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The D.C. Colonist makes his baseball debut!
|| 4/3/2005 || 5:28 pm || Comments Off on The D.C. Colonist makes his baseball debut! || ||

a bit a news I posted on the

Photo summary of the April 3rd, 2005 exhibition game at RFK stadium
On April 3rd, 2005 over 20 DC Statehood Activists convened in section 438 at RFK stadium to highlight the resident’s of Washington, DC second-class status.

On April 3rd, 2005 over 20 DC Statehood Activists convened in section 438 at RFK stadium to highlight the resident’s of Washington, DC second-class status.

After each strike out the activists would hold up the letters that spelled out “STRIKE 4 DC STATEHOOD”

When the Nationals were at bat and the pitcher would walk a player, the activists would hold up “BUSH PLAY BALL WITH DC”

The exhibition was also the first time that Nats fans saw their unofficial mascot, the DC Colonist

DC Fox 5 also mentioned the activists antics on the evening and morning news, footage will be uploaded shortly.

Near the end of the game the activists made their way down to the lower level of RFK stadium, behind 3rd base, and proceeded to hold the signs up for all the spectators to see.

In the bottom of the 9th inning, with the go-ahead runner on base, the DC Colonist held up the large DC sign and ran up & down the stairwells hyping the crowd up. Yet even with the crowd ecstatically cheering, the Nationals were unable to score in the final inning.

The first baseball game played in RFK stadium in almost 30 years, and I show up dressed as a Colonist! I rented the costume from Backstage and eventually ended up purchasing it. I’m thinking of spending some saturday in the near future greeting people on the National Mall and telling them how DC residents are colonists. I think this might be an effective way to promote DC’s voting rights because 75% on the Mall are tourists. I think they’ll be more apt to go back to their hometown and put pressure on their elected officials. I’d love to see DC Vote pay someone to do this!

Nonetheless, I wonder how baseball will do at RFK stadium…

DCist Covers the Colonist
|| 3/30/2005 || 12:36 am || Comments Off on DCist Covers the Colonist || ||

posted today on DCist

D.C. über-activist Adam Eidinger didn’t win his campaign for shadow U.S. representative last fall, so now he’s campaigning for another public position: mascot for the Washington Nationals. A group of activists is calling for Adam to become the team mascot as “The Colonist” because “colonialists like you once brought about a revolution.” (Above, he waits in line for tickets for opening day.)

The Colonist and his friends also plan to flash signs reading “Strike for D.C. Statehood” after every strike during the first Nationals home game, from their seats in Section 438, Rows 3 and 4. They make it clear they’re not protesting baseball, but rather want “baseball fans from all over the country to understand that DC residents are effectively second class citizens due to our lack of Statehood.” The group has set up a website for their effort, but there’s not much information up yet:

Meanwhile, last week the AP reported that although the team had chosen and named an official mascot, “It may be the most closely guarded secret in the Nation’s Capital.” The official mascot will be revealed on April 17 at the Kids Opening Day game.

Posted by Rob Goodspeed

DC Colonists – Flyer & Press Release
|| 3/28/2005 || 9:40 pm || Comments Off on DC Colonists – Flyer & Press Release || ||

March 29, 2005

CONTACT: Zoe Mitchell 202-253-2990
Adam Eidinger 202-744-2671

DC Democracy Supporters Plan Action at First DC Baseball Game in 30 Years

DC Colonists to Hold “Strike 4 DC Statehood‚” Placards at Nationals‚ April 3 Exhibition Game

Activists Want The Colonist‚ to be Nationals Mascot

WASHINGTON, DC – Twenty DC Democracy supporters calling themselves the DC Colonists, will be out in force during the first baseball game at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in over 30 years. During the Sunday, April 3, exhibition game, twenty baseball fans/activists plan to flash placards that spell “Strike 4 DC Statehood‚” after every strikeout.

“We are not doing this to protest the Nationals. We are very excited about baseball coming back to DC,” John Capozzi said, “Baseball is an American pastime. Democracy is an American principle. By attending this game with our signs, we are showcasing our support for both.”

WHO: DC Colonists – twenty DC Democracy supporters
WHAT:Strike 4 DC Statehood‚ Sign at Nationals‚ April 3 Exhibition Game
WHERE: RFK Stadium
WHEN: Sunday, April 3, beginning at 12:05pm, Section 438 Rows 3 and 4

“We would love to have our mascot, The Colonist, become the official mascot of the Nationals,” said Adam Eidinger, who purchased the 20 tickets on March 12 wearing a full 18th Century costume, “We want baseball fans from all over the country to understand that DC residents are effectively second class citizens due to our lack of Statehood.”

Unlike citizens of states, DC residents pay federal taxes, yet lack full representation in the U.S. Congress. Additionally, DC‚s local budget must be approved by Congress before it is implemented. Any Congressional delays prevent the District from spending new funds on such urgent needs as health care, schools, and public safety. Finally, Members of Congress can attach “riders,” restrictions that negate the wishes of DC‚s voters. Current riders include a ban on needle exchange programs to prevent HIV/AIDS and a prohibition on implementing the initiative to allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. If DC were a state, we would have full representation in Congress and local control over our budget.

The DC Colonists plan to attend many Nationals games at RFK and in cities across the nation throughout the spring and summer.

DC Colonists is a project of members of the DC Democratic Party, DC Statehood Green Party and Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition.

For more info visit:

This should be fun….

We made on FOX NEWS…

The D.C. Colonist in the Washington Post
|| 3/13/2005 || 4:54 pm || Comments Off on The D.C. Colonist in the Washington Post || ||

I just pasted the content of the article that I cared to read…

The result:

Related Colonist Entries:


The Colonist in the Post
|| || 11:11 am || Comments Off on The Colonist in the Post || ||

From this morning’s Washington Post:

Another capital pastime — politics — was also on display. Adam Eidinger, a frequent D.C. Statehood Green candidate who protested taxpayer financing for the Nationals’ future ballpark in the city, wore an 18th-century-style frock coat, ruffled shirt, knee breeches and white stockings, modeling what he said should be the team’s new mascot, a colonist — a nod to D.C. residents’ status as taxpaying U.S. citizens without a vote in Congress.

Eidinger, a publicist and protest organizer, said he planned to buy 20 tickets for supporters to attend games with flip cards carrying his “Strike-4-Statehood” slogan, hoping to snare television time.

Once I have the approval from a few others, I’ll post the picture / flyer I made using a picture of Adam dressed up as a colonist! I think its great- we beat Major League Baseball and selected a mascot first!

Congress Passes District’s Budget
|| 10/7/2004 || 10:46 pm || Comments Off on Congress Passes District’s Budget || ||

From the Washington Post:

“Norton said the change gives a bill to permanently free the District’s local budget from the requirement of a congressional vote a “very good chance of passage” next year.”

Putting this quote in perspective.

The Bill in reference, H.R. 2472, has not moved in Congress since September 9th, 2003 when it was sent to the Subcommittee on the Legislative and Budget Process. Introduced only 3 months prior on June 6th with the bipartisan support of Tom Davis and Eleanor Holmes Norton, the “Budget Autonomy Act of 2003” basically says:

District of Columbia Budget Autonomy Act of 2003 – Amends the District of Columbia Home Rule Act to provide that the District of Columbia budget passed by the Council of the District of Columbia shall be enacted without referral to the President or approval by the Congress, unless it is the budget for a fiscal year which is a control year. Prohibits the Mayor of the District during a control year from transmitting the budget, or amendments or supplements thereto, to the President until the completion of the budget procedures contained in this Act and the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Act of 1995.

After reading the actual bill a few times, I feel as if I need the other legislation it references to really grasp the context of the legislation. I want to better understand what a “control year” is and how it affects the budget.

However, at the end of the bill, I prefer Section 7, lines 19 through 21– I really like:

The amendments made by this Act shall apply to budgets of the District of Columbia for fiscal years beginning on or after October 1, 2004.

Simply because on October 1st, 2004, myself and a group of DC residents lobbied 25 congressional offices for this exact bill and a week later Congress passes DC’s budget. In all honesty I don’t think its because of our efforts, but I’d like to think that Congress didn’t want what happened last year to repeat.

Regardless, I look forward to helping Eleanor Holmes Norton next year lobby for this same bill.

Oh yeah, I turn 24 this weekend. More on that later.


Even though we were not able to meet with Hastert on B.A.D. Day, Adam was able to get a few words in at a book signing:

In the October 28th printing of the Washington Post, this photograph is mentioned in the article “Few Fireworks Evident In Council, Citywide Races”

It’s Official….
|| 10/5/2004 || 10:32 am || Comments Off on It’s Official…. || ||

So its official. Before it was unofficial, but now its official. I have officially become a second-class citizen of the United States of America. By registering to vote in Washington, DC I became a de facto resident of the last colony in the continental United States. I gave up the ability to vote in the swing state of Missouri to be able to vote for my friend Adam Eidinger. (Why work hours and hours on a campaign when I am not going to be able to vote for the person I feel is the most qualified for the job?)

On Friday I realized that I was lobbying for DC and not for Missouri, and I had a subtle epiphany that my convictions were here in DC, and not in my home state of Missouri. I thought to myself, “why pretend any longer to be a Missourian when I’ve graduated to become a Washingtonian.” Although my second-class citizenship status sucks, I realized that instead of losing my two senators and representative (all staunch republicans anyways), I gained 535 congress men & women including my old ones. Pretty good deal if you think about it in a skewed perspective of living in tyranny.

Until congress removes it’s DC oversight, I get the pleasure of being a nonvoting constituent of every state of the union. Granted my delegate might not be able to vote in congress, but at least I feel empowered enough to do something about it. Friday, B.A.D. Day, sealed the deal for me, and I’m happy about being a DC resident and I’m comfortable becoming a second-class citizen. However, I will be even more happy when DC gets the equality it deserves, and I plan on working toward that. Its good to have a goal, albeit one that is going to take some legwork.

In the Daily Render News…
The last 3 renderings have been a new variation in the old template. I’m calling it the “Cube series of the Lenz Project.” Instead of using an embedded 2D satellite image I am now using a satellite image as a texture over a 3D cube that has been rotated. The spherical glass lenz remains the same, but the torus has now been reduced in size and the texture has been randomized which allows for more of the “satellite cube” to be seen better. I also made the renderings using only one satellite image for the entire rendering. This means the background, torus, and the cube are all variations of the same satellite image. The backgrounds are a pyramid on its side facing the viewer. I did this to create a sense of depth (not quite achieved!). Nonetheless, I am happy with how these are turning out. I think the next step is to manually construct a cube using 6 pyramids (check this animation to see what I mean), and have each pyramid be one satellite image. Yet since the viewer can only see 3 sides of the cube at once it should be easy to put together, and will look pretty awesome. Oh the fun of passively making satellite art. I really can’t wait to get some of these printed out as posters!

a Great B.A.D. Day
|| 10/2/2004 || 6:06 pm || Comments Off on a Great B.A.D. Day || ||

B.A.D. Day was a success. 25 congressional office visits. One overarching goal: Budget Autonomy for the District.

The whole experience was great. I learned my way around the Canon, Longworth, and Rayburn office buildings quickly. Yet, I found them to be rather dull on in the inside. There needed some art! I’d like to see paintings & murals from around the various congressional districts in the hallways of these massive buildings. Maybe I can introduce a Capitol Hill beautification bill :-)

Some of the offices had USGS maps of their districts, and man some districts are very gerrymandered! I couldn’t believe it that there were districts shaped as horseshoes! I believe the districts should be done strictly by Census data, not by wealth or political affiliation.

The actual office visits were a mixed bag. They broke down party lines for the most part, with the Democrats basically saying that they’d do whatever Norton wanted and Republicans either being completely indifferent or in the case of Dan Burton’s office, being somewhat open to the notion of Statehood.

In the office of Elijah E. Cummings, I obtained the actual text of the bill, H.R. 2472. And found that it has been pretty much buried in the Republican controlled Rules Committee.

We went to Hastert’s office later in the day. The site where seven of my friends were arrested last year for redressing their grievances to congress. There was a cop posted nearby and the door was locked. I did snap a picture of the staff member refusing to let us in. We ended up signing the guestbook. The next step is to get people in his district aware of the plight of DC residents and/or confront him before enters his office.

After all the visits, it seemed that Norton had not been promoting the bill as much as she should have. I plan on making some more visits in the next congressional session advocating this bill. Its not statehood, but its a start.

All in all, Friday was one of the most memorable days in my five years here in DC. I even got tons of souvenirs- little congressional business cards! The best one was from Shadow Senator Paul Strauss office, above the bald eagle there is a star with 51 inside. I ended up running out of the business cards I had brought with me on Friday! Something I’ll definitely bring more of next time.

B.A.D. Day Schedule
|| 10/1/2004 || 4:53 am || Comments Off on B.A.D. Day Schedule || ||

After the rally at the Capitol South Metro, we are going to go to meet with the legislative assistants & congresmembers in these congressional offices:

Edward L. Schrock (R-VA) – LA Kate Michael – meeting at #322 Canon
Phone: 202.225.4215 / Fax: 202.225.4218 /

Jim Cooper (D-TN) – LA Brian Newkirk – meeting at #1536 Longworth
Phone: 202.225.4311 / Fax:202.226.1035 /

Linda T. Sanchez (D-CA) – LA Clint Carte meeting at #1007 Longworth
Phone: 202.225.6676 / Fax: 226-1012 /

Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) – LA Jolanda Williams at #1632 Longworth
Phone: 202.225.4741 Fax:202.225.3178 /

John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-TN) – LA Aaron Tallent at #2267 Rayburn
Phone: 202.225.5435 / Fax:202.225.6440 /

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) – LA Rodney Vacigalupo at #509 Canon
Phone: 202.225.2811 / Fax: 202.225.3004 /

Mike Turner (R-OH) – LA Mike Wiehe at #1740 Longworth
Phone: 202.225.6465 / Fax: 202.225.6754 /

Nathan Deal (R-GA) – LA Ansley Davis at #2437 Longworth
Phone: 202.225.5211 / Fax: 202.225.8272 /

Tom Lantos (D-CA) – LA Jason Rosenstock at #2413 Rayburn
Phone: 202.225.3531 / No Fax Listed /

Dan Burton (R-IN) – LA Bryan Falls at #B371C Rayburn
Phone: 202.225.2276 / Fax: 202.225.0016 /

Ron Lewis (R-KY) –LA Josh Nacey at #2418 Rayburn
Phone:202-225-3501 / Fax: 202-226-2019 /

John L. Mica (R-FL) – LA Brian Waldip at #2445 Rayburn
Phone: 202-225-4035 / Fax: 202-226-0821 /

Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) –LA Anna Cielinski at #2331 Rayburn
Phone: 202-225-7944 / Fax: 202-225-4709 /

Danny Davis (D-IL) – LA Spoke with LA Caleb Gilchrist #1222 Longworth
Phone: 202.225.5006 / Fax: 202.225.5641 /

Betty McCollum (D-MN) – LA Chad Lord #1029 Longworth
Phone: 202.225.6631 / Fax: 202.225.1968 /

John Carter (R-TX) – LA Sivey Paup at #408 Canon
Phone: 202.225.3864 / Fax: 202.225.5886 /

Todd R. Platts (R-PA) – LA Nate Sloan at #1032 Longworth
Phone: 202.225.5836 / Fax: 202.226.1000 /

Thomas M. Davis, III (R-VA) – LA Chris Lopez at #2348 Rayburn
Phone: 202.225.1492 / Fax: 202.225.3071 /

Christopher Van Hollen, Jr. (D-MD) – LA Ken Cummings at #1419 Longworth
Phone: 202.225.5341 / Fax: 202.225.0375 /

Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) at 2136 Rayburn
Phone: 202.225.8050 / Fax: 202.225.3002

Diane Watson (D-CA) – LA GregoryAdams Phone: 202-225-7084 Canon 125

Christopher Shays (R-CT) Ask for Legislative Assistant #1126 Longworth
Phone: 202.225.5541 / Fax: 202.225.9629

Henry A. Waxman (D-CA) “Ranking member” – LA Becky Claster at #2204 Rayburn
Phone: 202.225.3976 / Fax: 202.225.4099 /

3:15pm Dennis Hastert (R-IL) – Anthony Reed No Appointment 235 Cannon

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) No Appointment 1730 Longworth

4:30pm Wrap – UP

If you are interested in coming to an appointment, or have any questions about the lobbying, please call Adam (202-744-2671) or Zoe (202-253-2990).

Today will be all about Democracy In Action!

B.A.D. Day is tomorrow
|| 9/30/2004 || 10:36 pm || Comments Off on B.A.D. Day is tomorrow || ||

Press release from Zoe:

DC Democracy Activists to Return to Capitol Hill on Anniversary of Arrests in Speaker Hastert’s Office

WASHINGTON, DC—On October 1, the beginning of the fiscal year, the Budget Autonomy for the District Coalition, including the seven activists who were arrested last year in House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert’s (R-Ill.) office, will hold an 8:30 am rally for DC Budget Autonomy and Statehood at the Capitol South Metro Stop. At 11 am, they will visit dozens of Senators and Representatives to advocate for full democracy for DC.

“We are continuing DC’s long history of demanding that Congress stops controlling DC’s budget and adding undemocratic riders to the DC Appropriations Bill. We are going to demand change,” Anise Jenkins, a founding member of the Budget Autonomy for the District Coalition (BAD Day) and the president of the Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition, stated.

WHO: BAD Day: DC Statehood Green Party and Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition
Speakers and performers include:
U.S. “Shadow” Senator Florence Pendleton (D-DC)
U.S. “Shadow” Representative Ray Browne (D-DC)
Head-Roc and Eurok, DC hip hop artists
Bill Mosley, Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition
Adam Eidinger, Co-Chair of the DC Statehood Green Party
WHAT: Rally for Budget Autonomy and DC Statehood
WHERE: Capitol South Metro Stop (First St. between C & D Sts. SE)
WHEN: 8:30-10:00 am

History of DC’s Lack of Budget Autonomy: Because of a Constitutional anachronism, Congress continues to execute colonial oversight over the District’s budget until it is reviewed and passed as part of the federal appropriations process – even though more than 75 percent of the District’s budget is raised from local tax funds, about the same as most states. Because Congress does not finish the federal government’s work on time, much less the District’s, enactment of our budget is usually delayed well into the fiscal year. These unacceptable delays prevent the District from spending new funds on such urgent needs as health care, schools, and public safety.

Moreover, as our budget moves through the appropriations process, members can attach “riders” – restrictions that negate the wishes of DC’s voters. Current riders include a ban on needle exchange programs to prevent HIV/AIDS and a prohibition on implementing the initiative to allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. Finally, Congress forbids the District from using its own money to lobby for congressional voting rights and/or Statehood.
For updated information, please call the Stand Up! For Democracy in DC Coalition Events Hotline at 202-232-2500 x1.

For the last month I’ve been calling Capitol Hill scheduling the appointments with the various congrssmembers on the House Committe on Government Reform. Its been a truly interesting experience. I can’t wait for tomorrow! This will be my first time lobbying and I am excited! We’ve got over 20 meetings tomorrow with staffers and I hope there is a big turnout. We’ll see :-)

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