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THE GEOCOLONIAL SLOTS – Match 3 for Statehood!
|| 3/22/2007 || 9:36 am || Comments Off on THE GEOCOLONIAL SLOTS – Match 3 for Statehood! || ||

Screen shot below features 2/3 – American University Quilt & 1/3 Meridian Hill Park

I mentioned that I was thinking about doing some sort of gambling themed lost project. And after about 7 different random image generator scripts I settled on this one. On Firefox & Safari it doesn’t appear to work as I intended. When attempting to gamble for representation I found that the images were not randomly loading. So you will probably have to manually hit reload for equality. I tried a few different javascripts to directly reload the page, but none worked. So I am stuck with this slightly substandard geographic casino. Casinos are substandard anyways; just like taxation without representation.

This interactive geographic environment consists of the 2 types of map details from my Washington, DC map collection. The folder consists of the {name}-zoom.jpg, {name}-zoom2.jpg, {name}-cut.jpg, {name}-cut2.jpg– related to each map. The Zooms represent central details that geographic tessellations at two different scales. The Cuts are details of places and spaces around the map. The 144 different Zooms & Cuts were placed into 3 folders: right, middle, left. Each time the page reloads there is a 1 out of a 2,865,984 chance of winning statehood!


Here Be Dragons by David Montgomery
|| 3/14/2007 || 1:25 pm || Comments Off on Here Be Dragons by David Montgomery || ||

Front page of today’s Washington Post Style Section:

Here Be Dragons
Through Nikolas Schiller’s Eye, Aerial Maps of Familiar Places Become Terra Incognita
By David Montgomery

He is sly, this rebel cartographer. He makes maps that look like quilts, masks, feathers, acid trips. You can find America in these maps — you can probably find your house in these maps — if you can find the maps at all, since their creator has posted them to an online underground.

Nikolas Schiller, 26, is the god of this alternative reality. Making maps at a frenzied pace of one every two days for the past 1,000 days, he has done everything he could to keep himself off the map of the World Wide Web.


Censored today in theMail…
|| 2/15/2007 || 6:05 am || Comments Off on Censored today in theMail… || ||

On Sunday I e-mailed Gary Imhoff who moderates the bi-weekly discussion list called theMail. This is the second time I have posted to the theMail, with the first being an e-flyer for “North South East Westminster,” and to be honest I am quite disappointed in the slight censorship Gary employed in my original entry. Specifically, he opted to not include what I feel to be the best piece of media: the Taxation Without Representation Google Map!

Here is what I sent to theMail:

The New DC Flag (if HR 328 passes) and other fractional media
Nikolas R. Schiller, DC [at] NikolasSchiller [dot] com
Co-Chair, DC Statehood Green Party

Fellow friends & enemies of fractional representation,

Last Thursday I received a phone call from the executive director of an organization that is promoting fractional democracy on behalf the disenfranchised residents of Washington, DC. I was kindly asked to refrain from using Photoshop to alter copyrighted images, even when done as a parody (see below). However, when an injustice is currently being promoted in the name of democracy, I cannot in good conscience be silent, or even 1/3 silent.

So to complete my fractional trilogy, I have redesigned the DC flag to represent the 1/3 representation DC residents will get with the passage of the unconstitutional DC Fair and Equal Voting Rights Act of 2007 (hr 328). I also created an animated version to accentuate the stupidity of claiming 1/3 representation as progress.

The flag is based on this proposed design:

The new DC Flag (if HR 328 passes):

Fractionally Related (if HR 328 passes):

Marginally 1/3 Related:
– Look at both and ask yourself, “Who is still getting screwed?”)

Interactive Google Map:
– This Google Map Mashup randomly plots 51 DC Flags around the U.S. Capitol and when clicked reveal 51 different messages about Washington, DC.

Don’t forget, if you have the time, take one-third of a day off work on Thursday and go to Capitol Hill and tell Congress what it’s like to be forced to take the backseat on the bus of democracy.

After the flap is what was actually distributed:


Third of representation a start, but not enough
|| 12/5/2006 || 11:14 am || Comments Off on Third of representation a start, but not enough || ||

In today’s Washington Times:

In honor of the bill before Congress that provides a congressional vote for the District in the House of Representatives, Statehood Green Party advocate Nikolas Schiller has designed a new license plate: “Taxation with 1/3 Representation.”

Read the rest of the article:


The #2 Political Party in Washington, DC
|| 11/30/2006 || 11:11 pm || Comments Off on The #2 Political Party in Washington, DC || ||

As one of the few people on the Steering Committee and a National Delegate, I am proud of this small election victory.

via NBC4’s Tom Sherman’s Notebook

Going Green
The D.C. Statehood Green Party is patting itself on the back over the November election returns. The small party came in way behind Democratic winners in the big elections, but the party has gleaned a few nuggets of hope from Board of Election tallies.

Of five partisan races on the ballot Nov. 7, the party says there were 44,580 overall votes for Statehood Green candidates while there were only 29,776 Republican votes.
In the race for the city’s statehood lobbyist (Shadow Representative), the party says standard-bearer Keith Ware got 13 percent of the votes with 12,762 ballots while the Republican candidate got 8,839 or 9 percent.

Even mayoral candidate Chris Otten received 4 percent of the vote behind 6 percent for Republican David Kranich. Of course, Democrat Fenty got most of the rest.

I’d like to map the locations of where the 44,580 D.C. Statehood Green votes were cast. It would also be quite interesting to see where the 29,776 Republican votes were cast. I have a feeling the Republican votes would be found mostly in Wards 2 & 3. Sadly, I do not have the required software (ArcMap) needed to make these two maps :( Maybe I can get a friend to make it for me…

The New DC License Plate.. if H.R. 5388 passes
|| 11/28/2006 || 9:03 am || Comments Off on The New DC License Plate.. if H.R. 5388 passes || ||

H.R. 5388 is a bill before Congress that would give Utah an extra at-large representative in the House and give Washington, DC residents one representative in the House. The democratic party’s establishment is behind this bill, yet it denies Washington, DC residents representation in the senate and would render residents 1/3 represented in Congress. I decided to adjust the license plate accordingly….

Something to think about courtesy of Samuel Jordan:


Dennis Hastert’s Office 3 Years ago… yesterday
|| 10/3/2006 || 12:29 pm || Comments Off on Dennis Hastert’s Office 3 Years ago… yesterday || ||

Since October 1st fell on a Sunday, this year’s B.A.D.* Day was on Monday.
Same office, two completely different issues:
D.C. Statehood vs Covering up a Congressional Pedophile
Direct Action vs Indirect Inaction
but two bad days…three years apart

— Video starts with Eurok & Head-Roc rapping “This is D.C.! (South Africa on the Potomac)”
— Cut to the “Free D.C. song”
— Cuts to flag (banner drop) outside of the Capitol with Capitol Police
(Made of hemp with text “D.C. Statehood Now” The largest flag in D.C.)
— Cuts to the hall of the Rayburn building
— Norton’s office
— Tom Davis’ office (not present)
— Tom Davis in the halls of the Rayburn
— Dennis Hastert’s offce
— 51 seconds later media kicked out


They were all arrested for trespassing. In court they each defended themselves pro se and were found not guilty by a jury of their peers. While I wasn’t on Capitol Hill that day, I did attend the court room proceedings and saw the value of democracy in action that doesn’t end with a click of a mouse. Ironically, that click is the same sound that caused Hastert’s bad day this year.

*B.A.D. Day – Budget Autonomy for the District Day – A day to lobby congress to give Washington, DC the ability to approve it’s own budget. Currently in Washington, DC, residents must wait for Congress to approve the budget of the district. Sometimes congress adds riders to the budget and enact laws that D.C. residents did not give consent for. Everyone was dressed as colonists to underscore the history of American colonists who chanted no taxation without representation.

Thank you to Mike Flugenock for keeping this piece of history on-line

The D.C. Colonist encounters Hastert at a book signing after the jump….


The DC Colonist is in a Scripts Howard wire report
|| 9/15/2006 || 12:05 am || Comments Off on The DC Colonist is in a Scripts Howard wire report || ||

I wish the Washington Post would have used the picture of me shaking Fenty’s hand…

Nikolas R. Schiller, co-chair of the D.C. Statehood Green Party, dressed as a colonist – complete with purple coat, ruffled blouse and three-cornered hat – to demonstrate how “D.C. residents are essentially colonists.”

Schiller said he considered H.R. 5388 “inherently flawed” because it did not grant representation in the Senate. “It would make residents of D.C. one-third of a citizen,” he said, “and I’d rather be 100 percent.”

Read the entire article:


Tea Time…
|| 6/27/2006 || 2:32 am || Comments Off on Tea Time… || ||

Green Tea with Statehood-Green Candidates at Future Green
Sunday, July 2, 2:00PM to 4:00PM

Come out for some refreshing green tea with our Statehood-Green Candidates at Washington’s first all eco-friendly store, Future Green.

Our slate of potential candidates will be there to discuss their platforms and election-year strategies. We say ‘potential’ because they need YOUR signatures to get on this year’s ballot.

WHEN: This Sunday, July 2, 2PM – 4PM
WHERE: Future Green — 1469 Church Street (15th and Church, Ward 2).
METRO: Red Line, Dupont Circle, walk 5 blocks East on P, than one block North on 15th.
BUSES: 14th Street Bus Line
FMI: Keith Ware, 202-234-7110 or Chris Otten, chrisotten2 at

All DCSGP candidates have been invited to come. Tell your friends to come and register with DC’s only non-corporate political party.

*Organizers: Feel free to bring your literature to swap with candidate literature.
*Get your shop on: Great store for family-friendly products.

Sunday, July 2, 2pm @ Future Green

Taxation Without Representation Google Map
|| 6/14/2006 || 10:07 pm || Comments Off on Taxation Without Representation Google Map || ||

Happy Flag Day!

This google map plots 51 DC flags around the U.S. Capitol. When the flags are clicked a random fact about America’s last continental colony pops up. You can open the source HTML to read them all quickly. I obtained some of the facts and figures from DC Vote and I sent the list out to the members of the DC Statehood Green Party for feedback. The result is what I think is one of the first political google map mashups. Have fun!

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