Listen to live musicians, speakers and activists demand democracy for DC. Then at 10:30 am, come lobby Members of Congress that control DC for change.

Residents of the District of Columbia have had bad days since Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 17 of the U.S. Constitution allowed Congress to have “exclusive legislation, in all cases whatsoever, over” the area that was to become Washington, DC. DC residents have been denied fundamental rights—ones that most Americans consider essential for a democracy.

Unlike states, we don’t elect or appoint our judges; instead they are appointed by the President. Unlike states, we have no representation in Congress, yet Congress can overturn our local laws. Unlike states, we are the ‘Federal City’—we pay federal taxes, we serve on federal juries we are subjected to all federal laws—yet, we have no formal say in the federal government.

On Friday, October 1, 2004, we will take a stand:

For every time federal legislation has passed without DC residents getting a chance to weigh in;

For every time the District’s budget priorities have been delayed because Congress won’t pass the DC Appropriations Bills by the start of the fiscal year;

For every time Congress offends local democracy by passing our budget for us;

For every time our voter-approved referenda, initiatives and recalls have been overturned by overzealous Members of Congress; and

For every time we have demanded change and been ignored;

We’ve had enough. Enough is enough!

For more information or to get involved, call the B.A.D. hotline at 202-232-1724!

We’ve got over 20 different appointments made with various congressional offices so that DC residents can lobby their unelected officials for budget autonomy, equal voting rights, statehood, and essentially lobbying to end the tyrannical rule of Congress over DC. If you have a chance come down to Capitol Hill next Friday! We’ve got some rappers, some speakers, and some B.A.D. ass fun. Watch democracy in action, nay, be apart of democracy in action! If you have any questions, please drop me an E-mail!

new style
|| 9/23/2004 || 3:34 pm || Comments Off on new style || ||

As mentioned at the end of my previous post, I’ve made a slight modification on the original template. Before the images were rendered againsts a completely neutral background (either black or white) which made them look very simple. It also allowed me to cut & paste them rather easily to make larger images (which I haven’t quite gotten to yet!), however I have stumbled on a way to make them look slightly my dynamic. My previous rendering removed the glass sphere and the embedded satellite image, but I opted to keep the two where they are and concentrate on the background of the renderings. This one I used a massive cylander as the background with the texture being completely randomized, and the next I one I’ll use maybe two large cylanders. Their inherint depth will create a foreground and background which will make the centeral image stand out more. And if I ever get these printed out they’ll make for better posters, simply because the entire page will be taken up. Next up will be a few more of the same, and then I’m going to get a few more new satellite images to give the Lenz treatment or maybe something completely new- I am thinking of maybe moving to central box of sorts… I still like this series tho. I’m at like 64 renderings, should I stop at a 100?

its warming up
|| 9/22/2004 || 11:51 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

Article from the BBC:

“These two papers clearly illustrate, for the first time, the relationship between ice shelf collapses caused by climate warming, and accelerated glacier flow,” said Dr Rignot.

The extra ice presumably translates into higher sea level. But how much this is raising the level of the oceans isn’t known.

The authors of the published papers point out that in other places around the continent, much larger glaciers are also held in check by ice shelves.

To quote a rapper from my hometown, “Its getting hot in here”

I remember watching the ice shelf referenced in this article calve into the ocean on CNN and it made me worry that global warming was actually happening. After watching this about a year ago it made me realize that the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are relatively off the charts. Off the charts in the sense that there is no historical record CO2 levels this high. The way CO2 is measured in Antarctica is by drilling deep into the snow and collecting samples. When the snow fell and was compacted by snow falling on top of it, small air bubbles were trapped in the snow. These air bubbles contain a microscopic reflection of the atmosphere at that period in history. So right now there is more CO2 than ever and the earth is heating up. So where is the good news? There really isn’t any.

The conversation I had last week with Professor Foggin was about this same issue. Being that he is middle-aged and nearly retired, he made a point to explain his concern about the future. I can tell he was worried about his grandchildren and what kind of earth they are going to inherit. Hell, I am worried about what kind of world my children are going to inherit, but I am glad that I have some education in the earth sciences because it makes me feel empowered that I have the know-how to change things. Well maybe not change things entirely, but have the ability to show others ways they can combat & adapt to our changing world. And the wind of change is beginning to blow stronger.

There is a difference between global warming and climate change that is not quite understood by most people I’ve talked with. Climate change is what we will begin to experience as our earth continues to warm due to the influx of CO2. One of my professors who studied the atmospheric sciences explained climate change as an increase in the variability of the weather patterns. Essentially meaning that there will be more randomness in the weather and what was considered normal weather will be a distant memory. I personally think that the numerous hurricanes that have taken place in the last month are a sign of things to come. I expect to see the sea levels rise and the treasures of Venice, Amsterdam, and even most of Bangladesh go under water during my lifetime. I expect to see the locusts in West Africa begin to plague other parts of the world in my lifetime. And sadly, I expect to see others turn their head until its too late.

The only glimmer of hope I can postulate is global cooling. It would only take a few massive volcanic eruptions to put enough soot into the atmosphere that the earth will begin to cool. Its possible. Its also possible to recycle more and plant trees.

As for this rendering, its a new modification on the old template. Instead of making the background completely neutral (black or white), I added 2D randomized image of the inner satellite image. I think it looks beautiful! I also removed the glass sphere and made the satellite image of the Himalayas wrapped around the sphere. The next rendering will have the background be a 3D image to add depth. I look forward to seeing it when its finished!

cats in the bag
|| 9/21/2004 || 11:27 pm || Comments Off on cats in the bag || ||

Article from Talking Points Memo:

A London-to-Washington flight was diverted to Maine on Tuesday when it was discovered passenger Yusuf Islam – formerly known as singer Cat Stevens – was on a government watch list and barred from entering the country, federal officials said.
One official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Islam, 56, was identified by the Advanced Passenger Information System, which requires airlines to send passenger information to Customs and Border Protection’s National Targeting Center. The Transportation Security Administration then was contacted and requested that the plane land at the nearest airport, that official said.

This is seriously fuct up. I sincerely wonder why he was denied admission. This AP article did not mentioned Yusuf Islam‘s citizenship status. I mean would I lose my citizenship if I went to Saudi Arabia became a Muslim and decided to come back home to the USA? Or was he always a foreign national? Regardless, his denial of entry is interesting. I really want to why?

Apparently he was on some government watch lists. My guess was that he donated money to some charitable organizations that have since been linked to terrorist activity.

Greenzone #5
|| 9/20/2004 || 3:25 pm || Comments Off on Greenzone #5 || ||

This map uses copyrighted imagery and is on-line for educational purposes.

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