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Meet SloMo the Statehood Snail
|| 6/11/2006 || 10:44 am || Comments Off on Meet SloMo the Statehood Snail || ||

I am really happy with how this turned out. I took the DC outline and placed it over the Photoshop preset shape of a snail. The shelless snail now carries the weight of city so great they won’t let it be a state. I added my synthetic signature of ®’s as the Statehood Snails’ eyes. I’ve printed up about 15 these little buggers. When I put them up I want to use some chalk to show the snail’s trail up to the location (lampost) it stopped at. This will add a cute dimension to SloMo’s style.


2 Tone Stencils of Washington, DC
|| 6/10/2006 || 11:34 pm || Comments Off on 2 Tone Stencils of Washington, DC || ||

So I’ve been on a kick lately with making stencils. I’m not making the spray paint style of stencils (although I could) rather I’ve been making ones specifically designed for wheatpasting. I’m keeping the cartographic theme alive in these stencils by using the DC outline that I acquired for the DC GIS and adding new elements.

My first is the “Statehood North Star”

I’ve printed up about 10 of these and cut them out….

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Maps of where DC residents voted Statehood Green
|| 8/3/2005 || 7:39 am || Comments Off on Maps of where DC residents voted Statehood Green || ||

: click image below to see the map in full size :

Last Friday night I used the DC Board of Elections & Ethics 2004 election precinct totals to construct maps of where all the votes for Green Party candidates were located. I created a map for Adam Eidinger(above – U.S. Shadow Representative), Laurent Ross(DC City Council At-Large), David Cobb & Pat LaMarche (Green Party President & Vice President), Michelle Tingling-Clemmons & Jay Marx (DC City Council Ward 7 & 2 respectively), and the aggregate DC Statehood Green Party total. I did notice that there are a couple totaling errors, because some precincts have a total that is different than the sum of the rest of the candidates, but I am not about to remake those maps! I haven’t made a “real map” in a long time and even with the slight errors, I am very proud of these. I chose to use Adam’s map above because I was actively involved in his campaign (although he lost, he got more votes than the President Bush did in DC) and feel that I am directly responsible in some way for the turnout above. I wish we would have plotted the locations of where we placed campaign signs! It would have been really nifty to see if there was a spatial correlation between high numbers of green votes and the location of the campaign posters. Regardless, I am looking forward to 2006 :)

==/== updated 8/10/05 ==/==
After thinking and looking at the maps for a bit, I realized that I didn’t explicitly put the position the candidate was seeking! Oh well…no one paid me to make this map…


Censorship on the 4th of July
|| 7/4/2005 || 9:40 pm || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

Today’s Strike 4 Statehood festivities at RFK were very disappointing. While the marquee outside of the stadium say that you are allowed to bring in signs, once in the stands, this is not true. Maybe it was because the game was being televised by FOX, or maybe the MLB management really doesn’t want people to entertain their freedom of speech while at the stadium, but when you are threatened to be kicked out of the stadium numerous times for holding up signs on the 4th of July, it’s really a sad sad sight.

The plan was the same as at the last game, we were going to hold up the signs that spelled out “S T R I K E 4 DC S T A T E H O O D” every time the pitcher struck out someone from the opposing team, or if the player is walked, we’d flip the signs to say “B U S H P L A Y B A L L W I T H DC.” Alas, this form of signage is not welcomed at RFK stadium, nor was ANY type of signage.

After our first display of the signs the RFK stadium security was on to us and told us that we were not allowed to hold up the signs and we needed to put them away. They said they were either going to kick us out of the stadium or take our signs, and of course we weren’t going to budge an inch- it was the 4th of July, the day we are supposed to celebrate freedom of speech and all that has came with 229 years of independence.

As we were being heckled by security, the Washington Post photographer approached us and we were able to tell him the story. He snapped a few pictures of us and took some of our names, and hopefully we’ll make it into the Post.

We pointed out to the security that there were others with signs that were not being heckled and they approached those people and told them that they needed to put their signs away as well. But of course, those people didn’t put up much of a fight like we did! We eventually put the signs away and the security left us alone.

Brendan brought his DC flag to the game as well (it’s the same flag you can see hoisted on Senator Strauss’ boat in the Examiner Article) and decided that he would hold up the flag during applause. And who would have thought that you are not allowed to hold up the DC Flag at the baseball game in Washington, DC? He, too, almost got kicked out of the stadium for refusing to not wave his flag. Can you believe the banality of censorship on the 4th of July at RFK stadium? I am still recoiling!

Eventually the second tier security came and told the security guard, who ended up being posted behind us the entire game, that it was okay to wave the DC Flag! Oh the fun of flags on the 4th of July!

During the 7th inning stretch we defied the RFK stadium security and held up the signs for the stadium to see, which they did! It was quite funny seeing the entire stadium looking up at us to read the sign. The powerless security guard who was stationed behind us came down to us and told us to take down the signs and we just ignored her. We held up the signs two more times before our critical mass of 20 DC Statehood supporters decided to head on home for the night.

As we were leaving the stands, I noticed that RFK stadium security had added a police officer to the ranks of those monitoring our 4th of July festivities in the stands.

We learned through this whole ordeal that the signs are not going to work, but we also noticed that people with letters on their shirts can do the exact same messaging, and it’s a bit more “legal.” There was a gaggle of folks who had “Happy 4th of July” on spelled out on their shirts and they were not given any hassle by the RFK security. We also learned that the DC flag is legitimate, so that means I need to get one for myself! (maybe one with “Taxation Without Representation”)

I came to the stadium dressed as the DC Colonist, which was perfect for the 4th of July, yet I realized that I need a bit more visible messaging on the outfit for it not to be misconstrued as “patriot” that some suburbanites told their children I was. Regardless, everyone got a kick out of seeing me in such a timely costume! I was able to rally our section of the stadium into doing the wave :) This was the first time I’ve actually partaken in the activity of getting people to literally follow the leader. Very fun!

This will definitely be the last time I attend a Nats game for a while. My next foray will be highlighting the fact that RFK stadium does not recycle. I believe that we’ll be able to make a strong case for adding recycling bins to the stadium to make sure PETE finds a home other than a landfill or an incinerator. There is no reason why RFK stadium is not recycling, and my only guess is because no one has pointed out this fact. Time to do so.

We’ve got the support-
|| 7/3/2005 || 11:11 am || 1 Comment Rendered || ||

The amendment has made its way out of committee into section A of the Washington Post:


The first DC Democracy Naval Battle
|| 7/2/2005 || 9:59 pm || Comments Off on The first DC Democracy Naval Battle || ||

I participated in the first naval battle for DC Democracy, and I believe we won! No bullets, bombs, or carnage, just a couple of boats, a few signs, and a whole lot of dedication.

Through the OSCE‘s draft itinerary, we knew that the Parliamentarians were going to be taking a cruise to Mount Vernon, and a few weeks ago I brought up the idea of setting up some sort of “DC Democracy Regatta.” Shadow Senator Paul Strauss volunteered to use his powerboat for the festivities he retitled “DC Democracy Castaways.”

After finding out that we had another boater come on-line on Thursday evening, I sent out an E-mail to the Team DC Democracy listserv requesting RSVPs for the cruise. In the end we had room for about 18 sailors on the two boats.

Around 1:30pm, I showed up at the Washington Marina and helped setup the ships. We placed the banners from yesterday’s rally on to the bow of the the ship- on the port side we placed the English version and on the starboard side we place the spanish translation of “Equal Voting Rights for DC.”

After having to kick off a few sailors (to make sure that if the Coast Guard decided to board our ships we had enough life jackets to be legal), we set off from the marina and picked up Tim Cooper, who had just finished briefing the Parliamentarians.

Senator Strauss CB radioed the “Spirit of the Potomac” telling the captain our intentions of following the ship and then contacted the Coast Guard to tell them as well. And at around 3:45pm we were sailing right next to the ship full of the OSCE Parliamentarians.

The parliamentarians on board were waving, throwing us the thumbs up sign, miming they were signing our resolution in the air…. We charmed the entire boatload! It was absolutely amazing.

I’m unaware of anyone taking the issue of equal voting rights for DC resident to the water, moreso to 317 parliamentarians from 55 countries captive on a boat! A first I am proud to have been a part of such a noble lobbying effort!

We followed them all the way to Mount Vernon, and when we turned back, all the Parliamentarians waved us goodbye! This was my first time on the Potomac, and I must say this is one of my favorite events I’ve ever taken part in, so I doubt I can replicate this experience. There was a camera man with the Examiner on board and I can’t wait to see what pictures he chooses to use and what they decided to write about!

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité – OSCE
|| || 10:13 am || Comments Off on Liberté, égalité, fraternité – OSCE || ||

Image Links to Flash Player:

Video footage from the OSCE Demonstration at Freedom Plaza.

My account of the day:


DC Colonists video clip
|| 5/11/2005 || 6:38 pm || Comments Off on DC Colonists video clip || ||

Image Links to Flash Player:

I finally got this clip on-line from the DC Fox Five 10pm newscast on April 3rd, 2005. The same clip was rebroadcast on the morning of the 4th. If you look closely you can see me dressed as a colonist. We are going to have another outing at RFK stadium next month. I can’t wait!

The D.C. Colonist makes his baseball debut!
|| 4/3/2005 || 5:28 pm || Comments Off on The D.C. Colonist makes his baseball debut! || ||

a bit a news I posted on the

Photo summary of the April 3rd, 2005 exhibition game at RFK stadium
On April 3rd, 2005 over 20 DC Statehood Activists convened in section 438 at RFK stadium to highlight the resident’s of Washington, DC second-class status.

On April 3rd, 2005 over 20 DC Statehood Activists convened in section 438 at RFK stadium to highlight the resident’s of Washington, DC second-class status.

After each strike out the activists would hold up the letters that spelled out “STRIKE 4 DC STATEHOOD”

When the Nationals were at bat and the pitcher would walk a player, the activists would hold up “BUSH PLAY BALL WITH DC”

The exhibition was also the first time that Nats fans saw their unofficial mascot, the DC Colonist

DC Fox 5 also mentioned the activists antics on the evening and morning news, footage will be uploaded shortly.

Near the end of the game the activists made their way down to the lower level of RFK stadium, behind 3rd base, and proceeded to hold the signs up for all the spectators to see.

In the bottom of the 9th inning, with the go-ahead runner on base, the DC Colonist held up the large DC sign and ran up & down the stairwells hyping the crowd up. Yet even with the crowd ecstatically cheering, the Nationals were unable to score in the final inning.

The first baseball game played in RFK stadium in almost 30 years, and I show up dressed as a Colonist! I rented the costume from Backstage and eventually ended up purchasing it. I’m thinking of spending some saturday in the near future greeting people on the National Mall and telling them how DC residents are colonists. I think this might be an effective way to promote DC’s voting rights because 75% on the Mall are tourists. I think they’ll be more apt to go back to their hometown and put pressure on their elected officials. I’d love to see DC Vote pay someone to do this!

Nonetheless, I wonder how baseball will do at RFK stadium…

DCist Covers the Colonist
|| 3/30/2005 || 12:36 am || Comments Off on DCist Covers the Colonist || ||

posted today on DCist

D.C. über-activist Adam Eidinger didn’t win his campaign for shadow U.S. representative last fall, so now he’s campaigning for another public position: mascot for the Washington Nationals. A group of activists is calling for Adam to become the team mascot as “The Colonist” because “colonialists like you once brought about a revolution.” (Above, he waits in line for tickets for opening day.)

The Colonist and his friends also plan to flash signs reading “Strike for D.C. Statehood” after every strike during the first Nationals home game, from their seats in Section 438, Rows 3 and 4. They make it clear they’re not protesting baseball, but rather want “baseball fans from all over the country to understand that DC residents are effectively second class citizens due to our lack of Statehood.” The group has set up a website for their effort, but there’s not much information up yet:

Meanwhile, last week the AP reported that although the team had chosen and named an official mascot, “It may be the most closely guarded secret in the Nation’s Capital.” The official mascot will be revealed on April 17 at the Kids Opening Day game.

Posted by Rob Goodspeed

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